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Information regarding the latest updates to Shattered Isles. A complete list can be viewed in game from the account menu and also by using the UPDATES command.
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Update List

Post by Snaek » Fri Jun 24, 2016 8:27 pm

We started keeping regular records of update notes in 2012 and have since then amassed a rather long list, even in their abbreviated form. The scroll has become overwhelming. We've decided to archive the Updates log from previous years, leaving only the current year's worth of notes visible via the in game UPDATES command. We hope this will make it easier to check for new updates as well as revisit old updates to see how far we've come.


o Snaek and Austere are visited by their future selves and set upon a quest to create a new world.


o Alpha begins.

1st Quarter 2012

o Added Commands: COLOR, NOCOLOR & COLORSET.
o Mages AR/DR progression corrected.
o Dodge, Shield Block & Parry given success increases at lower levels.
o GET COINS will now pick up doubloons.
o Bleeding System implemented.
o Mending & Potions adjusted to work with bleeding.
o Cooking: Success rate improved with several bugs corrected.
o New Cooking ingredients added.
o Skinning, Fire Building & Speculating have had delay adjustments.
o New types of fish added to what you can catch.
o Several typos corrected throughout the game. Keep 'em coming!
o New Update option added to Main Menu (you may be looking at it!)
o OOC building added next to healer's shop. OOC arena located within.
o LOOK [DIRECTION] should now target exits before items.
o ANSI colors for mobs now display correctly.
o Mob health description capitalized correctly.
o Bundles of cloth can now be sold at tannery in Hawker's Alley.
o Alcohol introduced. Visit Black Heart Tavern to get your drink on.
o Addictions modified to account for alcohol.
o New Trade Skill: Distilling. Brew your own alcohol!
o Multiple sets of armor can no longer be worn.
o Firepit installed in Black Heart Tavern and other locations.
o First run-through of hunting areas complete.
o Dodge, Parry, and Shield Block success rate improvements.
o Trade Ability being replaced with Trade skill tree. See the forums
for more details.
o New Trade Skills: Stone Sculpting and Bone Carving
o Swimming removed from new player creation due to bugs. Look for
it to "resurface" down the road as a command instead of skill.
o Disarming removed from Combative Ability. Will be re-evaluated
at a later date.
o New wood materials added to the forest.
o New metal alloys added to Smelting list.
o New skill recipes added for much of the crafting skills.
o All forms of rock are now gathered using the Mining skill.
o Gem extracting now requires a mining pick to proceed.
o Turn Undead added to Clerics and Templars at creation.
o Sneaking added to Thieves and Assassins at creation.
o New Materials added: Birch, Fir, Osage, Snails, Eggplant, Cabbage,
Lettuce, Leeks, Chicken, Turkey, Duck & Butter.
o Academy Swamp & Forest adjusted to account for new materials.
o New Command: LEAVE. A quick way to stop following someone.
o Fixed bug with starting a new trade skill before the previous one
is complete.
o Any dagger can now be used for skinning.
o Any axe can now be used for wood chopping.
o Wood materials have been sorted and given values.
o Academy caves & preserve area have been updated with new materials.
o Visible Combat delay added.
o Bug with renaming characters fixed.
o Login welcome message added.
o New player information added to class instructors in the main
Academy building.
o New skills added: Close Combat & Ranged Combat. See forums for
more information.
o Fixed a few bugs with Cooking.
o 2 new shops opened. One at the Academy Harbor and another in
o Combat display adjusted to show weapon used in missed attacks.
o Religion now listed in Score/Info command.
o Bug allowing Goblin Arcanists of Pyrous fixed.
o Bug in Dwarf beard selection fixed.
o Delays for View, Appraise, Sell, Wield, Wear, Hold, Remove,
Sheath, Draw, Lay & Kneel adjusted.
o Items will no longer purge to regular room sweeps if a player
is present.
o Bug that prevented mining from finding anything fixed. Mining
now results in metal and rock.
o New display message added for LOOK [DIRECTION].
o Players can now GET and PUT items while seated.
o New Priest Prayers: Healing Touch, Rejuvenation &
Healing Aura.
o Dodge added to Thieves, Scouts & Assassins at creation.
o Delay for Climb lowered.
o Full message from eating & drinking removed.
o Limit on how many players can follow you increased.
o Success rate for Wound Mending increased.
o Mending failed attempts no longer give uses while not seated.
o New Commands: Diagnose, Feed & Helplist.
o Item weight added to Inventory command.
o Haggle skill disabled.
o New Barbarian skills added: Murderous Rage, Adrenaline Rush,
Battle Frenzy, and War Rampage. All Shouts to be gained from
advancing Murderous Rage, but temporarily disabled.
o Fire Trolls spawn rate & difficulty adjusted.
o Defensive skills success rate adjustments.
o Bug with bundling turkey meat fixed.
o More Help File additions.
o ANSI color consistency changes.

2nd Quarter 2012

o New Shopkeeper types added to better account for resources.
o Delays for changing position lowered.
o Items on fire now display as (burning), still buggy.
o Typo in Fishing and Wood Chopping that didn't account for
a/an corrected.
o Success rates for Gathering and Crafting skills increased.
o Foraging, Mining, and Digging now auto-bundle at completion.
o Your axe now displays in your chopping action. (yay!)
o Standing now requires waking up first if sleeping.
o Skill use progression modified. 1-10 are 100x the level,
11-100 is 150x.
o Item carry limit disabled. Weight limit decreased slightly.
o Fatigue no longer causes yawning or exhaustion.
o Prayer success rate & return increased for Healing & Rejuv.
o Overhaul to Fletching. New quivers added, display adjusted,
final weight reduced, and damage increase added.
o Bone Carving modifed to allow wearable items.
o Clay should be bought & sold at the stone shop now.
o Bows will no longer auto-remove when ammo is out.
o Unused prompt values removed.
o New commerce info added to main website, under Library.
o Concrete is poured for Pearl City on New Archai Isle.
o Help Files updated based on player feedback & suggestions.
o 'Auras' have been added to a player's lookat description.
o Administrative security settings updated.
o New Treasure items added.
o New skill added: Pilfering. Thieves only.
o New materials added: Nightshade, Vellum, & Dragonbone.
o Animal Tracking replaced with Tracking for Scouts.
o Disguise added to Thief class at creation.
o New skill added: Filching. Thieves only.
o New actions adjusted to reveal when hidden.
o Defensive skills adjusted for all classes.

3rd Quarter 2012

o Disguise now reveals when hidden.
o Disguise added to Assassins through the Sneaking skill.
o Age and Gender added to character description.
o Height and Weight removed as options for Disguise.
o Notification added for new disguise abilities.
o Disguising as one of the elven races adjusts god aura.
o New Map of NAI added to map section of website.
o New directional signposts added at Academy Crossroads and
Southland Intersection. You must LOOK at them to view.
o Success times for Gathering skills adjusted.
o Delay for Crafting skills now factor in level new item
or recipe is learned.
o Fixed bug with Glass Forming creating items too advanced.
o Age option added to creation process.
o New Skill Added: Apothecary. Arcanists & Assassins only.
o New Skill Added: Poisoning. Arcanists, Thieves, &
Assassins only.
o New Skill Added: Identify Poison. Arcanists, Scouts, &
Clerics only.
o New Skill Added: Pummel. Warriors & Barbarians only.
o New Skill Added: Defend. Warriors & Templars only.
o New Skill Added: Shadow Strike. Thieves & Assassins only.
o Additional work done to Hiding, Pilfer, & Disguise.
o New Help File entries for added skills.
o New citizens now wandering the Academy Harbor.
o Ethereal figures adjusted to be more...ethereal.
o New information regarding age added to racial Help Files.
o New Help File added regarding life expectancy.
o Containers no longer factor their own weight into capacity.
o Forums upgraded to newer version. No idea what is new.
o Adjustments to ethereal figures in Academy.
o Adjustments to new citizens in Academy Harbor.
o New hunting ground opened beneath Academy docks.
o Some mobs now assist other mobs being attacked or pilfered.
o ANSI now enabled for new players.
o Adjustments to the Stone Sculpting list.
o Fixed typo in health display message for all player races.
o Fixed bug with Thieves not having Fire Building.
o Removed dodge from rollup for assassins.
o New Skill Added: Cover Shot. Scouts only.
o Help File entry for Cover Shot.
o Server crash survived. Shattered Isles becomes immortal.
o Combat damage # display is now only visible to the target.
o CONFIG now displays your current preferences.
o New options also included in CONFIG: BRIEF & AUTOFORWARD.
o New Help File entries added for BRIEF, AUTOFORWARD, & CONFIG.
o Help File tracking system added to collect failed attempts.
o Clerics converted to Priests, forming the clergy with templars.
o Health & Stamina now regenerate during combat.
o Current position now factors into regen rate.
o Light & Shadow Elementals added for Designers.
o New option included in CONFIG: AUTODRAW.
o New Help File added: AUTODRAW.
o Finally located and removed extra space typo in TIME.

4th Quarter 2012

o New materials added: Crudesteel, Venison, and Pike.
o New materials added: Turnips, Okra, and Peas.
o New cooking recipes added for new consumable materials.
o Deer meat changed to Venison.
o Fixed bug with fighting while having no stamina.
o Adjustments made to health and stamina regeneration.
o New Help Files added.
o New command added: Praise. Use this to make notes for the staff
about something or someone you enjoy!
o Adjustments to Admissions Hall.
o Race and gender added to npc descriptions.
o Fixed bug in Pilfering that didn't reveal you when it should have.
o Sneaking no longer requires being hidden or rehides when moving.
o Butcher now buys venison and fish.
o Jeweler now purchases precious gemstones.
o Devaluation rate of shop items disabled.
o Backpacks and Satchels now issued with record of original owner.
o Removed balance requirement for depositing items at bank.
o Removed limit to amount of followers one may have.
o Filching and Deflect Projectile disabled to be improved.
o Precious gemstones are now mined like metal ore and stone.
o Salt can now be mined for buying and selling.
o Cooking recipes updated.
o Fixed issues with ANSI enabling.
o CONFIG has been disabled.
o HELP CONFIG updated to include the list of available options.
o HELP overhauled and updated, just type HELP to view it.
o Characters no longer roll stats during creation.
o Delete/Retire option temporarily removed from main menu.
o Fixed bug that prevented players from sending or receiving TELLs.
o New Spells added for mages: Invigorating Winds, Invigorating Fumes,
Invigorating Flames, Invigorating Droplets.
o New Help Files added for the new mage spells.
o New Actions added: HOWL and CRINGE.
o Cooked food now restores small amounts of health and/or stamina.
o Value of cooked food is now based on level and ingredients.
o Fixed bug with room display of eating.
o Eating delay has been shortened.
o Orc scouts adjusted to be aggressive.
o Skinning is no longer gained from Close Combat, explore Tallwood Forest.
o Implemented deadbolts & keyless locks. Play at the Blackheart Inn.
o Academy Harbor mobs now carry coin, except sketchy hooded flushermen.
o New Help Files added: Delay, Movement, and others more minor.
o Agjusted gathering spoils to be more realistic.
o Adjusted delay of Speculating.
o Updated display of stairs.
o Fixed bug with Mining that prevented gems and salt from being found.
o New Prayer added: Cure Poison.
o New Community Chests added in altar rooms.

