Spring Progress

Information regarding the latest updates to Shattered Isles. A complete list can be viewed in game from the account menu and also by using the UPDATES command.
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Spring Progress

Post by Snaek » Tue Apr 21, 2020 2:41 am

Nothing like a plague to free up some time to tackle all those nagging projects that need completing. Austere reminded me that we were better prepared for this pandemic because of the mossy butter plague that swept across the isles back in 420 AoM. Hopefully it's not a sign of things to come as all the isles remain warded against travel. Anyhow, I thought this would be a good time to give an update on our recent progress and what's up next.

As a reminder, we are currently in a Closed Beta which means roleplay is limited and no staff events are happening. Closed is a loose term as we're still allowing new characters and accounts for testing. We are working towards a relaunch of the game which is tentatively planned for this fall but that is subject to change based on the remaining work to be done. This recent downtime certainly helps us get ahead on some things.

Quest work is still the major focus of our work right now and will continue to be so through May. This work includes working through and completing the hunting quest line, religion-specific quests, seasonal and reoccurring quests, and other rarer quest events. Our most recently added quests center around the law system in Pearl, rewarding both outlaws and bounty hunters. This will fit well into some other mapped out areas we have in mind for rare encounters with outlaws for bounty hunters to pursue. Our goal is to have over 100 quests available at launch with plenty of room to expand.

This summer staff will divide up into two groups to tackle items and skills. The item work has already started and will require a post of its own to break down what's planned, but in short we're better distributing the current items across shops, treasure, and quest rewards and adjusting pricing to focus more on base resource values. There's a lot we did wrong with items over the years and as a result things have lost a lot of value. Most of these improvements are based on what we've learned from these mistakes and should improve item value overall. Skill work is a lengthy post of its own as well but the work is more straightforward. Each skill, spell, prayer, and trade ability will get a final update to bring it up to date. Many abilities have not been updated since they were first introduced and a lot has been learned since then. Players have submitted a lot of valuable info on these abilities that will all be taken into account as we work through them. Anything that can't be salvaged will likely be removed and reconsidered at a later date. If all goes well on these two fronts and we meet our deadlines, we should wrap up work by September and begin final preparations for launch.

Lastly, some of you have been asking about the dragons that have been seen in game of late. Trust me, if they were open to all I would make the biggest of announcements. A few players are currently testing them out to gauge how they interact with the world. Dragons are a complicated race for many reasons so these players are going through the motions and leaving feedback. Things are going surprisingly well thus far and the feedback has been helpful in improving a lot of things in the early stages of playing a dragon. It's still an IC environment though so anyone who wants to hunt dragons is certainly welcome to do so. It's all informative at this point.

Thanks to those who have been logged in and are helping us make this final push. We've certainly come a long way and I can't wait share it with everyone else.

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