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Information regarding the latest updates to Shattered Isles. A complete list can be viewed in game from the account menu and also by using the UPDATES command.
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Website Updates

Post by Snaek » Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:00 pm

As part of the larger overhaul to prepare the game for our upcoming relaunch, we've been working through the website and addressing a number of issues. This won't cover every change but should hopefully outline and explain what might be different for existing players.

The biggest change is the move of the forums to their new home at All accounts were saved and moved over, so no one has to re-register. We did this in an effort to put all things game-related on the .net domain, leaving the .com website to cover the broader Shattered Isles universe. We've been updating links across the website to reflect this, but there may still be a few we haven't caught yet. Let us know if you see one!

Since we were moving the forums, we used this opportunity to update them as well. This was attempted two years ago and didn't go well, but this time it went surprisingly smooth. This was long overdue and needed to address a security issue with the registration process among other things. It's a more modern look, looks better from mobile devices, and offers a number of great features we didn't have in the past. See the recent post about forum changes for a full list of details.

We've been running the game on for quite some time now, but moving the forums over created a bit of a challenge. A few months ago we added as a host name for connecting to the game. We left in place to slowly transition players to the new name, but with the forums move we had to go ahead and drop game access. The reason we did this is to better secure your personal information shared across the forums. Now when you connect to the forums, they will be redirected to the https domain, which helps encrypt data and mask the server in which they are stored. We did this to a few months ago as well. All in an effort to make your time in Shattered Isles as secure as possible.

Lastly, we are continuing to add and update information across the main website. The player guide has been updated to reflect some recent changes and maps have been moved within the library section. We also simplified the play now page and featured it across the website. In doing so we've made Mudlet the preferred MUD client of Shattered Isles. We feel it is the easiest to use for new players and like that it works across multiple platforms (windows, mac, linux). There's still quite a bit of lore to be added, as well as updating races and classes to reflect all the final changes being made.

Overall it's been a really big overhaul that has quietly come together into a professional presentation. There's a lot of work not mentioned that has been going on behind the scenes, like optimizing our search results and improving link sharing across social media. It may take current and past players a moment to adjust, but we feel this will really benefit both old and new players going forward. Much more to come!

TLDR: We did a ton to improve the security of data shared across our websites, we moved and updated the forums to, the game address is now, and is the main website for the larger world of Shattered Isles.

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