1st Quarter 2013

o New Death System has been implemented. Hurry up and die!
o New Death Penalty added: Random chance of gaining uses in a skill.
o New Prayer added: Detect Spirits.
o Updated Help File for Scouts.
o Fixed typo in Bolinau Help File.
o Fixed typo with LEAD command.
o Increased frequency of salt for Mining.
o All shops are now peaceful.
o Several new Actions added. See ACTIONS for the list.
o Doors can be interacted with using Actions.
o Doors should now display open/closed as room items.
o ANSI coloring for items applied to doors.
o ANSI coloring for Actions fixed.
o Fixed bug with clay bricks bundling into stone.
o Fixed bug with certain mobs, such as the missing chickens.
o Fixed bug that prevented quotes from being used in Actions.
o Fixed bug that displayed certain Actions as a blank line.
o Updated impossible target list to prevent targeting common items.
o Actions now account for distance and positions of those involved.
o Some Actions can be used to target others while remaining hidden.
o New materials added: Rabbitmeat, Grubs, Wolfbane, and Beets.
o Updated Mountains, Caves, Forests, and Plains with new materials.
o Updated material drops of Pigs, Turkeys, Deer, and Rabbits.
o Cooking recipes adjusted by value. New recipes added.
o Fixed bug that prevented Blacksmithing items from being worn.
o Fixed bug with LEAN and NOD Actions.
o Fixed bug preventing dead players from moving.
o Fixed bug preventing correct display of description for dead mobs.
o Fixed bug preventing exits' display during blizzards or dust storms.

2nd Quarter 2013

o New Trade Skill: Weaving. Make stuff to hold stuff!
o Updated Glass Forming description, weight, and fail messages.
o Jewelry Crafting list updated. Help File adjusted accordingly.
o Fixed bugs in Jewelry Crafting display.
o New materials added: Lamprey, Crabmeat, Ginger, Parsley, Basil,
Peppermint, Cilantro, Applemint, Oregano, Black Pepper, Dragonfruit,
Raven Feathers, Orichalcum, Electrum, and Silverwood.
o Smelting recipes updated: New metals added to list.
o Wood, Bone, Stone, and Metal values and frequency updated.
o Swamps updated to include Bamboo, use CHOPPING to gather it.
o Shadowstrike stamina cost reduced.
o Disguise stamina cost increased.
o Typo in the description of the padded cotton jerkin fixed.
o ANSI coloring during character creation.
o Scouts now receive a quiver of wooden arrows with the training bow.
o Academy Admissions Hall updated with a new cook.
o Academy cook fills and hands over a sack with a few food supplies.
o Quiver weight dropped to 0 in Fletching and in shops.
o Pre-existing arrow quivers will not be updated, use them up!
o Tree nymphs quivers increased in capacity. Weight reduced to 0.
o Arrow quivers cost reduced in shops.
o Consistency updates to gathering skills.
o Tweaked display of found resources.
o Increased amount found slightly for common resources.
o New Help File Entry: BUNDLING
o Updated Help Files for gathering skills.
o Consistency updates to skinnable races.
o Jade now found with Digging skill.
o New materials added: Snake Meat, Damask, Pears, Figs, Citrine,
Agate, Porcelain, and Sunstone.
o New Cooking recipes added.
o Updated Jewelry Making list.
o Adjusted Skinning, success rate based on the weight of the kill.
o Adjusted Admissions Hall, making it more user-friendly.
o Adjusted gem values and frequency, including Turquoise and Agate.
o Adjusted resources in the orc caves.
o Adjusted resources in wooded areas.
o Revamped Academy NPCs' emotes.
o Fixed bug with deadbolts inside the Black Heart Inn.
o Fixed bug with trying to move UP outside while not flying.
o Fixed bug preventing hide and other materials from being bundled.
o Disguise now reveals you from hiding.
o Tracking now reveals you from hiding.
o ANSI coloring in various positions, weather messages, and skills.
o Complete overhaul of material values and frequency.
o New Materials added: Quail, Bison Meat, Goat Milk, Bell Peppers,
Spinach, and Hot Peppers.
o New Cooking recipes added.
o New Skill added: Bundling.
o Automatic bundling of resources removed.
o Several Academy hunting area payouts adjusted.
o Fixed typo in Skinning when not wielding a short edged weapon.
o Fixed typo in the HISS action.
o Fixed bug that allowed gathering on roads.
o Fixed bug in Goblin creation process.
o Falling damage adjusted. The bigger you are, the harder you fall!
o New Air-mage Spells added: Air Burst, Air Cutter, Lightning Bolt,
Slowing Winds, Air Shield, Wall of Air, Lightning Storm, and
Invigorating Winds.
o New Water-mage Spells added: Hailstorm, Invigorating Mists,
Water Blast, Water Globe, Ice Dagger, Water Currents, Watery Form,
and Wall of Water.
o New Help Files for the Air and Water spells.
o Shields now given to shield-based classes at creation.

3rd Quarter 2013

o Uses per level adjusted after level 10.
o Weaving adjusted to now include vine.
o More ANSI work done, this time on some rooftop exits.
o Fixed punctuation and capitalization in Whisper.
o Bug fixed in Fishing that checked for poles before checking room.
o Bug fixed in Digging that checked for shovels before checking room.
o Bug fixed that prevented Rabbit actions.
o Flying adjusted to prevent flying when out of stamina.
o New Cooking recipes added.
o Treasure values adjusted to be in line with updated materials values.
o Armor updated for the future, replace your old set.
o Academy Armorsmith stock redone with new values and prices.
o Shopkeepers updated to buy and sell latest resource additions.
o Academy shops have been updated to better fit the updated economy.
o Academy Fruit and Vegatable Stand now buys herbs.
o Fletcher in Outlast updated with more bows.
o Doors upgraded to show position when looked at.
o Fixed bugs and typos in Glass Forming.
o New Action added: CURTSY.
o New Help File added: BUNDLING
o Help Files for Communication, Whisper, and Role Play updated.
o World prepped for the addition of teleportation spells.
o ANSI color consistency work for combat actions, foraging, and npcs
when seated or lying down on an item.
o Social media sharing added to forums.
o New reward system for leveling skills implemented.
o Swimming readded to all classes. No Lifeguard on duty.
o Rage, Frenzy, Rampage, and Rush readded to Barbarians.
o Frenzy, Rampage, and Rush are now self only.
o Spell Air Shield is now self only.
o Metal interference lowered for Spells.
o Fixed ANSI coloring for NPCs seated or lying/sleeping on an item.
o Stat display in SCORE/INFO changed to numeric form for upcoming
combat testing purposes.
o Stamina cost during each round of combat removed. Hooray magic!
o Fixed bug in Defend that allowed defending the mob you're fighting.
o Due to an outbreak of moss covered butter, shops now stock fresher.
o Updated EXAMINE to work like LOOK while BRIEF is enabled.
o EXITS command disabled for players.
o WHO command now displays race instead of surname.
o Updated skills: Hiding, Pilfering, Climbing, Blindside, Adrenaline
Rush, Looting, Disguise, Dodging, Murderous Rage, Shield Block,
Shield Bash, Defend, Parry, and Close Combat.
o Additional cleanup done to most, including: ANSI consistency,
skill tree adjustments, and success rate improvements.
o Updated Disguise to be player races only.
o Adrenaline Rush, Battle Frenzy, and War Rampage are now combat only.
o Murderous rage adjusted to no longer influence health incorrectly.
o Murderous Rage now stays up through combat. When you do come down,
any previous damage you sustained will be felt.
o All accounts have finally been cleaned. Alpha players may roll again.
o Mages that haven't received new spells will the next time they level.
o Repair shop now charges a flat rate for all repairs.
o Store-bought armor & weapons cost lowered.
o Store-bought armor & weapons no longer destroyed when broken.
o Fire trolls difficulty adjusted.
o New Prayer added for Priests: Holy Shield.
o New Prayer added for Priests: Holy Strike.
o Fixed bug allowing the prayers Healing Touch & Rejuvenation when full.
o Fixed bug allowing stamina boosting spells when full.
o Fixed bug in self-only shield spells & prayers.
o Fixed bug with casting Water Globe.
o Adjusted success rate for Hiding & Sneaking.
o Updated wooden buckets found in treasure.
o Teleportation spells added to mage classes.
o AR/DR reconfigured to be more inline with class expectations.
o Fixed Stone Bolt description.
o Fixed Water Shield description.
o Fixed bug when looking in the direction of an open door.
o Fixed bug in DR gain from mage shield spells.
o Tackle command disabled temporarily.
o Fixed typo in Holy Shield.
o Fixed bug in watermage attack spells to prevent self-targeting.
o Updated Actions to account for the word "and" when emoting.
o Updated DR spells and prayers to prevent stacking.
o Updated Healing Touch to not work on other players.
o More abuse-preventative maintenance. Not a fun use of time!
o Adjusted languages and drunk speech craziness.
o Updated Tier 1 mage attack spells to increase damage with level.
o Adjusted success rate for mage stamina spells.
o Adjusted academy frost trolls, mudlarks, and flusherman.


o Beta begins.

