01/07/15 Coffee With Creators

Information on previously held discussions between staff and players covering anything from Race and Religion to future updates to the game.
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01/07/15 Coffee With Creators

Post by Austere » Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:26 am

The temperature in the room suddenly spikes, a large fire flaring into existence nearby as Mainyu takes shape within it.

Meder materializes through a puff of red smoke.

Xiija grits her teeth men.

Xiija grits her teeth at Meder.

Xiija hums at Mainyu.

Snaek waves at Meder.

Mainyu waves.

Jaspar sits down.

Meder waves.

Bocon says, "Afk a few."

Xiija nods to Bocon.

Rochiriel asks Snaek, "What no seating?"

Xiija searches Bocon's pockets.

Malvyr chuckles.

Xiija grins at Rochiriel.

Kaiah says to Rochiriel, "Infinite floor space, man."

Kaiah sits down.

Snaek says, "It's a crowded convention center."

Garaven says, "Never any good seating around here."

Rochiriel searches Xiija's pockets.

Xiija flails her arms at Rochiriel.

Malvyr launches into the air with a powerful downward thrust of his wings.

Snaek says, "One moment."

Jaspar says, "Keep it growing."

Jaspar glances at Malvyr.

Malvyr flexes.

Rochiriel pounces on Xiija.

Jaspar says to Malvyr, "Forgot my short bow."

Jaspar winks at Malvyr.

Wren leans on Visyn.

Kaiah gets a leather-gripped ebony short-bow from a well-used top closure leather duffel bag.

Malvyr smirks.

Malvyr dives out of the air and lands safely.

Austere says, "Hey everyone."

Rochiriel leans on Wren leaning on Visyn.

Visyn mutters.

Austere says to Meder, "Hey Meder."

Malvyr hides from the tall scary woman.

Kaiah puts a leather-gripped ebony short-bow in a well-used top closure leather duffel bag.

Malvyr launches into the air with a powerful downward thrust of his wings.

Meder says to Austere, "Heya."

Wren grins at Rochiriel.

Suddenly water starts seeping through the cracks creating a large puddle! Saphira slowly emerges before you.

Garaven waves at Austere.

Xiija flails her arms at Saphira.

Visyn leans on Rochiriel leaning on Wren, leaning on himself.

Xiija brushes off water from her wings.

Austere says to Garaven, "Hello."

Saphira grins at Xiija.

Wren has had her mind blown.

Mainyu says to Saphira, "Haven't even started and they're already acting silly."

Blink arrives from the west.

Xiija smirks at Blink.

Visyn says to Wren, "Totally possible."

Wren says to Blink, "Whoa."

Garaven says to Blink, "Woah."

Saphira says to Mainyu, "Typical."

Blink says to Wren, "Whoooooooah."

Xiija grins at Wren.

Mainyu shrugs.

Saphira starts dancing a jig.

Austere says to Garaven, "You don't get to say hello often, being verdani and all."

Xiija dances with Saphira.

Garaven scoffs at Austere.

Xiija chuckles at Garaven.

Kaiah gets a cup of coffee from a chrome serving tray.

Kaiah holds a cup of coffee.

Blink gets a bottle of warm beer from an oblong tin trough.

Malvyr dives out of the air and lands safely.

Kaiah asks, "Why can't we ever have cold beer?"

Kaiah grumbles.

Mainyu gets an ice cold beer from some baggy fireproof canvas cargo pants.

Mainyu removes some baggy fireproof canvas cargo pants.

Xiija whistles.

Rochiriel says to Kaiah, "Because then you'll want to stay."

Austere says, "Forgive me, I brought tea to a Coffee With Creators."

Mainyu shrieks.

Mainyu puts on some baggy fireproof canvas cargo pants.

Snaek asks, "Apologies. Phone call at worst time. Who calls people anymore?"

Snaek scoffs.

Jaspar laughs.

Xiija grins at Snaek.

Austere says, "I'm under the weather, which is below zero here."

Mainyu removes a can of whoop-ass.

Mainyu holds an ice cold beer.

Wren says to Austere, "You sicken me."

Malvyr takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Jaspar exclaims to Austere, "Me too!"

Jaspar grunts.

Kaiah stares at Mainyu.

Kaiah sighs.

Kaiah takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Rochiriel gets a cup of coffee from a chrome serving tray.

Austere exclaims, "This is the most non-communicable way I could be here!"

Saphira gets a giant coffee bean from a large floating jewel-encrusted oak treasure chest.

Saphira hugs a giant coffee bean.

Kaiah says to Snaek, "I ask myself that when people call my phone while I'm busy."

Austere coughs.

Saphira smirks at Austere.

Snaek says, "Thank you all for coming. It means a lot to me to see staff and players alike turn out to talk about the game."

Xiija touches Austere hesitantly.

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Saphira says to Xiija, "Careful not to poke his eye out he only has a zillion left."

Xiija smirks.

Derkin arrives from the south.

Austere coughs.
You resist Austere's sickness.

Xiija salutes to Derkin.

Kaiah whines.

Visyn glances at Austere.

Xiija prays to Aerthane for protection from diseases, but her request goes unanswered.

Blink says, "Oh no, plague."

Derkin waves.

Xiija salutes to Derkin.

Austere asks, "What?"

Xiija prays to Aerthane for protection from diseases, but her request goes unanswered.

Blink says to Bocon, "Is at it again."

Snaek gapes.

Visyn takes a step away from Austere.

Xiija prays to Aerthane for protection from diseases, but her request goes unanswered.

Xiija curses aerthane.

Garaven smirks.

Xiija prays to Aerthane for protection from diseases, but her request goes unanswered.

Xiija prays to Aerthane, tracing a protective outline around herself.

Kaiah says to Austere, "Don't get me sick, I've got a body competition to do starting monday."

Wren sniffs Derkin.

Kaiah grumbles.

Jaspar grunts.

Xiija glances at Kaiah.

Wren blinks at Bocon.

Snaek asks, "Everyone's triggers are off for when these spells drop, yes?"

Saphira puts a decontamination bubble around Austere.

Wren says, "Mine are."

Malvyr asks, "Eh?"

Xiija says, "Now they are."

Xiija grits her teeth.

Visyn asks, "What are triggers?"

Kaiah snickers.

Xiija smirks at Visyn.

Jaspar chuckles.

Kaiah says to Visyn, "Things that make the game easy for those of us who hate typing everything in all the time."

Xiija says to Visyn, "I want you bank one... for Zmud plz."

Kaiah nods to Visyn.

Xiija bats her eyes at Visyn.

Snaek says to Visyn, "We want you to design our very own client too."

Xiija cackles.

Xiija says to Snaek, "Dont get him starte."

Xiija says, "D."

Rochiriel chuckles.

Blink asks Visyn, "Yeah and how about a scripting seminar?"

An overweight spider-man arrives from the west.

Jaspar says, "Now that I would love."

Xiija pinches an overweight spider-man.

Jaspar chuckles.

Austere says to an overweight spider-man, "Glad you made it."

Visyn says, "Uh, no to all of that."

Jaspar grins.

Snaek says, "One day."

Austere says, "Coffee With Visyn."

Malvyr touches his temple.

Malvyr says, "I sense another gargoyle in the force."

Visyn breathes heavily while speaking, releasing the stench of coffee-breath througout the room.

Rochiriel asks, "Malvry I wonder if he can land as graceful as you do?"

Jaspar coughs.

Kaiah says to Malvyr, "Jokes on you, enjoy being the only gargoyle around consistently."

Snaek says, "Like I said, the holidays were rough. Not something I want to linger on but I want you all to know we are committed to getting everyone back from the break and moving forward with the new players that have joined us."

Xiija grins.

Xiija sits down.

Kaiah says to Snaek, "Holidays were probably rough for everyone. I wouldn't be disappointed if I didn't have to go through that again for another year."

Kaiah mutters.

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "I slacked off on some things. Thought I could do more with the little time I had. Staff had their family plans to tend to. I overbooked us and I am sorry for that. I think I've got a handle on it for future years at least."

Xiija applauds Snaek.

Snaek says, "So, moving forward. Big plans of course."

Wren listens to Snaek.

Kaiah takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Visyn gets a cup of coffee from a chrome serving tray.

Visyn holds a cup of coffee.

Gracefully, Saphira evaporates into a fine mist.

Snaek says, "We've met as a staff a few times during the break to go over the feedback and concerns of some players. One area of focus is better promotion of game events. We don't always do the best job of getting criers out during the day or posts to all the outlets."

Austere says, "Saphira got stuck in the percolator again."

Austere sighs lightly.

Visyn takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Suddenly water starts seeping through the cracks creating a large puddle! Saphira slowly emerges before you.

Saphira drops a fuzzy yellow-cushioned bright white daisy bloom chair.

Saphira sits on a fuzzy yellow-cushioned bright white daisy bloom chair.

Austere says to Saphira, "You've been brewed again."

Blink says, "Oh that is where all those peddles came from."

Saphira grins at Austere.

Saphira nods her head up and down.

Saphira says, "I am especially good with coffee."

Saphira flicks water at Austere.

Xiija asks, "I can't get my logging on.. anyone loggin this?"

Snaek says, "One of our goals this year is to bring someone on to take lead on our social outlets like the forums and facebook."

Mainyu says, "I think at least one of us is."

Xiija nods to Mainyu.

Xiija grins at Snaek.

Orvas flies in from the south.

Xiija smiles at Orvas.

Orvas dives out of the air and lands safely.

Orvas furls his wings.

Snaek says, "You all know about the server plans. They are rounding out but nothing to flashy to discuss. Stuff will run smoother when it's done. That's all that matters. The details are dull."

Rochiriel puts a check mark next to Orvas's name under LATE.

Xiija applauds Snaek.

Orvas grunts.

Snaek says, "The most noticeable change to expect from us in the next two months is going to be a revamping of the Academy."

Austere nods.

Jaspar raises an eyebrow.

Kaiah asks, "As in rewriting, or trimming?"

Orvas asks, "So I finally get my own office?"

Orvas swishes his tail.

Xiija asks, "Academy wards goin byebye?"

Xiija bats her eyes at Snaek.

Saphira says to Orvas, "Not likely pal."

Mainyu says to Orvas, "You're still sharing with Dalek, sorry."

Orvas grunts.

Snaek says, "No rewriting. We're putting more efforts into making it newbie friendly."

Kaiah nods.

Xiija asks, "Tp-able = more helpers?"

Austere says, "It is getting upgraded to be in line with many of the modernisms of NAI."

Malvyr asks, "In laymen?"

Jaspar asks, "NAI?"

Austere says, "New Archai Isle."

Jaspar nods.

Malvyr swishes his tail.

Snaek says, "We've gathered a lot of feedback from players. Long term ones and those that don't stick around. We interact and observe new players to see where we can improve. It's always going to be separated from Pearl as it is a training ground, but there's a lot more than can be done with it for new and old players."

Rochiriel takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Jaspar asks, "Totally separate hunting areas? No going back and forth?"

Kaiah says, "As long as I can still practice my class skills there until they're usable in better hunting ground. It's hard enough resisting the urge to gouge my eyes out with a spoon."

Kaiah chuckles.

Xiija chuckles.

Rochiriel says to Kaiah, "I have some bone spoons I made."

Snaek says to Jaspar, "As the rest of the world grows and your skills advance, the need to return to the academy lessens."

Rochiriel chuckles.

Kaiah stares at Rochiriel.

Xiija grins at Rochiriel.

Jaspar nods.

Kaiah says to Rochiriel, "Don't encourage me."

Visyn asks Kaiah, "Would you like to see all of my arrows?"

Wren says to Rochiriel, "You best step off my crafting territory miss."

Xiija shrieks at Visyn.

Kaiah glares at Visyn.

Kaiah says to Visyn, "Don't do it."

Jaspar ponders.

Snaek says, "Our players have put a lot of effort into creating friendly events for new players. We want to make sure the rest of the academy helps with that."

Wren asks Visyn, "Is that some kind of cheesy Scout pickup line?"

Rochiriel says to Wren, "Yeah like I'm even close to you at my level 4."

Rochiriel says to Wren, "But now I can play the spoons."

Wren chortles at Rochiriel.

Visyn asks Wren, "Did it work?"

Kaiah says to Snaek, "That would help with scavenger hunts that span the entire isle."

Kaiah grumbles.

Kaiah says to Visyn, "No."

Visyn glances at Kaiah.

Visyn snaps his fingers.

Snaek says, "I think you will see more events being held in the Academy going forward."

Kaiah says to Visyn, "But I hear Wren gives out digits for cheap card tricks."

Kaiah snickers.

Kaiah leans on Wren.

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Wren says to Kaiah, "Hey now. They have to at least be decent card tricks. He DID get my phone number with one. I was impressed."

Austere says, "The biggest benefit to newbs that I can foresee with the coming changes is a more involved system of hints or suggestions from the environment. It won't be intrusive though."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Mainyu pouts.

Mainyu goes back to his drawing board.

Malvyr asks Austere, "More signs?"

Xiija says to Austere, "I was lost alot of my noob tyme."

Austere says, "More direction from npcs."

Snaek says, "More interaction from the townies, shopkeepers, instructors, and the addition of priests at each shrine to better explain and direct you on your religious choices."

Blink says, "Oh good. Those elemental mages can give spells."

Xiija grins at Blink.

Snaek says, "There's a story line in the works to go along with these changes. Something I think you'll all enjoy. No spoilers but we promise to make any changes or additions blend into the world as it stands."

Malvyr says, "Cool."

Jaspar nods.

Bocon asks, "Burn it down and build a new one?"

Xiija grunts at Bocon.

Garaven chuckles.

Garaven says to Bocon, "Typical."

Kaiah says, "I can help with the burning."

Bocon says, "It's what I'm good at, ok."

Blink says to Bocon, "You guys never burn anything. It's dissapointing."

Garaven grins.

Snaek says, "All in all, February is shaping up to be Academy appreciation month. Reach out to your friends that have played before or have been waiting to play. Get them involved in February and we'll remind them all why we RP."

Xiija says to Blink, "Yah, the world is too ... nice."

Xiija flails her arms.

Wren says to Blink, "Right? So much talk."

Trystan arrives from the west.

Xiija salutes to Trystan.

Snaek waves at Trystan.

Trystan waves.

Wren leans on Trystan.

Trystan says, "I should show up late more often."

Austere says, "It always helps to play a game a bit before you start playing your true main...whatever race it may be."

An overweight spider-man waves at Trystan.

Jaspar says, "Find your old Dgate buddies."

Blink says to Trystan, "We need to start burning stuff. Pick up the slack for the Pyresians."

Jaspar nods his head up and down.

Xiija says to Austere, "Now ya tell me."

Xiija grits her teeth.

Bocon says to Blink, "There's too much political nonsense keeping me from doing it."

Visyn says to Blink, "Nah, you guys blow."

Blink summons a thunderous bolt of lightning that strikes the ground beneath him.

Mainyu says, "And they said it was too nice."

Trystan says, "And we're giving away our RP plans."

