Pearl Law

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Pearl Law

Post by Snaek » Mon Mar 09, 2020 8:29 pm

Part of our recent quest work has centered around revamping the law system in Pearl. Our early work on law held up for a long time but being a thief at heart, I really wanted to make it more exciting for outlaws. I saw this as an opportunity to use some of what we've been doing with quests and turn being an outlaw into an exciting chase through the city and a way to gain some notoriety. Now the most wanted outlaw in Pearl, determined by your crimes committed within the city, will be tracked and displayed on wanted posters. Guards, criers, and other townies will mention their name and react when they are spotted. Once the guards have identified you, they begin tracking you across the city using smoke bombs fastened to arrows, alerting guards across the city of your most recent location. Shops respond differently to outlaws as well, with many within Pearl refusing service. Still, there are a few shady shop owners who will look the other way as long as you don't cause any trouble.

There's something in it for the honorable among us as well, of course. Check in with the Clerk Marshal to find out who the current most wanted is and how much the bounty reward is for you to chase them down. This combined with future updates to Conclave and Jail will give full control to emissaries and marshals to run the government in Pearl. It's a dynamic system that plays a big role in an effort to make the cities more player-driven and less dependent on staff characters.

If you are interested in giving the outlaw life a try, all you have to do is refer to rule number 1 of Bad Guy 101: kill townies. Feel free to leave feedback on anything that seems out of sort. There's definitely a lot of moving pieces to this and all help is appreciated. Below is a snippet from a response I got from testing. These guards don't mess around!

Code: Select all

[City Of Pearl, Coastal Route.]

The dirt road is smooth from repeated travel up and down the southeastern coastline.  Along the southwest, an elongated wooden building serves as the city's main non-commercial port for ferries.  The backside of a cluster of two-story buildings lines the inland side of the road.  Balconies loom overhead, showcasing the more luxurious establishments that make up the eastern district.

Obvious Exits: southeast, and northwest. 


[City Of Pearl, Coastal Route.]

Several piers stretch out from a long, narrow building that hugs the coastline of the large bay.  Ferries, carrying citizens back and forth between the city and the academy, frequent the docks at regular intervals.  The road continues south away from the city, framing the outer banks of the coastline. You notice a closed wrought iron gate.

Also here: a white-armored sentry, and a navy blue-armored sentry 

Obvious Exits: northwest. 

>open gate

You open a wrought iron gate.
A white-armored sentry exclaims to you, "You there! Halt!"
A white-armored sentry swings a leather-handled steel mace at you.
The attack is a mild scratch (4).

A navy blue-armored sentry closes a wrought iron gate.
A navy blue-armored sentry sneers at you.
You raise an eyebrow.

A loud horn blares across the city.

A white-armored sentry swings a leather-handled steel mace at you.
The attack is a solid swing (28).
Your wounds begin to bleed.
A navy blue-armored sentry swings a leather-handled steel mace at you.
The attack is a critical blow (105).
You are weakened from blood loss.

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