09/30/15 Coffee With Creators

Information on previously held discussions between staff and players covering anything from Race and Religion to future updates to the game.
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09/30/15 Coffee With Creators

Post by Austere » Thu Oct 01, 2015 3:02 am

[OOC Convention Center, Lobby.]

Patrons of the convention dressed in costumes of their favorite superheroes and villains take a moment to pose for pictures. A woman revealing a lot of skin along with another in a suit of latex seem to be drawing the most attention from photographers. A gaggle of stormtroopers gather in the corner, feeling neglected. Beverages of all kinds are for sale from dozens of vendors. Each vendor has set up a small booth with a small sign displaying their outrageous prices, but none of the available drinks are cold. You notice a chrome-tubed high tech espresso machine, a chrome serving tray, and an oblong tin trough.

Also here: an overweight spider-man, a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin, Eabo the Goblin, and Honest Snaek the Chameleon

Obvious Exits: west, east, south, and north.

A swirling sand storm blows in out of nowhere. As the sand dissipates Saphira stands before you.

Xiija flies in from the west.

Xiija hums.

Eabo says to Saphira, "Thanks for the info."

Snaek flails his arms at Xiija.

Snaek says to Xiija, "You move too much."

Xiija cackles at Snaek.

Xiija exclaims, "Adn too fast!"

Xiija exclaims, "Be ryte back!"

Xiija cackles.

A blinding burst of light flashes throughout the area and the air pressure suddenly drops. As the light fades, Austere the Beholder is floating before you.

Xiija flails her arms at Austere.

Xiija flies west.

Aruskin arrives from the west.

Snaek waves to Aruskin.

Aruskin smiles at Snaek.

Austere says, "Welcome."

Seren arrives from the west.

Austere says, "Welcome."

Seren says, "Hello."

Snaek waves to Seren.

Saphira exclaims, "Now I'm here!"

Seren smiles at Snaek.

Snaek asks Seren, "Have you noticed the newer recipes?"

Garaven arrives from the west.
Rochiriel arrives from the west.

Flynt arrives in from the west.

Seren says, "Yes ive made most of them."

Snaek chuckles.

Seren says, "Thank you."

Flynt grins.

Flynt sits down.

Snaek says to Seren, "You influenced most of them."

Garaven glances arouhnd.

Garaven asks, "Still no seating?"

Garaven sighs.

Eroan arrives from the south.

Seren says, "The city of pearl was an influnce."

Snaek says to Garaven, "We stand in a line instead for a celebrity that never shows."

Austere says to Garaven, "There is seating, you sit on your character with a mug in your hand."

Garaven scoffs.

Austere asks Snaek, "Oh, that's THIS Coffee With Creators?"

Austere nods to Snaek.

Xiija flies in from the west.

Xiija flails her arms.

Garaven sits down.

Snaek says to Austere, "That's what the 'back in 5' sign says."

Rochiriel sits down.

Eabo sits down.

Austere says, "These were the doors you were looking for."

Garaven gets a cup of coffee from a chrome serving tray.

Snaek grins.

Garaven takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Yiri arrives from the west.

Snaek waves to Yiri.

Flynt chuckles.

Yiri waves.

Xiija howls at Yiri.

Garaven says, "They let anybody in here, I see."

Rochiriel asks Yiri, "Long time no see eh?"

Yiri flails his arms.

Rochiriel beams at Yiri.

Garaven chuckles.

Yiri says, "I need to get out more."

Yiri snickers.

Xiija says to Yiri, "What the hell?! .. no purple bandana/."

Rochiriel nods her head up and down.

Xiija stares.

Yiri slaps his forehead.

Yiri says to Xiija, "Just my lackys."

Xiija gives a black cotton bandana to Yiri.

Xiija gestures at Snaek.

Yiri chortles.

Xiija cackles.

Yiri opens a tattered and stained canvas backpack.

Snaek says to Xiija, "A rival gang Yiri needed out of the way."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Wren arrives from the south.

Wren pants.

Xiija cackles at Wren.

A powerful voice rings out across the lands, "There will be an open discussion on the future tonight at 9 GT in the OOC Convention center. Bring your eyes, ears, and fingers."

Eabo greets Yiri.

Wren leans on Yiri.

Saphira fans her wings.

Yiri cackles.

Geel arrives from the south.

Yiri says, "Perfect, a discussion about the future."

Xiija spits at Geel in greeting.

Wren waves to Geel.

Saphira swishes her tail.

Glitter flies in from the west.

Kaiya arrives from the west.

Geel says, "Hi all."

Yiri says, "And who better to attend than I, the Goblin who holds Pearl in his hand."

Geel waves.

Xiija grins at Glitter.

Kaiya waves.

Yiri holds out his palm and swiftly closes it.

Garaven smirks.

Rochiriel says to Geel, "Hello."

Xiija exclaims, "Emporer Yiri the first!"

Xiija salutes to Yiri.

Flynt says to Yiri, "Well, some might say your future involves a rope."

Flynt chuckles.

Yiri salutes.

Geel asks Saphira, "Spinx eh?"

Geel chuckles.

Geel sits down.

Trystan arrives from the west.

Xiija howls at Trystan.

It is nighttime.

Trystan grins at Xiija.

Saphira fans her wings.

Xiija says to Trystan, "Saw the ghost."

Xiija grunts.

Trystan asks, "Which one?"

Xiija says, "Kiri."

Wren leans on Trystan.

Trystan leans on Wren.

Flynt glances at Trystan.

Flynt smiles.

Trystan says to Xiija, "Yah, I've heard she's been around."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Trystan asks Wren, "What have I missed?"

Snaek says, "Welcome everyone. I'll spare you the cheesy future opening lines."

Austere says to Trystan, "Garaven had a typo in a say earlier."

Austere gestures at Garaven.

Trystan applauds Garaven.

Garaven rolls his eyes.

Wren says to Trystan, "I'm wondering that too. Just got in a minute ago."

Garaven says to Austere, "Hush you."

Austere asks, "Or was it an emote?"

Austere says, "We haven't started yet."

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek says, "Haven't missed anything. We dont start on time. You know that."

Garaven says to Austere, "Your eyes must be paying tricks on you. All of them."

Trystan says, "It's a trademark."

Xiija listens for the damned bell.

Rochiriel says to Kaiya, "Haven't seen you in a bit."

Kaiya says, "I was racing to get back from grocery shopping but then figured it'd start late anyway."

Snaek says to Xiija, "We are out of its range."

Kaiya twiddlees her thumbs.

Flynt chuckles at Xiija.

Xiija cackles.

Kaiya says to Rochiriel, "Yeah, been a bit busy."

Snaek grins at Kaiya.

Rochiriel scoffs at Kaiya.

The damn bell rings for Xiija.

Xiija laughs.

Flynt snickers.

Kaiya sticks her tongue out at Rochiriel.

Rochiriel leans on Kaiya.

Kaiya pets Rochiriel.

Rochiriel purrs.

[OOC Convention Center, Lobby.]

Patrons of the convention dressed in costumes of their favorite superheroes and villains take a moment to pose for pictures. A woman revealing a lot of skin along with another in a suit of latex seem to be drawing the most attention from photographers. A gaggle of stormtroopers gather in the corner, feeling neglected. Beverages of all kinds are for sale from dozens of vendors. Each vendor has set up a small booth with a small sign displaying their outrageous prices, but none of the available drinks are cold. You notice a chrome-tubed high tech espresso machine, a chrome serving tray, and an oblong tin trough.

Also here: an overweight spider-man, a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin, Eabo the Goblin (seated), Honest Snaek the Chameleon, Austere the Beholder, Aruskin the Avardi, Seren the Avardi, Ra'daji Garaven the Verdani (seated), Emissary Rochiriel the Verdani (seated), Flynt the Sylph (seated), Eroan the Nydine, Xiija the Sylph (flying), Yiri the Goblin, Wren the Human, Geel the Gavial (seated), Glitter the Sylph (flying), Kaiya the Avardi, Saphira the Sphinx, and Trystan the Human

Obvious Exits: west, east, south, and north.

Kaiya says, "To be clear, my groceries are still laying on my dining room floor."

Xiija chuckles at Kaiya.

Trystan chuckles.

Rochiriel says to Kaiya, "I never get to use that command."

Kaiya asks Rochiriel, "Leaning or petting?"

Xiija exclaims, "Put away the milk at least!"

Rochiriel purrs.

Rochiriel says, "Purring."

Kaiya exclaims, "Oh!"

Garaven pets Rochiriel.

Rochiriel says, "Verdani don't purr."

Xiija snickers.

Kaiya smacks Garaven's hand away.

Trystan says to Wren, "We're just in time for the cheese afterall."

Wren beams at Trystan.

Rochiriel pokes Garaven.

Snaek says to Rochiriel, "Everyone purrs."

Garaven says to Trystan, "There is always cheese."

Xiija murmurs to Snaek in Sylvan.

Rochiriel says to Snaek, "Verdani are better than everyone so they don't purr."

Rochiriel laughs.

Snaek says, "They are the best at it."

Garaven chuckles.

Xiija snorts disdainfully.

Trystan says to Snaek, "It must take a better partner."

Snaek nods to Trystan.

Rochiriel scoffs.

Snaek says, "Gotta have a reason to purr I guess."

Trystan says to Snaek, "Yup."

Xiija purrs a greeting in Leuian.

Snaek says, "Alright alright. Thank you all for coming, and for caring about the game and its future. Truly."

Xiija ducks.

Snaek launches into the air with a powerful downward thrust of his wings.

Snaek pokes Xiija.

Snaek dives out of the air and lands safely.

Xiija cackles.

Austere says, "Truth be told, the coffee at my place isn't ready yet."

Kaiya says, "I'm drinking beer instead."

Garaven asks, "Guess we need to wait longer?"

Garaven sighs.

Snaek gets a bottle of warm beer from an oblong tin trough.

Xiija gets a bottle of warm beer from an oblong tin trough.

Austere exclaims, "Welcome to tonight's Canadian Club With Creators!"

Saphira exclaims, "My freakin coffee pot died last night!!"

Xiija chuckles at Austere.

Saphira flails her tail.

Snaek snickers at Austere.

Austere says, "Or Cognac."

Xiija dives out of the air and lands safely.

Xiija flitters her multicolored wings softly before folding them closed...

Xiija comforts Saphira.

Xiija furls her wings gently.

Saphira says, "Got a new one now so...."

Snaek says, "Before I dig in, you may have noiced the Sphinx in the room..."

Saphira fans her wings.

Saphira swishes her tail.

Xiija stares at Saphira.

Trystan points at Saphira.

Saphira bares her claws at Xiija.

Garaven asks, "That like the elephant in the room?"

Yiri pokes Saphira's nose.

Snaek says, "Now Saphira is all seeing and all knowing, and powerful beyond measure. Tread carefully."

Xiija rubs Saphira for luck!

Austere asks Saphira, "Can I get a selfie with you?"

Saphira pokes Trystan.

Geel says, "Just so long as she doesnt ask any riddles."

Xiija chuckles at Austere.

Austere says, "It will make Blink so jelly."

Saphira says to Geel, "Be ready for them."

Trystan grins at Saphira.

Snaek grins at Geel.

Trystan says to Saphira, "So basically, nothing new."

Geel says, "Always."

Snaek says to Trystan, "Overdue recognition."

Saphira bows.

Trystan applauds Saphira.

