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by Creon
Sat Jul 09, 2016 4:32 am
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Topic: 01/06/16 Coffee With Creators
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Re: 01/06/16 Coffee With Creators

Just read a portion of this that caught my eye. The delima about the economy. The most simple (economicly) way to fix the imbalance is to make it a multiple coin system.

IE If there were 3 types of coinage and just for examples sake it took 100 of each type to recieve the 1 of higher value (100 copper for 1 silver 100 silver for 1 doubloon) then it would be much easier to scale coin per hour from hunting and trades.

Furthermore I would prepose a baseline reduction in all players bank accounts. Before everyone goes up in arms they have to understand that the value of their coin is going to raise so substantially you would likely be in the same bracket of wealth without the implimenting of such changes.

I personally believe it would be a nightmare for the staff however. Not only would they have to adjust every bank account. But every creature every store and the value of every single item in the game. It would most certainly push back launch date. Not only that but it would almost be impossible for them to ICly implement this system into the game and I know how much pride and care the staff takes in keeping the full imersion for the player base.

However I strongly recomend re-visiting the idea although I am lay when it comes to code writing and may not even be fesible I strongly believe it could greatly improve player base experience.

My last discussion point is stat raises. The unfortunate truth is the likelyhood of a stat raise is so low that a character may not experience even one raise after leveling a skill to its maximum.

So my preposal is this that every level that you do not recieve a stat raise you get a cumulative increase in a stat raise I was thinking .25% per level past level 20. Furthermore after the raise is aquired the accumlitive bonus is reset. Now the reason I say this small bonus only accumulates after 20 is because of the tremendous amount of skills available and the bonus could quickly be accrued by leveling very low level skills. Now another suggestion that could coenside with a bonus suggestion is to make the raise buyable at a extremely high price 750000 maybe even a million doubloons based on current economy. In addition the item that gives a stat raise will be totally random that makes it even more challenging to max out a specific stat line, or something possibly more popular would be a cooldown in which you could not consume another stat raise item for 6 months something steep to keep the PC from becoming overwelmingly powerful without the time and effort put forth.

Thank you for your time