Progress Report on Armor Update

Information regarding the latest updates to Shattered Isles. A complete list can be viewed in game from the account menu and also by using the UPDATES command.
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Progress Report on Armor Update

Post by Snaek » Mon Oct 26, 2020 6:36 pm

Saphira is taking a two week break to relocate her lair, so I'm using this time to update everyone on this month's progress. I mentioned in the last update on weapons that armor would be next and we have indeed worked on updating armor, but we've also been working on items as a whole. A lot of finalizing of materials and their costs, sorting items into their new shops across the world, updating treasure lists, and so on. Long story short, we're 100% focused on items. But first, let me start with the armor progress.

As mentioned in previous posts, the biggest change to armor is setting a limit to the amount of times they can be repaired. This was done to make items finite and move more money out of the world, that old chestnut. One of those lessons we had to learn the hard way so here we are. We are expanding the defined armor slots from torso only to also include head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and feet. Armor worn in these locations will take damage and require repairing over time based on the durability of the material used. Our combat system does not currently target individual body parts, but it is something we would like to implement later on down the road and this update to armor locations makes that future transition a less disruptive process. The torso piece will still handle damage absorption, but the other pieces will have different defensive benefits.

We are also updating and balancing armor prices to better represent how much money players are capable of earning from hunting and crafting. This is part of a larger overhaul to all items. We feel pretty good with how treasure is playing out across all levels of difficulty, so the feedback we've received from observing individual and group hunts should be a good benchmark to use when adjusting pricing. There's been some slight tweaks to the order of armor material quality as well, which I think is easier to follow from worst to best. This is on top of making each material increase a more meaningful step up like we've done with weapon materials. That information will be released in a final list of materials on the website prior to launch.

Our next update will be towards the end of November. By then work will have resumed on items and our armor update should be completed. We should be a lot closer to finalizing shop, loot, and quest items by then as well. The goal is to have all that done and move on to crafting skills to update and finalize all crafting lists by the end of the year. These lists will benefit from our already completed item catalog, giving us a clear idea of what types of items are available in the game so that crafters have all that available to them. There are plans in place to move some of the crafting skills to unlocking from quests so that merchant oriented characters can get started sooner on establishing their character's trade. More on that in next month's report.

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