Academy Alumni Week

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Academy Alumni Week

Post by Snaek » Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:50 pm

Some of you have asked about the Alumni Week events showing up on the calendar for this month. We are currently building the framework of this annual festival but we will not be running any active events this year. Alumni Week is a combination of several different events that have come together over the years. The name comes from the popular player-run Alumni Day, in which players get together in the academy to share stories with new arrivals. It also comes at a time of year when we celebrate the creation of Shattered Isles, with the anniversary date being 9/17. We decided to expand this to a full week and use it a yearly event to draw in new players ahead of other popular events like the Longest Night and Archai's Renewal. Alumni week will feature double experience, special treasure, limited time shops, and nightly pve games. This is another of our yearly events we've been overhauling as part of the larger events engine implemented earlier this year.

If you are in game during these days you'll likely see some signs of festival activity. You're welcome to explore any open areas such as this as always, but you may see some under construction signs as you enter. Do so at your own risk.

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