06/23/14 Pyresians

Information on previously held discussions between staff and players covering anything from Race and Religion to future updates to the game.
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06/23/14 Pyresians

Post by Austere » Wed Jul 02, 2014 6:15 pm

Tharansis says to Doxx, "I think you are outnumbered."

Doxx exclaims, "I can see that!"

Doxx flails his arms.

Tharansis snickers.

Faran says to Doxx, "For once."

Doxx says, "We'll see how much Pyrosian stuff we have if I'm the only one."

Doxx scowls.

You snort at Doxx.

Faran says to Doxx, "I'm not averse to offering ideas for Pyrous."

Wren arrives from the west.

Nikolas greets Wren.

Wren dances her way in.

Wren waves.

Wren exclaims, "SUP!"

Faran waves at Wren.

Doxx says, "Well this is by no means anything formal. I'm not even sure how I managed to be the one to get wrangled into arranging it."

Wren greets Faran.

Doxx chuckles.

Wren says, "Heard there was a party tonight."

Nikolas begins piling up Disney blu-rays.

Wren says, "YES."

Faran snickers at Nikolas.

Tharansis gets a cup of coffee from a chrome serving tray.

Through a crack in the ground, Gir appears before you.

Nikolas gets a bottle of warm beer from an oblong tin trough.

Nikolas gives a bottle of warm beer to Gir.

Tharansis shrieks at Gir.

Gir exclaims, "Poof ammah hotdog!"

Gir squeals happily.

Gir beams at Nikolas.

Nikolas greets Gir.

Wren cheers.

Gir says to Nikolas, "Its like you read my mind."

Nikolas nods to Gir.

Gir cuddles with Nikolas.

Tharansis takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Gir takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Gir takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Gir takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Gir says, "Just like the germans used to make."

Gir says, "Nommmmmm warm beer."

Tharansis sits down.

Gir says to Mainyu, "Your a fire elementa. I choose you."

Anadryl arrives from the south.

Gir points.

Mainyu grins at Gir.

Doxx asks, "Did anyone watch the US v Portugal game?"

Gir says, "I am just that usless guy that..hides."

Tharansis shudders.

Mainyu says, "I did, and I was disgusted."

Gir says to Doxx, "Naw, busy with midterms."

Doxx exclaims, "The US only needed to stall for mere seconds for the win!"

Gir says, "Melting my brain takes priority."

Doxx scowls.

Tharansis takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

You nod to Doxx.

Geel arrives from the west.

Wren waves at Geel.

Geel sits down.

Geel smiles at Wren.

Geel waves.

Loud speakers begin thrumming and pumping as dupstep begins blairing throughout the area

Wren says, "Someone turn that crap off."

Tharansis laughs at Wren.

Gir umphfs happily.

Wren scowls at Gir.

Gir scowls at Wren.

Gir takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Gir takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Wren exclaims to Gir, "Play some real music!"

Gir says, "I am drinking and dupstepping."

Tharansis asks Wren, "Mike Oldfield?"

Nikolas tickles Gir.

Wren says, "I'd take some Juno Reactor."

Gir giggles like the pillsberry doughboy.

Wren chortles at Gir.

Mainyu stared at Wren.

Gir fidgets.

Wren cuddles with Gir.

Tharansis says to Doxx, "Careful or the meeting will get away from you."

Gir says to Mainyu, "No player harrasement...as staff we must set a sterling example of awesome."

Gir snuggles with Wren.

Gir chokes Mainyu.

Mainyu slaps Gir.

Doxx exclaims, "Well then. I am surprised that this many turned out. Thank you all for coming. I read Visyn will be late and I dont know of anyone else that was planning on coming. So I guess we can get this started. Allow me to re-iterate that this is completely informal and I dont really have anything prepared. We're just going to wing this!"

Mainyu says to Gir, "Then you're fair game."

Gir slaps Mainyu with his overtly strong pimp hand.

Faran grins at Doxx.

Mainyu drools at Gir.

Gir removes a short tin skinning knife.

Gir wields a blood-stained gavialian khopesh.

Tharansis flaps his wings.

Gir sighs at Mainyu.

Chierr arrives from the west.

Gir says to Mainyu, "Your lucky when I try to kill you..I am rewarded with the message that it isn't even a fair fight."

Wren waves at Chierr.

The Fire shield protecting Chierr crumbles.

Chierr waves at Wren.

Fiery words flare to life before you to read "A discussion about the religion of Pyrous is being held right now! It's happening in the OOC convention center lobby, and all interested are welcome to attend!"

Doxx says, "I've been asked to come up with a title for the high priest of Pyrous and I had a few ideas that I threw out but I felt kind of awkward deciding something like this. Also We dont really know what the role of the high priest is."

Mainy says to Gir, "That's cause I've been too busy around here to bother getting any sort of skills altered""

Faran says to Doxx, "From what I can gather, it seems the temple leader isn't always a priest. It could be a mage, priest or templar."

Mainyu grins.

Doxx says, "As I mentioned in my OOC post we dont really know how the temple is structured."

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Doxx says, "It seems a mage can be the temple voice as well."

Gir nods to Doxx.

Gir says, "True story."

Tharansis says to Doxx, "I suppose it is up to who is in charge of it, really."

Nikolas says, "Mages are seen as equivalent to priests in elemental temples. If you wanted to go this route, it might be best served to use a non-clergy specific title."

Faran says to Doxx, "There are small mentions here and there in the religion writeups about that."

Doxx says, "In many cases even a higher rank than a priest."

Gir says to Doxx, "Also, a true story."

Faran says to Doxx, "Yeah, possibly, but Pyrous' writeup says that mages are not respected more than a priest."

Faran says to Doxx, "So yous all equal."

Doxx says, "Before I forget I was given some information that I'd like to toss out there in regards to the Pyrosian colors, gems etc."

Wren nods to Doxx.

Gir nods to Faran.

Visyn arrives from the west.

Wren leans on Visyn.

Visyn waves.

Faran tackles Visyn.

Nikolas chortles.

Visyn blinks.

Faran says to Visyn, "Hello precious."

Doxx says, "Earlier I was asked my a player what Pyrous prefers and I didnt really have an answer so I kind of dodged teh question. Later Snaek messaged me some info that I can share."

Visyn says to Faran, "Hey there."

Wren exclaims to Faran, "I saw him first!"

Faran smirks at Wren.

Wren climbs on Visyn and clings.

Faran listens to Doxx.

Visyn exclaims to Wren, "Not until I am done with me!"

Doxx says, "We currently have Crimson/Red and Black, Red Dragon, Phoenix, Obsidian, and Ruby as representations of Pyrous."

Faran says to Doxx, "What about bloodstone? I've seen that as a possible and viable Pyrous gem."

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Doxx says, "We can come up with another lesser gemstone and animal representation if we choose."

Faran asks Doxx, "Other minor gems might include garnet, bloodstone, spinel?"

Visyn removes a short nickel mining pick.

Wren says, "Garnet would definitely fit."

Doxx says to Faran, "I've been going with bloodstone prior to learning this from Snaek."

Faran says to Doxx, "Yeah I think the necklaces caused that."

Faran points at Chierr.

A short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien arrives from the west.

Gir says to Faran, "I am not sure if any lesser gemstones have been thought out, though all those are very valid suggestions."

Nikolas says to Gir, "They have for some religions."

Faran pets Gir.

Doxx asks, "Is bloodstone a lesser gem?"

Faran says to Doxx, "I think so."

Wren says, "Could use pumice as a stone, though I'm not sure if it has any traditional uses besides scrubbin' feets."

Nikolas says to Doxx, "It is lesser than ruby, yes."

Visyn says to Wren, "And scrubbing feats."

Wren chortles at Visyn.

Wren says to Visyn, "You made a funny."

Gir nods to Nikolas.

Faran exclaims to Wren, "Coal!"

Wren points at Faran.

Faran says to Doxx, "I'm going to need you all to start wearing lumps of coal, please."

Tharansis says, "Just take it to the next step and make it diamond."

Doxx says, "Smoldering coal."

Tharansis nods.

Nikolas says to Tharansis, "Colourless diamonds are the gemstone of Aerthane."

Tharansis exclaims, "Splitters!"