Snaek says, "Because of Saphira and Pahzrael, Austere and I have been able to focus on moving the game forward in ways outside of the IC world."

Snaek says, "As some of you may know, we go to a convention each labor day called DragonCon, and this year as we were discussing how far the game as come (did you know we didn't have player accounts at one point?) we came to a startling realization."

Wren listens to Snaek.

Snaek says, "Based on our current workload and the schedule we have laid out ahead of us, we can condifently tell you all that we will be officially releasing the game to the public in September of 2016."

Xiija snorts.

Saphira exclaims, "Typo!"

Kaiya claps.

Saphira points at Snaek.

Saphira exclaims to Trystan, "Get him!"

Snaek says, "I turned my spell check off, don't judge me."

Trystan tilts his head to Snaek.

Trystan says, "He gets a pass."

Flynt says to Trystan, "Suckup."

Flynt snickers.

Saphira applauds.

Trystan says to Flynt, "Oh yah."

Flynt laughs.

Snaek says to Xiija, "That's what blew us away at Dcon. It wasn't just a soon. We've been tracking our tasks with greater efficiency and everything falls in line, even with room for error, that we can hit that mark."

Snaek says, "And I'm going to lay that all out for you tonight."

Xiija exclaims to Snaek, "Gratz!"

Pahzrael asks Snaek, "Does this mean I gotta do work now?"

Snaek nods pahz.

Pahzrael snickers.

Garaven glances.

Austere says, "I think this is the 1st time we've had a public opening date."

Xiija says, "Pah hmm."

Snaek says, "9/17/16 To be exact."

Xiija says, "Pahz come out so I can log your look-at."

Trystan says to Xiija, "Stalker."

Xiija cackles.

The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame, comes whiffling through the tulgey wood, burbling as it comes!

Snaek mutters at Pahzrael.

Xiija says to Pahzrael, "Thenkyew."

Pahzrael cackles.

Austere says to Xiija, "We will be posting a log of tonight's meeting."

Xiija beams.

Rochiriel asks, "The game isn't public now?"

Garaven asks, "Semi-public?"

Austere says to Rochiriel, "Not in the sense that we're doing footwork."

Snaek says to Rochiriel, "It is, but we've long since been off the traditional track of alpha, beta, or opened and closed."

Rochiriel says to Snaek, "Oh ok."

Snaek says, "We've been an evolving world. Nothing more or less."

Snaek says, "And everyone here has helped shape it."

Kaiya asks, "Potentially dumb question: when did the game begin?"

Saphira says to Kaiya, "At the beginning."

Snaek glances at Austere.

Kaiya stares at Saphira.

Austere whistles and sighs.

Snaek says, "With a bang."

Saphira shrugs.

Snaek says, "Our anniversary date falls during Labor Day each year."

Trystan says, "Updates go back to January 2012."

Kaiya says, "I mean what year did it become public."

Austere says, "We started work on SI in 2008."

Austere says to Trystan, "January 4th."

Kaiya says, "Oh wow."

Trystan chuckles at Austere.

Austere says, "That was our Alpha opening, I imagine."

Snaek nods to Austere.

Austere says, "In 2012."

Kaiya nods.

Austere says, "Sept. 2013 was our beta."

Snaek says, "September 2008 is when we first foolishly started this journey."

Kaiya grins.

Snaek says, "Sometime after we started beta, we ditched the term beta and went our own direction."

Pahzrael asks, "Gamma release?"

Kaiya says, "Alright, sorry for distracting."

Austere says, "The Academy was written by the start of 2012, Pearl opened 1.5 years later."

Snaek says, "I know it has been frustrating at times without having firm guidelines in place, but you've been helping us create those over those years."

Xiija beams.

Snaek says, "That's the other thing we've come to realize. We have a true sense of how each race, religion, and class should operate."

Austere says, "Tested and approved."

Yiri ponders.

Snaek says, "It's taken a lot of trial an error, a lot of player feedback, and really a lot of changes to reach that point."

Austere says, "And still changing some."

Snaek nods to Austere.

Snaek says, "That's the first glimpse into the future I want to explain."

Pahzrael says, "We still are working on nerfing the goblins."

Kaiya grins.

Yiri stares.

Xiija glances at Yiri.

Eabo groans.

Pahzrael stares.

Flynt raises an eyebrow.

Yiri exclaims, "If anything we need buffs!"

Yiri flails his arms.

Snaek says, "Most of the time when we make a change or introduce something new, we strive to explain this in ways that make sense to your character."

Xiija exclaims to Yiri, "You killed a Geel !"

Yiri gloats.

Austere says to Yiri, "So more muscular goblins, check."

Snaek says, "To achieve our deadline and have the world ready for new blood, we're asking you to accept some changes that have come about as a result of your experiences with the game."

Snaek says, "A prime example is opening up the thief class to other religions."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Snaek says, "This is something we realized after the fact, and the players have supported it."

Wren cheers.

Snaek says, "It's better for the game in the long run to open this class up to other religions."

Kaiya nods her head up and down.

Snaek says, "Changes like this are directly a result of the playerbase. We wouldn't have come to this realization without you."

Garaven says, "Wonder if I should change my class to thief."

Xiija attempts to pickpocket Pahzrael
The attempt is a success! Xiija gets 120,000 Duobloons!

Garaven ponders.

Rochiriel laughs.

Flynt chuckles.

Pahzrael says to Xiija, "Your typo is showing."

Xiija pouts.

Pahzrael snickers.

Wren asks Garaven, "Wouldn't Rochiriel be appalled?"

Snaek says, "Changes like this will require a bit of acceptance on the part of your characters, and I know that's asking a lot for an IC world."

Austere says to Xiija, "Totally legal move."

Xiija grins.

Yiri attempts to pick Pahzrael's pocket.

Yiri snaps his fingers.

Kaiya says, "Thankfully I'm so new that changes aren't going to bother me too much."

Kaiya twiddlees her thumbs.

Pahzrael gives 1 doubloon to Yiri.

Snaek says, "But if we're going to grow, we need to go ahead and make them now before we invite the rest of the world in."

Wren says to Snaek, "I'm pretty relieved, to be honest. Having them be tied to one temple every time was frustrating."

Yiri beams at Pahzrael.

Xiija chuckles at Pahzrael.

Rochiriel says to Wren, "I don't know she's pretty snobish."

Aruskin asks Snaek, "Great, so what are the rest of these changes?"

Kaiya says to Wren, "Yeah, now other temples get to deal with their f**k ups."

Wren exclaims to Kaiya, "Exactly!"

Kaiya grins.

Snaek says to Wren, "Most things we do in this game just can't be understood until we put it in the hands of the players."

Xiija exclaims to Wren, "Every Itzalite is under suspicion!"

Wren nods to Snaek.

Garaven says to Wren, "I already stole her heart."

Wren hisses at Xiija.

Garaven bats his eyes at Rochiriel.

Wren says to Garaven, "I can't decide if I want to laugh or groan."

Pahzrael gags.

Trystan says to Wren, "Go with groan."

Garaven chuckles.

Snaek says, "Not every change will be so drastic, but you should all be aware that you may be asked to tweak a small portion of your character's knowledge for the greater good."

Wren says to Trystan, "Good call."

A short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien arrives from the west.

Trystan says to Wren, "And you'll never be trusted, no matter what he says."

Xiija asks, "Will class changes be allowed for current characters?"

Snaek says, "You'll all be given advanced notice and a chance to discuss your RP with staff before we go public so any adjustments needed can be made."

Wren says to Trystan, "Well that's a given. Been the situation for a year at least."

Wren tickles Trystan.

Pahzrael says to Xiija, "Better have a damn good reason for it."

Xiija grunts.

Snaek says to Xiija, "Possibly, we will revisit that closer to the release date."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "Obviously we're going to make exceptions for all of you that have been so instrumental in developing the world of SI."

Rochiriel says to Geel, "Garaven will go from head of temple to SI's most wanted overnight."

Xiija chuckles.

Yiri says to Rochiriel, "Good luck."

Xiija smirks.

Rochiriel laughs.

Garaven smirks.

Yiri leans on Rochiriel.

Geel says to Rochiriel, "I will happly rat him out."

Yiri flails his arms at Geel.

Snaek says, "The biggest changes you'll probably notice are how each religion and race are written. We're giving you the defining characteristics you've been asking for, and it's all largely influenced on how you've RPed over the years."

Austere says to Rochiriel, "By then the government will be run by Yiri, so it won't matter."

Garaven asks, "So does this mean the other islands will open up by then too?"

Wren grins at Yiri.

Xiija points at Garaven.

Snaek says, "We pull notes straight from the RP we witness between you all and weave it into our own written history."

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Snaek says to Garaven, "That's a good question and next on my list."

Snaek says, "We recently hit the 7000 room mark."

Rochiriel asks Geel, "Try not to get his blood on my floor ok?"

Garaven whistles.

Snaek says, "This includes areas on NAI that are being written."

Snaek says, "And doesn't yet count the sky above those areas."

Geel says to Rochiriel, "We will grind his bones to make your bread."

Trystan asks, "What's the open room count?"

Rochiriel says to Geel, "I knew I could count on you."

Geel says to Rochiriel, "For a small fee, always."

Garaven takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Snaek says to Trystan, "I dont have those numbers with me, but likely between 4-5k maybe as much as 6 but I doubt it."

Xiija exclaims, "Hard to believe there are so many!"

Eabo asks, "NAI?"

Trystan says, "So 40% are still closed."

Kaiya says, "New Archai Island."

Snaek says, "What we know is the tasks laid out before us has us completing the entirety of NAI from top to bottom by the release date."

Eabo says, "Thanks."

Pahzrael says to Xiija, "Figured you already founnd a way to sneak into them all by now."

Xiija says to Pahzrael, "Shh."

Snaek chuckles at Pahzrael.

Xiija winks.

Pahzrael swishes its tail.

Xiija opens a portal to the Batcave!

Austere whistles innocently.

The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame, comes whiffling through the tulgey wood, burbling as it comes!

Saphira says, "A lot of the island has been laid out to ensure areas meet up where they should."

Xiija nods to Saphira.

Gargamel the barkeep says, "You can't afford to buy a glass of cheap wine." to Pahzrael.

Pahzrael snaps its fingers.

Snaek says, "Based on these projections, our current population at its maximum interest couldn't support a world beyond NAI. In order to open the other isles, we need to grw the playerbase."

Wren points at Snaek.

Snaek says, "Grow."

Kaiya nods to Snaek.

Austere says to Gargamel the barkeep, "Don't get testy."

Xiija comforts Snaek.

Trystan asks Saphira, "We're not counting, are we?"

Snaek says to Trystan, "A log will be submitted to you before it is posted."

Kaiya says, "I've been wanting to bring over a bunch of people from my old game, but I've been a bit selfish in wanting SI to myself for a bit."

Wren gapes at Kaiya.

Snaek grins at Kaiya.

Kaiya twiddlees her thumbs.

Snaek says to Kaiya, "I can tell you I am the same way."

Kaiya says, "Plus, they may bring the bitches I hate. Don't want that."

Snaek says, "And I know asking you to wait a year is more than I should be asking."

Xiija says, "WOW?"

Snaek says, "Know that we will be playing all our cards for this opening."

Garaven asks Snaek, "Make it with free stat raises?"

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek says, "Stat raising door buster prizes."