4th Quarter 2013

o Added new skill: Unarmed Combat.
o Added new potions with more effective results.
o Unarmed, Ranged, & Close Combat configure AR/DR when players level.
o Fixed bug in DR configuration that was cutting it in half.
o Fixed bug in Disguising allowing players abilities before unlocked.
o Adjusted stamina cost for melee combat.
o Adjusted success rate of first two tier attack spells for mages.
o Adjusted tier 2 attack spells to increase damage at higher levels.
o Adjusted DR penalty in Murderous Rage.
o Updated reaction time for all academy NPCs.
o Updated moose race with correct resources.
o Fixed bags in Vera's bag shop. Some are intended to only be held.
o Code of Conduct policy updated.
o Arkwright and Barber Shops now open in Pearl.
o Pearl Cemetery opened. Spirits spawn in graveyard of your hometown.
o Green potions added to alchemy shops for curing disease.
o Yellow potions added to alchemy shops for curing poisons.
o Added Academy map:
o Added NAI map:
o Persarium added to website glossary.
o Fixed submitted typos for treasure, mobs, and rooms.
o Fixed bugs with Broken Hill spawning. Payouts increased.
o Adjusted difficulty and payouts at Moaning Manor.
o Adjusted difficulty and payouts for cloaked muggers.
o Removed smoking pipes from crafting lists for now.
o Added stat raise bonus system when leveling.
o Added calendar of events to main menu.
o Added new Skill: Backstab. Thieves and Assassins only.
o Added new Spell: Water_WaterGills. Self-only underwater breathing.
o Added new Academy maps:
o Added new History:
http://www.shatteredisles.com/library/w ... utpost.php
o Added new Actions: BELLOWS and SMACK
o Added 'Back' to impossibletargets list. Glance back with confidence.
o Added repair service to Twisted Hilt & resize services to Vogrok's.
o Adjusted repair and resize costs to be based on value of item.
o Adjusted armor in academy to be more basic designs.
o Fixed bug in Ice Daggers that prevented learning a new spell at 20.
o Fixed bug in Whisper. No more whispering around objects. Pass it on.
o Fixed bug in stamina spells when target is at full stamina.
o Fixed bug that prevented sniffing things while seated.
o Fixed bug in death that displayed 'someone' entering and exiting rooms.
o Fixed bug on blacksmithed pan that prevented cooking.
o Adjusted daggers to only expend one stamina point per attack.
o Adjusted naturals and combat skills to increase stamina every 5 levels.
o Adjusted Biting damage and stamina cost.
o Adjusted stamina spells & prayers to increase stamina every 5 levels.
o Adjusted tier 3 mage attack spell damage to increase with level.
o Adjusted migraine and addition effects to be less intense.
o Adjusted success rates for Defensive skills. More gain per level.
o Adjusted Hiding success rate. Opening items & exits reveals you now.
o Adjusted Skinning success rate, lowered duration.
o Adjusted Turning to increase stamina every 5 levels.
o Adjusted Pummel & Blindside stamina costs.
o Adjusted levels that Blindside & Shadowstrike are gained.
o Adjusted Gathering & Crafting skills success rates.
o Adjusted levels that Blacksmithing & Smelting are gained.
o Adjusted Firebuilding & Speculating success rates, delays shortened.
o Adjusted valueless items to no longer sell for a minimum of 1 doubloon.
o Adjusted Gems to be weightless.
o Adjusted chance of failing to fly or land.
o Updated Help File entries for: Backstab, ShadowStrike, Brief, and more.
o Removed scabbards from crafting lists for now.
o New command added: EVENTS. Be in the know in game now.
o New Hunting area added to Pearl Cemetery: Crypt.
o Updated the Moaning Manor NPC spawning.
o Fixed bug preventing Assassins from having Dodge at creation.
o Added Tumblr sharing option to forum posts.
o Adjusted stamina costs for Spells & Prayers.
o Adjusted success rates for Spells & Prayers.
o Shield spells no longer can be recast while still active on target.
o Fixed bug in Disguise when logging out.
o Updated academy golems to disallow Pearl citizens.
o Updated academy beekeeper with better reward for squirrel tails.
o Adjusted an oversight with academy mudlarks.
o Outfitted academy skeletons with weapons for Shield/Parry practice.
o Fixed bug in Backstab that caused extreme damage at low levels.
o Updated Help File entry for: Roleplay.
o Line break removed from scroll before prompt display.
o Fixed bug with Firemages not progressing in AR/DR. Yikes.
o New Food and drink items added to Sully's, Burning Bandit Taverns.
o New spice shop opened in King's Port.
o Expanded Burning Bandit upstairs.
o Healing prayers now increase return as you advance in level.
o Fixed bug in several doors. Thanks for the bug reports!
o Fixed bug causing npcs to flee or fight after dying.
o Initial delay [4 seconds] removed from Trade skills.
o Added new jail to Pearl.
o Added OOC Area entrance for Academy.
o Combat timer shortened.
o Fixed typo in Disagree action.
o Additional Palace rooms opened to public.
o Food should no longer spoil inside adventurer's sack.
o Updated Moaning Manor NPCs.
o Fixed bug preventing feathers from bundling.
o Updated Code of Conduct policy.
o Added new materials: Sage and Tobacco.
o Increased bow damage for better balance.
o Fixed bug in Ranged Combat AR/DR progression.
o Fixed smoking pipes to go completely out when raining.
o Fixed bug in smoking that allowed you to fire up without revealing.
o Fixed bug in shopkeepers preventing their type from being changed.
o Updated and reopened Barber Shop for business.
o Adjusted academy hunting payout and difficulty.
o Adjusted Moaning Manor payout and difficulty.
o Fixed typo in Argali health display.
o Updated ales to a weaker alcohol than hard liquor.
o Added 'SC' as shortcut for SCORE command. No scowling.
o Tailoring, Cobbling, and Distilling disabled temporarily.
o Updated Commerce section of website:
o Updated listings for TopMudSites.com and mudconnector.com.
o Added shameless Facebook and Twitter plugs to forums.
o Fixed a lots of submitted typos and minor bugs.
o Updated Bug List with new bug notes. Use HELP BUG to view.

1st Quarter 2014

o We're ringing in 436 with a Happy New Year!
o Code of Conduct policy updated.
o Implemented new Pearlean law system. Pay the fine or be wanted!
o Scribe office has been moved inside the conclave building.
o Scribe now offers more document options and unique signatures.
o Shield Block now works against natural attacks.
o Fixed bug in Shield Block that caused phantom blocks.
o Fixed miscalculation in success rates for defense skills.
o Adjusted Southern Outpost vampire payouts and difficulty.
o Added new Area: Southern Outpost
o Added new Area: Ravenswood Forest
o Added new Area: Broken Hill Mines.
o Added new Area: Skyline Farm.
o Added new Shop: Easely Drawn in King's Port.
o Added new Shop: Bridge Burners Smoke Shop in Three Bridges.
o Added new Skill: Grappling. Unlocked by Unarmed Combat.
o Multiple forum accounts can now be created with the same email.
o Removed hidden delay penalty for being seated.
o Can now give, get, and be given items while seated at a table.
o Portal spells to no longer randomly seek rooms on fails.
o Banks no longer hold items as collateral against your balance.
o Mending no longer works while swimming.
o Tweaked Biting. Feedback wanted.
o Fixed Bug in unsuccessful Help attempts.
o Fixed Bugs in Covershot skill for Scouts.
o Tracking no longer works while swimming or flying.
o Turn Undead now does minor damage when stunned or fleeing.
o Turned undead now affected for longer durations.
o Bone skulls removed from skeletons. (bone market flooded)
o Murderous Rage now increases stamina as you advance in skill.
o Added Dual Parry to Assassin skill tree. Unlocked from Parry.
o Assassins now learn Parry at an earlier level of Close Combat.
o Disguise now checks against list of bad names.
o Disguising as an existing player temporarily disabled. (bug)
o Ditto for Masking on both accounts.
o Smoke shop items updated to fit inside related containers.
o Updated Scribes with a preview and option to redo your work.
o Updated Pearl Jail with functioning executioner.
o Updated Law System outlaw settings.
o Updated Academy and NAI Resource Gathering for consistency.
o Disabled random targeting when drunk, hopefully.
o No more drunk staggering while seated or lying down.
o OOC Convention Center now accessible from Academy side also.
o Updated Help Files for Scribe, Agree, Disagree, and Show.
o Adjusted starting Health & Stamina based on race.
o Adjusted Health & Stamina regeneration based on race.
o Added new detection spells for mages.
o Added Help Files for detection skills, as well as Portals & Gates.
o Added new resources: Alabaster & Driftwood
o Updated class NPCs in the Preceptor's Hall to be more user-friendly.
o Adjusted bite success rate, now requires being unarmed.
o Adjusted backstab damage with a slight increase.
o Updated player races for consistency with health display message.
o Adjusted Disguise & Masking to be non-combat only.
o Fixed bug on Blindsided & Pummeled targets not standing when awaking.
o Fixed bug that preventing shield bashed targets from standing.
o Updated various treasure, resources, and NPCs for consistency.
o Updated ANSI for consistency on defensive skills, prayers & spells.
o Updated typos within existing spells.
o Disabled Haste spells temporarily.
o Updated level Slow spells are unlocked.
o Adjusted slow spell effectiveness.
o Adjusted defensive skill success rates.
o Fixed Slow spells to no longer be cast if already in place.
o Fixed Fire Shield to no longer be cast if already in place.
o Fixed bug preventing you from looking through open doors. (again)
o Fixed bug that displayed doors in obvious exits in the next room.
o Fixed bug with shields blocking communication.
o Adjusted Parry to work against flailed weapons
o Adjusted Dual Parry display to stand out from Parry.
o Adjusted Mending health return amounts.
o Adjusted Mending delay to change if in combat.
o Fixed bug that added DR to wearable Wood Carving items.
o Updated scroll cases to hold paper, scrolls & other written items.
o Woodcarving scrolls updated, old crafted scroll cases are outdated.
o Updated "Also here:" to rarely display players hidden next room.
o Fixed doubling issue in racial regeneration.
o Added new Prayer: Revoke (similar to Dispel)
o Adjusted levels that Priests learn prayers for consistency.
o Fixed typos in spells and Addiction.
o Renamed Dual Parry to Off-hand Parry.
o Addressed some issues in Mages' Gate spells.
o Fixed typos in several spells.
o Adjusted Portal spells to no longer work indoors.
o Fixed Revoke prayer to show up in correct place.
o Corrected levels Stone Bolt & Water Globe are gained.
o Added new Resource: Troll Bone.
o Updated Smelting list.
o Added Spells & Prayers back to COLORSET command.
o Adjusted Tracking to no longer suggest routes through air & water.

2nd Quarter 2014

o Expanded EQUIPMENT to allow longer items to fully display.
o Expanded LIST to better display items with longer names in shops.
o Added Heart Strings Instrument Emporium in King's Port.
o Expanded and restocked Larissa's in Pearl.
o Updated Scrimshaw list.
o Updated value of bone so individual pieces may be sold.
o Adjusted Hiding & Sneaking to work together better.
o Successful pilfers no loner automatically reveal you.
o Skill failures should now reveal you when hidden.
o Changed TAPFOOT to FOOT. TAP FOOT still works the same.
o Minor adjustments made to the level some spells are unlocked.
o Adjusted crafted jewelry made of wood & bone to stop taking damage.
o Additional wear slots added, some work still to be done.
o Portal spells no longer unlock from Wall spells.
o Removed undead immunity to gas, poison, & disease attacks.
o Adjusted some payouts here and there.
o Adjusted dirty skeletons climb up sooner in many cases.
o Adjusted squatters & gophers for more muchness in numbers.
o Fixed bug with academy tree nymph treasure drop.
o Fixed bug with academy elf-shaped wooden golem running out of arrows.
o Fixed bug that allowed dead people to follow others.
o Fixed several player-submitted typo reports in spells and elsewhere.
o Fixed bug allowing some skills to unlock prematurely.
o Minor adjustments made to some Help File examples.
o Gargoyles can now follow Itzal and Astraeva.
o New NPCs wandering the streets of Pearl.
o Backstab no longer learned from Hiding. Close Combat only.
o Sneaking added to Scouts. Unlocked from Hiding.
o Fixed bug in Sneaking that left you permanently hidden.
o Fixed bug in Hiding that automatically reveals when sneaking.
o New Skill Added: Stealth. Ability to autosneak until revealed,
run out of stamina or stop Stealthing. Thief and Assassin only.
o Code of Conduct agreement added to character creation.
o Reduced length of docked time for Archai Traveler ferry.
o Added new material: Thoraxium. Chitin-type shell skinned from insects.
o Added Ivory & Troll Bone to Bone Carving skill.
o Added new command: SLING for removing bows.
o Added Whisper option to COLORSET.
o Fixed faulty display of players' max stats.
o Sneaking no longer requires being hidden, though doesn't hide you.
o Fixed bug in disguise that prevented gender from working.
o Fixed bug in bundling that expended stamina.
o Updated dice for consistency. Requires THROW DICE [TARGET/DIRECTION].
o Adjusted random Pearlean NPC interactions to happen more organically.
o Adjusted many undead treasure drops to be used by crafting skills.
o Added chickens. They can be skinned for Cooking recipes.
o Fixed academy golems to no longer drop bows they aren't using.
o More ANSI work done for consistency.
o Driftwood trees all chopped down & thrown into the ocean. Now we wait...
o Death timer now takes into account number of previous deaths.
o Added new command: TRADES for viewing your gathering & crafting skills.
o Added new resources: Chitin, Satin, Squash, Tea, and Alcohol.
o Unarmed Combat stamina cost lowered to 1.
o Mausoleum Road in Pearl now open.
o Updated Ravenswood animals.
o Added new cooking recipes.
o Added new treasure.
o Adjustments begun on shop prices in Pearl and Academy.
o Consistency adjustments to shop and custom armor across the game.
o Updated animal resource drops for several npc races.
o Added We, Around, and After to impossibletargets list for Actions.
o Can no longer defend npc's against pcs.
o Fixed bug in Murderous Rage restoring health when badly injured.
o Adjusted several resource values.
o PRA now defaults to Pray instead of Praise.
o Rejuvenation prayer success and return rates updated.
o Fixed a lot of minor bugs and typos across skills.
o Updated Bug List with new bug note. Use HELP BUG to view.