Kaiah snorts.

Rochiriel says to Garaven, "At least we are true to our element. Sticks in the mud."

Xiija asks, "Speaking of ... hello to the new lookin toons.. Jaspar and Derkin?"

Xiija waves at Jaspar.

Xiija waves at Derkin.

Jaspar grins at Xiija.

Jaspar says, "Toons...."

Jaspar cackles.

Xiija exclaims, "Please stand and tell us aboot ya selves!"

Xiija snickers.

Garaven says to Rochiriel, "Speak for yourself. I am always the life of the party."

Visyn shakes his head from side to side.

Jaspar stands up.

Xiija listens to Jaspar.

Jaspar says, "My names Jaspar and I'm a Mudaholic...."

Rochiriel says to Garaven, "Yeah right."

Xiija applauds Jaspar.

Jaspar chuckles.

Rochiriel cheers for Jaspar.

Trystan claps.

Kaiah asks Snaek, "Can I ask when the server move is estimated to be completed?"

Orvas asks, "Soon?"

Xiija says to Jaspar, "The first step is always the hardest."

Orvas ducks.

Austere says to Orvas, "Too soon."

Jaspar says, "Oh aye."

Kaiah says, "It's Soon(TM)."

Jaspar sits down.

Austere says to Kaiah, "Still too soon."

Xiija says to Snaek, "Btw TY for hostin our world."

Jaspar says, "You can always tell a Dgater."

Xiija nods.

Austere says, "Forever may be too soon for that."

Kaiah frowns.

Kaiah asks Austere, "So how long after the server move do we get the next big SI update?"

Visyn asks Kaiah, "Soon after?"

Trystan says, "Yah know, without promising anything."

Malvyr says to Austere, "Like the crafting update."

Wren says to Jaspar, "I challenge that thought."

Malvyr swishes his tail.

Jaspar grins at Wren.

Kaiah says, "I don't like hearing promises in this game, I automatically know it's false."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "I had a big breakthrough on the move last night actually. Got over some intimidating parts of the move. I'll have us switched over in the next week or two depending on IC commitments. There's still work to be done once we switch but it'll all be forward progress at that point."

Kaiah gasps at Snaek.

Kaiah beams.

Xiija beams.

Xiija exclaims, "And then,,, the great NerfQuake of 437!"

Austere say, "I got a text regarding it even, it was that big."

Xiija smirks at Kaiah.

Austere says, "While I was at work."

Xiija whistles at Austere.

Snaek says, "I learned at least 3 new commands."

Saphira says, "Nice."

Kaiah says to Xiija, "We can't be nerfed even more. Wet noodles hit harder than we do."

Wren winks at Jaspar.

Xiija swings a spiked cylindrical-headed steel morning star at Kaiah.
The attack is a decent strike.

Xiija asks, "5?"

Austere says, "He leveled Creatoring."

Snaek gapes at Xiija.

Wren chortles at Austere.

Kaiah says, "Don't know, my gag was on, lemme check."

Xiija gulps.

Xiija removes a spiked cylindrical-headed steel morning star.

Xiija whistles innocently.

Snaek says to Austere, "Totally."

Kaiah says to Trystan, "Again."

Trystan resists the urge to comment.

Visyn says, "Yeah, but he's still getting triple uses."

Xiija smirks at Visyn.

Kaiah says to Trystan, "Shut your mouth before I put Kaiah's knife init."

Kaiah stares at Trystan.

Rochiriel asks Snaek, "Did you unlock any new spells?"

Malvyr leaves south.

Snaek says to Kaiah, "2015 Is the year of no promises. We do what we can when we can and do our best to keep you in the loop when progress is made."

Malvyr arrives from the south.

Trystan grins at Kaiah.

Xiija stops following Malvyr.

Wren says to Kaiah, "Oh my."

Malvyr raises an eyebrow at Xiija.

Kaiah says to Wren, "You know it."

Malvyr checks for his wallet.

Xiija cackles .

Orvas asks Snaek, "Is that a promise?"

Wren waggles her eyebrows at Kaiah.

Kaiah says to Snaek, "I just want to know when to start anticipating the update that actually does me some good."

Orvas ducks.

Xiija asks Kaiah, "2016?"

Kaiah says, "Cause I'm almost out of CC to level."

Snaek says to Orvas, "You can take that to the bank...as long as you dont have too many things deposited already."

Orvas asks, "Like gophers?"

Kaiah leans on Wren.

Wren pets Kaiah.

Malvyr grins at Orvas.

Kaiah says, "Remember guys, the limit is somewhere around 2.5k lines."

Xiija stares.

Austere says, "Crazy."

Kaiah says, "I counted."

Saphira says, "Yeah come on people quit crashing the server over gophers."

Saphira chortles.

Xiija chuckles.

Kaiah says, "That's actually a half truth, I let Word count it for me."

Kaiah says, "And it was squirrels, not gophers."

Blink asks, "Oh no, is there a gopher bug?"

Xiija exclaims to Saphira, "Everyone is stockpiling.. time for a ... Bank robbery!"

Xiija nods her head up and down to Saphira.

Jaspar ponders.

Trystan says to Xiija, "That was part two of our IC plans."

Xiija winces.

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Fair question. Everyone has something that want to see more than anything else."

Wren says, "I don't know if there's a limit on the amount, or if it's trying to withdraw too many all at once that makes the game a sad panda. I've seen Blink's stash before and the game seemed fine."

Saphira exclaims to Trystan, "I have my eye on you buddy!"

Blink says, "I'd like to see giant gophers."

Blink says, "Just like we have larger wolves now."

Trystan says to Saphira, "I haven't forgotten."

Saphira says to someone, "Make them only eat Blinks."

Malvyr asks Blink, "Dire gophers?"

Xiija exclaims to Blink, "They have em in Ban Ghard!"

Xiija claps a hand to her mouth.

Blink says, "Weregophers."

Kaiah says to Snaek, "I just want to feel I'm playing a melee powerhouse like I'm told I am, when we all know I'm not."

Snaek squints at Xiija.

Malvyr chortles.

Visyn says, "I think we can all agree that fletching is what needs the most attention right now."

Xiija gulps.

Xiija stands up.

Trystan grins at Visyn.

Xiija sits down.

Malvyr nods his head up and down to Kaiah.

Kaiah says, "I can do glass cannon, I did frost DKs in WoW for a long time. But I'm all glass and no cannon right now."

Garaven says to Visyn, "I hear that."

Saphira takes out a giant pair of scissors and tries to cut Xiija's wings off.

Bocon says, "We can all agree that priests need updated the most."

Wren chortles at Kaiah.

Xiija shrieks.

Kaiah asks Saphira, "Frame those for me, would you?"

Bocon ducks.

Wren says to Kaiah, "DK? DKs are not glass cannons. Rogues are."

Jaspar asks Saphira, "Potion making?"

Garaven says, "Maybe a high level group heal."

Trystan asks, "Is there a way to give assassins a 1 shot kill that's only PvE?"

Kaiah says to Wren, "Frost DKs were actually glass cannons. All damage and no defense."

Snaek says, "The combat update is the single most important update that will impact every class. There's too many skills that are dependent on a better system."

Saphira says, "Jasper no peace making."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Jaspar chuckles.

Wren says to Kaiah, "They've always been pretty hard to kill in PvP, blood more than frost obviously but frost was not supposed to be for PvP. Unholy was."

Xiija says to Snaek, "If the craft thyng goes in, everyone can chill while ya get yer code on."

Xiija smirks.

Wren coughs and quiets her WoW talk.

Kaiah says to Wren, "You and I will have our DK debate in skype."

Kaiah grunts at Wren.

Jaspar glances at Xiija.

Jaspar chuckles.

Xiija mutes herself.

Bocon says, "@H frost DK's are one of the highest raid DPS and one of the best arena cleave members."

Snaek says, "I don't want to repeat the post, but crafting has really become a defining quality of our game and the work to be done is all stuff we know how to do."

Bocon says, "2."

Rochiriel says to Xiija, "That almost sounded dirty."

Xiija touches herself.

Xiija winks at Rochiriel.

Jaspar squints fire.

Jaspar grunts.

Snaek says, "It's not for everyone and we get that, but a more complete trading system will help keep players. We've seen quite a few lose interest when they reached the limits of our current crafting abilities."

Kaiah says to Snaek, "So that part will be quick and we can all be making big bucks."

Snaek says, "Yes."

Xiija curses crafting.

Snaek says, "Then full focus on all things combat."

Blink says, "Big bucks, no wammies."

Kaiah says, "So if I can't buy quest items, I can just kill them for it later."

Kaiah nods.

Rochiriel says to Snaek, "How about being able to make things that are useful."

Snaek says, "Combat solves the issues with expanding classes and races."

Xiija points at Rochiriel.

Bocon says to Blink, "You're old."

Wren nods to Bocon discreetly.

Austere says to Rochiriel, "We have always planned to, for whatever reason we have to keep taking useful items out of the mix."

Saphira says to Pahzrael, "Thanks for coming to work today."

Xiija howls at Pahzrael.

Jaspar laughs.

Pahzrael howls at Xiija.

Kaiah stands up.

Kaiah leaves south.
Wren leaves south.

Austere says to Rochiriel, "I think we can address most, if not all, of those issues."

Kaiah arrives from the south.
Wren arrives from the south.

Kaiah sits down.

Snaek says to Rochiriel, "We'll be able to add more useful items once the skills are updated. We've already got an improved blacksmithing in place that is going to open the door for steel armorsmithing."

Xiija whistles.

Kaiah asks, "How about wood items that sell for more than a couple coins?"

Pahzrael asks, "Three maybe?"

Bocon says, "I want to start branding people."

Pahzrael cackles.

Austere says, "It will be based on factors like materials and amount used."

Kaiah says to Bocon, "Keep your filthy brands away from me, I got enough."

Kaiah grumbles.

Bocon laughs.

Visyn asks Snaek, "Will the detailing skills (dye, lacquer, etc.) be put in as well with this update?"

Visyn says, "Or whatever they were. I don't remember them."

Malvyr asks Snaek, "When the crowns are opened up are there plans to release more back history or racial lore? like all around the history is pretty thin, are there writers or something planning on establishing a bit more?"

Kaiah asks, "Yeah, don't we get something like an inscription skill to make our own descriptions or something?"

Kaiah says to Malvyr, "I sent in pages of gargoyle lore back when I mained one. Maybe I should send it in again."

Snaek nods his head up and down to Kaiah.

Jaspar gets a cup of coffee from a chrome serving tray.

Malvyr says to Kaiah, "Cool."

Pahzrael asks Kaiah, "How are we supposed to overcharge you for custom gear then?"

Jaspar takes a drink from a tin cup.

Rochiriel asks Snaek, "Any idea on the time frame for the crafting thing?"

Xiija smiles at Pahzrael.

Xiija says to Rochiriel, "Soon."

Kaiah exclaims to Pahzrael, "Easy. You can only do it once on an item!"

Kaiah says, "If you eff it up, you have to pay to have it fixed."

Snaek says to Malvyr, "We've got a lot of stuff to release once the website is moved over to the new server. It's all written and waiting on the game to be ready to move at the same time."

Xiija applauds Snaek.

Garaven asks, "Two weeks?"

Saphira asks Kaiah, "Then what would I do? oh wait what do I do?"

Xiija asks Snaek, "What can players do to help?"

Malvyr says, "Sneak it would make RPing a bit easier."

Xiija grins at Saphira.

Kaiah says to Saphira, "You tell me."

Mainyu takes a drink from an ice cold beer.

Saphira says to Kaiah, "Oh yeah I harass Trystan."

Trystan nods.

Saphira leans on Trystan.

Wren blinks.

Blink says to Saphira, "Make coffee."

Trystan says, "That and brilliant writing."

Kaiah says to Saphira, "Ought to do it more."

Snaek says to Rochiriel, "Timeframe wise, I see all of January going to prepping the Academy and finishing the server move. February will see a lot of RP attention on the Academy and a lot of building projects completed in Pearl. Realistically I'd say you can expect the full trade update in March."

Saphira says to Blink, "That too and make cows eat things."

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Saphira winks at Seren.

Seren chuckles.

Xiija says to Snaek, "Can't thank you all enuff for all the work you do."

Seren says, "Fussy cows."

Xiija applauds the staff.

Blink says to Saphira, "Oh you are behind the mugger cows."

Snaek says to Xiija, "Thank you for giving me a reason to do it."

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Saphira nods her head up and down.

Trystan asks, "Are there plans on connecting the Academy with Pearl?"

Mainyu says, "Still need to take the boat."

Austere says to Trystan, "There are not."

Xiija pouts.

Snaek says, "It's always going to be the boat."

Trystan asks, "Can we take a vote and change that to a yes?"

Snaek says, "And always warded."

Saphira says, "I can't help it her reactions are priceless."

Xiija says, "Would make more sense if the training area was off limits totally."

Mainyu says, "I'm overruling your vote."

Pahzrael says to Trystan, "Snaek counts as 100 votes."

Kaiah says to Xiija, "Are you crazy? I'd never be able to level my class skills without it."

Blink says, "At least you can get off the Academy isle. You kids have it easy these days."

Xiija says to Kaiah, "Same here."

Xiija wrinkles her nose slightly, wiggling a tribal-scrimshawed bone septum piercing.

Pahzrael says, "Its like a dictatorship up here."

Snaek chuckles at Blink.

Austere says to Blink, "So true."

Austere says, "The boat is much faster than it ever was."

Jaspar says, "To xii I am not sure that is meant for your nose."

Jaspar coughs.

Xiija ponders.

Jaspar snickers.

Austere says, "There are countdowns on both sides and it displays at Pearl center when the ferry comes in."

Trystan says, "I think those hunting grounds would get more attention if it were quicker as well as the new players seeing some interaction."

Visyn says, "Now, if they ferry were a travelling, forested, ore-filled cave of sand, nobody would be complaining."

Garaven says, "Would be nice to have a bell when it gets close to pearl though."

Kaiah nods to Visyn.

Rochiriel says to Austere, "When is that going to happen."

Rochiriel asks Austere, "Or have I missed something?"

Snaek says, "You can fish from it, or fail to teleport from it over and over apparently."

Xiija grits her teeth at Snaek.

Austere says to Rochiriel, "It does that already, I believe."

Blink says, "You can do some crafts on it. That is what I do."

Snaek says, "You can build a fire."

Kaiah says, "Or hide training."

Jaspar says, "Hide, hide, hide."

Xiija says, "Fish as food at low level would help."

Snaek says, "Sometimes the captain gets frisky."

Kaiah says, "Disguise, if you aren't secretive about it."

Malvyr nods his head up and down to Xiija.

Trystan says, "Or take the time and burn one."

Rochiriel says to Austere, "Where does it count down at? Cause I always miss the thing."

Xiija grins at Trystan.

Austere says to Rochiriel, "The ship captain counts down when the boat is there on either side."

Alexis arrives from the south.

Snaek says, "The ferry serves a lot of important roles for the game that aren't all going to make sense. Of course it would be easier to teleport or connect them, but that's not what the Academy is for."