Gargamel the barkeep exclaims, "Smurfs!"

Wren says, "I'll take stat raises."

Pahzrael rolls its eyes at Gargamel the barkeep.

Kaiya peers at Gargamel the barkeep.

Wren fidgets.

Snaek says, "I know it's discouraging to not get to go to your character's home isles, so we're working on a compromise to have in place by the opening date."

Garaven listens to Snaek.

Snaek says, "I should have said this earlier, but there may be some spoilers here tonight."

Pahzrael asks, "This is the work part, right?"

Xiija grins.

Snaek says, "Most likely things you already assume, but there's your warning."

Kaiya says, "I'm completely fine with spoilers."

Snaek says, "The other isles are not going to risk the plague spreading, so the only access they are going to allow is to their harbors, with further travel inland blocked."

Xiija says, "Nice."

Garaven asks, "Kinda like how NAI opened, right? Little at a time?"

Snaek nods to Garaven.

Austere says, "It can be woven into the Role Play that way."

Snaek says, "It will allow for travel and shopping on your home isles, but anything beyond that is going to need a larger player base to support it."

Xiija says, "Coolbeans :)."

Snaek smiles at Xiija.

Xiija grins at Snaek softly, winking..

Kaiya asks, "Are there certain numbers you're looking for in order to open them?"

Snaek says, "A chance to show a bit more culture for each religion."

Pahzrael says, "At least a thousand."

Saphira says, "42."

Saphira says, "The answer to everything."

Xiija chuckles at Saphira.

Snaek says to Kaiya, "Not specifically, but we need to see each religion form a group that can support itself without direct staff assistance."

Kaiya nods to Snaek.

Xiija asks, "6 Religions, minmum 7 members.... 42?"

Xiija stares at Saphira.

Snaek says, "We aren't going to open the isles up separately. THey will all have their wards lifted at the same time."

Snaek says to Xiija, "It fits."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Kaiya says, "Oh that kinda sucks if no one wants to be an Astraevan or something."

Garaven says, "We will have to sacrifice a few aerthanians for that to work."

Rochiriel asks Garaven, "And the problem is?"

Trystan says, "Jealous."

Aruskin says, "Maybe the other temples should just catch up."

Garaven says to Rochiriel, "None at all."

Yiri says, "I volunteer to religion change myself to Astraevan."

Rochiriel asks Flynt, "Swatter?"

Rochiriel asks, "A fly swatter?"

Snaek snickers at Yiri.

Rochiriel glances at Xiija.

Flynt exclaims to Rochiriel, "Where!"

Flynt ducks.

Xiija cackles.

Snaek says to Yiri, "Biggest turn around story ever."

Trystan grins.

Aruskin asks, "By the way, has any thought been given to a protocol for changing religion?"

Snaek says, "From outlaw to knight marshal."

Rochiriel says to Flynt, "My fly word was too close to my say."

Snaek says to Aruskin, "There's ways to go about it."

Yiri says, "I've seen the light."

Yiri asks Wren, "Have you heard the good news?"

Flynt nods slowly while keeping an eye out for fly swatters.

Snaek says, "We'll do it for a new player if they right away realize their mistake, or we'll do it with enough RP to support the change."

Aruskin says to Snaek, "It might help if there were some published guidelines on that sort of thing."

Snaek says to Aruskin, "That brings us to the website, which has also been factored into that timeline."

Xiija says, "That WAS the guideline."

Wren asks Yiri, "Which?"

Rochiriel asks Aruskin, "How do you publish guidelines on turning your back on your god/godess or origin?"

Yiri asks Wren, "About our lord and savior, Astravea?"

Xiija chuckles.

Wren squints at Yiri.

Snaek says, "Like I've said, a lot of stuff we've had to learn on the fly. Rules and guidelines can't always be known until the situation comes up."

Snaek says, "And with such a creative bunch, we are constantly challenged."

Aruskin says to Rochiriel, "I'm just talking about some guidance and indication of what is expected, and what to expect."

Trystan says to Rochiriel, "I'm against it anyway."

Trystan says, "Turn your back on your God and die."

Xiija says to Trystan, "I almost went Itzalite."

Xiija ducks.

Trystan chuckles at Xiija.

Geel asks Xiija, "Almost?"

Geel tilts his head to the side.

Aruskin says to Trystan, "That makes more sense for the closed races than the open ones, like Human."

Eroan asks, "I was kinda wondering something tangental to this. Is religious conversion something that actually happens in the setting and can be reasonably worked into a background?"

Xiija cackles at Geel.

Geel grins.

Flynt snickers.

Snaek says, "The website is becoming a wealth of information, but it's a task that is worked on outside of the othe game work and has no official deadline other than by 9/17/2016."

Rochiriel says to Xiija, "You are an itzalite in an Aerthane body."

Trystan says to Eroan, "It's already been done, so yes."

Xiija nods to Eroan.

Eroan says, "Neato."

Xiija chuckles at Rochiriel.

Snaek says, "Some other changes we are tossing around are too the calendar."

Pahzrael says, "Unless you are an elf, of course."

Xiija asks Snaek, "Can we get an incentive for creators?"

Snaek says to Xiija, "We take cash."

Xiija cackles.

Xiija says, "I mean, if you miss the deadline, we all get..."

Xiija gestures.

Pahzrael holds out a clawed hand expectantly.

Snaek says to Xiija, "Create more work for ourselves? brilliant."

Xiija beams.

Saphira says to Xiija, "Turned into a fish at no charge."

Xiija flails her arms at Saphira.

Pahzrael drools.

Snaek says, "Anyway, we may be making some adjustments to the calendar as far as when the major festivals are held."

[OOC Convention Center, Lobby.]

Patrons of the convention dressed in costumes of their favorite superheroes and villains take a moment to pose for pictures. A woman revealing a lot of skin along with another in a suit of latex seem to be drawing the most attention from photographers. A gaggle of stormtroopers gather in the corner, feeling neglected. Beverages of all kinds are for sale from dozens of vendors. Each vendor has set up a small booth with a small sign displaying their outrageous prices, but none of the available drinks are cold. You notice a chrome-tubed high tech espresso machine, a chrome serving tray, and an oblong tin trough.

Also here: an overweight spider-man, a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin, Eabo the Goblin (seated), Honest Snaek the Chameleon, Austere the Beholder, Aruskin the Avardi, Seren the Avardi, Ra'daji Garaven the Verdani (seated), Emissary Rochiriel the Verdani (seated), Flynt the Sylph (seated), Eroan the Nydine, Xiija the Sylph, Knight Marshal Yiri the Goblin, Wren the Human, Geel the Gavial (seated), Glitter the Sylph (flying), Kaiya the Avardi, Pahzrael the Jabberwock, a short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien, Saphira the Sphinx, Trystan the Human, and Gargamel the barkeep

Obvious Exits: west, east, south, and north.

Snaek says, "May even go so far as to swap a couple of months, but that hasn't been determined yet."

Snaek says, "The object is to spread them out enough so that each one can be given the appropriate amount of attention."

Saphira says, "No alumni day followed by renewal a week later."

Saphira lays down and dies.

Xiija murmurs.

Trystan chuckles at Saphira.

Saphira asks, "Are you trying to haze me?"

Snaek says, "Again it's asking a lot of your characters, but we hope you'll understand that it's for the overall success of the game going forward."

Kaiya nods to Snaek.

Xiija nods.

Trystan asks, "Is there a list of the major festivals?"

Snaek says, "Renewal is on the cusp of when we take off to celebrate this crazy thing we've created, so we want to make sure there's enough time to devote to that."

Kaiya says to Trystan, "Not that I've seen, and I've scoured the website and forums."

Snaek says to Trystan, "There is a calendar of events being added to the website, but I believe there's also a list on the forums somewhere."

Trystan says to Kaiya, "I meant the super secret list that we're not privy to."

Kaiya says, "Ahh."

Garaven asks, "There's renewal. What else matters?"

Xiija chuckles at Garaven.

Austere chuckles at Garaven.

Trystan says to Snaek, "No list on the forums, sorry."

Rochiriel points at Garaven.

Austere says, "I think you could ascertain it from the past calendars."

Trystan says to Austere, "True."

Trystan says to Austere, "You haven't done that then."

Saphira says, "Its at the top under calendar of events."

Saphira says, "First topic reoccuring events."

Saphira says, "Big list folks."

Austere high fives Saphira.

Kaiya says, "The past calendars aren't there."

Snaek says, "Currently we have Aerthane's festival slated for January, Blessing of the Fleet in April, Pyrous festival is slotted for June but there has never been one, Renewal in August, Longest night of the year in October, and in december we've had the King's celebration twice which is in the spot where an Astraevan festival would go."

Kaiya says, "I went looking at them so I could see the names of all of the months, and they didn't even have a full year's worth of months."

Gargamel the barkeep says, "Players 0. Creators 1."

Trystan says to Snaek, "You're right, I'm worng. There is indeed a list."

Xiija applauds Trystan.

Snaek says to Trystan, "It's probably not up to date, but what I just gave you is what we've planned for."

Xiija chuckles.

Saphira says, "There is a topic called reoccuring events. Inside there is a list."

Austere says to Kaiya, "Try help month."

Trystan says to Saphira, "You said that."

Snaek says, "Astraevan's festival shouldn't fall in December, which is one of the things we have to nail down."

Pahzrael asks Snaek, "There's that other winter festival too, right?"

Kaiya sticks her tongue out at Austere.

Snaek says, "That was a player event that we supported, much like the Alumni days."

Xiija asks Wren, "Why the hell don't itzalites celebrate Longest nyte?"

Snaek says, "The players supply all the details for those and we offer what support we can."

Pahzrael nods to Snaek.

Ciciliah flies in from the south.

Xiija waves to Ciciliah.

Snaek says, "We haven't had a pryous or aerthane festival as of yet."

Ciciliah waves !

Kaiya gasps.

Austere asks Xiija, "Wren who?"

Eabo nods to Ciciliah.

Xiija chuckles at Austere.

Kaiya exclaims, "We have the most players and have never hosted a festival?!"

Trystan says to Snaek, "It's in development."

Ciciliah waves to Eabo.

Snaek nods to Trystan.

Kaiya says, "We're lazy."

Xiija grunts.

Trystan says to Snaek, "They're lazy."

Garaven says, "It's that whole unorganized air head thing."

Kaiya nods her head up and down to Garaven.

Xiija cackles at Garaven.

Seren says, "Flighty."

Snaek says, "Our target goal for that would be late January so that everyone has given up on their new years resolutions by then and back to being lazy in front of the computer."

Kaiya laughs.

Garaven chuckles.

Flynt grins.

Trystan says to Snaek, "We were thinking March."

Snaek says, "We have to factor life into all of these along with the time it takes to put them together."

Kaiya nods to Snaek.

Pahzrael asks, "Life?"

Pahzrael snorts.

Snaek says to Pahzrael, "Not us, the players."

Snaek says, "They sometimes do stuff I'm told."

Snaek shrugs.

Kaiya says, "As someone who had to plan and hold a festival every solstice and equinox for years, I can attest that timing is very key."

Garaven says, "Yeah, some of us do have jobs and families."

Snaek grins at Kaiya.

Trystan says, "And drink and gamble."

Xiija says to Snaek, "Insert_festival_module(Aerthane)."

Kaiya says, "And it was such a pain in the ass, that that is why I've been lacking in my festival help here so far."