Wren blinks at Tharansis.

Nikolas says, "Emerald = Tetherias, Colour Diamonds = Aerthane, Sapphire = Kaleith, Ruby = Pyrous, Pearl = Astraeva, Onyx = Itzal."

Nikolas says, "*Colourless."

Doxx exclaims to Nikolas, "What are you Canadian or something added extra U's in your words where they dont belong!"

Doxx flails his arms at Nikolas.

Nikolas blinks at Doxx.

Wren stares at Doxx.

Tharansis chuckles.

Wren says, "Um."

Nikolas says to Doxx, "She is Canadian."

Nikolas gestures at Wren.

Mainyu snickers.

Wren says to Doxx, "We don't do that here."

Visyn says to Doxx, "This game is international."

Nikolas says to Doxx, "I'm a Brit."

Doxx asks, "Same thing?"

Doxx snorts.

Wren slaps Doxx.

Tharansis says to Nikolas, "I'm so sorry."

Tharansis comforts Nikolas.

Anadryl says, "And that's what makes it funny."

Nikolas pinches Tharansis.

Anadryl chuckles.

Tharansis cackles.

Doxx chuckles.

Faran says to Doxx, "I could definitely see you guys having some kind of smoldering coal on top of a staff of obsidian or something."

Nikolas says, "That's interesting imagery."

Faran says to Doxx, "No pun intended, but the ash tree might also be a good representation for you lot as well."

Visyn says, "I like mahogany."

Doxx asks, "Does anyone recall what types of wood, if any, are listed in the room description of the temple?"

Doxx says to Visyn, "I do as well."

Faran says to Visyn, "That is pretty, yes."

Chierr says, "Redwood is one."

Wren says, "I think there's mahogany in the Pyrous office. I've never been in the temple, though."

Visyn says, "Mahogany is the wood used in the temple."

Wren nods to Visyn.

Faran asks Visyn, "Because of the dark red-brown look it has?"

Anadryl says, "Red walnut."

Visyn ponders.

Faran says, "I think walnut might have been used for Aerthane."

Visyn nods to Faran.

Visyn says to Faran, "The temple of Pyrous is very well written."

Faran says to Visyn, "I've actually never been inside of it."

Wren says, "SOME PEOPLE respect the grounds of other religions."

Wren coughs.

Faran pinches Wren.

Tharansis snickers.

Wren shrieks.

Doxx asks, "So it's safe to say Mahogany is our wood representation?"

Nikolas says, "Bloodwood is another option, if you want to go for a deep red wood."

Faran says to Wren, "Don't make me walk all up in your temple."

Nikolas says, "And yes, bloodwood is a wood."

Visyn says to Nikolas, "Plus, adding the word blood to anything makes it a whole lot cooler."

Wren says to Faran, "You keep your fancy slippers out of my temple woman."

Visyn nods firmly.

Faran chortles at Wren.

Nikolas says to Visyn, "Or cheesy."

Nikolas pets Visyn.

Visyn grins.

Visyn says to Nikolas, "Everything in moderation."

Faran says to Nikolas, "Bloody ketchup."

Nikolas scoffs at Faran.

Visyn chuckles.

Wren says, "Never heard of bloodwood. Funky."

Nikolas nods to Wren.

Nikolas says, "There's also rosewood."

Wren ponders.

Doxx asks, "Have the other temples discussed temple titles? I'd like to discuss those as well. It felt awkward bringing them up in an IC setting. I think that information is something I should know IC and I think it would feel odd speaking IC about it. 'Was it Aerthane that decided on one already?"

Visyn says to Doxx, "Before coming up with a title, it should be discussed on what the roles are in the temple."

Doxx nods to Visyn.

Wren says to Doxx, "I haven't for temple Itzal, yet, though I've looked around a little. I'm admittedly not very knowledgeable on this stuff."

Visyn says, "But if blood priest is still on the table, I say we go with that."

Nikolas says, "There's also nothing wrong with coming up with a completely new, unique and original name."

Wren stares at Visyn.

Doxx says to Wren, "I used my google-fu but I dont really know what to do with that."

Visyn says to Nikolas, "I agree."

Doxx says, "Blood priest is good. I like that better than stealing a title from a real life religion...Wait is blood priest a current and real life title? lol."

Visyn says, "No, please not blood priest. I was kidding."

Wren says, "I know it's a real word that didn't tie in with the clergy in real life, but what about Praetor? It's not a set part of the world yet, but I've been building up the isle of Pyrous and general Devalin culture to be similar to ancient Rome."

Wren fidgets.

Nikolas tilts his head to the side.

Anadryl says, "I think Aerthane went with Prelate."

Wren says, "That is an actual position within a church, I believe."

Anadryl says, "Gender neutral and class neutral."

Wren nods to Anadryl.

Wren says, "Unfortunately I don't know of many many existing terms to do with the church that AREN'T gender-specific."

Faran asks, "Seneschal might fit them?"

Faran says, "It is not inherently religious-sounding."

Tharansis says, "I don' think you need a gender neutral title, just one with a gender equivalent."

Doxx says, "I'm not really sure how much structure the temple should even have. my impression is there is not a real structure of hierarchy. I'd rather not see us choose a title that implies absolute or even moderately absolute control."

Tharansis says, "Like Infernal Mother/Father, etc..."

Visyn says, "That's why I think Nikolas' suggestion is the way to go."

Anadryl says, "Which leads us back to the question of the duties of the role."

Doxx says, "Cant there be a high priest and a high mage simultaneously. we'd need at least two titles for that."

Faran says to Doxx, "I think it's either or."

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Faran says to Doxx, "Your temple lead can be one or the other - which works for Pyrous because they're supposedly internally struggling for power places."

Faran says, "I do like Infernal, but rather than call someone Infernal mother/father, just Infernal sounds imposing and powerful enough."

Faran says, "Infernal Doxx."

Doxx says to Faran, "I guess that depends on how the responsibility fall. If a mage has the same responsibility then one title can work."

Nikolas says to Doxx, "Mages are supposed to be seen as very powerful and highly revered in Shattered Isles, especially within the elemental temples. They are seen as equals to priests within those religions, unless it has changed."

Nikolas says, "People are generally supposed to be wary or afraid of them due to the Shattering, but well."

Doxx says to Nikolas, "The website suggests Pyrous is an exception and neither are ranked higher than the other."

Visyn says, "Pyrtaja...I don't necessarily like the sound of it but pitaja means 'the keeper of' in finnish and Pyr means fire in some other language."

Faran says to Doxx, "Right. Which is like why you would only have one temple lead title."

Nikolas says to Doxx, "Yes, which is why I said earlier they are seen as equivalents - or equals."

Faran says to Doxx, "Mages and priests fighting for it."

Doxx nods.

Doxx says, "Ah I understand now."

Gir says to Nikolas, "It hasn't changed."

Faran says to Visyn, "That's a cool compound."

Nikolas smiles at Gir.

Faran says to Visyn, "I really like that idea."

Gir says to Nikolas, "Unless I missed the memo..which is very possiable."

Gir snickers.

Nikolas asks Visyn, "Perhaps Pyrjata? Or Tajapyr?"

Gir holds a bottle of warm beer.

Gir takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Nikolas asks, "Jatapyr?"

Gir gapes at a bottle of warm beer.

Faran asks Visyn, "Pyrator?"

Tharansis asks Doxx, "Before you worry too much of structure, you should take into consideration the number of active members within the temple. Is there really enough active players involved with the temple directly to warrant much structure besides a head and maybe a secondary at this point?"

Nikolas ponders.

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Visyn says to Faran, "I thought of that but it's too close to gyrator."

Wren chortles at Visyn.

Doxx says, "I like the idea of mages and priests squabbling over power."

Faran giggles at Visyn.

Nikolas says to Visyn, "Always something to be wary of in temple Pyrous."

Nikolas nods to Visyn.

Visyn grins.

Faran asks, "Pyron?"

Visyn says, "Pyrion."

Faran asks Visyn, "Too close to Cylon?"

Gir gets a bottle of warm beer from an oblong tin trough.

Gir takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Faran says to Visyn, "Oh ok. Pyrion has a nice flow to it."

Visyn says to Faran, "I like Pyrion or Pyrian."