3rd Quarter 2014

o Potions can no longer be sold back to their shop owners.
o General stores no longer buy potions, cooked food, or raw resources.
o Doubloon weight decreased to allow for carrying larger amounts.
o Beekeeper quest in Academy updated to account for multiple items.
o Copper, Silver, and Platinum bundles can now be removed from banks.
o Mazjer's spice shop in King's Port inventory updated.
o 'T' now defaults to THROW instead of TELL.
o Glass Forming updated to require more sand. Pricing adjusted.
o Fixed bug in Blacksmithing that made some items weigh nothing.
o Several unintended resource loopholes patched across the world.
o Adjustments made to resource drops for Tallwood forest creatures.
o Lots of typos fixed in descriptions, commands, and helpfiles.
o Skinning now requires you to be standing.
o Armor values adjusted. Bug in formula found thanks to player feedback.
o Shop Armor values updated to address bug and consistency issues.
o Players: ASSIST with full name of custom armor for update. Torso only.
o Error in shop repair costs addressed. New repair formula in place.
o Piers in King's Port and Three Bridges now allow fishing.
o More interactive items added to Pearl. Benches, trees, etc.
o Adjustments made to Broken Hill spawning to prevent lag issues.
o Adjustments made to new player assembly line to address misfires.
o Adjustments made to Nightraven hunting area to improve npc mobility.
o Academy graveyard gate fixed to block fleeing/following skeletons.
o Calendar month names added to help TIME/MONTHS.
o New area opened: Rum Village.
o Restrictions placed on some class and religious specific shops.
o Added new Tetherias map:

4th Quarter 2014

o Templar class added! See forums for more details.
o New Prayer added: Divine Focus. Templar only.
o New Prayer added: Divine Force. Templar only.
o New Prayer added: Holy Defense. Templar only.
o New Prayer added: Divine Affirmation. Templar only.
o New Prayer added: Divine Path. Priest only.
o New Prayer added: Disease Ward. Priest only.
o New Prayer added: Detect Disease. Priest only.
o New Prayer added: Inflict Plague. Priest only.
o Turn Undead no longer forces mobs into submission.
o Turn Undead damage range tightened based on player stats.
o Holy Strike damage range tightened based on player stats.
o Adjusted stamina-restoring returns for spells and prayers.
o Adjusted healing returns for Healing Touch and Mending Aura.
o Adjusted Dodge to be toggled on/off for disguise purposes.
o Increased success rates for Portal spells and prayers.
o Adjusted final weight of crafted items in Blacksmithing.
o Updated skeletons and undead to no longer resist gas.
o Fixed element display in Earth Wall spell.
o Opened Archai Trading Company HQ & added new scribe.
o New Hunting grounds added to Stirling Forest.
o Adjusted prayer fail messages to differentiate between prayers.
o Adjusted diseases to display to room when they stop pulsing.
o Adjusted ANSI colors for player race health messages.
o Fixed bug with targeting while seated.
o Fixed errors with Cooking that inhibited some recipes.
o Fixed errors causing lag in scribe and hunting ground scripts.
o Updated Pearl guard interactions based on deity and law.
o ANSI color adjustments to numerous skills and commands.
o Fixed another round of world typos, thank you for submissions.
o Updated Bug List with new bug note. Use HELP BUG to view.
o Code of Conduct policy updated.
o Enabling Dodge no longer requires combat.
o Inflict Plague no longer contagious.
o Prompt and player health ANSI colors updated for consistency.
o Fixed bug in Prompt for enemy display.
o New additions to Prompt command. See HELP PROMPT.
o NPC templars added to each temple in New Archai.
o Temple donation chests now save contents through reboots.
o Fixed bug in stunning mobs with Turn Undead.
o New recipes added to Cooking skill.

1st Quarter 2015

o Happy New Year! 437 is upon us.
o Added new section to forums: OOC Games.
o Opened new hunting ground: Watcher's Tower.
o Updated Holy Shield to factor invoker's stats into results.
o Updated Mage Walls to factor invoker's stats into results.
o Increased success rates of Holy Shield and Mage Walls.
o Updated Pearl jolly street vendor to buy cooked meals.
o Opened new tanner shop in Three Bridges.
o Updated Skinning quest line.
o Disguise actions will now reveal you when hidden.
o Opening or unlocking a door will now reveal you when hidden.
o Fixed bugs in Pummel and Blindside that displayed false success.
o Pummel, Blindside & Shield Bash no longer work against flyers.
(Unless you are also flying. Finally an advantage to flight!)
o Fixed bugs in Holy Strike, Divine Force & Inflict Plague when
o Adjusted chance of knocking someone down with Shield Bash.
o Mage slow spells now display end of spell to the room.
o Added gender option to Masking skill.
o Updated %I prompt command to include all positions. (Flying,
hidden, sitting, spirit, etc.)
o Updated many academy shops: Larissa's Lavishes, Hammered Dwarf, etc.
o Added new staff commands to make announcements easier.
o Changed Wave action from AT to TO. Waving to someone works better
coming and going.
o Changed Grit Action from AT to ON. Bare your teeth AT someone, or
Grit them ON someone/something.
o Addressed countless other bug & typo submissions from players.
o Added new command: CONTACT. Used to contact the minds of others
across long ranges. Requires telepathy to use.
o Added new spell: TELEPATHY. Cast upon yourself or others. Grants
target the ability to use the CONTACT command. Unlocked from Wall.
o Opened new area: Heart of Stirling. Resource gathering area.
o Updated the inventory of several more academy shops.
o Fixed bug allowing driftwood to be gathered using Wood Chopping.
o Adjusted pricing for Stone Sculpting, Wood Carving, and Glass Blowing
to factor in material value and amount used.
o Smelting no longer smelts entire bundles at once.
o Smelting no longer returns 2 for 2. 2 ores = 1 alloy as intended.
o Behind the scenes work for staff item design.
o Bound targets now display to room as (bound). Any guesses what skills
might require such a tag in the near future?
o Old command worth revisiting: LINEWRAP. For those of you with lengthy
bank accounts. Great for Mobile devices too.
o Addressed several law issues thanks to recent crime wave.
o Updated white & navy blue Pearl guards to respond to citizens' pleas.
o Guards will now come to the aid of a town npc being attacked in view.
o Updated law system. Guards may react when walking in on a criminal.
o Changed races of city guards to better reflect their deity.
o Bolinau race no longer able to be skinned. (We got your message.)
o Fixed numerous submitted typos from new areas.
o Updated several locks across Pearl in preparation for Lockpicking.
o Fixed bug in Forest mobs to prevent emoting when in combat.
o Adjusted values for smelted metals based on materials used.
o Added new materials: Pyrargyrite, Chocolate & Wyvernskin.
o Updated values for a few resources including ivory and driftwood.
o Academy Shattered: Dolorous Island separated from the isle.
o Added ferry service to Dolorous Island from Three Bridges.
o Adjusted frost troll difficulty.
o Removed mining resources from frost troll caves.
o Added new lore to website. Itzal & Astraeva: Before the Shattering.

2nd Quarter 2015

o Delightful Delectables bakery opened in Pearl.
o Updated Thalassa Road and sky above.
o Sky expanded over the valley, including Dalarey Road & Archai Divide.
o Updated gopher hunting area, fixed bugs & adjusted spawning.
o Updated Academy Isle swamps with correct gathered resources.
o Updated inventory at academy shops along Hawker's Alley.
o Outlaws can no longer take the ferry back to Academy Isle.
o Adjusted Broken Hill and Southern Outpost spawning.
o Updated Hunting quest line around New Archai Isle.
o Fixed many typos and completed minor writing tasks.
o New server home is shatteredisles.net:5900
o Shattered Isles move to new server complete.
o LIST BANK now shows item weight next to each deposited item.
o Updated banking transactions to be more discrete.
o Banks no longer accept dead bodies for storage.
o Fixed Rum Village bank door.
o Added a fix for doors following a reboot. Lock your homes still!
o Adjusted Back Stab damage to factor in strength and skill level.
o Backstab no longer requires you to be out of combat.
o Prompt %w and %W now show carry weight without body weight included.
o Disabled email system in game while we set up the new mail server.
o Fixed Dwarf regen when not in combat.
o Set bank item deposit limit at 300.
o Adjustments made to Watcher's Tower area and spawning.
o Added upcoming events intro when logging in.
o Added more treasure to New Archai Isle.
o Updated Kaleith & Aerthane temple shops.
o Updated academy shrine chests to be more stable.
o Updated academy NPCs with tips for newbies.
o Updated gate spells to account for target's location before casting.
o Updated some areas that allowed teleportation into them.
o Adjusted mage dispel delay to match priest revoke prayer delay.
o Fixed bug causing folks to fall from a ground level room.
o Enabled in game mail courier once again.
o Fixed several broken doors submitted by players.
o Fixed hordes of typos submitted by players.
o Updated gopher weight. They've eaten more; they're less territorial.