Xiija salutes to Alexis.

Alexis waves at Xiija.

Geel arrives from the west.

Xiija salutes to Geel.

Blink says to Rochiriel, "There is a two minute warning, then a warning right before."

Rochiriel says to Austere, "Yeah but if you miss it you have no idea when its coming back."

Wren says, "I like the ferry. Had some fun RP on there in the past. like the sea monster."

Kaiah pokes Alexis.

Blink greets Geel.

Wren shivers.

Blink greets Alexis.

Snaek says, "The delay on each side is for chance interactions."

Xiija says to Rochiriel, "Every quarter hour."

Rochiriel says to Austere, "Couldnt you have a sign that says next sailing at whatever time."

Jaspar says, "Yes, but not ON the quarters necessarily."

Xiija nods to Jaspar.

Snaek says, "It's significant for new players and their growing up process when they take it for the first time to Pearl. Something we plan to draw more attention to."

Pahzrael says, "I was working on that once."

Austere says to Rochiriel, "Time fluctuates here."

Rochiriel says to Snaek, "Yeah but the NPC's on the academy side give my character the heebie jeebies."

Visyn says to Rochiriel, "The ferry times reset when the server resets."

Xiija says to Snaek, "I had to waste my golems for some new toons... cuase you get tagged when you go to events in pearl."

Snaek says to Rochiriel, "I'll have a talk with them."

Visyn says to Rochiriel, "Just make a script that tracks the ferry times."

Snaek says to Xiija, "We're going to make that abundantly clear for future players."

Kaiah says, "I don't think I've ever gone back to golems after level 5 in any skill I used on them."

Blink says, "If only some master scripter would show us the way..."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Austere says, "The boats are on their own schedules, not based on time as we know it."

Alexis says to Xiija, "The golems are worthless, you can hop right to slapping woodland skeletons if you're careful."

Xiija grits her teeth at Alexis.

Alexis says, "They're only good ebcause they're right where you start off in game."

Snaek says, "The golems are comfort food."

Trystan says, "I see keeping them seperated as limiting RP more than promoting it."

Visyn says to Blink, "I had a script for it in the works but I lost interest in it."

Wren blinks at Trystan.

Xiija points at Trystan.

Snaek says, "Almost every new player goes north when they first enter. The golems become comfortable."

Malvyr says, "They're a fast way to get your cc to 10."

Kaiah says, "I don't think it's limited at all, people just don't want to take the time to go over there."

Kaiah snorts.

Austere says, "Brb, I have to take a boat to the restroom."

Xiija grunts.

Trystan says to Kaiah, "I call that a limit."

Alexis says, "Right, but if you somehow manage to work your way to the ferry, you're really not going to miss the golems anyways."

Orvas leaves south.

A ship captain shouts, "Austere will return in five minutes!"

Kaiah says, "It's not a limit on the game, then, you just won't work with a little inconvenience."

Kaiah shrugs.

Malvyr smirks.

Blink chuckles.

Kaiah says, "I've had no issue interacting with new toons across at the academy."

Jaspar asks Austere, "Try to float your own boat?"

Jaspar chuckles.

Xiija says, "Golems & academy proper should be off limits, all other stuff over there should be tp-able so we can help noobs."

Kaiah says, "I see Visyn there often enough."

Rochiriel says to Visyn, "I took the one you brought over from dgate but I don't know much about adding things to it."

Kaiah says, "Hell, I even see Bocon now and then."

Blink says, "He's planning to burn down the Academy."

Malvyr chuckles.

Kaiah says, "At least he takes the time to make the trip over."

Kaiah pats Bocon.

Xiija asks, "Academy is what... lvl 20 max?"

Alexis exclaims, "Priests getting all fussy about teleport restrictions all of a sudden!"

Bocon nods his head up and down.

Alexis grins at Xiija.

Trystan says, "Only when I have a scout with me."

Trystan leans on Visyn.

Xiija grins at Alexis.

Kaiah says, "I dunno, I'd say 30s or so. Ice trolls and all."

Xiija nods her head up and down to Kaiah.

Kaiah says, "I didn't migrate over to statues until I was comfortable at trolls and could solo kill a group."

Kaiah says, "Ice trolls, mind you."

Xiija says, "Never tried em."

Kaiah says, "Well, priest."

Snaek says to Trystan, "The long term solution is the best one. As Pearl, NAI, and the surrounding islands expand, you will feel less of a need to go to the Academy. The Academy itself will become an interactive place for new players."

Trystan says to Xiija, "They're fun."

Rochiriel asks Kaiah, "There are ice trolls somewhere?"

Xiija shivers.

Kaiah says to Rochiriel, "Sure are, up near Outlast."

Alexis says to Rochiriel, "Explore the northern areas of the island."

Xiija asks, "And the new areas... lvl 30-50?"

Kaiah asks, "Like the tower?"

Bocon says, "I like my teleport just fine."

Garaven says, "Acadamey seems pretty big and intimidating, in my opinion."

Xiija says to Kaiah, "Like necromancer."

Trystan says to Snaek, "I'd buy that with a player base of 100, but for now, we can all find a reason to go to the Academy for skill building as well as RP."
Snaek nods to Garaven.

Kaiah asks Xiija, "So vampires and tower?"

Xiija asks, "Lvl 30?"

Bocon says, "Vampires and tower don't pay enough for the level IMO."

Xiija raises an eyebrow at Trystan and Blink.

Trystan raises an eyebrow at Bocon.

Visyn stares at Bocon.

Snaek says to Trystan, "That kind of logic can apply to anything that is more difficult now than it would be with a larger playerbase, but it develops bad habits and it causes a lot more headaches when we have to switch back down the road. More people to upset. The goal is to do it right from the start and build around it."

Blink says, "Vampires are okay with the new priest abilities."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Kaiah says to Xiija, "Well beyond 50. I can solo one or two trogs at a time, but it's still a good fight and I've nearly got my CC maxed. Priests have it easy with vampires."

Bocon says, "You can make almost as much 2-3 shotting crypt mobs."

Bocon says, "Just saying."

Wren asks, "How can anyone complain about pay when the majority of the population is way too wealthy?"

Kaiah nods to Wren.

Xiija says to Kaiah, "I can solo trogs with lvl 20's."

Xiija winces.

Trystan says to Wren, "Speak for yourself."

Xiija says, "One at a tyme."

Snaek says, "Scepters for everyone."

Blink says, "Oh well we do it in big groups of badasses."

Trystan says, "Broke priest here."

Trystan pouts.

Kaiah says to Xiija, "Well, I don't have a healing spell."

Wren says to Trystan, "Bro, if you want it, work it."

Bocon says to Wren, "Only the old mirror makers."

Xiija nods to Kaiah.

Trystan says to Wren, "I don't agree with it."

Bocon says, "Scepters don't make as much as hunting anymore."

Blink says, "Yes, I'm going to become a sceptre maker."

Wren says to Bocon, "Mirrors, pots, scepters, hunting regularly."

Snaek says to Bocon, "Good to hear."

Bocon nods.

Kaiah says, "Crafting certain items still makes good money, and regularly hunting does the same thing."

Blink says, "I just need a good sales pitch why people need them."

Bocon says, "Yes."

Kaiah says, "It's not hard to make money in this game."

Snaek says, "It's an endless back and forth. We'll soon be able to say trade skills are where we want them and can balance hunting around the combat changes."

Bocon says, "It takes time."

Xiija asks Kaiah, "But crafting takes 2-3 tymes as long to lvl?"

Bocon says, "More than that probably."

Visyn says, "It's hard to not make money."

Garaven says, "Longer."

Xiija winces.

Kaiah says, "The only time a character suffers for money is when they chose to actively work on skills that suck. Like me and my class abilities. I actually lose money over at the academy."

Blink says, "Crafting is way slower."

Blink says, "Skinning is longer, and crafting is worse than skinning even."

Trystan says, "Curing a disease doesn't pay well either."

Bocon says, "Poor fletching."

Snaek says, "Crafting is slower because it lacks the risk."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Trystan grins at Bocon.

Kaiah nods to Snaek.

Wren says to Trystan, "Does Trystan craft anything at all? 'Cause if he's broke, he may want to start."

Xiija says, "And no heal costs."

Trystan says to Wren, "Not a thing."

Bocon says, "You can make more hunting vamps and the crypt now."

Kaiah says, "No healing costs, no risk at dying, nothing to fight. It's an extremely low risk way to make money, so having it be time consuming is a fair trade off."

Alexis says to Xiija, "You can craft for money or skill. Say, glassblowing, I can make items that sell well but take more sand, or just spam the minimum-sand recipes because they're all worth the same amount of skillups."

Alexis says, "So if I'm broke I'll craft for money at the expense of slower level gain."

Xiija nods to Alexis.

Xiija says to Alexis, "I'd pay bigtyme for an alchemists set."

Kaiah asks Alexis, "Largely depends on what you're after. Money per pound of sand, or skill to be able to have fewer fails later?"

Snaek says to Alexis, "After the next update you'll see pricing better reflected by the amount of material used."

Blink says, "Yeah bone carving is the same way."

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Kaiah says, "Wood carving sucks. I want to do more of it, but the pay you get makes me depressed. Props to anyone who's stuck with it."

Blink says, "Sadly I haven't seen anything worth more than figurines yet though."

Bocon says, "The difference is, you get like 20 pounds of sand per dig and 1-3 for most everything else."

Snaek says, "All the crafting skills will be set that way. A base cost based on the item type, material value, and amount of material required."

Xiija says, "Nice."

Wren nods to Bocon.

Wren says to Bocon, "Sand is the easiest thing to get."

Kaiah says to Bocon, "Salt can be anywhere from 2 to 9 pounds a dig."

Austere nods.

Austere says, "Oh, I'm back."

Trystan asks Austere, "You were gone?"

Xiija sniffs Austere.

Austere says, "Missed the boat the first time."

Kaiah smirks.

Bocon nods.

Snaek says to Bocon, "You'll see some random chances of a big score in the gathering skills as well."

Trystan says, "We call that bake time."

Snaek says, "Still low amounts on average, but the addition of a chance of striking it big."

Bocon says, "Sneak That is good."

Blink says, "Bone is kind of hard because there is a step in between the kill and the carving."

Xiija says, "Woot crits in crafting."

Austere says to Trystan, "That's what this is, no responsibilities at the moment."

Xiija chuckles.

Austere grins.

Rochiriel says to Snaek, "What about stat raises."

Austere drinks tea.

Xiija points at Rochiriel.

Garaven says, "Best thing about woodcarving is there are some useful things you can make at least, even if they dont sell well."

Trystan nods to Austere.

Trystan says to Austere, "Or accountability."

Xiija asks Garaven, "Staves?"

Seren asks Snaek, "Foraging for cinnamon in the works?"

Alexis says to Snaek, "Up until 11 glass forming at least, nothing uses more than 4 sand. So will there be a large difference between a 3 sand item and a 4 sand item? Or will they sell relatively close to the same."

Wren asks Blink, "Shouldn't I be the one complaining, being the main bone carver in this game?"

Wren squints at Blink.

Garaven says, "Chests, shields and things."

Blink says to Wren, "I am taking over."

Xiija whistles.

Rochiriel says, "No matter how great I am they still sell at a better price to Garaven because he happened to get lucky once."

Blink says to Wren, "Someday."

Blink says to Wren, "I suck right now."

Kaiah asks, "Who do I need to pay for stat raises around here?"

Snaek says to Alexis, "The type of item you are making will be the difference more so than that one extra pound of sand would."

Wren says to Blink, "No. Mine."

Austere says, "I have share the accountability with Snaek at the moment, that can't be avoided."

Wren points at Kaiah.

Alexis nods to Snaek.

Bocon says, "I've gotten 2 stat raises the entire time."

Kaiah says, "And by pay I mean do favors for, cause I'm broke."

Alexis says, "Gonna made me re-do simple spreadsheets. PFFT."

Snaek says to Alexis, "But that's because sand is cheap."

Xiija searches Austere for a luck stat.

Garaven whistles nonchalantly.

Kaiah glares at Garaven.

Snaek says, "Stat raises are pretty rare and you can't get them from a skill after 20."

Kaiah asks, "What?"

Xiija winces.

Kaiah stares at Snaek.

Xiija says, "You get to lvl 100, you neeed to hunt for money to BUY them."

Blink says, "What? I could of sworn I got one higher."

Rochiriel deflates.

Xiija winks at Kaiah.

Malvyr says to Snaek, "That is some good info to know."

Alexis laughs at Kaiah.

Snaek says, "The stat at 20, not the skill."

Blink says, "Oh duh."

Kaiah says, "Jesus, don't do that to me."

Garaven chuckles.

Kaiah says, "I about quit right there."

Kaiah scowls.

Malvyr laughs.

Trystan chuckles.

Alexis pats Kaiah.

Wren chortles.

Visyn takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Snaek says, "20 To 25 has to be earned through quests or peddles."

Jaspar laughs.

Kaiah says, "#$&@ it! GOIN' BACK TO WOW."

Snaek says, "Hopefully less on the peddle side though."

Kaiah throws her hands up in the air.

Xiija gives Kaiah a Charisma Stat raise.

Alexis says to Kaiah, "Come lose PVP matches with me."

Kaiah says to Alexis, "Losing is what I'm good at."

Austere says to Kaiah, "I added the barber shop after seeing WoW had done it."

Kaiah grins at Austere.

Xiija grins at Austere.

Xiija exclaims, "Its like disguise hair.. for everyone!"

Bocon says, "I can't even imagine getting to 20 with the chances being that low."

Kaiah says, "You can take your WoW toon to the barber shop to get a new face now, too."

Wren says, "Barber shops are an essential in any RP-inclusive game."

Snaek says, "There's so many possible levels to get you there."

Malvyr nods his head up and down to Wren.

Austere says to Wren, "I had never seen one before."

Blink says to Bocon, "I have a 20."

Kaiah says to Bocon, "I'm pretty certain I'll need to do questionable favors for staff to get the stat raises I want."

Snaek says, "Dcon 2015."

Jaspar laughs.

Mainyu says, "I hear Pahzrael needs a test subject."

Snaek says, "Best chance at a stat raise."

Kaiah exclaims, "Deal!"

Pahzrael cackles.

Austere says, "I'll be there."

Wren says to Blink, "I'm jealous."

Kaiah says, "To the Con, not to being a test subject."

Xiija removes a small round wooden shield.
Xiija holds 19 doubloons.

Wren says to Snaek, "Noted."

Kaiah says to Pahzrael, "I was a test subject for you twice now, I have nightmares about that."

Kaiah shivers.

Xiija throws 19 doubloons at Kaiah.

Saphira says, "Now that was fun."

Xiija exclaims, "Lapdance!"

Kaiah gets 19 doubloons.

Kaiah beams.

Snaek says to Pahzrael, "There's been a request for giant gophers."

Xiija flails her arms.

Trystan chuckles at Xiija.

Pahzrael says to Kaiah, "I will kill you yet."