Faran nods to Visyn.

Gir ponders.

Visyn says, "Pyrian is to adjectivy."

Gir says, "Pyrion makes me think pyro."

Nikolas nods.

Visyn says, "Pyrion is more of a noun."

Faran says to Gir, "Yes."

Gir says to Faran, "Hehe I soppose that is the intent."

Nikolas says to Gir, "I believe that was the point, though we could argue over the name of Pyrous for a fire god, I suppose."

Gir grins at Nikolas.

Faran asks Visyn, "Pyraen?"

Gir says to Nikolas, "I don't wanna argue."

Gir says, "I just want rianbows and butterflys."

Nikolas puts on a John Allerdyce costume.

Gir says, "And bad spelling."

Wren scowls at Gir.

Doxx says to Tharansis, "No there is not a whole lot of active players. I bring it up because its been asked before and I dont have a valid IC answer when it comes up."

Visyn grins at Gir.

Gir tickles Wren.

Wren squirms.

Gir cheers for Nikolas.

Visyn says to Tharansis, "I believe there should still be a structure regardless of whether or not the congregation exists in PC form."

Nikolas tries to put a Bobby Drake costume on Faran.

Tharansis says, "Point."

Gir nods his head up and down to Visyn.

Faran hisses at Nikolas.

Nikolas cries to Faran.

Faran slaps Nikolas.

Faran says to Nikolas, "No. Bad."

Nikolas falls over.

Gir snickers at Nikolas.

Gir says, "Okay..back to the midterm..burn me if needed."

Gir takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Nikolas says to Visyn, "Yes, the structure can always be there but downsized or increased for the appropriate number of players."

Gir takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Doxx asks, "Is something like Fire Dancer too silly?"

Faran says to Doxx, "Yes."

Visyn blinks.

Gir nods to Doxx.

Doxx smirks.

Visyn says to Doxx, "Extremely."

Faran says to Doxx, "Reserve that for your temple guards."

Tharansis asks, "Okay then. Besides the head, what other poaitions do you see?"

Wren says, "That sounds like something Morley would want in the temple. If you know what I mean."

Gives doxx the sillyass title of FIRE DANCER OF PYROUS

Faran giggles.

Doxx laughs.

Nikolas says to Wren, "Well, it'd leave no questions that his crotch has that burning sensation."

Faran says, "Fire Dancer Doxx."

Gir says to Doxx, "See how silly it looks."

Wren chortles at Nikolas.

Visyn says, "She's a fire dancer...she dances for money..."

Doxx says, "Hey man thats bad ass."

Wren says to Nikolas, "That's the blessing of Pyrous he's feeling."

Faran says to Visyn, "Gypsies, tramps and thieves."

Gir says to Doxx, "Sadly it almost fits Doxx..but I expect belly dancing and gouts of flame as you stroll about town."

Wren laughs.

Visyn grins.

Wren says to Doxx, "I've got a belly chain for just such an occasion."

Faran says to Doxx, "If you were going to go that route, I'd go with Fire Eater."

Doxx exclaims, "You just wait and see what happens next!"

Doxx begins doing a sublime dance, shaking up just so

Faran stares at Doxx.

Faran says to Nikolas, "Oh god. I can't look away."

Wren makes it rain on Doxx.

Faran cackles at Wren.

Nikolas says to Faran, "Don't blame him, blame that one."

Nikolas points at Gir.

Fire lances from the ground around Doxx highlighting his ominous dance

Visyn asks Doxx, "High Pyrion?"

Gir glances at Nikolas.

Doxx twerks on Gir.

Gir says to Nikolas, "I didn't do it."

Wren chortles.

Faran asks Visyn, "Is 'high' really necessary?"

Nikolas says to Gir, "You still don't punctuate."

Tharansis asks, "Why not call him The Big Flamer?"

Faran says to Visyn, "You only have one Pyrion."

Visyn asks, "Assuming pyrion translates into priest?"

Wren points at Tharansis.

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Gir says to Nikolas, "Damn given away by bad grammer and forgetting periods."

Faran pinches Tharansis.

Gir whines to Nikolas.

Visyn says to Faran, "I'm just trying to sell it. I like Pyrion."

Tharansis cackles.

Nikolas asks, "I think it would perhaps be best to not suggest pyrion is solely tied to priest?"

Wren exclaims to Gir, "Grammar!"

Faran asks Doxx, "Also, perhaps you reserve Fire Eater for your military arm?"

Nikolas asks, "But rather a title of leader that is applicable to both mages and priests?"

Gir ponders.

Visyn says to Nikolas, "I like that."

Faran says, "And templars."

Visyn says, "It saves time on thinking."

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Nikolas says to Faran, "Sorry, I keep forgetting about them."

Faran says to Nikolas, "Yeah cause they don't exist yet."

Gir says to Nikolas, "Unless they make one for priests/templars and another for mages specifiably."

Doxx says, "I think I lump templars in with priest automatically."

Nikolas says to Gir, "I think a templar/priest one could be specifically made for Astraeva and Itzal, but there probably shouldn't be division amongst mages and priests/templars perhaps in the elemental temples as we've discussed."

Faran says to Gir, "I feel like that takes away from Pyrous, specifically, since they view mages and priests/templars with the same leadership capabilities."

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Gir ponders.

Gir says to Nikolas, "True."

Faran says to Gir, "And if they're all worried about their internal power plays, everyone wants the GENUINE title of power, man."

Gir says to Faran, "And also true."

Nikolas ponders.

Anadryl asks Doxx, "I've have to take off, are you going to post this later?"

Gir says, "I was just unsure because of the equality and the general willingness to brawl and struggle for power if one might not attempt to claim the same position."

Gir ponders.

Mainyu says, "I'm logging the discussin, don't worry."

Mainyu says, "It'll end up on the forums."

Faran says to Gir, "Pyrous is like highlander. There can be only one."

Mainyu says, "Discussion."

Gir says, "Though I guess subjecting and murder is the best solution for internal strive."

Gir nods to Faran.

Anadryl says to Mainyu, "I meant before September."

Doxx says to Mainyu, "I was worried...i'm not logging this."

Mainyu breaks his keyboard.

Nikolas says to Gir, "I could see attempts to undermine it. Likewise, I could see the isle of Pyrous and the leaders there being: "this is the standard. this is the ultimate position of power.""

Doxx cringes.

Gir nods to Nikolas.

Mainyu says to Anadryl, "It'll happen before then."

Anadryl grins at Mainyu.

Gir says, "Subjecation."

Gir ponders.

Nikolas says to Anadryl, "If you're going to be smart you could always keep yourself logged in here instead of depending on others, too."

Gir says, "Damn you english...why you hate."

Anadryl says, "Can't, won't be here."

Faran says, "Pyrion Doxx D'Almaran, FIRE DANCER OF THE WICKED WICK."

Anadryl waves.

Anadryl leaves south.

Nikolas says to Faran, "I hate you so much right now."

Doxx exclaims, "My wick shoots gouts of flame!"

Faran grins.

Nikolas says to Faran, "Because all I have taken from this is Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man."

Faran says to Doxx, "You should get that looked at."

Visyn says to Nikolas, "He is quite awful in everything."

Doxx says, "I'm on penicillin."

Gir grins at Nikolas.

Faran pets Doxx.

Faran asks Doxx, "You caught the mange again?"

Doxx says, "I got the magma drip."

Faran says to Doxx, "A candle in the wind."

Nikolas chortles.


Gir glances.

Gir says, "Errr whops caps."

Mainyu grins at Gir.

Wren says to Visyn, "He really is awful."

Faran says to Visyn, "I'm getting really attached to Pyrion right now. It's got the fire feel, pretty neutral in terms of gender and mage/priest separation, and kind of also reminds me of pinion - part of a bird's feather. And since you have phoenix as a symbol."

Visyn says to Wren, "You got snake eyes..."

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Gir says to Wren, "Am not."

Wren tilts her head to Visyn.

Wren says to Gir, "You're not Nicolas Cage."

Visyn says to Wren, "It's probably Nicolas Cage's worst line ever."

Gir exclaims to Wren, "How do you know!"

Nikolas says to Faran, "It also makes me think of 'Empyrean' in its own way, which would be fitting considering the position we're speaking of."