3rd Quarter 2015

o Opened new area: The Crowns.
o Added new material: Lavender.
o Eel resource frequency changed. Available through fishing.
o Fixed bug in rotten food display. Adjusted duration and frequency.
o Pearl Guards updated to respond more directly to outlaws.
o Ale now gives a more noticeable buzz without slurred speech.
o Fixed bug that automagically repaired armor when it reached 0%.
o Murderous Rage no longer adjusts health at cool down.
o Contact no longer works on sleeping targets.
o Bug fixed in Crowns that disallowed teleporting.
o Dead bodies can no longer be picked up. Skin on the go.
o Adjustments made to Skinning duration times.
o Increased duration of mage Telepathy spell.
o Fixed bug that unlocked fletching from wood chopping for non scouts.
o Fixed error in Gavial help file that mentioned Scout as an option.
o Taxidermy poses, values, and crafting displays updated.
o All trolls updated with additional skinnable treasure.
o Fixed bug in Prayer spells that revealed disguised target's name.
o Fixed duplicate entry in Scrimshaw list.
o Fixed error in Code of Conduct link on website.
o ANSI color consistency adjustments to several skills and commands.
o Player submitted typos addressed in several areas. Thank you.
o Countless other player submitted bugs squashed. Thank you.
o Fixed bug in DRAW. (sorry!)
o Fixed bug in King's Port artist shop.
o Fixed movement bug in some skills that prevented use.
o Freshwater and Saltwater shores resources updated.
o Stealth can now be disabled if in combat.
o Academy fruit and vegetable stand inventory updated.
o Academy butcher shop inventory updated.
o Academy textile shop inventory updated.
o Fixed room description typos submitted by players.
o ANSI color consistency adjustments to several commands.
o Fixed bug in LOOK command when looking into neighboring rooms.
o Fixed bug that prevented armor from taking damage.
o Fixed bug that allowed Bolinaus to follow Pyrous and Tetherias.
o Fixed bug that revealed thief's real name when logging in.
o New Action added: Spin.
o THINK added as alternative command for CONTACT.
o Birds no longer can be skinned. Explode into puff of feathers.
o Skinning failures now display to the room instead of self only.
o Adjustments made to new player creation.
o Adjustments made to Pearl prison system.
o Fixed submitted typos in world weather emotes.
o Fixed submitted room and mob typos in Ravenswood.
o General goods shopkeeper added to Pearl Depot in King's Port.
o Website User Guide updated with info on combat, customization.

4th Quarter 2015

o Server connection speeds upgraded behind the scenes.
o Academy orcs updated with improved recognition and interactions.
o Bow users will no longer auto remove weapon when out of ammo.
o Pearl weapon and armor shops updated with current pricing.
o Speculate now unlocks from level 10 Fishing.
o Additional ANSI coloring consistency work done.
o Poison System Implemented with 12 new poisons.
o Thieves, Assassins, and Scouts now unlock Identify Poison.
o Thieves and Assassins unlock Poisoning.
o Assassins unlock trade skill Apothecary.
o Adjustments to existing poisons: Rotten Food and Liquor.
o Newly created Argali now start with Horn Clashing skill.
o Dodge duration extended until new combat system implemented.
o Fixed bug in poison ending message display.
o Fixed bug in Sneaking that allowed training while kneeling.
o Fixed bug in LOOK <dir> that gave away location of hidden exits.
o New player [HINT] added to Hiding and Poisoning skills.
o Inventory updated in Pearl's Larissa's Lavishes clothing shop.
o Numerous player submitted typos and bugs corrected.
o Continued ANSI coloring consistency work.
o New summit discovered in the Crowns region.
o Clock tower now echoes the hours only to outdoor street rooms.
o Updated Bone Carving & Wood Carving skill lists.
o Updated Bone Carving to manage weight better based on amount used.
o Updated Stone Daggers spell attack type from striking to piercing.
o Updated Stone Bolt spell attack type from slashing to bashing.
o Adjustments made to some NPC natural attack display.
o King's Port pilfering grounds now auto-refresh coin when inactive.
o Failed pilfering attempts now register as aggressive actions.
o Climbing success rate increased.
o Fixed bug that caused freezing when throwing food.
o Fixed bug in Alcohol that made everyone feel like themselves again.
o Fixed bug in Sea Slime poison that prevented it from working.
o Looking at doors now displays its direction.
o More ANSI color consistency work to skills & commands.
o Fixed more typos than we'd like to admit.
o Fixed a number of player-submitted bugs & typos in shop lists.
o Sought & destroyed several lag issues plaguing the game recently.

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Update List

Post by Snaek » Fri Jun 24, 2016 8:31 pm


o New area discovered: Gragga Village & Hobgoblin Encampment.
o New area discovered: Thalassa Rd to Rum Village opened.
o New housing areas opened along Dalarey Road; Three Bridges.
o Updated resources for farms on Dalarey Road.
o Updated intersections along Dalarey Road.
o The month of January renamed to Eurous.
o Verdi and Zephyrous (August and November) swapped.
o Fixed bug in crafting skills that blocked failure room displays.
o Fixed bug preventing repair/resize shopkeepers from keeping items.
o Fixed bug that allowed combining mage and templar defense walls.
o Addressed gender typos in some dying npcs.
o Updated spawning for Pearl Crypt. Added rare gen spawn.
o New encounters added to the roads surrounding Pearl.
o Added additional crew members to keep up with onslaught of typos.


o New resources discovered: Coldsteel, Insect Guts, Coffee Beans & Oats.
o Increased success rate for Shadowstrike & Cover Shot.
o Shadowstrike & Cover Shot should no longer require being out of combat,
only being hidden.
o Added new gems to npc treasure.
o Added and updated Cooking recipes through level 40.
o Updated Cooking recipes final value based on ingredients used.
o Fixed bug that assigned wrong ingredient when sniffing cooked food.
o Fixed errors in resource distribution that exposed rare materials.
o Added & modified rare spawns for Watchtower, Crypt, Crowns, Ice Caves,
Vampires & Timberwolves.
o Updated help files including: BUGS, BUY, THIEF, SNEAK, ALIAS & QUIT.
o Muggings down across the isle. Being mugged should feel special.
o Fixed bug in character creation that failed to recognize some races.
o Fixed loophole in portal spells that allowed access to unreachable areas.
o Fixed incorrect gender displaying upon death for several npcs.
o Adjusted several New Archai Isle hunting grounds.
o Adjustments made to Hobgoblin Encampment & Watchtower difficulties.
o Fixed bug that could send players back to character creation.
o Removed death count penalty from new players in the academy.
o Fixed some typos on rooms, npc emotes, & npc descriptions.
o Updated ANSI coloring for dozens of commands & skills.


o Holy Strike prayer damage adjusted more evenly over levels.
o Inflict Plague prayer no longer works against already infected targets.
o Updated Nitti's Farm with new areas for foraging.
o Updated ladders in Broken Hill Mines to require Climbing.
o Updated new character assembly line to run faster.
o Updated pearl valley farmer with shop inventory for milking cows.
o Fixed bug in Academy fire troll hunting area that allowed foraging.
o Fixed bug in death realm that prevented spirits from escaping.
o Fixed bug in Ogre boulder throwing attacks while unconscious.
o Fixed bug that prevented tracking into Hogoblin encampment.
o Fixed attack display for academy snakes and bears.
o Cure Poison name changed to Remove Poison for easier use.
o Frost troll gem drops adjusted to be less frequent.
o Blacksmithing skill updated to allow crafting of wearable items.
o Blacksmithing room display updated; Additional command FORGE added.
o Lavender's Aromatorium opened in Pearl's Tower District.
o Newly created Vukasins and Gavials start with Natural Bite skill.
o Newly created humanoid races start with Unarmed Combat skill.
o Pearl hunting areas updated with rare spawning Mobs.
o Timber Rattlers have slithered their way into the wolf den.
o Itzal, Pyrous, and Astraeva temple shops updated.
o Fixed typos in submitted room descriptions, skills, & shop items.
o Off-hand parry can now be used with unarmed & natural attacks.
o Fixed bug in off-hand parry that automatically switched to main hand.
o Horn Clashing, Biting, & Unarmed Combat now follow class progression.
o Unarmed and Natural attacks now use 2 stamina per attempt.
o Looking into neighboring rooms now displays correct ansi coloring.
o Academy Bumblebees now carry honey for crafting purposes.
o Adjusted prompt display for newly created players.
o Reluctantly added the Nuzzle action. No nuzzles for Snaek!


o New Skill added: Gemcutting. Unlocked from Mining.
o Adjusted delay times of Crafting Trade skills.
o Pottery, Digging, and Taxidermy Trade skills removed for new players.
Existing players will keep the skills if they have them.
o Sand and Clay are now gathered from Foraging instead of Digging.
o Glassblowing and Mining are now unlocked from Foraging.
o Jade has been reclassified as a rock instead of a precious gem.
o Stone Carving is now unlocked earlier in Mining.
o Fletching list expanded with bigger selection of tipped arrows.
o Fletching arrows final value updated based on amount of material used.
o Fletched arrows no longer weightless. All results weigh 1 pound.
o Fixed bug in Tallwood forest shores available resources.
o Fixed bug in spawning Brokenhill Statues.
o Fixed bug in Devalin race that weakened them against fire attacks.
o Damage from fire/water/air/earth attacks adjusted for Avardi, Devalin,
Nydine, & Verdani races. Own element deals less dmg. Opposing element
deals more.
o Pearl lighthouse ladders updated to require climbing.
o Newly created Barbarians no longer unlock the Defend skill.
o Hawker's Alley in the Academy updated with info for new players.
o Crafting skills updated with display, timing, & weight consistencies.
o Frost Troll spawn rate increased based on number of players hunting.
o OOC Arena deaths now restore health & stamina upon resurrection.
o Another round of fixing player submitted typos in room descriptions.


o Fixed bug preventing sand from being bundled.
o Speculating prayers have been answered.
o Fixed bug preventing clay, sand, and vine from being foraged.
o Burning something will no longer leave behind ash.
o Fixed typo in earth-mage's Toxic Gas spell.
o Bow capacity updated to eliminate bug in quiver capacity.
o Poisoning no longer displays to room with applied while hidden.
o Uncut gems found in treasure can now be cut with Gemcutting.
o New road encounters added.
o OOC Arena deaths now display when someone is eliminated.
o Vukasin heights adjusted for those outside of racial limits.
o Fixed a display bug in Foraging that made bears talk (seriously).
o Fixed bug in Glassblowing that didn't recognize sand.
o Argali and gavials can now be Templars.
o Argali and gavial helpfiles updated to reflect templar availability.
o Fixed bug preventing Bolinaus from being priests.
o New Scout Ability: Called Shot. Works in groups.
o New Templar Ability: Combat Adrenaline.
o New Templar Ability: Divine Blessing.
o Mending now requires you to be unarmed (wield hand only).
o Fletching now unlocked at an earlier level from Ranged Combat.
o Mending success rate gain per level increased.
o Priests & Templars start with Divine Blessing instead of Mending.


o Rejuvenation Prayer success msg now displays to the room.
o Healing Touch prayer success rate gain per level increased.
o Added ability footer to Skills command.
o Fixed display issue of thief abilities in the Skills list.
o Bows temporarily will auto-remove when out of ammo while
Called Shot is updated to account for ammo remaining.
o Tells will no longer be scrambled when someone is drunk.
o Effects of drunkenness extended.
o Updated HELP MENDING to include requirements.
o Added entry for HELP DIVINE BLESSING.
o Fixed realistic bug that put players in combat after getting drunk.