Kaiah gives 19 doubloons to Xiija.

Blink nods his head up and down to Snaek.

Xiija grins.

Kaiah laughs at Pahzrael.

Kaiah says to Pahzrael, "Keep trying! I'm pro."

Malvyr departs from the world.

Alexis squints at a rugged iron-buckled leather haversack.

Pahzrael asks, "Or did I already?"

Kaiah says, "Not yet."

Kaiah says, "Almost."

Pahzrael snaps his fingers.

Blink says, "There used to be a wanted sign for a gopher."

Alexis leaves west.

Wren says to Blink, "We took care of it."

Kaiah asks Snaek, "What's the next update after the combat/rogue/melee one?"

Kaiah nods to Blink.

Alexis arrives from the west.

Alexis attacks Pahzrael with an icy snowball.
The attack misses.
Alexis throws an icy snowball at Pahzrael.

Alexis snaps her fingers.

Xiija smirks.

Pahzrael cackles.

Pahzrael removes a piece of coal.
Pahzrael holds a snowball.

Jaspar attempts to pick Xiija's pocket.

Jaspar snaps his fingers.

Jaspar chuckles.

Xiija glances.

Jaspar winks at Xiija.

Mainyu says, "Man, now you're all getting weird."

Xiija asks Bocon, "Pustules?"

Xiija points at Jaspar.

Mainyu mutters.

Alexis says, "Apparently fire's hard to hit."

Blink says to Mainyu, "Weird."

Alexis whines.

Pahzrael hums.

Saphira says to Mainyu, "Getting? how about have been."

Pahzrael gets a vial of black death from a fancy embroidered black leather beltpouch.

Xiija winces.

Mainyu says, "I was doing a good job tuning it out till you said something."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "After combat it'll be a mixture of class skill additions and fixes. I suspect a lot of focus on spells and stealth skills."

Saphira says to Alexis, "Don't get him started."

Kaiah beams.

Saphira says, "I'm running out of straight jackets that fit him."

Kaiah asks Snaek, "So is Stealth in already, or has yet to be implemented?"

Kaiah bats her eyes at Snaek.

Alexis says to Saphira, "I've been abducted for his experiments. That was a revenge throw."

Blink says, "Oh yeah, we could use a Pearl assylum."

Saphira asks, "Sneak you just don't get a break do you?"

Snaek says, "Well I meant it as a more broad term referring to all skills that require some form of stealth to work."

Saphira says to Alexis, "Carry on then."

Pahzrael mutters at Saphira.

Suddenly, Pahzrael erupts in a brillant explosion!

Kaiah listens to Snaek.

Jaspar asks Snaek, ""Is it still true that hiding then sneaking auto reveals you?""

Visyn takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Snaek says, "I'm happy to share what is planned. I just can't promise it'll go in the order you like."

Kaiah says to Jaspar, "No."

Xiija exclaims, "So.. server, academy, crafting.. sweet!"

Jaspar says, "Good."

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Kaiah says to Jaspar, "It just sucks for the first several levels."

Kaiah says, "A lot."

Jaspar chuckles.

Rochiriel asks, "Speaking of sweets what kind of world doesn't have chocolate?"

Alexis says to Jaspar, "Make a friend who can, say, restore your stamina."

Snaek says to Xiija, "Not just academy. There's work being done on Pearl, Stirling, and the Crowns to be opening before the trade update is in."

Xiija points at Rochiriel.

Xiija chuckles.

Trystan says to Rochiriel, "A sad world."

Kaiah asks Snaek, "So was that a yes or no on it existing for PCs?"

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Jaspar holds a glass bottle of blue elixir.

Blink says, "I have chocolate cake. So it exists."

Jaspar grins.

Kaiah pulls Alexis closer.

Xiija says to Snaek, "Who removed the skyways into Ban'Ghard."

Jaspar laughs.

Snaek says to Kaiah, "It's in but way up there."

Xiija squints at Snaek.

Jaspar winks at Alexis.

Rochiriel asks, "Blinnk where did you get that from?"

Kaiah says to Jaspar, "Mine's endless."

Kaiah sighs at Snaek.

Blink says, "I hoarde food from festivals."

Kaiah asks Alexis, "Guess what we're doing?"

Snaek asks Xiija, "Who didn't report them?"

Xiija says, "Erm."

Alexis says to Kaiah, "Killing trolls."

Xiija blushes.

Austere laughs.

Kaiah grunts at Alexis.

Jaspar drops the body of a hideous fire troll.

Jaspar stands up.

Snaek says, "The road to Rum village is being written along with its skies."

Jaspar takes possession of the body of a hideous fire troll and begins skinning.

Saphira laughs at Xiija.

Xiija murmurs to herself.

Jaspar is about halfway through skinning something.

Saphira says to Jaspar, "Take that crap outside dude."

Snaek says to Xiija, "I was happy to see someone taking advantage of flight."

Xiija beams.

Jaspar is done skinning the body of a hideous fire troll.

Blink mutters.

Jaspar grunts.

Xiija says to Snaek, "I loved the ivy."

Xiija smirks.

Snaek says to Blink, "Oh, sorry."

Jaspar says to Saphira, "Was hoping to tease Xiija with some troll bones."

Blink says, "I blame the earth mages."

Xiija grunts at Jaspar.

Jaspar sits down.

Saphira says to Jaspar, "I'll get you a bucket and a mop to clean up the mess."

Snaek says, "Blame all the other mages. Somehow they insist on having something cool of their own if airmages get flight."

Xiija chuckles at Snaek.

Garaven says to Blink, "As well you should."

Alexis asks, "Speaking of airways and places and stuff, is there any chance the gate spell could spew out a bit less arcane garbage or something more useful to know what's going on?"

Rochiriel asks Blink, "What?"

Xiija points at Alexis.

Jaspar says to Saphira, "I always clean up after myself."

Rochiriel asks, "What did I do?"

Xiija says to Alexis, "I'd like "you cant cast that now""

Blink says to Rochiriel, "Oh it's just that earth magic is going to have the spell that grounds you. So it makes sense to blame earth powers for not being able to fly."

Snaek says, "We'll take a look at it. The wards are funky and have been since the start."

A short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien arrives from the south.

Xiija asks Snaek, "Should I be able to TP underwayer?"

Xiija says, "Water."

Trystan says, "Or pray."

Snaek asks, "To or from?"

Xiija says, "To."

Alexis says, "It's the spell fizzling vs failing because of any number of reasons like wards, the target being inside or in the air, or the like. Sometimes it gives you 3 or 4 of the same message per cast."

Alexis says, "But no useful indication of why."

Xiija nods her head up and down to Alexis.

The flames covering Mainyu's body explode into a violent inferno, then extinguish as he departs, leaving nothing behind but a few scorch marks.

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Re: 01/07/15 Coffee With Creators

Post by Austere » Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:28 am

Blink says, "Yeah portals are a bit weird too. There are easy targets and hard targets. And no real reason why."

Blink says, "Like the lighthouse path is an easy target."

Blink says, "But say old heart crossing is hard."

Snaek says, "I think because it is a unique target."

Rochiriel asks Snaek, "Who decided that the earth mages highest attack spell was going to be a giant fart?"

Xiija cackles.

Alexis cackles at Rochiriel.

Kaiah laughs at Rochiriel.

Xiija sniffs Rochiriel.

Trystan laughs at Rochiriel.

Xiija wrinkles her nose slightly, wiggling a tribal-scrimshawed bone septum piercing.

Blink laughs at Rochiriel.

Rochiriel says, "That's the only reason I came here tonight."

Kaiah asks, "Did anyone else here see that horrible Dragon Ball movie?"

Jaspar ponders.

Xiija claps a hand over Kaiah's mouth.

Blink says to Rochiriel, "Well think of it like the gas attack of green dragons from D and D."

Kaiah says, "There's an Honest Trai- hmmrffle."

Blink says to Rochiriel, "It's chlorine gas."

Wren says to Kaiah, "The honest trailer is HILARIOUS."

Kaiah nods to Wren.

Snaek says, "Not as much accounts for swimming or being under water as it should. That's something we'll address as we go through the classes again."

Xiija says to Snaek, "Ty."

Blink says to Rochiriel, "It's not as funny sounding when you think of it as you using WMDs."

Rochiriel says, "I have an allias for master vampires Gas master."

Jaspar asks, "Swimming working now?"

Snaek says, "Flying is where we'd like swimming to be."

Xiija nods her head up and down to Jaspar.

Jaspar ponders.

Kaiah says to Rochiriel, "Could be mustard gas, too."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Kaiah says to Jaspar, "Swimming has always worked, you don't have to level it is all."

Wren grins at Trystan.

Jaspar says, "Well, leveling is what I meant."

Jaspar grins.

Trystan flails his arms at Wren.

Xiija exclaims to Jaspar, "Go into any underwater cave... you will friggin drownd!"

Blink says to Rochiriel, "Do not make us seek UN sanctions on your ass. Knock it off."

Snaek says, "Swimming is still a skill and not so much a current state like flying."

Xiija says, "I thynk you can lvl climbing while flying..."

Rochiriel says to Blink, "I'm trying but beano hasn't been invented yet in SI."

Xiija blushes.

Snaek says, "It's not real high up the list. YOu can swim. That's good enough compared to other needs for now."

Xiija nods.

Jaspar nods.

Austere says to Rochiriel, "It's on the docket following chocolate."

Rochiriel exclaims to Austere, "Thank you!"

Snaek says to Rochiriel, "Chocolate will go in with the trade update."

Xiija whistles.

Rochiriel cheers.

Rochiriel hugs Snaek.

Xiija glances at Wren.

Blink says, "Oh there is the trade skill to grind."

Austere says to Rochiriel, "You're losing apples though."

Snaek says, "Along with some other new materials to replace some ones we dont really use."

Xiija says, "Wren's ass will get HUGE."

Trystan chuckles.

Xiija glances.

Rochiriel says, "Whatever don't care give me chocolate."

Kaiah smirks.

Blink says, "I need to have a peddle before that goes in."

Blink says, "I didn't know I was sitting on a gold mine."

Xiija asks, "No one wanted to do a farmers market?"

Xiija flails her arms.

Xiija curses softly.

Kaiah says, "I buy material, you people just don't want to sell."

Xiija asks Blink, "Make drink nyte a farmers market too?"

Xiija bats her eyes at Blink.

Snaek says, "It's a great idea. You all have amazing ideas."

Visyn says to Xiija, "You need to own it."

Blink says, "Oh just what I need. Drunk farmers."

Xiija flails her arms.

Xiija chuckles at Blink.

Austere says, "There is a farmers market already in place. Sell it to the right shop and folks can buy it from there."

Snaek says, "The fight club, the voice of pearl, the farmer's market, alumni day, it's truly amazing what you come up with."

Xiija says to Visyn, "No one listens to Sylves."

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Austere says, "That was the point of Hawker's."

Blink says, "I just drove to Enumclaw this week. I've seen enough drunk farmers for a while."

Xiija raises an eyebrow at Austere.

Wren says, "What was this about my ass."

Xiija smirks.

Saphira stands up.

Jaspar laughs.

Saphira gets a fuzzy yellow-cushioned bright white daisy bloom chair.

Kaiah says to Wren, "Maybe if you weren't whispering with your boyfriend there, you would have caught the joke."

Saphira waves.

Kaiah pokes Wren.

Jaspar waves at Saphira.

Xiija waves at Saphira.

Saphira says, "Good night."

Wren says to Xiija, "Don't be jelly just 'cause you ain't got nothin' to swag with."

Snaek waves at Saphira.

Xiija glances behind her.

Xiija pouts.

Saphira waves at Snaek.

Snaek says to Saphira, "Thanks for coming."

Austere says, "Feel free to host your own, we'll support it. But the economy could use wholesalers."

Xiija hugs Saphira.

Trystan waves at Saphira.

Saphira waves.

Trystan says to Saphira, "Remember to stay tuned."

Kaiah waves at Saphira.

Xiija nods to Austere.

Saphira says to Trystan, "I still have my eye on you."

Jaspar takes a drink from a tin cup.

Xiija asks Blink, "Can we try a drink nyte farmers sell thyngy?"

Blink says to Trystan, "LOl. Yeah I have friends in both places."

Trystan grins at Saphira.

Gracefully, Saphira evaporates into a fine mist.

Blink asks, "There's a farmer's market? In the west?"

Xiija murmurs.

Snaek says, "Oh drink night too. So great to see these things that don't need staff involvement to be successful."

Wren squints at Kaiah.

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Rochiriel says to Snaek, "Yeah I can't even get tipsy."

Kaiah says to Wren, "It's kind of obvious when one person flails at another person for no reason."

Xiija says, "Props to blink for hostin HUnts, and Vis for the games."

Wren says to Kaiah, "I could share."

Kaiah says to Wren, "Depends on what you're sharing."

Xiija claps a hand to Rocieriel's mouth.

Visyn announces:

##:::::::'##.... ##:'##... ##: ##.....:: ##.... ##: ####:
##::::::: ##:::: ##: ##:::..:: ##::::::: ##:::: ##: ####:
##::::::: ##:::: ##:. ######:: ######::: ########::: ##::
##::::::: ##:::: ##::..... ##: ##...:::: ##.. ##::::..:::
##::::::: ##:::: ##:'##::: ##: ##::::::: ##::. ##::'####:
########:. #######::. ######:: ########: ##:::. ##: ####:

A thunderous round of 'boos' can be heard throughout the arena. Various pieces of rotten fruits and vegetables can be seen hurdling from the stands at Xiija.

Wren laughs.

Xiija cackles at Visyn.

Kaiah laughs.

Kaiah says, "That kills me every time."

Trystan laughs.

Blink says, "Oh no, not rotten fruit. That reminds me of the hangings."

Rochiriel smiles at Visyn.

Wren says to Blink, "Good times."

Blink chokes Wren.

Kaiah slaps Blink.

Snaek says, "Everyone contributes in their own way. It probably got overlooked due to my own failures, but the recent festival was an amazing amount of information submitted by Faran. I am excite about having it in the years to come."

Jaspar snickers.

Rochiriel gets an icy snowball.

Rochiriel whistles.

Xiija nods.

Xiija exclaims, "Loved it!"

Visyn says, "Yes. That was a buttload of work that she put in for that."

Kaiah says, "It's a shame I couldn't go for IC reasons, but it sounded fun."

Wren says, "Very nice festival. I enjoyed the snowball fights and the traditional dinner a lot."

Jaspar snickers.

Jaspar says, "Got lost in that snow maze for a few minutes."

Xiija says to Kaiah, "You need to RP a love potion... or sommin... that lets ya be nice for a day."

Xiija cackles.

Kaiah says to Xiija, "This is part of my charm, thank you."

Xiija smirks.

Visyn grins.

Snaek says, "It really was and it just didn't come across as intended an that's completely my fault. She turned in the plans with plenty of time but we just weren't prepared for that kind of player submission. By the time we were ready to roll, most of staff had already been told they were free to go for the holidays."

Rochiriel says, "I didn't go either thought the curiosity nearly got me."

