A beautifully scrawled missive labeled: "A Call to Gather"

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A beautifully scrawled missive labeled: "A Call to Gather"

Post by Alcarna » Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:44 pm

Children of the Mother,

I am Alcarna Osidhe, daughter of Titania Osidhe, practitioner of the Ars Magnus. I am neither the Ra'Daji, nor am I the Emissary, but I wish to offer out a call to gather for those of the faith so we may discuss pressing matters.

If agreeable, let us meet [Friday] at 7 bells in the evening. If this time and date is not agreeable, you will state so by missive.

I shall post a missive at the Academy shrine as well. If there are those not yet ready to cross the waters to Pearl, perhaps we shall hold our gathering in our shrine there, or else find a private spot among the tall woods.

**The missive is signed with the name Alcarna Osidhe in an elegant hand, and stamped with a green-wax seal of an owl crowned in roses.**

~^~* Alcarna Osidhe

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