Doxx says, "Pyrion sounds too much like Pyrous."

Wren says to Visyn, "I was thinking of his extremely terrible but hilarious facial expressions in Wind Talkers, I think it was. I had a collection, and would joke during gaming that I was about to get my 'Nick Cage on."

Chierr leaves west.

Faran says to Doxx, "I think Pyrous followers are probably arrogant enough to make that comparison."

Doxx says, "Good point."

Wren says, "Nick Cage warface, rather. Not sure why that word got cut out of my sentence."

Nikolas says, "Yeah. Just look at that little shit Itzal."

Wren glares at Nikolas.

Faran says to Doxx, "Alternatively, could make it Empyrion."

Gir ponders.

Visyn says, "I like Empyrion as well."

Gir says to Faran, "I actually like that more better."

Visyn tilts his head to Gir.

Visyn asks Gir, "You does?"

Wren says to Gir, "More better."

Wren sighs at Gir.

Faran says to Gir, "Uh. Redundant."

Faran tickles Gir.

Nikolas passes out empathy blankets to everybody about Gir.

Gir says, "Because it has rythms with pryo and emperror and kinda fits along the only one! mentallity."

Tharansis says, "Too much like emperor. The king will have a hissy fit."

Visyn says to Tharansis, "The King will not care. It has always been called this."

Faran says to Tharansis, "He might, but Pyrous and the monarchy of Pearl are already at odds anyway according to history."

Nikolas says to Tharansis, "He would, but to that I would alternatively offer it would be something the Pyresians would do due to their previous, albeit failed, attempts to take over New Archai."

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Gir nods to Faran.

Gir says to Faran, "Even a more better reason."

Faran scowls at Gir.

Gir says to Nikolas, "I like my verbage."

Gir whines to Faran.

Nikolas says to Gir, "I think there's some hecklers in the crowd."

Nikolas says to Gir, "I am one of them."

Gir chuckles at Nikolas.

Gir says to Nikolas, "I think that crowd is everyone but me."

Gir winks at Nikolas.

Nikolas says, "He's pretty quiet, he's probably on your side."

Nikolas gestures at Geel.

Gir cuddles with Geel.

Gir says to Geel, "Will decimate everyone who makes me sad like a panda."

Gir gestures towards the crowd.

Faran asks Doxx, "So then, baby fire dancer. Any more titles on the table?"

Doxx says, "I got nothin."

Mainyu chuckles at Gir.

Gir taps a blood-stained gavialian khopesh.

Gir says to Mainyu, "Don't laugh..this khopesh is absurd."

Gir waves his hands around a blood-stained gavialian khopesh.

Faran says, "Empyrion is pretty righteous, really. It has the arrogance, challenging the monarchy feel, and an homage to fire."

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Visyn asks, "Is it too late to add the word blood in there?"

Nikolas gags Visyn.

Faran laughs.

Mainyu says to Gir, "I wasn't laughing at you, but fine. I'll join in on the heckling next time."

Faran asks Visyn, "Maybe a surtitle?"

Mainyu sticks his tongue out at Gir.

Wren says, "If temple Pyrous is setting itself up more, I sincerely hope to see some mischief coming from them in the near future."

Wren squints.

Faran asks Visyn, "Empyrion Doxx, the Bloody Fire Dancer?"

Doxx says, "Actually I have to dip out of my own meeting. The real world is calling my name. I'm not sure I wanted this to be my meeting anyway but either way I have to run. I'll try and pop back in."

A blood-stained gavialian khopesh shakes under the transforming power.

Nikolas asks Faran, "Empyrion Doxx, the Blood Harvester?"

Gir waves his hands around a blood-stained gavialian khopesh.

Wren says to Doxx, "Later dude."

Faran says to Nikolas, "Wow."

Visyn asks Doxx, "Empyrion?"

Visyn sighs.

Faran says, "Gotta make it more official. Harvester OF Blood."

Nikolas says, "Ooh."

Nikolas says to Faran, "I like that."

Nikolas says to Faran, "Unless you were making fun of me."

Nikolas squints at Faran.

A blood-stained gavialian khopesh shakes under the transforming power.

Faran fidgets.

Nikolas deflates.

Faran asks, "I plead the fifth?"

Gir says, "I soppose making it vampiric would get me pinched."

Nikolas deserves it.

Gir fidgets.

Nikolas agrees it was pretty bad.

Wren says to Gir, "... Suppose."

Wren stares at Gir.

Nikolas asks Visyn, "You're the last remaining Pyresian here. Do you have topics?"

Visyn asks Nikolas, "Yes. Is it pyrosian or pyresian?"

Nikolas says to Visyn, "Well."

Wren says, "I prefer Pyresian, personally."

Faran says to Visyn, "According to the website, it's PyroUsian."

Wren shrugs.

Visyn asks Faran, "Really?"

Faran says to Visyn, "Yes, on the Pyrous page."

Nikolas says to Visyn, "Many people call it many things. The only one there was an official vote on, for reasons I'm still not sure why, was Kaleithian versus Kalesian."

Faran says, "Second paragraph, first sentence: ' The Pyrousine religion likely has the most inner conflicts of any of the religions.'."

Nikolas says to Visyn, "I, personally, feel that Pyrosian or Pyrousian, much like Kaleithian, is both a mouthful and somewhat disjointed."

Faran says to Visyn, "So my mistake. Pyrousine."

Visyn says, "That is just weird."

Gir glances about.

Faran says to Visyn, "Yes."

Nikolas says to Faran, "It sounds like limosine."

Visyn says, "Or kerosene."

Visyn says, "Fitting."

Nikolas asks Visyn, "Do you come in stretch or hummer models?"

Nikolas listens to Visyn.

Faran says to Visyn, "I say Pyresian, but I like them to sound like I don't have a mouthful of cotton balls."

Gir grins at Nikolas.

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Visyn says to Nikolas, "Stretch. A hummer would cost you extra."

Nikolas says, "Oh."

Nikolas says, "Oh no."

Nikolas did not realise it had entered that territory.

Faran says to Wren, "I also call you lot Itzalians, because it makes me giggle to no end to imagine you all as finger-pinching Italians scowling and going 'Eyyyy'."

Nikolas pets Gir.

Gir purrs at Nikolas.

Nikolas chortles at Faran.

Visyn laughs at Faran.

Gir says to Nikolas, "But I still loves u."

Wren sighs at Faran.

Wren says, "Itzalite or gtfo."

Faran beams at Wren.

Faran says to Wren, "ITZALIAN."

Wren says to Faran, "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE."

Wren leaves west.

Nikolas hands Wren a pizza-a-pie.

Gir snickers.

Nikolas failed.

Wren arrives from the west.

Nikolas hands Wren a pizza-a-pie again.

Wren squints at Gir.


Gir squints at Wren.

Gir says to Wren, "Not me."

Visyn asks Wren, "Whatsamatta?"

Gir points at Mainyu.

Faran asks Wren, "From Sitzaly?"

Wren peers at Mainyu.

Mainyu raises an eyebrow.

Mainyu asks Wren, "What?"

Nikolas gives Wren a comb and a phial of oil.

Wren says, "Somebody gonna get'a hurt real bad."

Faran giggles.

Gir fidgets.

Nikolas says to Wren, "I think it's 'somebody gonna get'a hurt a'real'a'bad'."

Nikolas nods to Wren.

Visyn grins.

Faran says to Nikolas, "You missed an 'a on the end, too, I believe."

Nikolas sobs.

Wren snorts.

Nikolas finds breadsticks.

Faran watches Nikolas eat them all.

Nikolas says to Faran, "I would."

Nikolas says to Faran, "BREAD."

Gir taps breadsticks.

Gir ponders.

Nikolas says to Faran, "All the breadsticks with all the garlic parmesan."

Faran drools at Gir.

Gir says, "I want...breadsticks."

Some fox meat was rotten!
Gir resists the poison.
Gir eats the last of some fox meat.

Nikolas sighs at Gir.

Gir hiccups.
Gir takes a drink from a bottle of dark rum.

Faran says to Wren, "Itzalians. The breadstick mafia from Sitzaly."

Gir takes a drink from a bottle of dark rum.

Wren says to Faran, "No. Shoo."