Kaiah says, "I'm not about to break character now, I gotta keep the streak going."

Xiija says to Snaek, "I thought it was perfect."

Snaek smiles at Xiija.

Trystan asks, "There was a way out of that maze?"

Xiija grins at Trystan.

Jaspar says, "Indeed."

Wren says to Trystan, "I honestly feel like there wasn't. I kept missing it."

Jaspar grins.

Xiija says, "North west south north."

Xiija smirks.

Visyn says, "Tracking was very useful for finding the way out."

Snaek says, "I thought there was a portal if you doubled back in one of the rooms."

Wren says to Visyn, "You were my savior."

Wren says, "And Nikolas."

Xiija chuckles.

Jaspar says, "Yep."

Trystan says, "That means I officially suck."

Snaek says, "Fun stuff. It can only get better."

Jaspar takes a drink from a tin cup.

Snaek says to Trystan, "You're usually so good with directions."

Xiija says, "And Srew You! .. to alla you people with insane DR."

Xiija mutters.

Kaiah says, "Maybe next year I'll be playing a character that's more amiable."

Xiija curses snowballs.

Trystan says to Snaek, "After four or five reminders I get the hint."

Kaiah glances at Snaek.

Snaek snickers at Trystan.

Alexis says to Xiija, "Someone needs to level their combat more."

Xiija chuckles at Alexis.

Snaek says, "We're all learning as we go."

Trystan exclaims, "And thank you for the assist command that works in snow forts!"

Xiija chuckles.

Jaspar grins.

Xiija asks Derkin, "Plz say sommin so I know ya not Meder's alt?"

Xiija bats her eyes at Derkin.

Jaspar asks, "As one of the newbiest here to the game. What is current max level?"

Kaiah says, "100."

Kaiah says to Jaspar, "Enjoy the grind."

Jaspar says, "Whoah."

Kaiah pats Jaspar.

Xiija says to Jaspar, "And you get extra uses added on per lvl."

Trystan says, "I'm looking at 2018 myself."

Xiija smirks.

Bocon asks Snaek, "Is infect plague's success rate working as intended? Or is it bugged and giving me success messages and not hitting?"

Jaspar says, "Well that I have seen already."

Wren asks Bocon, "More importantly, has it been nerfed yet?"

Xiija flails her arms at Wren.

Wren squints at Xiija.

Xiija says, "Bocon's VD is legendary."

Trystan asks, "Why would it get nerfed?"

Bocon says to Wren, "It's only good in 1 instance in 1 game in pvp arena."

Snaek says to Bocon, "It's the actual plague and not the prayer that is the issue. The prayer is successful, but the disease doesn't take and doesn't show a resist. I think I've got a fix for it though."

Bocon nods.

Xiija applauds Snaek.

Bocon says to Snaek, "Thank you."

Wren nods no boc.

Wren shakes her head from side to side to Bocon.

Xiija says to Snaek, "The infection was hilarious tho."

Snaek nods his head up and down.

Jaspar asks Xiija, "Here I thought I was bad but is your front door a sewer grate?"

Bocon says, "Because right now, with the update to holy strike, casting plague isn't worth it witht he fail rates."

Jaspar chuckles.

Xiija flails her arms at Jaspar.

Snaek says, "The first time we experimented with a plague Bihi ran right to pearl and infected the entire town."

Xiija touches Bocon.

Xiija points at Trystan.

Xiija nods.

Bocon laughs.

Wren facepalms.

Blink says, "Oh yeah I remember that."

Austere says, "That was funny."

Xiija chuckles at Snaek.

Blink says, "The knight was pissed."

Trystan says, "We all thought he was making it up too."

Visyn chuckles.

Wren says, "Aerthanians."

Wren rolls her eyes.

Trystan nods.

Kaiah snorts.

Garaven departs from the world.

Snaek says, "He parked it in town and said we needed to get everyone out."

Kaiah says, "Usually I'd peg Pyresians for trying to do that."

Snaek flails his arms.

Xiija chuckles softly.

Alexis says to Wren, "Least we -have- a temple community."

Blink chuckles.

Xiija says, "Ooo."

Wren chortles at Snaek.

Austere says, "That's the I love about these games, we make something out of nothing and have some great laughs while doing it."

Kaiah says, "That's like someone with the Black Death running into a populated area yelling 'RUN AWAY THE PLAGUE'S HERE' and sneezing on everyone."

Kaiah says to Alexis, "We have community."

Xiija chuckles at Kaiah.

Wren says to Alexis, "Yeah, 'cause a group of derps is so much better than a small group of sensible people."

Alexis says to Kaiah, "You and Wren talking with sockpuppets on your arms don't coiunt."

Wren says to Alexis, "Keep them."

Xiija says to Kaiah, "You need more sacrif.."

Xiija coughs.

Trystan laughs.

Xiija says, "Nver mynd."

Kaiah says to Alexis, "Thankfully, there's other people around us to do the sock puppeting for us."

Kaiah asks, "Where is Seryth, anyway?"

Snaek says, "All jokes aside, we seem to be at our strongest when the temples come together. Even if it's just a couple of you it sparks good things for the game. We're happy to put those things on the calendar for you as often as you like."

Wren says to Kaiah, "Good question. I ought to whip that boy more often."

Wren listens to Snaek.

Kaiah nods to Wren.

Visyn ponders.

Kaiah says to Wren, "Requiem, too."

Xiija mutters religious council.

Xiija coughs.

Kaiah says to Alexis, "Point is, we don't need more people to be cool."

Kaiah pets Alexis.

Wren says to Kaiah, "Nah, he can bite back. Literally."

Trystan asks Snaek, "Any plans on adusting some of the values from turning?"

Snaek nods to Trystan.

Trystan asks Snaek, "As in up and not down?"

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek says, "Bit of both."

Trystan nods.

Snaek says, "You shouldn't be dusting as much as you are."

Xiija stares.

Blink says, "Aha."

Snaek says, "But the bottom end needs a lift too."

Blink says, "He is overpowered."

Kaiah asks Trystan, "You can hunt vampires, what the hell are you complaining about?"

Snaek says, "Priests in general."

Xiija says to Trystan, "Now ya gone n done it."

Trystan says, "It's a trade off if you make the other three effects better."

Blink says, "I did see a huge increase in our earnings after the priest update."

Xiija nods to Blink.

Trystan says to Kaiah, "I'm not complaining."

Xiija says to Blink, "We took 3 priests in.."

Xiija swoons.

Trystan gestures at Blink.

Kaiah says to Trystan, "It kind of sounds like you are. I'd love to trade you spots."

Blink says, "Well sometimes we have three. But it just seems up in general."

Blink says, "Lessers die very fast."

Xiija asks Snaek, "The Crowns higher lvl?"

Trystan says to Kaiah, "The effects are out of balance, that's all."

Snaek says to Xiija, "There's a hunting spot there that is higher level, yes."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Blink says, "I can't wait for giants."

Blink says, "Or giant gophers."

Snaek points at Blink.

Xiija grimaces.

Blink says to a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin, "Space gophers."

Alexis peers at a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin.

Blink says, "I mean giant space gophers."

Snaek says, "One spot in the crowns will be suitable for those who use parry as defense as well."

Jaspar says, "Skeletal gophers."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Kaiah beams at Snaek.

Snaek says, "Plus more mining."

Visyn asks, "Don't they have enough hunting areas already?"

Kaiah says, "So we'll be seeing everyone there who can defend against everything else."

Trystan says, "Vampire bats was a disappointment."

Visyn says, "I mean, the whole academy is for those parry users."

Xiija flails her arms at Trystan.

Snaek says, "We're trying to get them out of the academy."

Xiija claps a hand to Trystan's muth.

Xiija coughs.

Snaek says, "Apparently there's a boat issue."

Kaiah exclaims to Visyn, "Not sure what you're complaining about either, you got dodge!"

Kaiah says, "If you don't want to ride the boat, it ain't my problem."

Blink says, "It's higher end opponents they lack."

Visyn says, "I'm not complaining. I'm being a smartass."

Blink says, "Not opponents in general."

Rochiriel says to Snaek, "Thanks for doing such a good job I gotta go."

Kaiah says to Visyn, "I will bite you, too, sir."

Xiija hugs Rochiriel.

Snaek says to Rochiriel, "Thanks for staying up with us."

Blink says to Rochiriel, "Oh good. I can fly now."

Austere waves at Rochiriel with an eyestalk.

Xiija shivers at a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin over.

Xiija rolls her eyes.

Rochiriel says to Snaek, "You guys really do a good job here."

Seren smiles at Rochiriel.

Rochiriel smiles at Seren.

Xiija says, "When ever I do * shiver all over* .. it targets npc's."

Rochiriel asks Seren, "See you tomorrow?"

Xiija cackles.

Alexis exclaims to Xiija, "Get a blanket!"

Xiija cackles.

Seren says, "Yep."

Rochiriel leaves west.

Xiija shivers , all over.

Snaek says to Xiija, "I'll take a look at it. All is a tricky word."

Xiija nods.

Bocon asks, "Sneak Any chance we can exchange these tokens tonight?"

Snaek says to Xiija, "We're not used to being able to target all of anything."

Xiija points at Bocon.

Xiija grins at Snaek.

Snaek says, "I was going to exchange them at the end of the next games."

Xiija beams.

Snaek says, "Once you got a few more."

Bocon says, "I might not be there."

Blink says, "Oh you could get us a few more here. No one will tell."

Visyn says to Bocon, "Shutup and be there."

Bocon says, "I die first anyways."

Bocon snorts.

Xiija exclaims, "Saturday!"

Snaek says, "The catch is you have to redeem enough to level a skill."

Trystan chuckles.

Bocon says, "Sneak Done."

Kaiah says, "I may or may not make it."

Bocon says, "I always accounted for that."

Snaek nods.

Snaek says, "I wasn't sure if that was clear or not."

Xiija says to Bocon, "He will lvl your swimming."

Bocon says to Xiija, "Ill level your silence skill. Seems a bit low."

Xiija murmurs.

Snaek says to Bocon, "If you cant make the games leave an assist after that and I'll come find you."

Xiija asks Snaek, "Yo have to have enuff for a whole lvl?"

Bocon says to Snaek, "Thank you."

Trystan says to Xiija, "Or to finish off your level."

Snaek says to Xiija, "You need enough to bring a skill to 0."

Blink says, "I had no idea."

Xiija asks, "Can I give mine away?"

Xiija grunts.

Snaek says to Xiija, "You can save them and redeem them all at once."

Kaiah says to Xiija, "I'll take it."

Visyn says to Xiija, "Yeah, Kryger will take them."

Xiija chuckles.

Xiija says, "Ok done."

Xiija exclaims, "Timecheck!"

Xiija cackles.

Snaek says, "It's a great way to level the painful stuff you all mentioned earlier and it's a bonus for playing games you already enjoy. Save 'em up."

Jaspar says to Xiija, "Trade you some troll bones."

Xiija nods her head up and down to Jaspar.

Blink asks Snaek, "So, how are plans for ivory carving coming?"

Bocon says, "And Sylph carving."

Snaek says to Blink, "It's not likely to become its own skill."

Wren snaps her fingers.

Bocon smiles slightly.

Jaspar says, "You know. Ivory is just bone."

Blink says to Snaek, "I figured. I just wanted to see some higher end materials for bone carvers."

Visyn says, "It would make more sense if it were just bone carving."

Blink says, "Troll bone doesn't quite cut it yet."

Xiija rubs a blackened cursed vampire bone earring.

Xiija whistles.

Blink says, "So I'd like to hunt elephants or something."

Snaek says, "We want skills to be useful. We've gotten caught up in making cool stuff and sometimes you end up with a very narrow skillset that cant be expanded."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Seren says, "Take care everyone.. and thanks for haveing these."

Xiija hugs Seren.

Trystan waves at Seren.

Seren waves.

Seren leaves west.

Blink salutes seren.

Bocon waves.

Snaek says, "It really should be a scrimshaw skill that works on bone, troll bone, ivory, wyvernbone, and dragonbone."

Trystan asks Xiija, "You're not planning on leaving us, are you?"

Xiija mutters about east coasters.

Xiija shakes her head from side to side to Trystan.

Trystan grins at Xiija.

Blink says to Snaek, "It does say you are scrimshawing when you carve it."

Snaek says to Blink, "We tweaked it a bit when we added ivory."

Blink says, "Ah."

Xiija adjusts a tribal-scrimshawed bone septum piercing.

Snaek says, "I'd rather you be able to do more with a single skill than force you to work multiple skills."

Snaek says, "There's so many already."

Blink says, "Yeah, I'm glad. We're a small enough guild."

Snaek says, "And so many more to go."

Blink says, "Everyone wants to make armor or something."

Snaek nods to Blink.

Xiija says to Blink, "Or .. jewels."

Xiija flails her arms.

Snaek says, "The trade update will see tailoring and jewelry added back in."

Kaiah says, "Speak for yourself, man."

Kaiah chuckles.

Xiija asks Snaek, "Any word on the jewelry peddle yet?"

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Visyn furrows his brow at Xiija.

Blink says, "Oh there we go. I'll be the next Onaipe."

Snaek asks, "The custom order one?"

Xiija says to Blink, "I need fur panties plz."

Xiija smirks.

Blink chuckles.

Xiija nods her head up and down to Snaek.

Xiija asks, "Charlat?"

Snaek says, "Probably the 25th."

Xiija says, "Ok ty."

Alexis smacks Xiija.

Alexis says to Xiija, "No."

Xiija leans on Alexis.

Derkin asks, "Does pilfer have a cap for money?"

Xiija says to Alexis, "Its a tribal thyng."

Xiija beams at Derkin.

Alexis says, "It's a fashion disaster is what it is."

Xiija smirks at Alexis.

Snaek says, "Pilfer has a terrible cap that needs adjusting. It's very likely I'll slip that in with an unrelated update as I have a better grasp on those kinds of return values now."

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Kaiah says, "Just remember I bite fingers off."

Kaiah cracks her knuckles.

Derkin says, "5S were low so thx."

Blink says, "No, that's him."

Blink points at Geel.

Xiija searches Kaiah for a necklace.

Bocon says, "I've seen the trogs in the tower picked."

Bocon says, "I wonder how much they make from that."

Kaiah bites Xiija.

Xiija eeps.

Blink says to Bocon, "The vamps get picked too."

Snaek says, "Yeah it's pretty bad all over. the npcs linger too so the entire city is empty real quick."

Xiija exclaims, "Coin regen!"

Snaek says to Derkin, "Areas like the lighthouse are going to be designed for pilfering so that the npcs replenish."

Bocon says, "It's pretty infuriating to hunt and have the mob drop nothing."

Xiija bats her eyes at Snaek.

Derkin nods.

Kaiah asks Snaek, "Is there a way to have the NPCs 'reset' so thieves have better places to train than where adventurers hunt?"

Trystan asks, "Is a second 'pick' pocket an option?"

Xiija ponders.

Jaspar asks, "And or can the NPC's be killed off so they regen, without overly agressive guards hunting thieves down?"