Kaiya shuffles a bit.

Snaek says, "The good news is that with every festival we run, we get a little better and a little faster at doing them. Some things become reusable year after year."

Xiija nods.

Trystan says, "Unless there's an earthquake."

Xiija chuckles at Trystan.

Snaek says, "Anyway, like with the other changes, you will be given notice and we are here to help you should it impact your character's RP in any way."

Xiija says to Trystan, "Wyrnquake."

Snaek says to Trystan, "That falls squarely on me."

Pahzrael says to Snaek, "Bad snaek."

Trystan says, "Poor tent."

Saphira says, "Psychologist will be on standby should your character have a mental breakdown."

Snaek says, "We promoted the event and I felt it was a good time to have something major happen that might reel in some new players."

Xiija chuckles at Saphira.

Saphira says, "Only 700000 doubloons per second."

Snaek says, "Yes also I am bad about destroying tents apparently."

Snaek gestures dismissively.

Saphira nods her head up and down.

Xiija grins.

Pahzrael stares at Snaek.

Snaek says, "That covers the changes, but I do want to also go over the dates we have set for upcoming changes."

Saphira says, "I put in the staff notes last alumni day. Snaek no blowing sh*t up."

Xiija listens to Snaek.

Snaek says, "The type of thing I would never do before, but we're more organized now."

Xiija chuckles at Saphira.

Snaek says, "As I mentioned before, the website is a beast of its own, but we have compiled all the information needed to fill it with all the guidelines and information you've been asking for. We haven't made announcements, but it's being updated all the time."

Xiija smiles.

Kaiya asks, "Will we ever get maps of anywhere other than the Academy?"

Snaek says, "It along with the help files will be ready by release date."

Xiija asks Kaiya, "Make some?"

Snaek says to Kaiya, "Those were actually submitted by a player."

Kaiya says, "I don't know how."

Kaiya shuffles.

Snaek says, "We'd like to, but it's far down the list as far as our time goes."

Kaiya nods to Snaek.

Xiija snickers.

Snaek says, "If a player does we'll gladly share them."

Flynt hums as he shuffles through his maps.

Austere says, "I have been tracking all of your failed help file attempts so the next person to try it will get better direction."

Xiija says, "Get Bihi to do it."

Kaiya pokes Flynt.

Snaek says, "When it is all said and done, the website and helpfiles will reference each other."

Saphira says, "I have some made in excel we can see about sharing."

Kaiya says to Flynt, "Submit them. For those of us who don't know how to work scripts."

Kaiya points to herself.

Snaek says, "Our next major update will be in late October, sometime before the 28th."

Flynt asks Kaiya, "How much coin you gonna give me?"

Flynt snickers.

Kaiya says, "That's extortion."

Kaiya hmphs.

Xiija asks Snaek, "What is in that one?"

Snaek says, "This is a rogue update focused on the poison system and updates to some existing skills that aren't functioning properly, like most of the scout skills."

Flynt asks Kaiya, "And who said I use a script?"

Xiija whistles at Snaek.

Snaek says, "We will be finally releasing the posioning system."

Kaiya says to Flynt, "That shows you how inept I am. I don't even know what makes the damn maps."

Aruskin asks Snaek, "What about scout skills?"

Pahzrael sniffs and tastes a moss-covered granite boulder, but receives no insight.

Xiija exclaims to Snaek, "Finally!"

Saphira asks Snaek, "Will it fix Kaiya the perpetually lost scout?"

Kaiya asks Snaek, "Scout skills aren't functioning properly?"

Flynt says to Aruskin, "Most of them suck."

Kaiya stares at Saphira.

Aruskin says to Flynt, "My bow works fine, thank you."

Kaiya exclaims, "DO you WATCH me get lost?!"

Trystan says to Pahzrael, "It takes time."

Flynt chuckles.

Aruskin asks Snaek, "What are you doing to scout skills?"

Saphira whistles innocently.

Snaek says to Aruskin, "Your cover shot will finally be updated, fletching will get an update to be more useful, and there's two additional skills going in."

Pahzrael drops a moss-covered granite boulder.

Flynt says to Kaiya, "I make them by hand, myself."

Kaiya cheers for Snaek.

Trystan pets a moss-covered granite boulder.

Snaek says, "And tracking is being reviewed."

Kaiya says to Flynt, "That's just too much work."

Flynt chuckles.

Trystan glances at a moss-covered granite boulder and says, "Thanks for coming."

Aruskin says to Snaek, "Don't bother tracking, its fine as is."

Kaiya says, "No. Tracking is how I find places. Please don't make me even more lost."

Kaiya nods her head up and down to Aruskin.

Snaek says to Aruskin, "I dont disagree, but it's something more than tracking. It's a very slow trans to person and we want it to make better sense."

Aruskin says to Snaek, "Just let us RP its weirdness."

Trystan grins at Aruskin.

Pahzrael says to Snaek, "I like the spiritual idea you had for it. Think it makes more sense."

Snaek says, "It's not your traditional tracking."

Pahzrael closes its eyes and begins to meditate.

Kaiya says, "Will one of those skills be combat related? I was a bit disappointed when I learned IC that cover shot is our last learned bow trick."

Aruskin asks Snaek, "That's why its the one really cool scout skill?"

Snaek says to Kaiya, "Both will be."

Pahzrael is done observing its surroundings.

Kaiya cheers for Snaek.

Aruskin says to Snaek, "Just don't get rid of too much of the weirdness of tracking."

Snaek grins at Aruskin.

Kaiya says to Aruskin, "Likes weird things."

Snaek says to Aruskin, "We just want it to make more sense for what it is."

Kaiya peers about.

Kaiya asks, "Can we fix that issue?"

Aruskin says to Snaek, "I've got a whole, complex explanation for its weird features, makes sense of all of them."

Kaiya asks, "Or is there a way around it I don't know about?"

Snaek says, "Well, it's on the list, but the last time I fixed it every sentence started like the one I am using now would come back with 'you don't see anyone named 'well' here."

Kaiya grins.

Trystan says, ".Aruskin likes weird things."

Kaiya exclaims, "Oh!"

Kaiya says, ".Aruskin likes weird things."

Kaiya says, "Liar."

Xiija asks Snaek, "Will poison be a DOT like plague?"

Trystan says, "Works with try too."

Xiija says, "And fly."

Xiija glances at Flynt.

Snaek says, "It's annoying, but it's a known bug we're prepared to live with while we address the larger issues."

Kaiya nods to Snaek.

Flynt raises an eyebrow.

Snaek says to Xiija, "Some will."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Flynt asks Xiija, "DOT?"

Kaiya asks, "Have you guys given any more thought to my emote idea that I put into that review I did?"

Trystan says, "Damage over time."

Flynt says, "Ahh."

Snaek asks, "Quotations in emotes?"

Kaiya nods.

Snaek says, "We're all in agreement, but emote is a different animal from the other actions. It's definitely on the list."

Xiija thinks 'hmmm'.

Kaiya beams.

Kaiya says, "Fantastic."

Trystan says, "Single quotes is the work around."

Xiija nods.

Snaek nods to Trystan.

Snaek says, "A known issue, but down the list."

Austere says, "Or using an open-ended ACTION."

Snaek says, "We can all still communicate."

Glitter departs from the world.

Pahzrael galumps while emoting "this".

Xiija nods to Austere and thinks 'correct'.

Snaek says, "So, back to the dates. Along with the rogue update, we are revamping king's port some."

Austere says, "Make sure you're quoting more than one word."

Saphira says to Kaiya, "Percent 22 where you want a quotation mark to be."

Kaiya asks Saphira, "Huh?"

Pahzrael galumps while emoting "this" again <--.

Snaek says, "The majority of the work is to help out thieves with areas to pilfer, while also adding additional risk to their dastardly ways."

Austere says, "Unless your Pahzrael, rules don't apply to it."

Xiija chuckles at Snaek.

Xiija murmurs 4.

Saphira says to Kaiya, "Where you want the quotation mark to appear in your emote add the percent sign followed by the number 22."

Snaek says, "We're also rounding out the complexity of the area, from sky to rooftops and from streets to tunnels."

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Austere says, "Deuce deuce."

Kaiya hmms at Saphira before saying, " Interesting. ".

Kaiya exclaims, "Ooooooh!"

Trystan says to Austere, "Or dubs."

Flynt asks, "Tunnels?"

Pahzrael beams at Kaiya.

Kaiya thanks Saphira profusely!

Flynt says, "I always wondered why there are not sewers."

Flynt says, "Cept for NAI."

Snaek says, "By late November the forest of Ban'ghard and the road that runs through it to Rum Village will be opened."

Pahzrael says to Flynt, "Cuz its work."

Xiija applauds Snaek.

Saphira says to Flynt, "Autere took a dump and clogged them up."

Flynt chuckles at Pahzrael.

Saphira shrugs.

Saphira glances at Austere.

Xiija says to Saphira, "1."

Flynt snickers.

Snaek says to Flynt, "Mostly because it's hard to line up without the connecting entry points on the streets above. We've been building tunnels as the city has grown, and now we are in the process of linking them up from tunnels to rooftops."

Glitter returns.

Snaek says, "Funny you say that though. We went to a world building panel at Dragon Con and one of the writers said when he creates a new world he always starts with the sewers and how society deals with its waste."

Xiija grins.

Austere says, "Seen it."

Flynt grins.

Trystan says, "Been in it."

Xiija shivers.

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Re: 09/30/15 Coffee With Creators Part 2

Post by Austere » Thu Oct 01, 2015 3:04 am

Snaek asks, "So where was I?"

Snaek asks, "Ban'ghard?"

Xiija says, "October."

Xiija nods.

Suddenly, an ice cold beer appears into Pahzrael's possession.

Snaek says, "Yes, November brings us the opening of Ban'ghard forest, and the road that connects to Rum Village."

Xiija murmurs november.

Snaek says, "And all the hunting grounds that come with it."

Xiija beams.

Flynt says, "Oooooh."

Flynt says, "Nice."

Xiija asks Snaek, "Spoilers plz?"

Xiija bats her eyes.

Austere says to Xiija, "Tigers."

Xiija cackles.

Kaiya says, "I haven't even been to Rum village yet..."

Snaek says, "Also, spoiler alert, another hunting ground will be opened in October south of 3B."

Xiija grins.

Pahzrael swishes its tail.

Austere says to Kaiya, "It's a trip."

Flynt says, "Gee, I wonder what could be down there...."

Snaek grins at Flynt.

Xiija chuckles at Flynt.

Flynt chuckles.

Saphira cackles.

Pahzrael says, "Basilisks."

Xiija exclaims, "Low level hunting!"

Flynt laughs.

Austere says to Flynt, "Werewolves right? But nope."

Kaiya says to Austere, "I still get lost in the Academy. Too afraid to get lost anywhere there isn't a map."

Kaiya hmphs.

Pahzrael says, "Maybe a tarrasque or two."

Xiija ponders MOBs with a DOT.

Kaiya says to Xiija, "You shut your mouth."

Xiija cackles.

Kaiya says, "Don't give them those ideas."

Trystan asks, "Mob Bosses?"

Pahzrael says, "Oooh! great idea."

Xiija grins at Trystan.

Kaiya scowls at Xiija.

Pahzrael jots some notes down.

Snaek says, "After Ban'ghard the next area to open will be the goblin village in the crowns, along with its mines."

Xiija beams.

Kaiya says, "More mines."

