Changing Winds Festival

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Changing Winds Festival

Post by Snaek » Sat Jan 25, 2020 2:25 pm

The winds of change are upon us!

A quick update on things as we move into Aerthane's annual festival. The Changing Winds Festival is the last of the major festival to receive its makeover. That is ongoing now as the festival runs so that we can test things in a live environment. Players are welcome to attend but understand that things are in progress to bring this festival up to speed with the same changes the others have received. Once this one is done, all of the yearly events will officially be set up on the new calendar events system. It's been a year long overhaul and hasn't been the easiest thing to get motivated for given how repetitive some of the tasks are, but the results are absolutely worth it. It is my hope to have the maze event done before it runs so that players can test it out. I will update further if we make that deadline.

Once this work is done we will resume work on quests, which is roughly halfway done to this point. Many of you have already seen the improvements to the academy hunting quests and the orc quest. The major work there is updating all existing quests to work with the new leveling system, and finish out questlines for hunting, orcs, trolls, religions, and special event quests like the mazes some festivals offer.

After that we'll be shifting gears to items, which is a major overhaul as well. We'll be removing all items from shops and redistributing them to better locations. This includes treasure as well, which will be the final piece to complete seasonal events that have their own special treasure. It's a big and overwhelming project, but it'll set the game up to better accommodate player crafting and correct the mistakes of the past that led to item value depreciation.

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