Derkin says, "Thx I try not pick hunting places cuz ppl but cap was low so it can be slow."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Yes and no. More advanced hunting areas that are their own area reset when not visited for 30 minutes. A city like pearl or a place like the academy is one big area so it never resets."

Kaiah says, "Or maybe have one 'drop' coin stack and one 'pickpocket' coin stack."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Xiija points at Kaiah.

Snaek says, "We didn't learn that right away."

Trystan gestures at Kaiah.

Xiija asks, "Oo an Rp question?"

Xiija raises an eyebrow at Snaek.

Snaek listens.

Xiija asks, "What if .. someone.. picked a merchant at a peddle?"

Xiija stands up.

Xiija shuffles her feet.

Xiija sits down.

Snaek says to Xiija, "Roll the dice."

Visyn says to Xiija, "Do it and find out."

Trystan chuckles.

Xiija says, "Sweet ty."

Bocon laughs.

Jaspar grins.

Xiija says, "I did it in another game and got spanked by elders."

Xiija mutters.

Snaek says, "We'll play along accordingly. It all depends on you."

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Bocon says, "I don't really see it being hard to do. Since there's literally no way to stop someone from running away and hiding or revealing a disguise that I know of."

Xiija points at Visyn.

Xiija mutters.

Jaspar ponders.

Xiija curses trackers.

Blink says, "Oh well the knights have their ways."

Bocon says, "Pick, disguise yourself as someone else, profit."

Jaspar says, "Was there an answer to this...."

Jaspar asks, "And or can the NPC's be killed off so they regen, without overly agressive guards hunting thieves down?"

Visyn says to himself, "Only uses his tracking powers for good."

Snaek says, "Not many bother, but if you take a description of the thief to a knight marshal and it matches with something they've been given before, they'll alert the marshals and constables. That's when you start to see he law stat do its job."

Kaiah says to Jaspar, "You build up a crime stat over time by doing that, I believe."

Wren nods to Kaiah.

Jaspar says, "Aha."

Xiija asks Kaiah, "I cant find out what mine is tho?"

Xiija blushes.

Wren says, "Thieves aren't really supposed to be the killing type, either. not to the point of murdering everyone they steal from."

Jaspar says, "True."

Trystan asks, "Why not?"

Snaek says, "Guards will give you questionable looks, harass you, demand you pay a fine, turn yourself in, or even try to kill you if you become an outlaw."

Jaspar says, "Self preservation."

Trystan says, "No witnesses."

Xiija says to Snaek, "Ty."

Bocon says, "How does that work with diguise race though."

Wren says to Trystan, "If there are witnesses, then they're shitty thieves."

Jaspar says, "A point."

Jaspar laughs.

Xiija chuckles at Wren.

Trystan says to Wren, "Which is why they're dead."

Snaek says to Bocon, "I think it accounts for disguise."

Bocon says to Trystan, "Can't catch them though."

Kaiah says, "Disguises don't work against knights, sadly."

Trystan nods to Bocon.

Xiija raises an eyebrow at Kaiah.

Jaspar says, "Need to hire an assasin to kill a townie so they regen to be picked."

Jaspar snickers.

Kaiah says, "So I could disguise myself as someone else, kill someone, and the guards will still know it's mee."

Xiija winces.

Kaiah says, "Even when I'm undisguised."

Bocon says, "I'd just like to see something put in place to make it so running away wasn't so easy."

Xiija asks, "Nut will tracking still find you?"

Xiija raises an eyebrow at Kaiah.

Snaek says, "Oh. Yeah that's tricky."

Wren says to Bocon, "I know the feeling."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "You could disguise and pay the fine too."

Kaiah says, "Tracking also tracks us through our disguises."

Kaiah says, "Yeah, but the point of disguise is to avoid fines."

Kaiah says, "Or jail."

Kaiah says, "Or stocks, or hanging."

Bocon says, "You can track, but you can't pull anyone out of hiding."

Snaek says, "Call it a bribe to not be questioned further on the streets in front of your friends."

Kaiah says to Bocon, "Also false, you need a mage friend."

Xiija asks, "Guards only in cities true?"

Visyn says to Kaiah, "I never track anyone that's not on the who list."

Snaek says, "There are bounty hunters outside the city if you gain outlaw status."

Bocon asks Kaiah, "So you need a tracker and a mage and someone else in order to even attack a thief?"

Wren squints at Visyn.

Xiija flails her arms at Snaek.

Kaiah asks Snaek, "But what's the point of disguise if it doesn't protect my undisguised self from NPC guards?"

Bocon says, "Seems legit."

Kaiah says to Bocon, "Just a mage."

Kaiah says, "And a tracker."

Blink leans on Visyn.

Wren says to Kaiah, "Ugh, yeah."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "I didn't say it was perfect. These are known issues we certainly want to address."

Bocon says to Kaiah, "You can just move."

Kaiah says, "You could get away with just a mage, but you'd be using that reveal in every room."

Xiija asks Kaiah, "Got to have a foil to being Uber?"

Kaiah says to Xiija, "Except I'm not uber."

Xiija cackles.

Kaiah says, "All foil, no uber."

Snaek says, "We've done a lot for disguise. There's still work to be done."

Trystan says to Bocon, "Sounds like we need a 5 man team for this."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Kaiah asks, "All glass, no cannon, see the pattern?"

Derkin says, "It's fun."

Xiija says to Kaiah, "Soooon."

Alexis says to Kaiah, "Have we tried gating to hidden people? I can't remember if I landed on you when you were hidden."

Kaiah says, "I'm a naturally skeptical person."

Wren says to Alexis, "You can. It happened to me."

Kaiah says to Alexis, "You can."

Wren says, "I was not happy."

Xiija asks, "You can?"

Xiija stares.

Kaiah says, "You can."

Alexis says, "Well there you go. If they're outside, you just need a mage."

Malvyr returns.

Xiija says, "Owch."

Xiija salutes to Malvyr.

Jaspar grins at Malvyr.

Malvyr swishes his tail.

Austere says to Kaiah, "For the automated side of it, it takes a lot to get the guards on your ass. You'll know early enough if there is an issue."

Blink says, "Unless they hide indoors or Academy."

Bocon says, "PvP just seems rather pointless right now IC. It's just too easy to run away and hide."

Austere says, "Of course this rate changes upon witnesses, accusations, etc."

Kaiah says, "Oh, I know of issues. It took months for the guards to leave me alone."

Bocon says, "Unless they are sleeping."

Kaiah nods to Bocon.

Xiija asks, "Is rum village immune?"

Kaiah says to Bocon, "I chased someone around the temple of itzal for hours one night. Half the time was trying to goad him out of hiding."

Blink says, "The rum village just declared intenependence."

Kaiah says, "I would love a way to pull hiders out of hiding with some kind of bomb."

Trystan says, "That doesn't sound like fun."

Xiija nods to Blink.

Snaek says to Bocon, "You've got to want to fight it out. That falls back to combat though. THere's skills that are pointless to implement without the appropriate combat system to match."

Kaiah says to Trystan, "Yeah, I did it for over four hours."

Derkin says, "Isnt fun to just get attacked."

Derkin shrugs.

Trystan raises an eyebrow at Kaiah.

Derkin says, "I'm that someone if wanna talk about me can talk to me."

Malvyr laughs.

Xiija cackles at Derkin.

Xiija says to Derkin, "I need to hire him.."

Xiija flails her arms.

Kaiah asks Derkin, "Well, good thing we're all here and OOC huh?"

Trystan says to Kaiah, "That sounds like less fun."

Jaspar chuckles.

Bocon says to Snaek, "I agree. I'm hoping to see something like binds and paralysis poison or something to keep people from casually strolling off."

Alexis says, "She's not talking about you, she's talking about not being able to get someone out of your temple because you can't pull someone out of hiding without a mage."

Kaiah says to Trystan, "It's rough when you have to get up at 3 in the morning the next day for work."

Xiija says, "Lets not get carried away with the anti flyin stuff."

Xiija grits her teeth.

Kaiah nods to Alexis.

Trystan chuckles at Kaiah.

Kaiah points at Alexis.

Kaiah says to Alexis, "Thank you."

Snaek asks Bocon, "We recently upgraded blindside and um, what's the fighter one?"

Blink grins at Xiija.

Snaek says, "Warrior one. Gah."

Bocon says, "It's hard for me to believe someone can hide while they are suffering from the plague."

Bocon asks, "Pummel?"

Kaiah says, "Pummel."

Snaek says, "Yes."

Malvyr says, "I just got that."

Malvyr asks, "How does it work?"

Xiija says to Bocon, "Does pustules pulsing reveal?."

Snaek says, "From those you'll unlock some binding abilities."

Kaiah says to Malvyr, "You use it outside combat."

Kaiah says, "So it's like an opener."

Jaspar asks Bocon, "What? you dont think you could hide if you had the flu?"

Bocon says to Xiija, "I don;t know."

Visyn leaves west.

Xiija points to the arena.

Malvyr says to Kaiah, "Thats cool."

Snaek says to Geel, "I know you've been waiting to hogtie someone."

Bocon says to Jaspar, "You haven't seen plague yet huh."

Jaspar chuckles.

Geel says to Snaek, "And Decap."

Kaiah says to Derkin, "And for the record, Salus wasn't 'just attacked,' there was plenty of build up and he had chances."

Jaspar says to Bocon, "Um, no."

Jaspar smiles.

Kaiah says to Malvyr, "Once you start combat, though, you can't use it."

Bocon inflicts an festering plague at Xiija.
Xiija resists the attack.

Kaiah says, "Out of combat ability only."

Snaek says, "I think pummel was upgraded after the last round of games, so maybe we'll learn more Saturday."

Xiija stands up.

Bocon inflicts an festering plague at Xiija.
Xiija resists the attack.

Trystan chuckles at Xiija.

Bocon inflicts an festering plague at Xiija.
Protective winds surrounding Alexis fail to take shape.

Xiija cringes in pain as her body breaks out in sores.

Kaiah flails her arms.

Alexis snaps her fingers.

Xiija's body erupts with painful oozing sores.

Trystan prays to Aerthane to lift the sickness from Xiija.
Xiija manages to fight off the plague.
Trystan cures the diseases in Xiija.

Xiija says, "Cant hide in combat."

Bocon asks, "Does that look like the flu?"

Jaspar laughs.

Xiija sits down.

Derkin says to Kaiah, "Came into room a bunch an just attacked before even talkin not so fun, for the record."

Bocon prays to Pyrous to cure a disease, but his request goes unanswered.

Xiija hugs Derkin.

Derkin pets Xiija.

Kaiah says to Derkin, "We did plenty of talking leading up to it."

Wren sighs at Derkin.

Trystan snaps his fingers.

Bocon prays to Pyrous, tracing a protective outline around himself.

Kaiah says to Derkin, "It's less fun getting shit on by the templemate you just tried to help. You took an action, you get a consequence."

Wren says to Derkin, "There's only so much time for talk, and talk is cheap my friend."

Trystan raises an eyebrow.

Bocon asks Snaek, "Is disease ward supposed to be self only?"

Snaek says to Bocon, "I believe so."

Kaiah says, "I think I totally missed an answer to a question."

Trystan says, "I thought that was a strange limit."

Xiija says, "I liked the rp... was fun.. from my standpoint."

Bocon says, "That's kind of messed up."

Snaek says to Bocon, "You protect yourself so you can cure others."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Blink says to Snaek, "He doesn't want to cure anyone. He's out of control."

Wren says, "Might be a tad OP if priests can start throwing all kinds of wards on everyone."

Bocon laughs.

Xiija chuckles at Blink.

Kaiah exclaims, "You can ward or you can heal!"

Xiija nods to Wren.

Bocon says to Wren, "Well, OP when we're the only updated class is kinda moot."

Derkin says to Kaiah, "Your pc threatened mine an so he reacted as he did. action, consequence."

Derkin nods to Kaiah.

Trystan asks Wren, "A tad?"

Snaek says to Derkin, "There's limitations to combat and limitations to what a player can do when something is taken from them. Everyone stayed the course and RPed it out and dealt with the situation as it was presented."

Wren says to Trystan, "Just a teensy bit."

Kaiah says to Derkin, "There's a big difference between a warning and a threat. It's not my PC's fault yours reacted the wrong way. Deal with the consequences."

Alexis invokes a teleportation ward upon Xiija.

Trystan chuckles at Wren.

Derkin nods to Snaek.

Alexis gives Xiija a thumbs-up.

Kaiah says, "Those are the consequences we are left with due to everyone's participation."

Wren says to Bocon, "I take future updates into consideration as well."

Snaek says to Derkin, "It was great from our perspective to see someone take that chance."

Malvyr takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Xiija flails her arms at Alexis.

Trystan says, "I see the self ward as being just as OP as being able to put on someone else."

Xiija applauds Derkin.

Derkin says to Snaek, "Yah I didnt care bout what happened it's all ic just didnt like being brought up here so spoke up."

Bocon says to Wren, "That's hard to do when no one know what anyone is going to get though."

Kaiah says to Derkin, "Well, we're here to talk about the game. Now's your chance."

Snaek nods to Derkin.

Snaek says to Derkin, "It's all good. It sounded like choices were made and everyone dealt with the consequences ICly."

Wren says to Derkin, "You were only brought up because the running and hiding mechanic was brought up. It's a very easy and abusable means of avoiding combat in the game. No one's pinning anything on you, that's just a fact and a fault of current mechanics."

Derkin nods to Snaek.

Jaspar nods to Wren.

Blink says, "What's important here is the flock is reunited."

Kryger arrives from the east.

Xiija chuckles.

Blink gets a large plush multi-colored thunderbird from a silver-buckled leather satchel.

Blink gets a large plush electric-blue and gold cotton thunderbird from a silver-buckled leather satchel.

Snaek grins at Blink.

Xiija salutes to Kryger.

Kryger waves.

Snaek waves at Kryger.

Derkin says to Wren, "Dont have to use names to talk bout problems, easy fix."

Snaek opens a small adventurer's sack.

Kaiah says, "Well, in a small game like this, we all know who's who."

Jaspar chuckles.

Kaiah snorts.

Derkin says to Blink, "Happy you got the bird back."

Xiija says to Kaiah, "Says you."

Xiija cackles.

Trystan chuckles.

Wren says to Derkin, "Names can be nixed yeah, but it was just an example. No offense or spite meant."

Kryger leaves east.

Kaiah says to Xiija, "Don't even try to deny it."

Blink says to Derkin, "Kiriath did emergency surgery."

Derkin nods to Wren.

Kaiah says, "We all know who's involved in what."

Alexis says to Wren, "And by anyone, not just stealth classes. I could go hide in the tower and you're shit outta luck unless you get a mage (not of your temple) or a staffmember to boot me out."

Alexis says, "Which is silly."

Jaspar says, "I dont."

Jaspar grins.

Kaiah says to Jaspar, "You're new, it'll come soon enough."

Jaspar chuckles.

Malvyr asks Snaek, "So when wyverns become playable we'll start to see some long range communication being implemented?"