Xiija glances at Yiri.

Pahzrael says, "By goblin he means gnomes."

Xiija cackles.

Kaiya cheers.

Snaek says, "Followed by the Bison plains to the north, and a way to get around the world that links the bison plains to lake stirling."

Kaiya says, "I'm so excited for the gnomes."

Yiri asks, "Wait, Goblins or Gnomes?"

Yiri stares at Snaek.

Snaek says, "Whoops."

Snaek says, "Gnomes, sorry."

Xiija snaps her fingers.

Yiri groans.

Garaven asks, "Goblin gnomes?"

Yiri says, "Goddamn Gnomes."

Trystan says to Wren, "We can't go."

Xiija says, "Gobbies own 3bridges."

Trystan leans on Wren.

Yiri says to Xiija, "Gobbies will own Pearl soon."

Yiri cackles.

Saphira says, "They agreed to open their gate only if Seren delivers baked goods on a regular basis."

Xiija cackles.

Austere says, "Molkreak Village."

Saphira points at Seren.

Kaiya says, "I totally want to become like the bad witch in Hansel and Grettle and have a candy house that attracts gnome children to eat."

Saphira shrugs.

Kaiya stares dreamily into space.

Snaek chuckles at Kaiya.

Seren says, "Yes."

Seren says, "I will do that."

Snaek says, "The last place on NAI to open will be the city of Valar."

Xiija asks Austere, "And Blalkreak isle?"

Snaek says, "The ruins of Valar."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "This is where the Shattering first took place, and it was closed by King Bayesian 5 years after the shattering."

Austere says to Xiija, "You don't want to see Blalkreak."

Xiija grunts.

Austere says to Xiija, "It's typically a one-way trip."

Xiija winces.

Austere glances at Yiri.

Saphira says to Austere, "We could put her there permanently."

Austere says to Yiri, "Hey buddy."

Gargamel the barkeep follows Pahzrael.

Xiija chuckles.

Xiija follows Pahzrael.

Pahzrael removes Xiija from its group.

Yiri stares at Austere.

Xiija murmurs.

Xiija follows Geel.

Xiija laughs.

Yiri says to Austere, "I'm not your buddy."

Xiija stops following Geel.

Yiri pokes Austere.

Geel asks Xiija, "We going somewhere?"

Xiija points at Pahzrael.

Snaek says, "Blalkreak is slated currently for early summer 2016. WIth the population base what it is, we really can't justify sending someone to solitude."

Xiija says, "He didit."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Flynt blinks.

Flynt asks, "Solitude?"

Xiija says, "Prison isle."

Garaven chuckles.

Flynt says, "Ahhhh."

Snaek says, "It's a prison island and chances are you'd be the only one there."

Flynt glances at Yiri.

Flynt chuckles.


Xiija exclaims, "PT heaven!"

Flynt laughs.

Austere asks Snaek, "Because everyone else has escaped?"

Snaek says, "There's salt mines there though so everyone might want to go."

Xiija grins at Garaven.

Garaven says, "It was rough."

Snaek says, "There's a couple of hunting grounds mixed in there that I wont spoil, but all of these things will round out NAI and give us a finished world of 8000+ rooms, big enough to support our expected growth once we release."

Geel says to Garaven, "I used to love going to that prison."

Flynt says to Snaek, "Sso everyone who goes there gets really good at cooking."

Flynt nods.

Snaek says, "And big enough to rest on while we focus on keeping those players."

Austere says to Yiri, "Serious though, love you, love your show. Thank you for keeping me on my toes with the guard system."

Xiija asks Snaek, "Have you tested lvl 100 toons and mobs?"

Austere exclaims to Trystan, "And you with typos!"

Snaek says to Xiija, "There's no point yet."

Trystan chuckles at Austere.

Xiija grunts.

Seren says to Flynt, "Theres probably no fireplaces to cook with."

Snaek says to Xiija, "Which actually brings me to our biggest deadline."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Austere says to Xiija, "You with the guard system too. The other end of the spectrum."

Xiija says to Austere, "Shh."

Xiija winks.

Snaek says, "The new combat system is scheduled for late spring of 2016."

Yiri cackles at Austere.

Xiija applauds Snaek.

Yiri exclaims to Austere, "Thanks!"

Xiija asks, "Er.. new?"

Austere nods its head up and down to Xiija.

Snaek says, "It's going to be a game changer, but it will pave the way for naturals and dragons and wyverns."

Xiija whistles low.

Yiri says to Austere, "I'll need to give you some more material to test soon."

Yiri snickers.

Snaek says, "Which means we'll open with the scenario of dragons and wyverns moving forward full speed ahead."

Xiija asks, "Playable?"

Snaek says to Xiija, "That's still being decided."

Xiija chuckles softly , stretching a wirey tattoo'd arm to the sky...

Snaek says, "Spoiler alert, their story will pick up going into the summer."

Snaek says, "You will see actors of both going into the opening."

Xiija grins.

Snaek says, "But we are deciding how far along it should be for the opening. If not on day one, it will be within the first month."

Snaek says, "But they will be ready."

Xiija asks Geel, "Do Gavial hunt either of those?"

Garaven says to Xiija, "Gavial hunt everything."

Geel says to Xiija, "Gavial hunt everything."

Xiija cackles.

Garaven chuckles.

Xiija says, "Racial lore."

Xiija points.

Rochiriel laughs.

Austere points at the website.

Xiija snickers.

Snaek says, "With the additional of player levels, natural attacks will finally work as intended, with a standing AR/DR and damage reflected by your level vs your opponents."

Geel says to Xiija, "Mostly though we just want to be loved."

Kaiya says to Geel, "Liar."

Xiija grins.

Snaek says, "And with this we can go ahead with the remaining melee skills we've been holding back from warriors and barbarians."

Geel says, "Well then we are just looking for a quickee."

Kaiya laughs.

Xiija asks Snaek, "Question about skills and stats?"

Snaek listens.

Xiija asks, "Do stats affect hit chance , and skill affect hit percent?"

Yiri asks Snaek, "What skills are those?"

Xiija says to Yiri, "Mega-pummel."

Yiri scowls at Xiija.

Xiija ponders grits.

Xiija ponders crits.

Xiija says to herself, "1."

Geel says to Xiija, "Grits are good too."

Geel nods his head up and down.

Pahzrael grits its teeth crit ponders.

Snaek says to Xiija, "It really depends on the skill. Each one has different things to consider, but right now there's no comparable skill or stat between you and your opponent to justify the outcome."

Xiija says to Snaek, "Reason I ask."

Xiija asks, "I have lvl 35 plague, and others lower hit more often? with better wis?"

Xiija ponders.

Flynt comforts Xiija.

Xiija pokes Flynt.

Xiija murmurs.

Flynt chuckles.

Trystan asks, "How do stats affect prayers is the question?"

Snaek says to Xiija, "Wisdom does play a role in prayers so that's entirely possible."

Xiija gestures at Trystan.

Xiija says, "Ok ty."

Snaek says, "There's usually a connecting stat to every skill."

Snaek says, "It either impacts success, output, or both."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Flynt asks Xiija, "35? Really?"

Xiija says, "I havent played in weeks."

Rochiriel asks, "When the combat update is complete will mages and priest still have to train close combat?"

Xiija flails her arms at Flynt.

Xiija listens to Rochiriel.

Snaek says, "But right now that's all that factors in. After the combat update, that will be your preliminary success rate, then it will also be measured by your overall skill vs your target."

Xiija asks, "Will we notice the difference much?"

Snaek says to Rochiriel, "You dont have to train close combat, but if you want to be a well rounded mage and avoid getting hit as often, that's how you do it."

Kaiya asks, "Is that how you avoid being hit? Training close combat?"

Snaek says to Rochiriel, "Your damage will be better reflected by your level however, so you should win your battles before taking as much damage."

Xiija nods to Kaiya.

Kaiya says, "Had no idea..."

Rochiriel asks Snaek, "But training close combat raises defense doesn't it?"

Snaek says, "If you're a mage you hope to kill someone before your low DR makes a difference, but that is the tradeoff for magic. you don't get the best of both worlds."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "That is also why your AR/DR gain each level is less than that of someone else."

Kaiya whines because now she's going to have to hunt more.

Xiija glances at Aruskin.

Xiija grits her teeth.

Rochiriel says, "Whats the trade off? Priests do more damage than mages do right now."

Snaek says, "In other games you wouldn't even be allowed to hold a weapon while casting, so you have an advantage if you're willing to do the work."

Xiija says to Kaiya, "You have highest ar/dr progression in game."

Snaek says to Rochiriel, "Right now means nothing."

Kaiya asks, "Oh, good. But how does DR go up if I don't train close combat?"

Wren says, "The whole holding a weapon while casting thing still confounds me."

Xiija asks, "It doesnt?"

Aruskin raises an eyebrow.

Snaek says to Kaiya, "Ranged combat makes it go up as well."

Kaiya cheers for Snaek.

Aruskin says to Kaiya, "You're DR goes up with bow."

Aruskin says to Kaiya, "It always has."

Xiija says, "Just got to always hold it."

Geel says to Wren, "Yeah but it is why we should always train our lousy magick skill."

Xiija snickers.

Kaiya says to Aruskin, "That very well may be. But I'm an idiot when it comes to game mechanics."

Kaiya says, "So I had no idea."

Geel says, "Oh wait."

Snaek says, "As far as combat goes, our only goal is to get it ready for the addition of player levels."

Xiija chuckles at Geel.

Trystan says to Wren, "Think Gandolf."

Aruskin wields a white leather-gripped polished ebony flatbow.

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Snaek says, "We all know there are flaws in the combat system now, but these will all come full circle as of late May."

Rochiriel says to Wren, "I hate having to hold a weapon when I cast."

Xiija asks Snaek, "Levels thru 100 for all skills?"

Snaek nods to Xiija.

Xiija beams.

Xiija asks, "Snea does damage gealt go up with level?"

Kaiya asks, "Is jewelry going to be done soon?"

Flynt asks Snaek, "You mentioned player levels. Is something being added besides the levels we have now?"

Geel asks, "But some skills cap in effectiveness no?"

Xiija points at Geel.

Wren grins at Geel.

Snaek says, "The summer will be spent ironing out the bugs in the combat system, so that gives us three months of live testing before we go public."

Xiija nods her head up and down to Flynt thoughtfully.

Snaek says to Geel, "Currently, but we'll be able to balance that better with the addition of your overall player level."

Xiija says to Flynt, "An overall level is being added I thynk."

Xiija points at Snaek.

Snaek says to Geel, "Like dodge or shield parry, they are capped real low because they are too effective without that comparable stat between you and your assailant."

Aruskin asks Snaek, "Why add an overall player level? Why not just stick with skill levels?"

Kaiya says to Flynt, "So you'd be a level ten priest, with level 50 plague, level 45 shield, etc."

Geel says to Snaek, "Yes, I am well aware."

Kaiya says, "Pfft. Dodge is not that great."

Snaek says to Geel, "I am aware that you reported it, so there's your answer however many weeks later."

Snaek grins at Geel.

Flynt says, "Hm."

Geel says to Snaek, "It was rhetorical anyway."

Geel chuckles.

Snaek says to Aruskin, "We aren't doing away with your skill levels. They are still very much an important factor."

Xiija says to Kaiya, "Lvl 50 plague would not be lvl 10 overall."