o Northern forests of Ban'Ghard now open.
o Fixed bug in academy golems running out of ammo.
o Academy elf golems now drop larger capacity quivers.
o Academy flushermen difficulty adjusted slightly.
o Lowered the value of crafted blacksmithing containers.
o Academy mudlarks adjusted to a non aggressive area for mining.
o Academy ethereal figures' treasure drops updated.
o Adjusted frequency in which Nuts, Almonds, and Peanuts are found.
o Adjusted success of Barbarian rage, rush, rampage, and frenzy.
o Active Title now displays in Score/Info command next to name.
o Fixed oversight allowing certain shops to buy back used inventory.
o Shops in Pearl updated to refuse business with outlaws.
o Updated blacksmith repair pricing in Academy to match Pearl.
o Poison Ivy changed from a disease to a poison.
o NPC Templars have undergone extensive temple defense training.
o Foraging updated to yield larger return for sand.
o Drinks temporarily disallowed from depositing into a bank.
o New Help entries for OOC GAMES; GAME TYPES.
o Insect Guts added to mobs in Stirling and Ban'Ghard. Used in
cooking and apothecary.


o Fixed bug that prevented Wood Chopping from working.
o Fixed bug in HELP that searched area when a topic wasn't available.
o Fixed bug in Adrenaline Rush that lowered HP when skill dropped.
o Fixed bug in Beekeeper quest that allowed rat tails.
o Choosing religion during new player creation now gives a detailed
description followed by a confirmation option.
o Updated helpful signs during new player creation process.
o Updated Rehrsen's Jewelry inventory in King's Port.
o Updated Bound By Leather inventory in King's Port.
o Updated inventory of Butcher; Butcher's Daughter in Hawker's Alley.
o Adjustments made to road side encounters.
o Adjusted stamina cost of Divine Blessing for Templars.
o Adrenaline Rush no longer requires being in combat to activate.


o Southern Ban'Ghard forest/Twisted Thicket now open!
o Updated shore locations to include clams and mussels.
o Updated fish scales to bundle with other scales.
o Treetops across the world linked for Tarzan-like enjoyment.
o Adjusted duration of several poisons including Gargoyle Sludge.
o Fixed bug in Sea Slime poison that prevented damage.
o Adjusted duration of Priests' plague infliction.
o Fixed bug in Divine Blessing that restored stamina.
o Help entry added for Poisoning.
o Adjusted difficulty of Ban'Ghard Wendigos.
o Teleportation wards removed from newly opened areas.


o New skill added: Tailoring. Unlocked from Foraging & Skinning.
o Updated poisons Gargoyle Sludge & Sea Slime.
o Fixed bug that prevented poison final msg from displaying.
o Coldsteel & Wyvernskin materials added to armor material options.
o Fixed bug that caused prayer Healing Touch to stop bleeding.
o Fixed bug that allowed Divine Affirmation to be recast.
o Material updates to Hobgoblins, Ravenswood & Nitti's Farm.
o Teleportation wards removed from various points across Pearl.
o Fixed bug that prevented mending from stopping bleeding.


o Character Level now displays next to religion in Score command.
o Harbor Inspector given expanded role in welcoming students to Pearl.
o Added surname option when leaving the Academy.
o Implemented Group Banking System.
o New Merchant Skills: Drying and Wood Finishing.
o New Resource added: Cactus.
o New air-mage spell added: Static Barrier.
o New earth-mage spell added: Quartz Armor.
o New fire-mage spell added: Molten Armor.
o New water-mage spell added: Frozen Scales.
o Adjusted all mage spell trees. Any spells missed will automatically
unlock the next time a related spell is advanced.
o Goblins now unlock crudesteel from smelting earlier than others.
o Updated values and frequency of wood resources.
o Updated coal availability in Academy & Broken Hill Mines.
o Fixed oversight preventing non-repair blacksmiths from returning gear.
o Fixed several bugs in a race that shall not be named.
o Updated health ANSI colors for consistency.
o Updated stamina ANSI coloring to match health display.
o Added bleeding display when looking at a player.
o Added bleeding display to Diagnose command.
o Added posting boards in temples and other areas to reflect the forums.
o Updated chests within all temples and shrines to be consistent.
o New Actions Added: Stiffen, Tense, Snore, Scream, Shoo, Skip, Wiggle,
Chew, Squeeze & Weep.
o Quotes now usable within Emote command.


o New area discovered: Crooked Sisters Road.
o Updated & finalized all game materials price, frequency & availability.
o Updated gathering areas in Academy & New Archai with new materials.
o Added new resources: Byssus, Coral, Malachite, Snakeroot, Nutmeg,
Mycena, Honeycomb, Stinkhorn, Argenite, Elderwood, Blightweed, Mint,
Honeycomb, Prawns & Wyrmpeppers.
o Removed resources: Vine, Pumice, Agate, Boysenberies, Tobacco,
Cashmere, Honey, Dragon Blood, Plastic, Beechwood, Papyrus, Peppermint,
Honey, Shrimp & Vellum.
o Updated farms to expand crop coverage.
o Updated gem treasure to reflect resource changes.
o Updated Academy & Pearl shops based on material changes.
o Updated Cooking & Apothecary ingredient requirements to be more specific.
o Updated Bone Carving to allow for using Coral.
o Updated Tailoring to allow for the use of hides & skins.
o Fixed fishing pole supply issue at Academy Docks.
o Fixed quotation error when NPCs call for backup.
o Updated OOC Center to prevent tracking from crossing boundaries.
o Updated Tracking skill to better reflect how it functions. Tracking is
a scout's ability to tap into his/her element.
o Updated Grappling, Defend & Pilfering to account for flight.
o Grappling no longer requires combat.
o Defend skill stamina cost increased.
o Minor spawn adjustments to rare mobs found in Stirling & Ravenswood.
o Swimming & Bundling removed from skill lists.
o QUIET mode now displays in the Score command when activated.
o Fixed some typos on rooms, NPC emotes & NPC descriptions.
o Updated ANSI coloring for dozens of commands & skills.


o Helpful clerics added to academy shrines with information on your deity.
o Updated shopkeepers and bankers to refuse containers with contents.
o Added BUGLIST command to view a current list of known bug issues.
o Expanded High in the Sky across more of New Archai Valley.
o Fixed bug in resurrection display missing the deity's name.
o Fixed bug that allowed regeneration while bleeding.
o Adjusted regeneration recovery time in preparation for new combat system.
o Updated health & stamina regeneration for all races.
o Updated inventory of Outlast Fletcher.
o Updated troll and hobgoblin treasure drops.
o Updated Academy ferry captain speech for students making first voyage.
o Updated many Help File entries including: Tell, Bundling, Dyeing, Look,
Examine & Cooking.
o Fixed submitted typos for room descriptions and website.
o Updated ANSI coloring for some NPC interactions.


o New Combat System (NCS) implemented.
o New character Religious Level implemented.
o Metal armor interference implemented for Rogue and Mage classes.
o Wear Location slots updated and ordered from head to toe.
o High in the Sky expanded across New Archai.
o Academy Class Instructors updated with LIST command options.
o Max carry capacity updated for all races.
o Minor height and weight adjustments for all races.
o Stat bonuses based on class and religion implemented.
o New character creation body choice now influences stats.
o New Boss mobs added for mountain ogres; broken hill statues.
o Skill use reduction updated to allow for bonus events.
o Wolfslayer title removed from Hunter quest. Rewarded prematurely.


o Stamina loss during bleeding adjusted.
o Racial health and stamina regeneration adjusted.
o New journal added: FEEDBACK.
o Poison Ivy no longer does damage. ASSIST if it does.
o Fixed bug preventing mobs from spawning.
o Fixed bug preventing law from being enforced in Pearl.
o Pearl guard levels increased.
o Grate exits updated to function properly.
o Door targeting issues corrected.
o Academy fisherman and woodsman now deal with flyers.
o Academy merchant representative info updated.
o Carry capacity continues to be adjusted.
o Melee damage output continues to be adjusted on a daily basis.
o Direwolf quest rewards updated.

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Update List

Post by Austere » Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:49 am


o Fixed bug in bloodboil poison display.
o Fixed health color issue in gophers and ogres.
o Fixed bug in fishing poles gained from nydine anglers.
o Fixed bug preventing pearls from being foraged.
o Fixed bug in Shield Block displaying the shield on the attack.
o Rogue skill failure display due to metal armor now self only.
o Wear and Remove command delays shortened to match sheathe/draw.
o Mage attack spell damage updated to factor in Religious Level.
o New command added: Consider. Size up your opponents before battle.
o Firebuilding converted from skill to command.
o Devour command added to gavials, wyverns, and dragons.
o Fixed bug that allowed sitting while sleeping.
o Fixed bug in Search command that prevented it from ending.
o Addressed lag issues occurring in new player creation.
o Fixed bug in mercenary weapon drop (bronze broadsword).
o Pearl flower shop inventory updated and added.
o Backstab damage updated to account for level difference.
o Shadowstrike updated to implement a cap against the same target.
o Frequency of critical attacks adjusted across the board.
o Updated Pummel to better account for religious & skill levels.
o The Winds of Aerthane added to the website library.
o Numerous help files updated. New entry added for Consider.
o Cost of stamina drain from bleeding lowered.
o Compare command temporarily removed to be reevaluated.
o Mob health and armor adjustments underway.


o Updated new player creation development with more helpful tips.
o Clerics at academy shrines now heal resurrected souls.
o Updated map info for Aerthane, Kaleith, Pyrous & Tetherias.
o Rum Runner now has 3 stops. Three Bridges, Outlast & Rum Village.
o Updated more empty shops across the world with fixed inventory.
o Updated academy mob stats to new combat system.
o Updated NAI mob stats to new combat system.
o Modified priest Holy Strike prayer for use in new combat system.
o Updated Mage attack spells to better reflect levels & stats.
o Priest plagues no longer work against golems or undead.
o Wound Mending & Divine Blessing no longer require being unarmed.
o Identify Poison can now target equipped inventory.
o Poison can now be applied to wielded or held inventory.
o Fixed ring crafting error in Bone Carving, Wood Carving & Blacksmithing.
o Mobs now subject to health loss when bleeding.
o Race names have been switched from uppercase to lowercase.
o Updated QUIET command with toggle message.
o CON now defaults to CONSIDER instead of CONSOLE.
o Current AR/DR added to prompt options. %A and %D.
o Look now targets mobs over items when dealing with room interactions.
o Look now targets room items over held inventory (bundles on ground!)
o Fixed reported typos in room descriptions, shops & website.
o Tracking stamina cost increased from 2 to 4.
o Shadowstrike no longer works against targets out of range.
o Hard cap on Shadowstrike removed. Ability to be reevaluated.