Gir stumbles and falls over.

Nikolas oils Wren's hair back and parts it on the far-side.

Gir hiccups and smiles.

Mainyu says to Wren, "Seems you're outnumbered."

Visyn says, "I really do not have any other topics. I am lucky enough to have made it here close to being on time, let alone having something prepared. I think we've got some good feedback and the rest will need to be played out in game."

Gir hiccups and smiles.

Gir staggers around aimlessly.

Wren says to Nikolas, "EYYYY."

Faran nods to Visyn.

Nikolas asks Visyn, "Has there been anything you were wondering about Pyrous over the last several months you might want to get feedback or opinions on?"

Faran asks Visyn, "No BURNING questions you want answered about your religion?"

Faran asks Nikolas, "See what I did there?"

Nikolas says to Faran, "I saw."

Visyn says, "It's just the stuff that we should already know that needed some discussion."

Nikolas says to Faran, "I'm pretty pleased."

Faran grins.

Suddenly, some bread appears into Gir's possession.

Gir waves his hands around some bread.

Nikolas says to Faran, "You're a bright light in this world without pun-masters."

Faran cackles.

Wren says, "I'd try to hold an Itzal meeting if it weren't for the fact that our temple is so shitty right now."

Nikolas pets Wren.

Gir glances around with a glazed look in his eyes.

Faran says to Nikolas, "You're positively radiant with punknowledge."

Wren cries.

Gir staggers around aimlessly.

Nikolas chortles at Faran.

Faran asks Wren, "Uh. At least you have a temple?"

Gir hiccups and smiles.

Nikolas says to Faran, "You're absolutely smoldering."

Visyn says, "I have questions about the isle of Pyrous."

Nikolas listens to Visyn.

Wren says to Faran, "You have Tharansis. He's worth like two or maybe even three templemates."

Nikolas cheers for Tharansis.

Visyn asks, "What is the terrain? Is it mostly desert?"

Faran says to Wren, "Yes, but he's new and he could leave at any moment."

Nikolas glances at Tharansis.

Nikolas says to Tharansis, "Please don't, new Kalesian friend."

Faran says to Visyn, "Oh man. No. You need some of that sweet volcanic soil with a lush green landscape."

Wren says to Visyn, "I think so. It's hot, to be sure, but I imagined it with forests as well."

Visyn asks Faran, "Hawaii?"

Faran says to Visyn, "YES."

Wren says, "Yeah, I see Tetherias as being more desert-y."

Faran says to Visyn, "With volcanoes."

Faran nods to Wren.

Faran says to Wren, "Yeah. Desert with some dry forests."

Nikolas furrows his brow.

Visyn says to Faran, "Makes much more sense."

Wren nods to Faran.

Nikolas asks, "The website doesn't specificy which island is which, does it?"

Faran ponders.

Wren says, "Pyrous is southwest."

Visyn says to Nikolas, "It does. Indirectly."

Faran says, "Somewhere it does."

Nikolas nods.

Visyn says to Nikolas, "It shows the isles for each religion then you match it up to the world map."

Nikolas says, "I thought I was going to have to get out some notes."

Some breadsticks shakes under the transforming power.

Gir eats the last of some breadsticks.

Nikolas shuns Gir.

Gir says, "Nom."

Suddenly, some bread appears into Gir's possession.

Faran says, "Kaleith is northeast, above the squid-elephant isle below it."

Gir waves his hands around some bread.

Wren says to Gir, "Fatty."

Nikolas chortles at Faran.

Nikolas says, "It is so a squid-elephant. Never forget."

Visyn asks, "Why does Kaleith look like an eagle's head?"

Some amazing breadsticks shakes under the transforming power.

Visyn says, "And Aerthane looks like a leaf."

Nikolas says, "Oh no. I'll never be unable to see it."

Suddenly, some amazing breadsticks appear into Nikolas's possession.

Wren says to Visyn, "Kaleith is really American."

Suddenly, some amazing breadsticks appear from the sky, along with 10 others just like them.

Nikolas says to Visyn, "It's hard to see on the -."

Nikolas says to Wren, "That's just disgusting."

Wren chortles at Nikolas.

Gir says, "Free breadsticks raining from the heavens."

Gir points.

Visyn says, "And New Archai looks like a horse."

Faran says, "Each religion's isle is also positioned across from its ally, and diagonally opposite its enemy religion."

Nikolas says to Visyn, "It's hard to see but there are trees ont he southern end of the volcano on Pyrous."

Gir says to Nikolas, "Those are made out of plaster."

Nikolas says to Visyn, "As none of the islands are written =."

Nikolas pinches Gir.

Faran asks Visyn, "Tetherias looks like a.... cuddle fish?"

Nikolas says to Visyn, "As none of the islands are written, as in whilst they may exist brief descriptions within lore they are not written physically in the game, it really should be a great opportunity for players to describe the areas as they might see fit."

Gir gets some amazing breadsticks.

Gir eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Gir gets some amazing breadsticks.

Nikolas gets some amazing breadsticks.

Gir gives some amazing breadsticks to Wren.

Nikolas gets some amazing breadsticks.
Nikolas gets some amazing breadsticks.(6)

Nikolas says, "Goodbye."

Nikolas removes Faran from his group.

Nikolas leaves west.

Gir chuckles.

Nikolas arrives in from the west.

Nikolas eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Faran glares at Nikolas.

Faran follows Nikolas.

Nikolas gives some amazing breadsticks to Faran.

Nikolas gives some amazing breadsticks to Mainyu.

Visyn furrows his brow.

Nikolas gives some amazing breadsticks to Visyn.

Nikolas gives some amazing breadsticks to Tharansis.

Visyn says to Nikolas, "Thanks."

Nikolas nods his head up and down.

Mainyu sniffs some amazing breadsticks.

Nikolas eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Faran eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Nikolas gives some amazing breadsticks to Faran.

Faran exclaims, "AMAZING!"

Wren says, "I think Geel and Faran have both done an excellent job adding imagery and culture to their respective isles. I'm hoping my ideas for Pyrous will be taken seriously."

Nikolas nods to Wren.

Gir nods to Wren.

Gir says to Faran, "Freshly...baked."

Visyn asks Wren, "Me too. What were they?"

Gir taps some amazing breadsticks.

Nikolas eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Gir waves his hands around some amazing breadsticks.

Nikolas waves the breadsticks under Geel's nose.

Mainyu says, "I think it's good to see players taking initiative and helping to fill in the game world, improvising when it comes to something they don't have clear information on."

Wren says to Visyn, "As mentioned earlier, I imagined their culture and architectural design to be similar to that of ancient Rome and Greece."

Wren nods to Mainyu.

Visyn grins at Wren.

Visyn says to Wren, "I was teasing."

Geel takes a bite at Nikolas' hand.

Wren shrugs at Visyn.

Geel grunts.

Faran asks Wren, "Do you not feel that might also apply to Itzal?"

Nikolas is startled by the response.

Nikolas eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Wren says to Visyn, "I'm happy to talk about it. Especially with someone who actually plays a devalin."

Geel says, "I am always hungry."

Mainyu says, "It's a good sign of dedication not only to a certain aspect of the game, but the game's growth as well."

Geel says, "Get it too close and I will bite it."

Geel grins at Nikolas.

Some amazing breadsticks shakes under the transforming power.

Suddenly, some amazing breadsticks appear into Gir's possession, along with 10 others just like them.

Gir eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Gir gives some amazing breadsticks to Geel.

Wren says to Faran, "Itzal would have similarities to Pyrous, I suppose, but I'm talking about the actual isles. Itzal has no isle of its own, just Pearl."

Geel sniffs some amazing breadsticks.

Geel eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Gir eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Faran nods to Wren.

Gir eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Gir eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Nikolas says to Mainyu, "Although it can be discouraging when a player submits proposals and history and never hears back or is overruled with vague answers about other plans which are never implemented or fully realised."

Gir eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Gir eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Gir eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Faran says to Wren, "Yeah. I think it's a good visual for Pyrous Isle too."

Gir eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Mainyu says to Nikolas, "Oh, I know that first hand, trust me."

Gir eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Wren beams at Faran.

You chuckle.

Gir eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Visyn eats the last of some amazing breadsticks.