Kaiya says to Xiija, "Oh hush, it was just an example."

Xiija cackles.

Flynt chuckles at Xiija.

Kaiya sticks her tongue out at Xiija.

Xiija sticks her tongue out.

Snaek says, "But right now there's too many skills that need some sort of connection between you and your target to be successful and without it, your success rates never change."

Xiija nods.

Kaiya asks, "Soooo.... when is the skill list going to come out?"

Kaiya twiddles her thumbs.

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek says, "It's hard to accurately gauge the success of a skill like pilfer when your target doesn't have the pilfer skill. Going off of AR DR isn't enough and stats don't do it justice either. There needs to be that one overlying stat."

Xiija asks, "Mobs will have it too?"

Snaek nods to Xiija.

Xiija nods.

Geel says to Snaek, "Call it the grail stat."

Pahzrael says, "MOBs already have overall levels."

Xiija grins at Pahzrael.

Snaek says, "This will do wonders to hunting. We kind of do it now, but we're really limited in how far we can go with mobs before they are unkillable."

Rochiriel asks Snaek, "Would that tighten up the wide gap on damage too?"

Snaek says to Rochiriel, "Tremendously."

Xiija whistles.

Wren says, "How does one's player level go up? Sorry if I missed that explanation anywhere, distracted with WoW."

Xiija thwaps Wren.

Pahzrael snickers.

Wren pouts.

Snaek says, "This will allow for weapon and magic damage to have wider gaps in damage, critical hits, and failures."

[OOC Convention Center, Lobby.]

Patrons of the convention dressed in costumes of their favorite superheroes and villains take a moment to pose for pictures. A woman revealing a lot of skin along with another in a suit of latex seem to be drawing the most attention from photographers. A gaggle of stormtroopers gather in the corner, feeling neglected. Beverages of all kinds are for sale from dozens of vendors. Each vendor has set up a small booth with a small sign displaying their outrageous prices, but none of the available drinks are cold. You notice a chrome-tubed high tech espresso machine, a chrome serving tray, an oblong tin trough, and a moss-covered granite boulder.

Also here: an overweight spider-man, a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin, Eabo the Goblin (seated), Honest Snaek the Chameleon, Austere the Beholder, Aruskin the Avardi, Seren the Avardi, Ra'daji Garaven the Verdani (seated), Emissary Rochiriel the Verdani (seated), Cartographer Flynt the Sylph (seated), Eroan the Nydine, Xiija the Sylph, Knight Marshal Yiri the Goblin, Wren the Human, Geel the Gavial (seated), Kaiya the Avardi, a short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien, Gargamel the barkeep, Ciciliah the Sylph (flying), Saphira the Sphinx, Trystan the Human, Glitter the Sylph (flying), and Pahzrael the Jabberwock

Obvious Exits: west, east, south, and north.

Geel says to Wren, "Its OK I am watching the Dodgers game too."

Trystan pokes Wren.

Wren giggles.

Snaek says, "Oh okay so I'm not the only one doing something else, good."

Xiija cackles.

Austere asks, "I'm drinking coffee?"

Wren says, "Everybody's multitasking."

Rochiriel says, "I'm AFK."

Snaek says, "There's two main ways to advance your level."

Trystan says, "I am now."

Xiija listens.

Austere asks, "Am I the only one drinking coffee?"

Trystan sneezes afkchoo.

Xiija raises her hand to Austere.

Garaven takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Garaven says to Austere, "Yes."

Ciciliah is eating pizza nom nom.

Geel asks Austere, "I am drink tequilla, does that count?"

Xiija grins at Ciciliah.

Xiija flails her arms at Geel.

Xiija says to Geel, "Share."

Garaven says to Geel, "Yes."

Xiija takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Austere says, "Cabo Wabo With Creators."

Snaek says, "It's heavily in favor on advancing your skills, which is nothing new, but we're ironing out the details on how to allow the less active, more RP oriented players advance as well."

Xiija asks, "Trades will affect it too?"

Snaek says, "This will primarily be done in the form of completing quests."

Xiija says, "Ah."

Snaek says, "All skills will advance it."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Xiija curses lvl 20 miners.

Snaek says, "When you level a skill, it will advance your progress meter, which is still being debated as to whether or not you will know your progress toward your next level."

Gargamel the barkeep exclaims, "Can anyone help find my lost smurf? I will gladly pay many doubloons!"

Xiija exclaims to Snaek, "Player vote!"

Snaek says, "Trade skills wont advance it as much as your class specific skills do."

Snaek says, "I know which way the players will vote already."

Xiija cackles.

Snaek says, "There's future plans at play for that that center around our own interface for playing."

Xiija smurfs gargamel.

Xiija furrows her brow at Snaek.

Snaek says, "In terms of numbers, let's say a trade skill raises your progress bar by 1, where a class kill might raise it by 3."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "And a quest might raise it by 5."

Xiija asks, "Are there any quests in game ryte now?"

Snaek says, "The requirement for each level goes up just like your skills."

Rochiriel asks, "How much do bribes raise it by?"

Xiija chuckles at Rochiriel.

Snaek says to Xiija, "The only quest line active is the hunter quest."

Xiija asks Snaek, "3 Bridges one?"

Snaek says to Rochiriel, "Depends on how much we need to create our own interface."

Geel says to Xiija, "Squirels."

Xiija says, "Ah."

Snaek says to Xiija, "That's part of it."

Snaek says, "From first learning skinning to the wolves currently."

Xiija says, "I type quests , and get a blank."

Seren says, "The dire wolf."

Snaek says, "That's just one quest line."

Flynt says, "Hell, I never see the rare squirrel. I really dont expect to see the dire wolf."

Flynt grunts.

Xiija chuckles at Flynt.

Snaek says, "There is aleady plans in place for city quests, temple quests, race quests, and ones specific to certain types of races like orcs and trolls."

Aruskin says to Flynt, "Just break into the zoo."

Kaiya nods her head up and down to Flynt.

Xiija asks, "Just curious, does Anyone have a quest ryte now?..players?"

Austere says to Flynt, "That was my fault for the rare squirrel. Should be findable again."

Kaiya says, "Other than the rare squirrel, no."

Aruskin asks Xiija, "I'm on a quest for a silverwood bow. Does that count?"

Flynt asks Austere, "You just fixed it?"

Kaiya grins at Aruskin.

Xiija chuckles.

Trystan asks Xiija, "Does catching up to you count?"

Xiija grunts at Trystan.

Xiija says to Trystan, "I took weeks off :P."

Saphira says to Flynt, "That has been fixed. They are very rare still but should spawn now."

Kaiya says, "I'm on a quest for jewelry."

Snaek says to Xiija, "Everyone has done at least some portion of the hunter questline, it's just not obvious."

Pahzrael pets the body of Papa Smurf.

Flynt chuckles.

Flynt nods.

Gargamel the barkeep glances at Pahzrael.

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Kaiya sticks her tongue out at Snaek.

Snaek says, "Target date for the trade update is December."

Kaiya cheers.

Snaek says to Kaiya, "Thank you for saying that."

Kaiya nods firmly.

Flynt asks Pahzrael, "Late night snack?"

Snaek says, "This will include tailoring, leather armor, and steel armor."

Xiija whistles.

Kaiya says, "I cannot tell you how much I love the trade system here."

Pahzrael asks Austere, "Did you get around to making the same fix for the dire wolves, or should I?"

Snaek says, "I want to say jewelry, but it's such a pain to get the mix of gem and metal right. It'll be in before we open, but I can't accurately say how much work it's going to take to nail down."

Kaiya says, "I've never been a big hunter in any of the games I've played, and I've hated how my character usually revolves around how much they have to hunt to advance. I LOVE that I don't -have- to hunt in SI."

Kaiya says, "Even though that makes me a pretty shitty scout."

Kaiya twiddlees her thumbs.

Austere says, "Aw crud, I didn't realize that was an issue there as well."

Snaek chuckles at Kaiya.

Xiija asks Snaek, "Just like cooing?.. mats in a pot?"

Snaek says to Kaiya, "It's my favorite aspect as well, especially knowing the bigger picture."

Kaiya says to Snaek, "You tease."

Saphira says to Flynt, "This is where bug reports are key. If we don't realize its broken it will never get fixed."

Flynt says to Saphira, "I didn't know it was broken."

Flynt grins.

Snaek says, "Even if you know it's been brought up before, report it anyway (unless it's on the help bug list)."

Trystan asks, "You didn't know the dire wolf doesn't spawn?"

Xiija asks, "It spawned once?"

Aruskin says, "I didn't know that about dire wolves."

Trystan grins at Xiija.

Flynt shakes his head from side to side.

Snaek says to Trystan, "We dont hunt the wolves that often."

Xiija exclaims, "We kilt it!"

Trystan sighs at Snaek.

Geel says to Flynt, "Though if you do be ready for Saphira to yell at you."

Trystan says to Snaek, "You need to get out more."

Garaven glances at a claw-clasped black dire wolf fur-lined leather backpack.

Garaven hums.

Snaek says, "There's no lazy direwolf begging us for face time."

Xiija grunts at Garaven.

Garaven says, "They used to."

Xiija nods to Garaven.

Saphira gapes at Geel.

Flynt says to Garaven, "Part of our religion is management."

Geel says to Saphira, "Did I say yell, I meant thank."

Xiija asks, "Do sloth bodies derez if you leave the area?"

Xiija says, "Or should they."

Saphira says to Geel, "I don't yell at people."

Saphira pouts.

Geel says to Saphira, "Just gavial."

Snaek says, "Anyhow, the trade update, in addition to releasing those skills, will also include distilling, though we are tweaking it some to be a broader skill to include other forms of drink making, as well as finalized pricing for all the listed items and recipes."

Wren beams at Snaek.

Wren says, "I think Kaiah would love distilling."

Xiija opens a wyvern-painted leather junk sack.

Xiija gets a tin flask of brandy from a wyvern-painted leather junk sack.

Xiija hiccups.
Xiija takes a drink from a tin flask of brandy.

Trystan asks Wren, "Who?"

Xiija puts a tin flask of brandy in a wyvern-painted leather junk sack.

Flynt says, "Ok, I no longer want land for a house I want to build a brewery."

Flynt nods his head up and down.

Wren says to Trystan, "Some figment of Wren's imagination."

Xiija chuckles at Flynt.

Snaek says, "I dont want to make a separate skill for coffee and tea, so suggestions are welcome on how to blend it all into one."

Flynt grins.

Trystan nods.

Xiija asks Snaek, "Likesh cooking recipiesh? "

Aruskin ponders.

Snaek nods to Xiija.

Xiija nods.

Aruskin says, "Coffee and tea should be folded into cooking skills."

Snaek says, "Works the same way."

Aruskin says, "Not distilling."

Wren points at Aruskin.

Saphira says to Geel, "I don't yell a gavials either."

Snaek says to Aruskin, "Might be the answer."

Xiija says, "Should be-e-e-e-e theeee shame for poi-i-ishon mashking, aaaaalchemisht e-e-e-e-etc. "

Saphira says to Geel, "Except when you break our shit."

Geel says to Saphira, "Did I say you did? I must be drunk."

Pahzrael prays to Archai that Xiija be purified of her poisons.
Xiija passes out.

Pahzrael cackles.

Aruskin says to Snaek, "Seems to make sense. Tea is just boiled water and leaves."

Snaek says to Xiija, "Very similar."