o Mage attack spell damage updated to better match melee.
o Priest Holy Strike spell damage range widened slightly.
o Divine Blessing stamina cost lowered slightly.
o Success rate gain per level increased for mage attack spells.
o Carriages updated to be boarded while in motion.
o Some npc races updated to leave bodies behind. More to come.
o Academy Beekeeper quest updated.
o Hunter quest line disabled in some parts. Under construction.
o Bleeding now displays to room per tick for players.
o Fixed bug in bleeding allowing some abilities to improperly stop it.


o Magical flyers can now use the LAND command.
o Pummel and Blindside can now be used in combat.
o Pummel and Blindside now knock down the target when used in combat.
o Combat delay for Pummel and Blindside increased.
o Shortened delay for Called Shot when used out of combat.
o Climbing has transitioned to a command w/success based on race.
o Fixed wear locations for shop and treasure items.
o Fixed bug in some treasure cooking pots that held too much.
o Academy class instructors updated with additional information.
o Restoring health to 100% will now also stop bleeding.


o Added new skill: Brewing. Unlocks from Cooking.
o Added button for mudconnect voting on forums.
o Updated scribe accounts to notify support email.
o Fixed weapon harnesslessness for devalins at creation.
o Fixed bug preventing cooked food from restoring health/stamina.
o Fixed bug in Apothecary allowing poisons to be split into smaller doses.
o Fixed bug in Brewing that limited drinks to 1 sip.
o Fixed bug in Masking that prevented disguising gender.
o Removing a disguise/mask now displays to the room.
o VISIBLE or REVEAL commands can now be used to remove a disguise/mask.
o Mixed poisons now appear to hold poison inside instead of water.
o Updated trades help files to reflect skill from which they are unlocked.


o Masking & Disguise no longer reveal from hidden when removing disguise.
o Fixed bug in Pummel & Blindside against aggressive targets.
o Fixed bug in fishing quest preventing skill from being learned.
o Crafted drinks can now be sold to food vendors.
o Minor improvements to Astraeva's Pyramid in Pearl.
o Search command now reveals you if used while hidden.
o Implemented new city invasion system. 1st Event: Hobgoblins gone wild.
o Updated BUGLIST command with new known bugs. Older bugs squashed.
o Adjusted mage attack spell damage output for New Combat System (NCS).
o Adjusted priest Holy Strike damage output for NCS.
o Introduced short hammers. Similar to daggers in damage and cost.
o Updated Healing Touch to better take into account caster's stats.
o Updated Mending Aura to restore small amounts of stamina.
o Divine Blessing stamina cost no longer tied to health restored.
o Wound Mending healing now better linked to skill lvl, RL, and Wisdom.
o Added missing help files for all mage class spells.
o Updated all mage spell help files with info on unlocking spells.
o Updated HELP CONSIDER to better explain how it works.
o Adjusted stamina cost for Earth/Water/Fire slow spells to match Air.
o Stamina cost for top tier attack spells increased slightly.
o Combat requirement for Murderous Rage removed. Takes longer to get
worked up outside of combat.
o Pearl guards sent to Academy for training. Will now defend PCs against
NPC attackers.

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Most Recent Update

Post by Austere » Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:30 am


o New player creation bug fixes and improvements.
o New thieves that have never played before now go all the way through
the creation line.
o New player user guide updated for movement, transportation & banking.
o Adjusted vampire and troglodyte spawning to account for larger groups.
o Adjusted success rates for Blindside and Pummel.
o Updated hobgoblin invasions to account for number of defenders.
o Added chance for golems to drop a red or blue elixir at death.
o Spell critical chance lowered to better match melee. Top end damage
still under review.
o Updated academy beekeeper rabid squirrel quest reward.
o Updated academy orcs Orcslayer quest. ASSIST if you wish to start over.
o Restored Burning Bandit shop inventory.
o Disguise Race option unlocked at earlier level now.
o Updated caffeine effect with more options.
o Updated templar Combat Adrenaline to siphon from all attack types.
o Adjusted Combat Adrenaline stamina siphoning amount.
o Fixed bug in Restraining Ropes that caused interference from armor.
o Updated HELP command info. Dozens of outdated files also updated.
o Updated priest skill help files with current unlocking info.
o Added help files for Screen Readers & QUIET command.
o Added new hint when advancing religious level for the first time.
o Fixed ANSI coloring errors in several abilities.


o Updated and streamlined new character creation story.
o Fixed bug in character creation that caused loading issues.
o Adjusted critical rate for mage top tier attack spells.
o Additional tweaks to damage output for top tier attack spells.
o Adjusted Brewing recipe prices based on ingredients.
o Adjusted order of Brewing recipes based on final price.
o Disguise now unlocks much earlier for new thieves.
o Added missing help files for thief and templar abilities.
o Updated thief and templar help files with latest information.
o Added HELP SCREEN READER for info on accessibility options.
o Added and updated signposts across the Academy.
o Adjusted templar prayers Combat Adrenaline & Divine Affirmation
to unlock at earlier levels.
o Fixed bug allowing Divine Affirmation to work on top of other boosts.
o Adjusted templar's Divine Focus to account for Character Level.
o Fixed bug that removed a disguise when using REVEAL when hidden.
o Adjusted some treasure items to better allow for recoloring.
o Fixed numerous player submitted typos across the world.
o Updated thief skill Blindside to work better out of combat.
o Added new action: TONGUE. Stick your tongue out.
o Updated several commands to account for races without hands.
o Updated website User Guide with information regarding Housing.
o Added detailed Housing Guide to FAQ section of forums.
o Added new color options to Dyeing command.


o Character Level bonuses added. Gain more attributes as you advance.
o Stamina bonuses moved from skills, spells & prayers to Character Level.
o Trade skills uses per level modifier lowered.
o Uses per level modifier lowered slightly for all other abilities.
o Reduced damage absorption for all academy mobs.
o Bite command added as additional kill command for biting races.
o Fixed bug in Kill command that overlooked short bashing weapons.
o Fixed bug in stat raises that stopped if a stat was maxed.
o Fixed bug that continued to reduce uses after level 100.
o Fixed bug that prevented crafted stools from being picked up.
o Fixed bug in Blindside that prevented it from working in combat.
o Called Shot unlocking level lowered from 25 to 20 Ranged Combat.
o War Rampage unlocking level lowered from 20 to 15 Murderous Rage.
o Murderous Rage success rate increased.
o Adjusted damage output for Called Shot and Backstab.
o Added option to Conclave Scribe that allows for multiple copies.
o Added new guide to scribes on forums:
http://shatteredisles.com/forums/viewto ... =64&t=2749


o New player housing area added to Thalassa Road in New Archai.
o Mages now start with invigorating spell at creation.
o First defensive spell for mages now unlocks at lvl 5 stamina restore.
o Mage attack spells unlock at earlier levels. 10/20 instead of 15/25.
o Updated Pyrous Map section on website with new information.
o Updated Beekeeper Quest to advance character level progress.
o Updated Score/Info command to display current disguises.
o Added line to Score/Info command to indicate when disguised/masked.
o Added temple bankers for religions Itzal, Pyrous, and Aerthane.
o Updated Academy harbor townies with coin replenishing for pilfering.
o Updated Academy townies to shout for help when under attack.
o Updated coinage and stats for King's Port townies.


o Added new game mode for OOC Games: Zombies.
o Fixed bug that allowed potions to be sold to general stores.
o New Trade Skill added: Embroidering. Unlocks from Tailoring.
o New Trade Skill added: Polishing. Unlocks from Jewelry Crafting.
o New Trade Skill added: Jewelry Crafting. Unlocks from Mining.
o Added an encrusting option to Jewelry Crafting for adding gems.
o Smelting now unlocks from Mining instead of Blacksmithing.
o Blacksmithing list restructured and new items added.
o Added feathers resource drop from nightravens.
o Updated King's Port townies to new combat system.
o Updated Academy Harbor townies to replenish pilfered coin over time.
o Updated and added helpfile entries for new trade skills.
o Fixed several short commands in helpfiles. (ex. EA -> EAST, not EAT)


o Earth-mage Toxic Gas spell renamed to Gas Inhalation.
o New Earth-mage spell: Sandstorm. Unlocks from attack spells.
o New Fire-mage spell: Inferno. Unlocks from attack spells.
o Fixed typo in Invigorating Fumes when unlocking Exposing Particles.
o Fixed bug in storm spells that damaged the caster's group.
o Air-mage Lightning Storm spell reintroduced. Unlocks from attack spells.
o Water-mage Hailstorm spell reintroduced. Unlocks from attack spells.
o Damage tightened and adjusted for top tier mage attack spells.
o Updated race help files to show more pertinent info for creation.
o Updated trade skill help files to indicate what each unlocks.
o Updated spell help files to indicate what each unlocks.
o Sling command delay lowered to match Sheath.
o Called Shot no longer works with thrown weapons.
o Fixed some out of date townies across Pearl.
o Bite command updated to no longer work when wielding a weapon.
o Updated out of combat timers for several specialized skills.
o Fixed bug that allowed Hiding when kneeling or sleeping.
o Force command no longer works against other player characters.
o Narrowed down the range of materials and items that can be encrusted
using Jewelry Crafting.


o New Skill Added for scouts and assassins: Thrown Shot
o New command added: Faint. Displays as passing out.
o Barbarians now learn Parry early instead of starting with Shield Block.
o Templars now unlock Parry at level 10 Close Combat.
o Barbarians now unlock Pummel at level 25 Close Combat
o Shield Bash added to Warriors. Unlocks from Shield Block.
o Hunter quest line updated from Beekeeper through Dire Wolves.
o Updated detail trade skills to display in the Trade Skills list.
o Updated health display msgs for several npc races.
o Updated player race regeneration rates for all races and positions.
o Updated several reported npcs wearing gear in wrong locations.
o Updated all shops in King's Port to prevent shopkeeper deaths.
o Updated fail message for all stamina restoring spells and prayers to
include target.
o Failure message for additional prayers updated to include target.
o Added chance of bigger score when Mining, Foraging, and Chopping.
o Added 10% body armor to the Gargoyle race.
o Disease and Poison potions removed from shops; added to treasure.
o Diseases and poisons changed from malicious to indifferent. The act
of inflicting these is still malicious.
o Very limited amount of disease and poison poisons added to shops at
increased price.
o Small and medium health and stamina potions removed from shops.
o Increased number of health and stamina potions available in each shop.
o Increased sips and return value for bottles of health and stamina.
o Increased duration of telepathy potions and spells.
o Cooked food now restore more health and stamina per bite.
o Academy Harbor and Outlast townies updated for pilfering.
o Timber wolves updated to howl for backup.
o Adjustments made to new player creation for goblins.
o Fixed bug that prevented coral from being foraged.
o Fixed several typos reported in spells, prayers, trades, and skills.
o Fixed bug in diagnose command that showed status of dead members.
o Fixed bug in crafting skills that didn't update description when
adding detail or color.
o Redirected Help Mend and Mending to Wound Mending over Mending Aura.
o Food vendors will temporarily no longer buy drinks or potions.
o Reverted bleeding to no longer auto-stop at full health.
o Added stamina display when looking at player characters.


o Updates and improvements made to Hunting Quest Line.
o Updated Air, Earth, Fire, and Water Portal spell descriptions.
o Opened new sections of Ban'Ghard, Stirling, and Archai Divide.
o Increased spawn rate for rabid squirrels in Academy.
o Added new patterns to Scrimshawing ability.
o Polishing now unlocks from Gem Cutting and Glassblowing.
o Encrusting temporarily disabled in Jewelry Crafting due to bug.
o Added new player submitted recipes to Brewing.
o Updated Apothecary recipes to incorporate rarer materials.
o Updated prawns, wyrmpeppers, and blightweed in foraging charts.
o Updated New Player Creation to account for future dragons.
o Added room fail msg when trying to eat non-edible objects.
o Fixed bug in lizard race that dropped incompatible scales.
o Fixed bug in air-mage rejuv spell that didn't unlock shield spell.
o Fixed several player submitted typos in room descriptions.
o Added new prayer for Priests: Holy Armor. Help file to follow. Unlocks
from Holy Shield.
o More ANSI color consistency changes to weather, time, and items.