Nikolas says to Mainyu, "If players are the ones who must take priority to fully flesh out their religion and race, then they should be welcomed more favourably."

Gir says to Geel, "I am just here to hadn out refreshments."

Wren says to Faran, "Especially if you picture it with that hawaii landscape. BEautiful."

Faran nods to Wren.

Geel says to Gir, "And you look good doing it."

Gir beams at Geel.

Faran says to Wren, "I see Kaleith Isle like India/Southeast Asia."

Nikolas nods his head up and down to Faran.

Wren nods yes far.

Nikolas exclaims to Faran, "With glacier temple!"

Wren nods her head up and down to Faran.

Mainyu says to Nikolas, "And I agree. I could have used a lot more positive feedback when I was sending in ideas and suggestions as a player."

Faran says to Nikolas, "Yeah."

Nikolas nods to Mainyu.

Wren says to Faran, "Definitely a good fit. Loriel did a good job with Aerthane too, forgot to mention him earlier."

Faran nods her head up and down.

Gir grits his teeth at a blood-stained gavialian khopesh.

Gir waves his hands around a blood-stained gavialian khopesh.

Nikolas says to Mainyu, "Yes, it's why open communication with multiple members of staff instead of having ideas all streamlined to a single place is problematic."

Wren says, "I pictured Argali of Aerthane and Kaleith isles maybe taking after norse and celtics."

Nikolas says, "Or would be preferable."

You say, "That's ultimately why I volunteered to do this, so players DID get the feedback needed to encourage them to keep contributing what they can."

Nikolas says to Mainyu, "With the latter being problematic."

Faran says to Wren, "Oh I think the Argali definitely fit the norse/celtic theme."

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Nikolas glances at Tharansis.

Mainyu nods to Nikolas.

A blood-stained steel gavialian styled Khopesh shakes under the transforming power.

Gir taps a blood-stained steel gavialian styled Khopesh.

Gir ponders.

Gir removes a blood-stained steel gavialian styled Khopesh.

Gir wields a sawed-off shotgun.

Visyn says, "In another game that I played, players were able to submit their character's backstory to staff and they would do their best to work it into scenarios."

Wren grins at Faran.

Wren asks Tharansis, "What does the argali here think?"

Nikolas says to Visyn, "Yes, there was a suggestion of this to staff but it was mostly ignored and never took."

Faran says to Wren, "I dunno, but we shouldn't be rude and ask him to hoof it."

Nikolas chortles at Faran.

Wren chortles.

Visyn says to Nikolas, "A shame, really."

Nikolas says to Faran, "Yeah, it's feel pretty shoe-horned."

Faran says to Visyn, "I wrote up a whole backstory questionnaire that I filled out for Faran."

Faran cackles at Nikolas.

Mainyu says, "That's something I'll most likely push more for as I get used to actually working as a member of staff. I've seen lots of well thought out backstories, and I'd love to see them included in the game lore."

Visyn says to Faran, "That does a lot to help guide your character."

Faran nods her head up and down.

Tharansis glances.

Wren stares at Tharansis.

Tharansis stares at an academy-issue canvas backpack.

Visyn says to Faran, "Admittedly, I had nothing to go off of when I first rolled Visyn. I just knew how I wanted his demeanor to be. The story kind of developed over time."

Tharansis drools.

Tharansis gets a troll bone from an academy-issue canvas backpack.

Visyn says, "But I suspect that is how most players do it."

Wren says to Visyn, "I think that's how it is for a lot of people. I do the same thing."

Wren nods to Visyn.

Faran says to Visyn, "It would be cool if we could also do periodic progress reports, or some sort of motivation report from time to time, especially involving large events so staff has an idea of what our characters are thinking/working towards."

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Wren says to Visyn, "Since deciding Wren is originally from Pyrous, I decided to try and chip in with building the Isle's appearance."

Tharansis asks, "Did I miss something?"

Faran says to Tharansis, "You're Highlander, now."

Nikolas says to Tharansis, "We were discussing various isles -."

Nikolas furrows his brow.

Tharansis says, "I would scroll back, but I am lazy."

Nikolas asks Faran, "Isn't that a movie with Karl Urban?"

Tharansis asks, "Highlander eh?"

Geel asks Nikolas, "Did we get to tetherias yet?"

Visyn says, "I used to love that TV show."

Faran says to Nikolas, "Google knows."

Geel gets a closed folding map of the Isle of Tetherias from a large canvas traveler's pack.

Nikolas says to Faran, "I'm already checking."

Geel opens a closed folding map of the Isle of Tetherias.

Nikolas pinches Faran.

Tharansis says, "Looks like I have a Knight Marshal to behead then."

Geel closes an open folding map of the Isle of Tetherias.

Nikolas says, "Oh, he was Pathfinder."

Nikolas shakes his head from side to side to Geel.

Visyn says to Geel, "Let's do it."

Wren says to Tharansis, "I mentioned that Argali from Aerthane and Kaleith might suit a norse/celtic combination as far as culture, attire etc goes. We were wondering what you thought."

Geel says, "I have a map right here if anyone wants to know whats what."

Geel chuckles.

Geel taps a closed folding map of the Isle of Tetherias.

Tharansis ponders.

Faran asks Geel, "How do you picture it? Desert mostly? Desert and dry forest with some plains?"

Faran asks Geel, "Kind of like Africa?"

Wren asks, "Africa with some persian flavor?"

Geel says to Faran, "From the looks of the map on the web site I see it as mostly desert to the south with forest and some low mountains in the middle and very nice, riviera like conditions in the north."

Geel says, "So africa-y yes."

Geel says, "It is the furthest south so hot."

Wren nods to Geel.

Geel says, "Assuming earth like conditions."

Tharansis says, "I was picturing the Isle of Kaleith, especially Baninau Bay more like Singapore or some thing like that."

Tharansis shrugs.

Wren says to Tharansis, "I'm speaking strictly of northern-dwelling argali, as in their personal culture."

Tharansis says, "Honestly, I haven't been able to give it too much thought."

Wren says, "Each isle will likely have different cultural themes, as per the races that live there."

Faran nods to Wren.

Tharansis nods to Wren.

Nikolas says to Wren, "Or so some of the players have tried to instill."

Wren nods to Nikolas.

Tharansis says, "Im kind of a work in progress. Much like how I write. I evolve as I go."

Wren says to Tharansis, "Nothing wrong with that."

Visyn asks, "So Aerthane is the coldest of the isles?"

Tharansis says, "Been trying to piece things together slowly as info comes out."

Faran says to Tharansis, "Singapore is a good visualization for the Baninau Bay area, but perhaps the climate would be cold? I've mostly considered the northern part of Kaleith to be the hot/warm/tropical part and the south the cool, icy tundra area. And the main temple built out of a giant glacier in the mid-west portion of the Isle."

Faran says to Tharansis, "I didn't want to go traditional warm/cold as south and north for Kaleith."

Faran says, "Respectively, but rather a swap."

Geel says to Faran, "To be fair from the picture of tetherias the area that I see as forest could also very easily be jungle."

Faran nods to Geel.

Tharansis says, "Like down under, perhaps."

Faran says to Geel, "The jungle would be really awesome."

Tharansis asks, "Does that make me an Aussie?"

Nikolas says to Tharansis, "Nah, mate."

Geel says, "Jungle might fit better with hot than forest."

Geel says, "But the north is temperate, I have made up a story or two about that being a resort area."

Faran says to Geel, "Well, I think they might have all extremes of forest/earth lands."

Faran says to Geel, "Some jungle, some forest, some mountains, some arid deserts."

Tharansis says, "Crocodile Tharansis, I like it."

Geel nods.

Faran says to Geel, "All the earthy images."

Nikolas asks, "Who is our Captain Hook?"

Tharansis says, "I would wear a hat if it weren't for these horns..."

Geel says to Faran, "Yes very easily and the shape couls make from some interesting bio-diversity."

Nikolas nods.

Tharansis says, "Okay, that reminds m. Important question aboyt Argali..."

Nikolas listens to Tharansis.

Tharansis asks, "Ram or Goat?"

Tharansis says, "I have seen both descriptives."

Wren says, "Could be both."

Visyn says, "If I am basing it off of my bow, I would say more ram than goat but probably a cross between them."

