Temple Violation

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Temple Violation

Post by Geel » Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:51 pm

To Whom it may concern, and perhaps it concerns no one but me.

Once again, today, I found the gate to our temple grounds unlocked and open. I attempted to inquiry from the useless Templar that stands blind and mute at that location as to who left the gate this way and I was met with only stony silence.

The last time this occurred I was asked to remain calm. I did so.

This time I expect heads to roll. Literally.

Either members of our congregation have no concern for the sanctity and security of our Mother's home or our temple grounds are being violated with impunity by the infidel.

Who are we?

There are rules and regulations. Procedure, process and protocol.

There are ways to do things and there are things that are just not done.

If we cannot even be so concerned with our temple as to protect its portal, or to even empower effective security to do so, then we are no better than the oblivious Aerthanians, who may not even know how to lock a gate, or the Itzalite scum that slink through the fetid streets and back alleyways like rodents.

I hope to hear a new plan as to how to prevent this, or to punish it, in the future. The last one did not work.


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