Saphira comforts Geel.

Snaek says, "We'll see. Whatever makes the most sense."

Xiija wakes up.

Xiija murmurs to Rochiriel.

Austere says, "So I don't know that the dire wolves work the same way as the rare squirrels. I'd wager that they do spawn, just sparingly and only when someone has achieved the right level for one to show."

Geel says to Saphira, "See? I really do just want to be loved."

Snaek says, "The addition of poisons lays the groundwork for distilling."

Rochiriel glances at Xiija.

Xiija beams at Snaek.

Snaek says, "And it does work similar to cooking."

Xiija asks Austere, "Skinning lvl?"

Geel asks Snaek, "And then cigar rolling?"

Xiija cackles at Geel.

Snaek says to Geel, "It's not impossible."

Xiija says to Geel, "2017."

Xiija winks.

Geel says to Snaek, "Dude y'all make the world. I assume nothing is."

Snaek says, "We love our trade system here. It's like Kaiya said, a way to play without hunting for those who dont want to hunt."

Kaiya nods firmly.

Aruskin asks Snaek, "So when do we get to make bows?"

Austere says to Xiija, "No, not skinning unless you don't know it, but then you wouldn't know about that portion of the quest anyway."

Eabo listens carefully.

Xiija asks Austere, "Player level?"

Xiija grins.

Snaek says to Aruskin, "I'm afraid it will be in the form of a quest and not from fletching or a skill."

Austere says to Xiija, "Quest level."

Xiija rolls her eyes.

Glitter departs from the world.

Seren says, "Should put in darts with the fletching... so they can sell them to the blowgun people."

Xiija says to Austere, "There is no such thing."

Kaiya asks, "Is there any way to add a target to speculate?"

Xiija points at Seren.

Wren says to Kaiya, "I wish."

Kaiya says, "Not for specific items, but for types of items."

Wren says, "I think I suggested that once."

Kaiya says, "Like 'speculate wood'."

Snaek says, "The diversity in damage based on wood type makes it something our trade system can't handle, just like with crafting weapons of any kind."

Wren nods to Kaiya.

Kaiya says, "I f**king hate chopping for wood because it's so hard to find choppable trees in a forest with other things that speculate finds first."

Snaek says, "We've got an updated list for fletching to make it useful."

Xiija asks Snaek, "Do you use JSON with your java?"

Aruskin says to Snaek, "Fletching can't be useful if it takes five pounds of wood to make a quiver of arrows."

Kaiya says, "I've literally spent an hour in a forest and found like ten pieces of wood, because it's so hard to determine if there's a tree there to chop, because I'm always finding herbs or grubs."

Glitter returns.

Snaek says to Xiija, "It's a blend of that and xml. Depends on what area of the game we're using."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says to Aruskin, "We're aware."

Snaek says, "And have the solution for it that will go in with the other changes in December."

Snaek says to Aruskin, "You'll have a handfull of arrows you can fletch for quick training, or the larger quiver options for use."

Kaiya says, "Oh, that's nice."

Saphira says, "Not to mention weightless."

Xiija says to Aruskin, "Hobgoblins drop quivers."

Xiija winks.

Aruskin chuckles.

Kaiya nods to Saphira.

Kaiya nudges Snaek.

Aruskin says to Xiija, "I got plenty of quivers, thanks."

Xiija exclaims to Saphira, "Weightless is good!"

Flynt nods his head up and down.

Snaek says, "Ranged users have suffered because there is no range in rooms. This isn't something that will be addressed before we go live, but the combat system will open the door for it at least."

Saphira makes Xiija rise to the ceiling like a helium balloon.

Kaiya says, "Ooooh."

Xiija flails her arms.

Snaek says, "Ranged weapons will benefit from the overall player level though in that they'll see critical hits and fumbles like everyone else."

Xiija smiles.

Garaven asks, "Will it ever be possible to shoot into another room?"

Eabo ponders treetop ambushes.

Snaek says to Garaven, "I like to think so, but targeting something that isn't visible is difficult."

Garaven nods.

Snaek says, "It's something we'd like to see."

Kaiya asks Snaek, "Did you hear what I asked about speculate?"

Snaek says, "But it's a bonus to be worked on down the road."

Kaiya smiles sweetly.

Geel says to Snaek, "Kyudo."

Geel winks at Snaek.

Snaek says to Kaiya, "Specific items? I've never taken a look, but speculate isn't what sets the item type in the room."

Kaiya says, "Not specific items, but specific types of items."

Pahzrael asks, "Maybe something along the lines of resource scan?"

Kaiya nods to Pahzrael.

Pahzrael closes its eyes and begins to meditate.

Flynt asks, "Isn't that what speculate is?"

Pahzrael is done observing its surroundings.

Wren says, "I always hoped it'd work like tracking, and lead you towards a room that does have the resource you're looking for."

Flynt says, "Tells you what resource is available."

Kaiya says, "To snaek Like speculating for wood, or for food instead of for teak or blueberries."

Xiija nods to Wren.

Flynt ponders.

Kaiya says to Wren, "That would be so nice."

Kaiya says, "But an overall resource scan would also be great."

Kaiya says, "Just because some of us waste so much time looking for things that aren't there."

Geel says to Wren, "Sort of like using a diving rod."

Xiija asks, "Make speculate work every time, first time mebbe?"

Snaek says to Kaiya, "I've made a note to look into it. We didn't want it to be that specific because you'll just go for the good stuff, but it's worth revisiting."

Wren nods her head up and down to Geel.

Kaiya says to Snaek, "I'm guessing you've never had to look for enough sand to get to ten in glassblowing. Or enough wood to get to 10 in wood carving/chopping. It's a royal, royal pain in the ass."

Xiija chuckles.

Flynt laughs.

Kaiya says, "When you stand there for an hour and find five pounds of resources. I get not wanting to make it really easy, but it shouldn't be -that- hard."

Geel says to Kaiya, "Worse than his having to do it, he has had to listen to us as we do it."

Snaek says to Kaiya, "But then foraging is also at 10."

Kaiya grins at Geel.

Kaiya stares at Snaek.

Austere says to Kaiya, "I think the player economy is designed to address that to a degree."

Eabo asks, "Speculate tied to skinning planned on being updated when?"

Aruskin departs from the world.

Snaek says to Eabo, "I saw your bug report about that. I will get that fixed."

Eabo says, "Thanks."

Kaiya says to Snaek, "Does foraging actually make you get better at finding things? If it helps you find the things you don't want, getting to 10 in foraging doesn't really counter balance."

Saphira says to Snaek, "Fishing too."

Snaek says, "Skinning and fishing did not originally have speculating because you dont speculate for fish or stuff to skin, but it makes sense due to all the other gathering skills unlocking it."

Xiija smiles.

Snaek asks Kaiya, "You'll be 10 points closer to leveling?"

Snaek fidgets.

Kaiya says, "I've never thought to speculate for things to skin. I mean, things that can be skinned are pretty obvious."

Kaiya says to Snaek, "Not until you actually implement that..."

Snaek says, "I'll take a closer look at it and add the findings to the December trade update."

Kaiya says to Snaek, "Plus, it's a trade skill, as you said, it'd only get us like 1 point."

Kaiya sticks her tongue out at Snaek.

Yiri says, "Ok folks. Would love to stay for this whole thing, but I have to work tomorrow."

Snaek says, "I realize speculating isn't a huge benefit right now as is."

Xiija hugs Yiri.

Rochiriel says to Snaek, "I speculate when trying to find a specific fish for a recipe."

Yiri says, "I look forward to reading the rest of this log."

Yiri beams.

Kaiya nods to Snaek.

Snaek salutes to Yiri.

Kaiya waves to Yiri.

Xiija exclaims to Yiri, "Purple bandanas rule!"

Trystan waves to Yiri.

Yiri fist pumps.

Flynt waves.

Yiri leaves west.

Xiija begs for a purple bandana.

Xiija grovels.

Snaek says, "We've kind of drifted a bit, but I want to express that these aren't just guesses or wishful thinking."

Snaek says, "We've struggled through a lot of hopeful deadlines and come up short. For the most part we've avoided deadlines altogether."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Flynt raises an eyebrow.

Flynt winks.

Snaek says, "But when we're discussing issues with accidentally talking to someone instead of about them, or speculating not showing us exactly what we want, it makes you realize that we've overcome a lot of large obsticles and have reached the point of fine tuning a lot of stuff."

Flynt blinks.

Kaiya nods to Snaek.

Flynt cackles.

Snaek says, "As we've been laying out our tasks for the island of NAI, we've also come to realize just how big it has gotten and how close we are to finishing it."

Xiija smiles at Snaek.

Snaek says, "It's not an easy thing to come to terms with."

Austere says, "It has been a group effort."

Xiija applauds.

Kaiya says, "Must feel like your baby is turning 18 or something."

Xiija grins at Kaiya.

Snaek says, "There's still a huge world left to discover, but I speak for all of the staff when I say we can confidently hit the marks and we will put everything we have into promoting the game's public release. We are closing in on that point."

Flynt says, "Sweet."

Snaek says, "The combat system update will really be the most defining change we make."

Xiija says, "Nice."

The Jabberwock chortles as it gyres and galumphs uffishily off towards the wabe.

Kaiya waves a hand dismissively, "Jewelry is where it's at.".

Flynt says to Snaek, "Can I ask you to revisit Gobbies and what you're going to nerf."

Flynt raises an eyebrow.

Snaek says to Flynt, "Sure."

Snaek listens to Flynt.

Flynt chuckles.

Kaiya snickers.

Flynt asks Snaek, "What are you planning to nerf on Gobbies?"

Snaek asks, "What needs to be revisited about goblins in your mind?"

Saphira says, "No there will not be a king skill added."

Trystan grins.

Xiija asks Flynt, "Mebbe he was joshing?"

Flynt says, "Just checkin."

Kaiya asks, "Is Blink ever going to get to fly?"

Snaek says, "We aren't planning to nerf anything about them. If anything they need a lift."

Flynt says, "I think Yiri was very worried."

Trystan chuckles.

Xiija grunts.

Snaek says, "Yes Blink will get fly."

Kaiya cheers.

Austere says, "Shipping them off to Blalkreak."

Xiija grins at Seren.

Snaek says, "There will be a late winter magic/prayer update for non combat skills."

Trystan says, "There's plans to push him off the lighthouse."

Austere exclaims, "He should be!"

Snaek says, "The rest of the combat related skills will come with or after the combat update."

Xiija asks, "Will other stuff still be added after the opening?"

Snaek says to Geel, "Once the combat changes go in, your bite skill will change. You still wont be able to hold a weapon to use it, but that's because it will work off the same kill command."

Snaek says to Xiija, "Oh definitely. We wont be stopping there by any means."

Xiija bites Geel on the ankle.

Xiija asks, "Will the opening in 52 weeks include racial languages? will Arcanist/Diviner mages for Astra-Itzal be in?"

Xiija cackles at Snaek.

Flynt says to Xiija, "You've got a scale stuck between your teeth."

Snaek says, "We just feel comfortable that with a completed NAI and a working combat system that the game will be stable enough to support a growing player base."

Xiija chuckles at Flynt.

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Kaiya says to Flynt, "One scale is probably the size of her entire body."

Xiija says, "Skill trees are uber important."

Kaiya nods her head up and down to Xiija.

Geel says to Snaek, "I dont want to hold a weapon all I want is the DR I have earned."