Tharansis says, "And the horns are quite different between the two."
Wren says, "I'd expect they might come in various shapes."

Wren says, "Horn style is up to you."

Tharansis says, "I was thinking of having Ibex styke horns, but wasn't quit sure."

Wren says to Tharansis, "Go for it! And put it in your description. Everyone should have one by now."

Wren squints at Tharansis.

Tharansis snorts.

Nikolas says to Tharansis, "That is actually quite interesting, the Ibex style."

Mainyu says, "I'm waiting to see gemsbok style horns."

Wren says, "On my argali that I never play, I wanted to give her impala horns."

Geel asks Wren, "Havent driven an impala in years, how does the horn sound?"

Visyn beeps.

Wren says to Geel, "Like beautiful music."

Geel grins.

Wren says, "They are some sexy cars."

Visyn says, "I ran over a deer in an Impala once."

Tharansis says, "Maybe I could go for one of those 4-horned goat freaks."

Wren stares at Visyn.

Geel says to Visyn, "How ironic."

Visyn says to Wren, "Not my fault. The Dodge Ram going the opposite direction hit it into me."

Tharansis says, "Ah. maybe a Kudu."

Visyn says to Geel, "I really am not making this up."

Wren says to Tharansis, "That's a lot of weight to carry on your head, especially when you're bipedal."

Wren says, "At least I think that's a factor."

Nikolas nods to Wren.

Nikolas says, "Although if you were more ram than goat, which would fit into a more imposing physical makeup, maybe it could work."

Wren says to Tharansis, "Yesss kudu. Those are some nice horns."

Gir says, "Somehow I've come back to an interesting conversation."

Tharansis says, "Actually, Tharansis is kind of skinny for a goat-boy."

Wren says to Gir, "It's very.. horny."

Wren excuses herself.

Gir grins at Wren.

Nikolas says to Tharansis, "That is because of an issue within the creation process."

Wren says, "I'll just go do the world a favor and throw myself out a window."

Nikolas says to Tharansis, "Though you did seem to pick slim/skinny."

Visyn says to Wren, "An Impala window, please."

Tharansis says to Nikolas, "It was actually intentional on my part."

Tharansis grins.

Nikolas nods to Tharansis.

Gir says, "I was missing a horny conversation? and here I was just starting to have fun subnetting 126 different ipv6 addresses and configuring protcols to match."

Gir sighs.

Nikolas says to Tharansis, "Though 210 is still very thin for 7'4."

Gir nods to Nikolas.

Tharansis says, "Yeah, Must be hollow bones."

Wren snorts at Visyn.

Tharansis says to Wren, "The truth on the no description was my indecision on horns, honestly."

Wren nods to Tharansis.

Tharansis says, "Been meaning to ask on how they really envisioned them."

Wren says to Tharansis, "I really like kudu, personally. In a way their flowy spiraling shape seems fitting for a Kalesian, but I'm weird about details like that."

Tharansis says, "Kind of a satanic-pan type monster or what."

Tharansis nods to Wren.

Tharansis says, "Kind of my thought."

Visyn furrows his brow.

Wren says, "I picture them kinda like satyrs, except fully furred."

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Re: 06/23/14 Pyresians

Post by Austere » Wed Jul 02, 2014 6:16 pm

Wren says, "I used to have a few pictures I saved as reference when I first made my argali, buuut I lost all my SI-related files, so.."

Tharansis asks, "So when did this meeting become about me anyways?"

Wren laughs.

Wren says to Tharansis, "YOu're just so majestic."

Tharansis says, "I mean, I am the anomoly here."

Tharansis snorts.

Nikolas raises an eyebrow at Tharansis.

Visyn says to Tharansis, "You have an opportunity to set the bar. Five years from now, everyone will be like, I'm playing the Tharansis version of an Argali."

Wren chuckles.

Tharansis says, "No pressure."

Tharansis cackles.

Visyn grins.

Tharansis says, "Maybe I should play him like a big goblin and throw that bar out the window."

Tharansis cackles maniacally.

Nikolas shakes his head from side to side.

Wren says to Tharansis, "No."

Tharansis pouts.

Wren stares at Tharansis sternly.

Tharansis mumbles something foul under his breath.

Tharansis says, "Well, I could play my gobbie like an Argali to make up for it."

Tharansis raises an eyebrow.

Wren says, "As one of the very few Kalesian PCs in the game, you need to keep that bar at a nice level."

Wren pokes Tharansis.

Tharansis flails his arms.

Faran says, "I concur."

Tharansis says to Wren, "You're no fun anymore."

Wren grins at Tharansis.

Tharansis sticks his tounge out.

Wren says to Tharansis, "Watch yourself. Wren likes pelts and bone."

Tharansis taps a troll bone.

Tharansis says, "O know I saw her eyin up Tharansis'."

Tharansis nods slowly.

Wren says to Tharansis, "Guuurl u know it."

Tharansis cackles.

Nikolas didn't know Wren and Gir had swapped personalities.

Wren says to Tharansis, "Yours is not the chestnut pelt she's hoping for, though."

Tharansis says, "Yeah, not so much otter like."

Wren asks Tharansis, "Isn't quite water-resistant enough. There's so much rain on NAI, you know?"

Tharansis says, "More like water absorbant. Like a paper towel."

Wren chortles.

Tharansis says, "Just call me Bounty."

Wren exclaims, "I was just thinking that!"

Visyn says, "The quicker picker upper."

Wren says to Tharansis, "We are mind melding. Or something."

Faran says to Tharansis, "How rugged."

Tharansis flexes.

Wren gasps at Tharansis.

Tharansis says, "I can carry four trolls with one arm."

Wren swoons.

Visyn says, "You should go more Brawny type."

Tharansis snorts.

Tharansis says, "I don't do flannel."

Tharansis says, "And I aint no lumberjack, but I am Okay."

Gir asks, "Speaking of trolls, everyone got the memo as long as you loot the corpse before you skin them...you won't get stacked doubloons within your inventory, yes?"

Mainyu blinks.

Mainyu says, "... No, I didn't."

Mainyu stares at Gir.

Visyn furrows his brow.

Visyn asks Gir, "It's counting doubloons as items instead of coins?"

Gir nods to Visyn.

Tharansis says, "Didn't get the memo but figured it out."
Gir says, "Pretty much."

Tharansis shrugs.

Gir says, "Should be under help bugs."

Visyn asks Gir, "So then you put them in a pack and get them back out to fix?"

Tharansis says, "Kill hundred of trolls and you learn a few things."

Gir says to Visyn, "No if you just use the command get all corpse, body etc you get everything from it before you skin it."

Wren pouts at Tharansis.

Faran says to Wren, "Ok. You can have Visyn back. I'll take Tharansis."

Wren says to Tharansis, "YOu should be selling all that bone to Wren."

Wren snorts at Faran.

Gir taps an animal bone.

Tharansis pets a troll bone.

Tharansis cackles.

Wren begs Tharansis.

Tharansis snorts.

Gir asks, "Since we are all here, I can ask how are people finding fire trolls verse ice trolls ?"

Gir says, "Bone wise."

Gir says, "Amma hijack this derailed pyrous discussion."

Gir cackles.

Tharansis says, "I usually find them under the flesh."

Visyn says, "Pyrous discussion left with Empyrion Doxx."

Tharansis asks Gir, "What do you mean comparing what exactly?"

Faran says to Visyn, "Yeah."

Faran says to Visyn, "The bloody fire dancer."

Visyn grins at Faran.

Gir says, "While if no one has figured it out."

Gir says, "Spares me."

Gir chuckles.

Tharansis says, "Only fought the ice ones once with the loony bird."

Visyn asks Gir, "Is the quality of bone different?"

Gir goes silent.

Tharansis cackles at Gir.

Mainyu pats Gir.

Visyn says, "I am sure people have noticed that items crafted from troll bone sell at a higher price than other bone."

Nikolas says, "He is likely speaking of payment differences, difficulty in skinning, spawn times, etc."

Wren says to Visyn, "Barely."

Gir grins at Nikolas.

Wren sighs.

Visyn raises an eyebrow at Wren.

Gir nods to Nikolas.

Wren says to Visyn, "They sell for 2 doubloons more than animal bone items."