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Re: Update List

Post by Snaek » Wed Oct 30, 2019 9:36 pm


o Server hardware and software upgrades.
o New server security measures and backup plans put in place.


o Tailoring crafting list shuffled and expanded.
o Apothecary crafting list reorganized.
o Smelting skill renamed Refining. Expanded to craft more materials.
o Some Refining (smelting) ingredients changed.
o Refining now unlocks from Skinning as well as Mining.
o Refining now has a chance of failure.
o Dyeing and Embroidering now unlock earlier in Tailoring.
o Metal Polishing can now unlock from Blacksmithing.
o Polishing and Metalworking now unlock earlier in Blacksmithing.
o New Material added: Bloodsteel. Refined from iron and bloodstone.
o New options added to Dyeing, Polishing, Scrimshaw, and Metalworking.
o Grapes and Apricots added to foragable locations in NAI.
o Fixed display bug in Dreamsleep Apothecary poison.
o Fixed (hopefully) delay bug in Sylvan Dust Apothecary poison.
o Fixed bug in targeting some keyless locks by direction.
o Fixed bug in Riposte that caused it to drop in combat without msg.
o Fixed bug in Taxidermy that allowed dyeing.
o Fixed bug that allowed self-targeting with Divine Link.
o Fixed several typos in Cooking and Brewing recipes.
o Poison Sylan Dust now prevents being slowed when active.
o Assassin class now available to Gargoyles.
o Thief class now available to elven races.
o New Player message added to Arrivals channel. Show 'em some love!
o New actions added: Blech, Sulk.
o Three Bridges given overdue makeover. NPCs updated and mobilized.
o Flee command no longer goes into queue. Future penalty for use looming.
o New seasonal and quest treasure system implemented.
o Kaleith, Aerthane, and Tetherias clergy NPCs updated.
o Austere finally watched Shawshank Redemption.
o Apothecary and Fletching moved to Skill list with other class skills.
o All Warrior class skills now unlock from advancing close combat.
o New skill added for Warriors and Templars: Riposte.
o Murderous Rage updated with additional swings when badly injured.
o Fixed typos and a bug in Academy Beekeeper quest.
o Hunter quest line extended through Giant Sloth in Stirling.
o Color consistency changes to resist msgs, Rage, Turning, Riposte,
Dodge, Inflict Plague, and room items display.


o Fixed bug that prevented food from rotting.
o Adjusted display for prayer Detect Disease.
o New Prayer Added: Sense Undead. Unlocked from Turn Undead.
o LOGOFF & LOGOUT now direct to QUIT. To return to menu, use MENU.
o Fixed bug in ferry system that could potentially crash game.
All ships are getting updated routes as a result.


o Ferry system updated with new crossing events.
o Expanded coverage of outdoor encounters across Pearl.
o Pearl Soup Kitchen opened w/daily ingredient rewards.
o Updated helpfiles for Revealing Dew, Exposing Particles.
o Updated helpfiles for MENU, QUIT, and OOC.
o Updated helpfiles for Titles, Disguising, and Masking.
o Updated all trade skill helpfiles with level unlocking info.
o Updated helpfiles for all mage armor spells.
o Added 4 new spells for resisting prayers, spells, and element damage:
Atmospheric Charge, Igneous Columns, Pyroclastic Cone, Diluting Rains.
o Adjusted damage types absorbed in Holy Armor and mage armor spells.
o Removed combat penalty for fighting below your level.
o Increased importance of AR/DR when determining melee combat success.
o Moved the unlocking level for mage armor from 25 to 20.
o Fixed several player submitted typos across helpfiles.
o Fixed dozens of player reported typos in room and item descriptions.

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Re: Update List

Post by Snaek » Mon Oct 26, 2020 6:48 pm


o Fixed bug in LEAD command that allowed leading someone already
in the group.
o Fixed room display bug when looking into a neighboring room with
someone hidden. (, and)
o Fixed bug in speech that auto-capitalized the first letter after
a number to start a sentence.
o In speech, adding a comma after the target's name will now target.
(ex. say snaek, Where you been?)
o Fixed bug that prevented locking and unlocking while in combat.
o Updated Message of the day (MOTD) to include ongoing events.
o New language translation system implemented.
o New languages added to each race at creation. Use LANGUAGES to see
what languages are available to speak.


o Game forums now located at www.shatteredisles.net.
o Forum accounts can now be linked for faster access.
o Fixed disruption display issue when using teleportation abilities.
o Casting time of teleportation spells and prayers decreased.
o Stamina cost of teleportation spells and prayers increased.
o Non-gettable items will no longer display when using GET ALL.
o Disguised users can no longer be targeted by real name using TELL.
o New events engine implemented. Runs all reoccurring events.
o In-game calendar synced with events engine for continuous display.
o Message of the day (motd) automatically displays upcoming events.
o Events calendar now shows all remaining events left in the year.
o In-game calendar now automatically sets days to match real world.
o In-game year advanced from 441 to 443 to sync with leap years.
o Nothing at all happened in those two years.
o Fixed issues with flea market promotions not properly loading.
o Fixed bug preventing some Stirling Forest mobs from spawning.
o Fixed bug preventing troglodyte mobs from spawning correctly.
o Fixed bug preventing wendigo mobs from spawning correctly.
o Fixed bug preventing player creation progress if connection drops.
o Fixed submitted typos across help files and room descriptions.


o Conflagration of the Phoenix upgraded to new Events Engine.
o Fixed bug in gated entrance for Conflagration opening prematurely.
o Fixed bug in Conflagration selection of who burns and survives.
o Fixed room display bug in the fever disease. Increased duration.
o Conclave chambers now open on schedule and close when room is empty.
o Fixed bug that left portal to the flea market open past the event end.
o Fixed a phantom spawning error aboard the Bruising Bear.
o Palace fireworks upgraded to new Events Engine.
o Palace fireworks updated with more variety, less repetition. Viewing
area expanded and rare weather condition events added.
o Updated Clerk Marshal to payout monthly to marshals and emissaries.
o Modified Pearl Square area for consistency, wider room connections.
o Updated spawning for squatters in Moaning Manor.
o Fixed submitted typos in Lake Stirling region.


o Fixed longstanding bug that would prevent NPCs from loading into
hunting areas.
o Updated spawning frequency for all aggressive areas in New Archai.
o New swamp area discovered between Bison Plains and Lake Stirling.
o Increased Pearl townie spawning across the city.
o Updated Pearl townie coin replenish rates for pilfering.
o Added more variety of NPCs across towns and cities.
o Merged and updated townie speech and added more seasonal responses.
o Rooftop cats returned to the Academy, added to Three Bridges.
o Fixed bug preventing academy shrine clerics from loading on reboots.
o Fixed typo in Holy Armor prayer.
o Updated and cataloged different types of feathers dropped by birds.
o Updated frequency townies replenish coin in Rum Village and 3B.
o Updated townie spawning for Rum Village.
o Fixed spawning misfire bug in Stirling wolves area.
o Updated and opened unfinished areas in Three Bridges.
o Updated and increased spawning of townies in Three Bridges.
o Updated spawning of bees and squirrels at Academy Beekeeper Farm.
o Replaced several reported shoulder weapons with handheld versions.


o Non-trade abilities now unlock from advancing Character Level (CL).
o Class abilities now increase Character Level faster than trades.
o Slight increase in chance of stat raise from leveling a skill.
o Additional stat raise opportunity added at each Character Level.
o Amount of health/stamina/attack/defense bonus from stat raise
increased slightly.
o Increased the level when skill use bonuses decrease:
3x 1-10, 2x 11-25, 1x 26-100
o Updated player guide skill advancement section to include CL.
o Longest Night of the Year upgraded to new Events Engine.
o New seasonal treasure added for week of the Longest Night.
o Fixed typo in closing punctuation of Whisper command.
o Added helpfiles for Atmospheric Charge, Pyroclastic Cone and
Igneous Columns.
o 'M' now defaults to the Mending command.
o ARRIVALS channel has been renamed INFO to match leveling display.
o Class skills updated to have larger impact on Character Level.
o Racial casting bonus established for Spells and Prayers.
o Fixed bug that prevented Broken Hill miners from loading.
o Searching skill converted to a non-advanceable command.


o Swimming proficiency is now set based on race. Cannot be advanced.
o Fixed bug that made swimming a near instant kill. Drown at a more
leisurable rate now.
o Fixed bug that prevented nydines from breathing under water.
o Ranged Combat removed from Barbarian, Mage, Priest, and Thief
classes at rollup. Unlocked from CL instead.
o Scout class opened up to Argali and Gavial races.
o Upgraded Academy portion of the Hunter Quest.
o Upgraded the Academy Orcslayer Quest to include final boss.
o Fixed bug in thief class unlocking wrong skill at lvl 20 CL.
o Fixed bug causing some academy harbor NPCs to clone themselves.
o Fixed bug in academy harbor NPCs that prevented them from loading
coin for pilfering.
o Fixed inconsistency issue in crafting containers across trade
o Fixed user submitted typos in NPC names and descriptions.
o Increased number of townies in City of Pearl.
o Fixed bug in pigeons that had them lying down in the sky.


o Annual Renewal Festival synced with in-game events calendar.
o Renewal Corn Maze updated into yearly quest.
o Undead turkey migration upgraded to include yearly quest.
o NPCs in major towns and cities now discuss ongoing seasonal events.
o NPCs from major towns and cities now attend seasonal events.
o Grappling skill added to Barbarian skill list.
o Fixed bug in Orc Quest that auto-accepted quest.
o Fixed bug in Beekeeper quest when handling multiple tails at once.
o Fixed bug in Takeoff command when sitting/lying down.
o Increased spawning slightly for academy orc caves.
o Updated Pearl Clerk Marshal's list of services.
o MENU command re-enabled after temporary downtime.


o R.I.P. accidental targeting using speech. Say your respects using
SAYTO or by adding a comma to the end of your target's name.
(ex. say snaek, yo!)
o SAY and WHISPER commands updated to no longer target without use
of comma or SAYTO / WHISPERTO.
o Fixed player submitted bugs for beekeeper and orcslayer quests.

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