Derkin says to Blink, "Cool! the first beak is still somehwere for future."

Trystan says, "Please please."

Malvyr's head glows.

Wren says to Alexis, "Yep."

Snaek nods to Malvyr.

Jaspar stares at Malvyr.

Xiija shrieks.

Malvyr listens to Snaek.

Xiija says, "Do me do me."

Xiija flails her arms at Malvyr.

Trystan glances at Xiija.

Xiija glances at Trystan.

Wren says, "I think the long range communication would be for wyverns only."

Xiija murmurs.

Snaek says, "I don't know if we can accomplish the type of esp some of you are familiar with."

Kaiah says, "I think people just need to go walking aroud the game a little."

Malvyr snaps his fingers.

Blink says, "Well any kind of message sending would be great, even if slow."

Kaiah says, "I don't know how I can find most of you but not the other way around."

Alexis says, "Carrier pigeons."

Snaek says to Malvyr, "It's still in the works though. The wyverns ability to do it is going to open doors for us to try other stuff."

Trystan says, "Smoke signals."

Xiija says, "Town crier."

Trystan says, "Drums."

Malvyr says to Alexis, "Carrier seaguls."

Blink says, "Mirrors."

Kaiah says, "Flares and mirrors."

Blink points .

Jaspar ducks.

Trystan says, "Flags from a tower."

Blink says, "Oh yeah, we will all become semiphore experts."

Snaek says, "Smoke signals have been considered."

Malvyr says, "A long string with two cans at the ends."

Trystan says, "Drums are common, but that would be annoying."

Blink grins.

Kryger arrives from the south.

Jaspar says, "Psy potion."

Wren chortles at Malvyr.

Trystan asks, "Why the hesitation to use telepathy?"

Meder says, "I'm off for the evening, it was great hearing from everyone."

Bocon waves.

Jaspar smiles at Meder.

Jaspar waves.

Meder waves.

Blink salutes.

Meder vanishes with a puff of red smoke.

Malvyr swishes his tail.

Blink says, "Poof."

Alexis says, "Annoying birds that shriek and nest in your hair while waiting for you to write a return message."

Austere laughs.

Xiija says, "IF(ESP) if(getSubString msg == 'contact') tell (target,message)."

Xiija coughs.

Blink says, "Sounds good to Blink."

Trystan says to Alexis, "I'd learn to live with that."

Malvyr smirks.

Kaiah says to Alexis, "I hear pigeon might taste like chicken."

Wren wrinkles her nose.

Trystan exclaims, "Ooohhhh, double purpose pigeons!"

Snaek says, "We'll come up with a way. The focus has been on wyverns form of communicating. That bit of code can be carried over to use in other forms."

Austere says, "It all tastes like snake anyway."

Xiija smirks at Austere.

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Austere says, "And yes, I started typing snaek."

Trystan chuckles at Austere.

Bocon chuckles.

Jaspar laughs.

Austere says, "I'm scarred for life."

Xiija chuckles.

Trystan says to Austere, "I was going to commend you."

Austere mutters at Snaek.

Wren pats Austere.

Xiija gives Kryger a golden skilluse token.

Xiija gives Kryger a golden skilluse token (x20).

Xiija whistles.

Kaiah says, "Well folks, it's time for me to gtfo. Thanks for the talk, staff."

Malvyr says to Xiija, "Sharing is caring."

Kaiah stands up.

Wren leans on Kaiah.

Xiija hugs Kaiah.

Jaspar waves at Kaiah.

Kaiah pets Xiija.

Blink salutes.

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Re: 01/07/15 Coffee With Creators

Post by Austere » Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:29 am

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Thanks for all the questions."

Wren says to Kaiah, "I'll see YOU later."

Malvyr waves at Kaiah.

Kaiah leans on Wren.

Kaiah winks at Wren.

Wren winks at Kaiah.

Wren says to Kaiah, "Aw yeh."

Jaspar grins.

Austere says to Kaiah, "See ya."

Kaiah says to Snaek, "Sure thing. You should let me know when I can Stealth."

Alexis says to Kaiah, "I forsee... sneak training."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Hang tough until March. Then you'll see combat related changes that make you feel important again."

Kaiah says to Austere, "Hah, I get it. Cause you're a Beholder."

Xiija exclaims to Kaiah, "Crafting!"

Snaek says to Kaiah, "I promise you'll know when you unlock it."

Kaiah asks Snaek, "You mean I was important before?"

Xiija howls.

Kaiah grumbles at Snaek.

Snaek hums at Kaiah.

Kaiah says, "I just want the bang to go along with the glass."

Xiija flails her arms at Snaek.

Kaiah says to Snaek, "Then you can get a noose."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Deal."

Kaiah nods.

Wren rolls her eyes at Kaiah.

Kaiah says to Snaek, "Don't forget the other part of that deal."

Wren smacks Kaiah.

Snaek says, "Already did."

Malvyr laughs.

Trystan says, "March 2016."

Kaiah says to Snaek, "I need two heads in my duffel bag before I put that noose on."

Xiija says, "No boinking the Chaneleon."

Kaiah says to Wren, "DON'T HIT ME."

Snaek says, "Mine and Austere's. Got it."

Bocon says to Xiija, "Don't be jealous."

Jaspar chuckles.

Wren says to Kaiah, "Don't tempt fate 'cause you wanna go out like a badass."

Alexis smacks Kaiah.

Xiija grins at Trystan.

Kaiah says, "I was thinking more Ydeliah and Emalya, but sure, I'll take yours too."

Austere exclaims, "I won't have any of me left!"

Wren blinks at Xiija.

Kaiah removes Wren from her group.

Wren says to Xiija, "Not sure she swings that way."

Kaiah blinks at Wren.

Blink says, "Ydeliah got reassigned. She's a meter maid now."

Xiija asks Snaek, "No way to diagnose non grouped people?"

Snaek nods to Blink.

Kaiah says to Blink, "Then no one will notice."

Kaiah says, "Perfect."

Snaek asks Xiija, "Look at them?"

Xiija asks, "Dont show their afflictions?"

Blink says, "Look is hard."

Trystan asks, "Something easier?"

Blink says, "I've tried it."

Snaek says, "I'll see. I know what you have in mind but I'm not sure it can be recreated just the same."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Xiija hugs Snaek.

Kryger asks Snaek, "Is it possible to add the diagnose message to the colorset command?"

Trystan says, "An unnamed scout almost died one evening because an unnamed priest couldn't see his health with the screen roll."

Xiija says, "She has an aura of Aerthane.;."

Xiija says to herself, "Is in perfect health."

Snaek ponders.

Xiija says, "She has an aura of Aerthane.;."

Xiija says to herself, "Is in perfect health."

Xiija rolls her eyes.

Snaek says to Kryger, "Not sure I follow."

Malvyr says to Xiija, "One more time."

Xiija chuckles at Trystan.

Xiija pokes Malvyr.

Malvyr grunts.

Malvyr winces.

Jaspar ponders.

Snaek asks, "Colored the same as health is?"

Trystan follows Xiija.

Xiija stands up.

Trystan stops following Xiija.

Xiija follows Snaek.

Xiija cackles.

Kryger asks Snaek, "Sorry, the ability to set a color for the output of the diag command. Is that worded better?"

Xiija asks Kryger, "Triggers?"

Trystan follows Blink.

Trystan stops following Blink.

Jaspar asks, "I don't think I have noticed anyone's character looking at any of my characters. When you look at someone do they get a message that you are doing so?"

Bocon asks, "Potatoes?"

Xiija shakes her head from side to side to Jaspar.

Snaek says to Jaspar, "We went a different route for that."

Wren says to Jaspar, "Nope. Be a creeper all you want, no one will notice."

Jaspar chuckles.

Kryger says to Xiija, "Yes, of course but the colorset command exists in game without the use of triggers."

Blink peers at Wren.

Xiija howls about pervs.

Blink pets some cobalt-framed round bifocal glass spectacles.

Xiija nods her head up and down to Kryger.

Snaek says to Kryger, "It may be possible. I'll have to think about that one. There's different outcomes involved so it may be beter to match it with the colors you'd see in the health command or looking at someone."

Kryger nods to Snaek.

Blink asks, "How about some physical symptoms that betray that a person is near death in the actual world?"

Snaek says, "Last call for questions."

Snaek says to Blink, "Good idea."

Xiija asks Snaek, "Are you getting any sleep?"

Xiija hums at Snaek.

Jaspar grins.

Trystan says, "So to recap, priests will be nerfed, the islands won't be connected and telepathy isn't really going to be telepathy."

Xiija chuckles at Trystan.

Kryger gets a large freshly-painted wooden sign from a small adventurer's sack.

Kryger gets some blood-spattered dark grey wool trousers from a small adventurer's sack.

Kryger wields a large freshly-painted wooden sign.

Snaek says to Xiija, "For me the stress of the holidays are behind me. I have a solid month of no distractions outside of work. I plan to accomplish a lot."

Xiija says to Trystan, "Academy revamp, server moove, Crafting."

Blink asks, "Any new crafts going in with the trade update?"

Snaek says, "I'll sleep in March."

Xiija hugs Snaek.

Kryger grins at Snaek.

Xiija cackles.

Jaspar says to Snaek, "Keep up the good work. I missed DGate for a long time and I am enjoying SI."

Xiija asks Jaspar, "Who were you?"

Trystan says to Xiija, "So nothing concerning this particular toon."

Xiija chuckles at Trystan.

Jaspar says, "Several but most notably I was Jurix the Hithual."

Trystan winks at Xiija.

Xiija salutes to Jaspar.

Austere says to Snaek, "You can't sleep in March, you have the stealthy update to do then."

Snaek says to Blink, "Tailoring, jewelry, cobbling, leather armor, steel armor."

Xiija smirks at Austere.

Trystan says, "Thanks for all the effort."

Kryger says to Jaspar, "You know, you are not obligated to answer her prying questions."

Trystan points at staff.

Kryger squints at Xiija.

Jaspar says, "Aye. but it doesn't matter."

Blink says to Snaek, "Don't forget insect armor."

Xiija pinches Kryger.

Malvyr asks Snaek, "Are there plans to make religion more interactive?"

Blink says, "I was hoping the bone carvers would get that."

Xiija asks Malvyr, "Favors?"

Snaek says, "Thanks everyone for being patient. I know a lot of you came from dgate and are looking for a new home. We're getting there slowly but surely."

Bocon says, "I'd be down for thoraxium crafting."

Xiija says to Snaek, "I'm McLuvin it."

Jaspar says, "If someone didn't liked or didn't like my RP in DGate that is up to them. either way I plan to grow and improve my rp."

Bocon chokes Xiija.

Trystan chuckles at Xiija.

Xiija cackles.

Jaspar coughs.

Jaspar says, "Did or didn't."

Snaek says, "Leather and steel will be the deciding factors on if/when we expand."

Snaek says, "If they go over well, you'll see thoraxium and blacksteel unlocked."

Xiija says, "Chitin is So 2014."

Xiija cackles.

Bocon says, "I'm gonna make jewlery."

Trystan says, "Goodnight all."

Bocon says, "Night."

Xiija says to Trystan, "Nyte."

Blink salutes.

Xiija flails her arms at Bocon.

Jaspar grins.

Jaspar waves at Trystan.

Blink says, "Goodnight Prelate."

Xiija says to Malvyr, "I need more gems."

Trystan says to Snaek, "And thanks for letting me run an OP class if just for a little while."

Xiija smirks at Trystan.

Bocon chokes Trystan.

Snaek says to Jaspar, "We try not to get caught up in all that. Fresh start for everyone here."

Kryger says to Jaspar, "Well, we don't play the same characters that we did in that game and I'd like to think that most of us have grown up and matured a lot since then."

Bocon says, "We're not OP."

Xiija says, "Go dust while ya can."

Jaspar chuckles.

Xiija grins at Trystan.

Jaspar says, "I suppose."

Bocon says, "Well, dusting is."

Snaek says to Trystan, "Thanks for all the feedback on it that will ultimately lead to your downfall."

Bocon snickers.

Trystan says, "Okay, thanks for letting Trystan be OP for just a little while."

Wren says to Trystan, "Later dude."

Xiija cackles at Snaek.

Jaspar says, "I'll keep my other Dgate identities secret then."

Trystan nods to Snaek.

Bocon says to Trystan, "Join the club of nerfing everything."

Trystan says, "More coming, btw."

Xiija beams.

Jaspar says, "This isn't likely to be the final/main character I choose here anyway."

Blink nerfs Trystan!

Xiija exclaims to Jaspar, "Gargoyle!"

Snaek says, "Oh and distilling."

Jaspar says, "This is the first one I rolled up."

Trystan asks, "Oh... can we get Blythe a board account to send PM's to?"

Xiija cackles at Blink.

Snaek says, "Forgot about that."

Jaspar smiles.

Bocon exclaims to Jaspar, "Sylph!"

Jaspar chuckles at Bocon.

Bocon grins.

Xiija shrieks at Bocon.

Malvyr says, "More gargoyle, seriously whats up."

Snaek says, "I expect to see everyone take to the hills to make their own moonshine."

Jaspar laughs.

Bocon chuckles.

Xiija says to Malvyr, "Gargoyles are OP."

Trystan says, "Already done."

Blink says, "Oh sweet. We brew at drink night."

Xiija smirks at Snaek.

Trystan says, "It's the greenhouse I want."

Malvyr asks Xiija, "Are they?"

Trystan waves.

Trystan leaves west.

Xiija nods her head up and down to Malvyr.

Xiija grins try.

Snaek says, "Zykiel doesn't have an account on purpose. use the ATC scribe for any merchant and it will get slowly routed."

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek says, "We're big on realism."

Snaek fidgets.

Blink says, "Vis just flash your pin."

Xiija grunts.

Blink says, "Oh he isn't here."

Kryger says, "Distilling should be awesome."

Xiija says, "Drunk dwarves."

Xiija rolls her eyes.

Blink says to Kryger, "Just flash your pin."

Snaek says, "Should be fun."

Malvyr asks Kryger, "You think gargoyles are OP?"

Xiija nods her head up and down to Malvyr.

Kryger furrows his brow at Malvyr.

Xiija asks, "Fly and carry?"

Xiija swoons.

Blink says, "Gargoyles have a poor strength mod for their size."

Snaek says, "Oh, carry. I am narrowing in on the bug that is causing you to go over your limits."

Bocon says, "They have to potential to be, dependong on if flight is going to avoid melee hits or not."

Xiija asks Snaek, "I ... can go ... over?"

Xiija stares.

Jaspar says, "Didn't know we could."

Blink says to Snaek, "Oh yeah. It was meat mostly."

Jaspar laughs.

Trystan arrives from the west.

Snaek says, "But it wont be until the server is switched. I'm not doing any code updates during this time."

Trystan pokes Xiija.

Xiija cackles.

Blink says to Snaek, "Oh good. I can carry all the the meat I want meantime."

Jaspar says to Malvyr, "You need to set a new record before that update."

Jaspar grins.