Gir says to Nikolas, "Your good at this game."

Visyn says to Wren, "While not enough to make it worth it for the time."

Nikolas smiles at Gir.

Tharansis gets a bone goblin figurine from an academy-issue canvas backpack.

Wren says, "The price of crafted items needs to be revisited overall. 9 doubloons a minute is painful."

Visyn ponders.

Faran says to Wren, "Depends on the level."

Faran asks Wren, "Are you a level 30+ crafter?"

Gir says to Wren, "Maybe, though using..a tin knife to kill things gets you about the same."

Wren says to Faran, "I wish."

Faran says to Wren, "Yeah. So it has to be balanced that way."

Nikolas says to Wren, "You probably don't."

Visyn says to Wren, "You are crafting level 1 items or 1 pound items."

Faran says to Wren, "30+ Hunting skills make maybe 15 per minute, considering average racial bonus/damage and accuracy."

Visyn says to Wren, "The figurines sell for closer to 30."

Wren says to Visyn, "Higher leveled items require more bones per, and still sell for 9 doubloons per pound of bone regardless."
Tharansis taps a bone goblin figurine.

Tharansis nods to Visyn.

Gir says, "I gave up hunting, some jerk named gir broke all my favorite spots."

Visyn says to Wren, "You are probably not just doing it for the money."
Gir sniffles.

Faran says, "There's also no risk involved in crafting."

Faran says, "Like in hunting."

Faran says, "So crafting returns should almost always be less than hunting."

Wren says to Faran, "No, but it's not exactly engaging either."

Wren chuckles.

Faran says to Wren, "Which, in MUD terms, makes it easy."

Gir says to Faran, "Funny when I hunt..I make hundreds of doubloons in about half a minute."

Wren says, "Less than yes, just wish it was a bit higher."

Faran pinches Gir.

Gir winces.

Tharansis says, "I get the bone all the time hunting, but always sell it to greedy bone collectors. win win."

Faran says to Gir, "Don't make me pull on your septum ring."

Wren says to Tharansis, "You're clearly not selling it to the coolest bone collector."

Gir gapes at Faran.

Gir yells, "NOOOOO."

Gir grovels to Faran.

Tharansis says to Wren, "I have a middle man I deal with. You should probably seek out his source."

Tharansis cackles.

Gir says to Faran, "I guess its cheating cause I just flood a room with critters and nuke them all at once."

Faran asks Gir, "Y'think?"

Gir giggles.

Tharansis sheathes a leather-wrapped steel flanged mace in a leather weapon harness.

Faran says to Gir, "Silly minotaur."

Gir sighs.

Gir says, "Silly me."

Nikolas says to Gir, "It's okay. You still know what a flail is where others do not."

Nikolas pets Gir.

Gir grins at Nikolas.

Gir exclaims, "Woot!"

Gir says to Nikolas, "At least I have my uses."

Gir purrs happily.

Nikolas nods to Gir.

Faran yawns.

Wren pets Gir.

Nikolas nods his head up and down to Faran.

Gir says, "Though yes, feel free to compare fire trolls and ice trolls because fire trolls may or may not continue to have 2 bones per critter."

Tharansis says, "Time to shift my hunting spot soom it seems."

Tharansis ponders.

Gir says, "Use the boards or hurl flaming rocks at me to deliver feedback."

Gir chuckles.

Faran says to Gir, "Do you have the rocks? We can get the fire from Doxx."

Tharansis says, "I choose rocks."

Tharansis snickers.

Gir says, "Disclaimer note...I only read the boards if someone tells me something has been addressed towards me."

Gir grins at Faran.

Faran says to Tharansis, "Too bad. I'VE GOT PAPER. YOUR MORTAL ENEMY."

Visyn laughs at Faran.

Nikolas chortles at Faran.

Suddenly, a small jagged rock appears into Gir's possession.

Gir waves his hands around a small jagged rock.

Tharansis gapes.

A small flaming rock shakes under the transforming power.

Gir gives a small flaming rock to Faran.

Faran says to Gir, "I'm going to have to taunt Doxx with this now."

Nikolas nods to Faran.

Gir glances.

Gir says to Faran, "I am not the minotaur you got that from."

Tharansis laughs.

Gir points at Mainyu.

Faran says to Gir, "Oh, of course not."

Faran beams at Gir.

Nikolas glances at Mainyu.

Wren says, "Oh yes, it was the OTHER big green minotaur."

Tharansis exclaims, "I know nothing!"

Mainyu blinks.

Tharansis stands up.

Faran stares at a small flaming rock.

Mainyu says to Gir, "You know, I've got this barbeque I'd love to invite you to...."

Gir gives a cup of coffee to Nikolas.

Nikolas takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Gir beams at Mainyu.

Faran asks Mainyu, "Serving rack of minotaur?"

Gir says to Mainyu, "Pig roast? or cow..."

Gir gapes at Faran.

Nikolas says, "I think they do that in Immortals."

Nikolas takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Faran cackles at Gir.

Wren says, "Oh shit, forgot I turned my Keurig on to make coffee."

Mainyu says to Faran, "He'll be the life of the party."

Tharansis says, "Well kids, it has been fun. This goat boy has some sleeping to do."

Nikolas waves at Tharansis.

Gir nods.

Faran waves at Tharansis.

Tharansis stretches.

Wren waves at Tharansis.

Gir says, "I have more subnetting to do."

Visyn says to Tharansis, "Thanks for coming out."

Nikolas waves at Gir.

Tharansis waves.

Nikolas says to Tharansis, "Cheers."

Wren says to Tharansis, "Remember. Wren's buying bone. Lots of it."

Nikolas takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Wren winks at Tharansis.

Gir cuddles with Nikolas.

Nikolas pets Gir.

Gir exclaims to Nikolas, "Enjoy the coffee!"

Nikolas says, "I'm also rather sleepy."

Tharansis snickers.

Tharansis leaves south.

Gir says, "Ground with real snaek."

Nikolas says to Gir, "I hate coffee."

Gir cackles.

Nikolas says, "Oh."

Faran says, "Yes. And ungodly hot."

Faran cries.

Nikolas pets Faran.

Wren says, "Coffee is DELICIOUS."

Wren glares.

Visyn says, "Coffee..."

Visyn points at Wren.

Gir nods.

Nikolas says to Faran, "Those are terrible conditions. I sense a call to depart."

Wren leans on Visyn.

Gir says, "SI needs more coffee."

Wren says to Visyn, "I am definitely keeping you."

Faran exclaims to Gir, "Chicory coffee!"

Gir waves.

Gir says, "Later folks."

Nikolas says to Faran, "I don't know what that is."

Nikolas frowns.

Faran waves at Gir.

Wren exclaims to Gir, "Later!"

Sinking into the ground, Gir dissappears.

Nikolas says, "Night errbody."

Nikolas takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Wren waves at Nikolas.

Visyn asks Wren, "Tim Hortons or Starbucks?"

Faran asks Nikolas, "Did you just... 'errbody' on purpose?"

Nikolas says to Faran, "Yes."

Faran says, "Wow."

Visyn asks, "I think that's what it's called. Or is it just hortons?"

Wren says to Visyn, "Both. Mostly because Starbucks is too expensive to indulge in often."

Nikolas says to Faran, "I wanted you to feel horror."

Faran needs to get out of here.

Nikolas chortles at Faran.

Nikolas is pleased.

Geel stands up.

Wren says to Visyn, "Tim Horton's, or as we affectionately call it, Tim Ho's."

Faran says to Visyn, "TIMMY HO'S."

Wren cheers for Faran.

Visyn grins.

Nikolas says, "Wow, this is a Canada love fest here."

Nikolas takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Faran says to Visyn, "Get some."

Geel says, "Night all."

Geel leaves west.

Nikolas yells, "BYE."

Wren says to Nikolas, "BYE."

Faran stares.

Visyn says to Nikolas, "By."

Nikolas takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Nikolas says to Visyn, "Stop it, Gir."

Nikolas waves at Visyn.

Visyn grins.

Nikolas waves at Mainyu.

Wren chortles.

Nikolas waves at Wren.

Faran says, "Night night."

Faran waves.

Wren exclaims, "Night!"

Wren waves.

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