Utter Clutter Flea Market

A V-shaped counter sits at the back of the large wooden building supporting several bins of merchandise. Several racks of new and used clothing are strategically placed around the shop. Carved wooden mannequins display sets of metal and leather armor and large glass cases display new and used weaponry in various conditions.
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Utter Clutter Flea Market

Post by ATC Scribe » Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:28 pm

If your bank vault and/or house are utterly cluttered bring the things that you don't want or won't use to the Utter Clutter Flea Market and trade it for stuff you will, that simple. The Utter Clutter Flea Market will held the 1st of Hydrem at 9 bells at the Academy in Hawker's Alley.

*No coin may exchange hands at this event!!

From the Scribe's desk of the illustrious Archai Trading Company.

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