Snaek says to Blink, "It's 2015. you can carry whatever meat you want."

Malvyr grins.

Malvyr asks, "What is the carry record?"

Blink points at Geel.

Trystan raises an eyebrow at Xiija.

Xiija nods to Trystan.

Snaek points at Geel.

Kryger says to Malvyr, "Honestly, I don't pick a race for the mechanical advantages."

Xiija cackles.

Wren blinks at Trystan.

Snaek says, "We might make Geel an actual unit of measurement."

Xiija snickers.

Malvyr says to Kryger, "Me too, thats why im curious as to why there arnt more gargoyles."

Blink grins.

Trystan says, "I just wanted to remind everybody that we have in IC courier system that works quickly if you remember to check it."

Malvyr asks Geel, "How much can you carry?"

Geel says to Malvyr, "A lot."

Xiija says to Trystan, "Would be nice if it messaged you on incomming mail."

Malvyr smirks.

Wren says to Trystan, "Nah, you just couldn't keep away from me for long."

Jaspar chuckles.

Xiija cackles.

Trystan says to Xiija, "Get'm.. I gotta take off."

Malvyr says to Geel, "More than me? I can carry a bunch."

Trystan waves again.

Kryger says to Malvyr, "They're all stuck up on top of buildings, forever."

Xiija howls.

Trystan leaves west.

Geel says to Malvyr, "I can carry 1 Geel."

Wren whistles.

Xiija says to Malvyr, "I have an alt can carry 1500."

Snaek chortles.

Xiija whistles.

Malvyr whistles at Xiija.

Wren says to Xiija, "That's kind of absurd."

Xiija nods her head up and down to Wren.

Jaspar chuckles.

Wren says, "Beast races, man. All the pros and virtually none of the cons."

Snaek says, "Thanks to Geel we have to make everything weigh at least 2 Geels just so it isn't pushed through town."

Blink says to Wren, "Well it's all relative. I can carry 220 and I weight 98 pounds."

Xiija nods her head up and down to Wren.

Jaspar laughs.

Xiija chuckles at Snaek.

Kryger chuckles at Snaek.

Geel says to Snaek, "Yeah imagine my surprise."

Wren says to Blink, "I'm all for realism, but fairness and balance have to be taken into consideration too."

Xiija exclaims to Blink, "Beat ya!"

Blink says to Wren, "Eventually there'll be things like magic mods for weaker races."

Xiija hums.

Snaek says, "We'll be playing the balance game for many years to come."

Xiija asks, "Years?"

Jaspar departs from the world.

Xiija flails her arms.

Blink says to Wren, "You will always be a boring Human though."

Blink says to Wren, "Right in the middle."

Alexis flexes at Blink.

Snaek says to Xiija, "We've made plans to secure the game's future FOREVER."

Xiija howls at Snaek.

Alexis says to Blink, "I carry about as much as you after my hundred pounds of gear and trinkets and supplies."

Snaek says to Xiija, "Austere has given up meat just to live longer to operate it."

Xiija praises forthought.

Snaek says, "And at some point I'll upload my mind to the game."

Wren says to Blink, "As someone who's usually never a human in games and roleplays, I actually like being one in SI."

Xiija says, "There is a praise command alla yous."

Xiija cackles.

Austere says to Xiija, "It's so true."

Xiija beams.

Wren says to Blink, "Also I was thinking enchanted bags for smaller races to carry more."

Xiija whistles at Wren.

Snaek says, "There's still room for one humanoid race down the line."

Xiija says to Wren, "I take it back, your ass is fine."

Xiija cackles.

Wren says, "Meant to put that up on the forums at some point, but."

Wren laughs at Xiija.

Xiija says to Snaek, "Hithuals."

Xiija cackles.

Blink asks, "I've seen those in games. I'm not sure it's needed though with long term plans. I'd be afraid it'd weigh against us later you know?"

Wren says to Snaek, "Centaurs."

Wren stares at Blink.

Wren asks Blink, "Are you making a Visyn?"

Kryger furrows his brow.

Blink asks Wren, "Making a Visyn?"

Snaek says, "We want another option to humans and vukasin that can be everything."

Xiija asks, "Alasamorph?"

Wren glances at Kryger.

Xiija whistles.

Malvyr asks Snaek, "How about another flyer race, human sized?"

Wren says to Blink, "I guess that joke sailed over your head."

Xiija grunts at Malvyr.

Blink glances up.

Blink says, "3 Gargoyles now."

Blink says, "They are taking over from Humans and Elves."

Xiija says to Malvyr, "Start a gargoyle gang.. the flight."

Xiija nods her head up and down to Malvyr.

Nikliox arrives from the south.

Malvyr says, "Spreadin the gosiple."

Xiija salutes to Nikliox.

Nikliox salutes to Xiija.

Xiija grins at Malvyr.

Kryger narrows his eyes.

Xiija blinks out of existence.

Xiija departs from the world.

Shokanju returns.

Shokanju cackles.

Shokanju flexes.

Malvyr exclaims, "I'm bringin' gargoyle back!"

Shokanju launches into the air with a powerful downward thrust of his wings.

Blink chuckles.

Shokanju exclaims, "Uber!"

Shokanju curses in Gargoyle.

Malvyr grins.

Blink says to a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin, "Flying creatures. We are all doomed."

Shokanju follows Snaek.

Blink says, "I mean giant flying creatures."

Shokanju nods his head up and down to Blink.

Malvyr waggles his eyebrows.

Snaek says to Malvyr, "To answer your earlier question, once we move the game I can move the website (all at the same time since it's tied to the domain). The website update will really help with the gaps in religious lore."

Shokanju furls his wings.

Nikliox says, "Just thought I'd see what all the hype was about."

Nikliox flexes.

Shokanju says, "I can furl and stay aloft."

Shokanju beams.

Nikliox twitches his tail.

Shokanju unfurls his wings.

Derkin says, "Thx for meeting."

Shokanju twitches his tail.

Snaek says, "Only on ground level. if you furl in the sky you'll fall."

Snaek says to Derkin, "Thanks for the feedback."

Shokanju asks, "Im flying?"

Shokanju launches into the air with a powerful downward thrust of his wings.

Shokanju says, "Er."

Shokanju furls his wings.

Malvyr laughs.

Malvyr launches into the air with a powerful downward thrust of his wings.

Shokanju says, "No msg.. gotcha."

Derkin leaves south.

Blink says, "Can you gate to a flier? People keep trying to get me to try that."

Shokanju launches into the air with a powerful downward thrust of his wings.

Snaek says, "I dont think you can gate to the sky."

Shokanju furls his wings.

Blink grins.

Snaek says, "Which is unfortunate."

Snaek says, "The splats are missed."

Kryger asks Snaek, "The website will continue to be run on the same server as the game?"

Nikliox laughs.

Shokanju departs from the world.

Xiija returns.

Nikliox says, "That would be funny."

Xiija murmurs.

Snaek says to Kryger, "I'm not sure. The smart move would be to split them up but I am moving everything to the new server so that no one else can be the cause of us crashing but us."

Alexis says, "I tried to catch Xiija with a gate while she was flying, no luck."

Xiija nods.

Xiija says, "No skky gates."

Kryger nods to Snaek.

Alexis says, "I'm not sure if that changes if they're flying in a ground cell, not up in the air."

Blink says to Alexis, "We'll just have to tie her up in the wind tunnel."

Xiija says to Alexis, "Only in air rooms."

Xiija flails her arms at Blink.

Snaek says, "Email is separate so you can always contact us, and facebook continues to be a good way to relate info when all else fails."

Xiija asks Snaek, "FB contact?"

Xiija asks, "You hire someone?"

Kryger says to Snaek, "It's hard to ask that important question though when the game crashes. 'Is the game down or is it just me?'."

Snaek nods to Kryger.

Xiija asks Kryger, "Go to the old Isles site?"

Blink says, "Yeah I used to wonder if I broke the game by depositing gophers."

Xiija asks, "Or the dgate one?"

Snaek says to Kryger, "I'll set up something for that situation."

Malvyr asks Xiija, "There is an old site?"

Kryger says to Xiija, "Neither of those games exist anymore."

Xiija nods her head up and down to Malvyr.

Snaek says, "We have multiple domains. shatteredisles.net could be used for something like that."

Xiija says to Kryger, "The boards are up."

Malvyr listens to Xiija.

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Nikliox says, "I recall a post dgate game......forget the name."

Xiija points at Snaek.

Nikliox shrugs.

Snaek says, "There is only Shattered Isles."

Snaek nods firmly.

Nikliox grins.

Nikliox says, "Agreed."

Blink says, "There can be only one."

Xiija grins.

Malvyr howls at Blink 1.

Malvyr draws a ruby-hilted engraved blacksteel officer's sword from a long gold-riveted leather sheath.

Xiija howls do I talk?

Snaek says, "MUD wars are pretty rough. Be glad you are exposed to the hostile takeovers."

Xiija chuckles.

Bocon chuckles.

Nikliox raises his hand.

Xiija follows Snaek.

Xiija whistles.

Nikliox says, "With an eyebrow."

Nikliox fidgets.

Nikliox grins.

Malvyr says to Xiija, "Becareful you might wind up someplace strange."

Xiija grimaces.

Snaek says, "Alright that's all I got. Can't thank you all enough for giving us a reason to keep at it."

Xiija exclaims to Malvyr, "Im goin to the staff lounge!"

Xiija smirks.

Nikliox says, "Thanks for this. I love the info."

Austere says, "I'm out of tea."

Bocon says, "Honestly, I;ve tried out every MUD in the top 30."

Xiija asks Austere, "Earl grey hot?"

Snaek says, "Let's all push to get our friends back in next month so we can build some momentum."

Xiija grins at Bocon.

Bocon says, "They are all like clones of one another."

Nikliox asks Bocon, "And?"

Nikliox nods.

The light in the area dims momentarily as Valse emerges from a nearby shadow.

Bocon says, "It's all the same format and it's boring."

Valse shrieks.

Austere says to Xiija, "Constant Comment black tea."

Xiija grunts at Valse.

Snaek beams at Bocon.

Valse gets spooked by something and quickly retreats into the dark, vanishing from sight!

Xiija grunts at Austere.

Snaek says to Bocon, "If we're different it's only because we're making it up as we go."

Malvyr sheathes a ruby-hilted engraved blacksteel officer's sword in a long gold-riveted leather sheath.

Xiija says to Austere, "Get some lapsang Suchong."

Blink says, "Yeah I've seen the clone muds. It is weird how so many are the same."

Austere says, "I literally only drink one type."

Nikliox says to Snaek, "'And you are now doing your own coding, from what you said."

Xiija winces.

Bocon says, "It's all like the same code and stuff."

Blink says, "Same code stock I guess."

Wren says, "I tried a couple out of curiosity and they all felt.. weird."

Xiija nods her head up and down to Wren.

Snaek nods to Nikliox.

Xiija exclaims, "No RP!"

Malvyr nods his head up and down to Wren.

Nikliox says, "Night all."

Malvyr says to Xiija, "None."

Xiija salutes to Nikliox.

Nikliox salutes.

Malvyr swishes his tail.

Nikliox twitches his tail.

Bocon says, "The only other game that's kind of nice, was Dragon Realms, but they want 15 bucks a month sub to play."

Xiija shivers.

Nikliox departs from the world.

Snaek says, "You can boot up a stock codebase fairly easily and make some minor .ini changes to make it your own. We've been gutting the codebase this entire time and rebuilding it from within."

Wren says, "There was almost no character customization, the combat felt overly complex for a newbie, and the layout of the text and everything just looked so odd to me."

Xiija says to Snaek, "I IM'd the coffeemud guy."

Xiija cackles.

Snaek says to Xiija, "I know."

Xiija shrieks.

Bocon says, "Yeah, DR is super complicated too."

Snaek says to Xiija, "I think it lead to a possible fix for bank boxes though."

Xiija beams.

Xiija hums at Snaek.

Snaek says to Xiija, "I've got the code for it. I just need to understand it."

Xiija says to Snaek, "I was gonna code it for ya."

Xiija cackles.

Austere says to Xiija, "It wasn't his fault, I'm the one with all the eyes."

Xiija grins at Austere.

Bocon laughs.

Bocon asks, "Are pets ever going to be a thing?"

Xiija pets Bocon.

Xiija nods her head up and down to Bocon.

Xiija cackles.

Bocon chokes Xiija.

Snaek says, "Problem is we broke off from coffeemud many versions ago. It's not an easy upgrade to pull anything from the current version and make it work with our pretty much custom build at this point."

Blink shows a large plush multi-colored thunderbird to Bocon.

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Xiija takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Xiija attempts to launch into flight, but stumbles and falls down.
Xiija curses in Sylvan.

Xiija stands up.

Xiija attempts to launch into flight, but stumbles and falls down.
Xiija curses in Sylvan.

Xiija stands up.

Xiija launches into the air with a powerful downward thrust of her wings.

Xiija fans her multicolored wings swiftly, hovering...

Xiija murmurs.

Snaek says, "Alright, back to work for me."

Xiija waves.

Malvyr waves.

Xiija says, "Tahnks again."

Kryger salutes to Snaek.

Austere says, "Me too."

Kryger salutes to Austere.

Bocon waves.

Blink says, "Good night everyone."

Bocon says, "Night all."

Xiija says, "Nyte all."

Xiija howls at Snaek.

Xiija says to Snaek, "The platinum coins!. 1000 uses."

Xiija stares.

Blink takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Snaek says, "Oh."

Snaek says to Bocon, "Yes there will be pets. There's just a duplicating issue right now."

Snaek says, "For starters we're going to sell house pets."

Xiija howls at Snaek.

Wren says, "Yay."

Xiija asks Snaek, "Not sypves?"

Xiija says, "Slyves."

Blink says, "Sweet."

Xiija coughs.

Snaek says to Xiija, "We hadn't planned to sell sylves but I'm open to it."

Blink says, "Oh perfect. A slaver merchant."

Snaek shackles Xiija and orders her to follow.

Wren chortles.

Snaek attempts to remove Xiija's shackles.
Xiija is released from the shackles.

Xiija grimaces.

Xiija beams.

Xiija cackles.

Kryger smirks.

Xiija curses Chaneleons.

Snaek says to Geel, "Thanks for staying so late. I'm impressed."

Alexis asks, "Someone say pet sylphs?"

Austere says to Snaek, "You folks smell good."

Alexis says, "Er, sylves."

Xiija grits her teeth at Alexis.

Geel says to Snaek, "Well to be fair I slept through most of it."

Xiija sniffs Geel.

Geel grins at Snaek.

Snaek shakes hands and kisses babies on the way out.

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek exclaims to Geel, "Me too!"

Geel chuckles.

Snaek exclaims, "This concludes my automated script. Goodnight!"

Xiija howls.

Xiija applauds.

Austere chuckles.

Blink cheers.

Austere says, "I leveled Creatoring with his script."

Bocon claps.

Xiija chuckles at Austere.

Austere waves.

Xiija waves.

Blink salutes.

Bocon salutes.

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