Snaek says, "The website will include an updated list for each class."

Xiija nods.

Kaiya cheers for Snaek.

Snaek says, "And as you advance your skills will give you more information as to what's to come."

Kaiya says, "That's fantastic."

Xiija says, "Kewl."

Kaiya asks, "Will that go for trades as well?"

Snaek says, "Some of you probably haven't noticed because you've been around too long, but newer players see helpful hints when they level specific skills."

Snaek nods to Kaiya.

Flynt ponders.

Eabo nods his head up and down.

Kaiya asks, "We see helpful hints?"

Flynt says to Kaiya, "You're not as new as you'd like to think."

Trystan chuckles.

Austere says to Kaiya, "You're a veteran now."

Eroan says, "Indeed. They're a bit sparse but they're there."

Flynt grins.

Kaiya gasps.

Flynt chuckles.

Kaiya says, "I am no such thing."

Trystan says, "All I get is birds pooping on my head."

Snaek says, "They're being added as we go, but along with the 'you just leveled' message there are sometimes [hints] explaining your new path."

Xiija says, "By leveling the skill 'Drinking' you have learned 'Projectile Vomiting!'."

Kaiya hmphs.

Saphira snickers.

Trystan says, "But a hints a hint."

Kaiya says, "I've found that the help files for trades and skills can give hints as well."

Snaek says, "Going forward it might be something like, if you continue on this path of mining you will learn how to craft jewelry."

Xiija nods.

Trystan leans on a moss-covered granite boulder.

Snaek says, "There's never been official lists because it's always changing based on the observations we make of you all."

Snaek says, "And it'll keep changing through the combat system update, so we wont be able to release the list until the summer."

Kaiya says, "I wasted a lot of time because I thought stone carving would lead to black smithing for some reason."

Xiija nods.

Flynt blinks at Kaiya.

Saphira says, "Keep the ideas, typos, bug reports, etc coming. We look at all of those things."

Trystan smiles at a moss-covered granite boulder and says, "There you are."

Kaiya says to Flynt, "Actually, I thought it led to jewelry."

Snaek nods his head up and down.

Flynt says to Kaiya, "That I can see."

Flynt grins at Kaiya.

Kaiya nods.

Saphira says, "It helps us help you faster and easier."

Snaek says, "I look for repetition, so if you think you've found a good bug, send it to Saphira lots of times until she demands I fix it."

Kaiya says, "I'd like to thank Staff at how ridiculously fast you all are to come help when we send assists or bug reports."

Saphira nods her head up and down.

Flynt nods to Kaiya.

Flynt says, "That's true. If you're in game you are all very responsive."

Saphira says to Snaek, "Not until its added to the task list."

Snaek says, "We've learned some stuff since 2008."

Snaek says, "Shocking I know."

Xiija chuckles.

Austere grins.

Kaiya says, "I went a few weeks thinking there weren't any staff actually on the game, because I didn't know you actually had to type a message after typing assist."

Snaek says, "But we almost know what we're doing by this point."

Kaiya twiddlees her thumbs.

Trystan grins at Kaiya.

Flynt chuckles.

Flynt says to Kaiya, "Understandable."

Wren pats Kaiya.

Flynt mumbles I've NEVER done that.

Snaek says to Kaiya, "Sorry about that, the journal system is a bit wonky if there's nothing following the command."

Kaiya says, "I thought the !!!!!!!!!!! was just a great "We've got your message and it's really important to us" sign."

Snaek laughs.

Snaek says, "Your assist is important to us. A representative will be with you in 36 minutes."

Kaiya grins.

Xiija chuckles.

Trystan asks, "Or your pizza is free?"

Xiija says, "Please stay on the line.."

Xiija points at Trystan.

Geel asks Snaek, "Help center in mumbai?"

Snaek grins at Xiija.

Kaiya says, "Ugh, don't ever do that. I spend too much time calling mortgage lenders every week, I don't ever want to see that in a game I enjoy."

Austere says, "Sometimes we can fix your issue while you're offline."

Saphira says, "If Saph's on I'll get to you in seconds."

Saphira beams.

Austere says, "Oftentimes, actually."

Trystan asks, "Any time frame on having the doors work right?"

Wren asks Kaiya, "Not even if they throw in nauseating elevator music while you wait?"

Xiija asks Austere, "Sms?"

Xiija chuckles at Trystan.

Kaiya says to Wren, "OR when they throw in nauseating elevator music AND have a terrible, crackling reception."

Wren grins at Kaiya.

Snaek says to Trystan, "It's a known issue that we're prepared to live with while we tackle the larger problems. It's going to require an overhaul to officially get them right, but for now Austere has come up with some creative ways to catch 98% of the issues."

Saphira says, "Repeating every 30 seconds. Please hold your call is important to us."

Austere says to Trystan, "It's a buggy system at the moment. I have come up with fix after fix and it's still a thorn in my side."

Kaiya shudders in horror.

Geel says to Trystan, "And it is not just doors but other things that open and close."

Trystan asks Snaek, "Do you still want bug reports on the ones that don't work right?"

Kaiya says, "Please stop. It's reminding me of work."

Snaek says, "They get messed up with the door you see, an item, is saved out of position from what the actual door, an exit, is saved as."

Geel taps an open hinged blacksteel close helm.

Saphira comforts Kaiya.

Kaiya pets Saphira.

Xiija says to Austere, "Have the doors whisper to 'Door' a msg."

Ciciliah yawns.

Ciciliah departs from the world.

Snaek says to Trystan, "Yeah keep sending them. We keep tabs on them and check again after restarts to see if the temporary fix catches it."

Austere says to Trystan, "Yes."

Trystan nods.

Trystan says, "All I needed."

Trystan asks, "You do want them working before the public opening though, right?"

Saphira says to Xiija, "You're on duty to typo report the sky rooms."

Snaek says, "It's tough making the call on things like that, but if the world still functions we're inclined to let it go being a little bit off so we can tackle the issues that are really off, unless we stumble across a quick fix."

Saphira cackles.

Wren says to Trystan, "They have time."

Xiija chuckles at Saphira.

Snaek says to Trystan, "I wouldn't be upset if they were still like they are. you can usually open/close them to fix them, or the next update will catch it. the majority of the doors work right."

Snaek says, "Next reboot, not update."

Austere says, "Good news about sky rooms is that the upper levels closely reflect the ground room in many cases. If there is a typo on the bottom level, it is likely found higher up."

Flynt says to Xiija, "I haven't mapped any sky rooms, yet."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "There's going to be known issues still when we go public. Can't be avoided."

Trystan says, "There doors not working right make me ask wonder what else isn't working right."

Austere says, "They can always be fixed on the player side by opening or closing it."

Austere says, "Either will work."

Saphira says, "For those of you that have no idea what they are talking about. When doors register as closed but are open or vise versa."

Xiija nods.

Trystan says to Austere, "That's not the issue, it's a poor finished product."

Snaek says, "But we feel like the combat system will be at a place where it will satisify the mechanics oriented people and OOC gamers, and the world will be big enough to support a growing community of RPers."

Austere says to Trystan, "Doors are solely my doing, they exist in no other form anywhere."

Eabo says, "I usually find them with my nose."

Saphira says, "Open and close the door from each side and whala the door is fixed till the next reboot."

Snaek snickers at Eabo.

Austere says, "Doors are not tied to containers on my end either."

Xiija asks Saphira, "Have the doors auto open/close on reboot then?"

Austere says, "Containers close on their own no matter what, if there is a lid."

Austere says to Xiija, "It does that to an extent."

Xiija nods.

Trystan says, "'Simple things that don't work make me immediately lose confidence in any situation."

Xiija says, "And flying drops you on reboot."

Austere says to Xiija, "Upon reboot, the door item in the room should be changing the position of the exit to match."

Xiija grits her teeth.

Kaiya says to Trystan, "I didn't even know the doors were a bug. I just assumed a previous player/citizen had closed the door before I got there, or left it wide open because they're rude. I think most people wouldn't really consider it a bug unless they knew it was a bug. So it really doesn't make the game or staff look terrible to leave them as is right now."

Xiija nods to Austere.

Snaek says, "Our doors are pretty unique to achieve what we wanted. It'll require a complete rebuild to do them 100% correctly, and when weighed against their current functionality and how that amount of time can be put elsewhere, we have to close the door on door fixes for the time being."

Trystan says, "Bummer."

Kaiya asks, "Is it really that difficult to type 'open door' or 'open backpack'?"

Saphira says to Trystan, "Then your confidence was never there to begin with."

Snaek says, "It may seem simple, but it's pretty complex."

Snaek says, "Two rooms working together, not just their exits which are linked, but their physical items (the doors you see displayed) which are not linked in any way."

Austere says, "Backpacks don't reflect an open or closed position in the item name like doors."

Kaiya says, "I've never seen any door say 'closed door'. Though, I haven't gone past the Crowns."

Snaek says, "Along with seeing them swing open or shut on the other side. There's a lot of moving parts. But again I'm glad we're at the point where these smaller scale issues are the pressing matters. It speaks to how far we've come."

Xiija smiles.

Trystan says to Austere, "Just fix it."

Saphira asks Austere, "Can I stab him now?"

Snaek says to Austere, "Bump doors above turning on the list."

Saphira gets nerf dagger from a lustrous electrum chainmail bikini top.

Xiija asks, "Will you post the timeline for all the changes in 'Stae of the Isles' after this?"

Xiija glances at Saphira.

Xiija cackles.

Trystan asks Saphira, "That's were you keep your dagger?"

Trystan grins at Saphira.

Snaek says to Xiija, "Yes I will update the timeline for updates."

Xiija beams.

Geel says, "A sphinx in a bikini top, how droll."

Flynt asks, "What's wrong with Turning?"

Flynt raises an eyebrow.

Snaek says, "This is the first we've announced our target date."

Xiija chuckles at Geel.

Kaiya says to Trystan, "It'd surprise you all the things we can hide in/under our cleavage."

Trystan asks Kaiya, "Would it?"

Xiija peeks.

Kaiya says to Trystan, "I sure hope it would."

Xiija nods yes try.

Trystan says to Kaiya, "Sorry."

Xiija grunts.

Wren says, "My bra is my primary storage compartment when I'm out and about."

Snaek says to Flynt, "Nothing technically. It'll become more useful when the combat changes go in and it's based more off of your level vs the level of the mob you are turning."

Saphira says, "Its like the tardis."

Flynt says, "Ok. so you're not putting doors in front of the combat system."

Flynt chuckles.

Trystan says to Flynt, "I'd like to see the secondary hits actually do more damage."

Geel asks Saphira, "Bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside?"

Snaek says to Flynt, "Hadn't planned on it."

Xiija asks Snaek, "So , will hi lvl peeps be able to 1-shot?"

Saphira nods her head up and down.

Snaek says to Xiija, "Maybe the day after the update."

Saphira says to Geel, "Not just any bikini top."

Snaek says, "Because we always overshoot."

Xiija smiles.

Snaek says, "It would need to be the right set of circumstances, but possible."

Trystan says, "I have an issue with anything that disrupts emersion, doors and typo's both fit in that category for me."

Xiija says to Geel, "Hits a newb."

Snaek says, "Maybe a high level backstab against an unarmed target, who knows."

Xiija nods.

Wren says to Trystan, "Immersion."

Wren squints at Trystan.

Snaek says, "Hah."

Trystan says to Wren, "That too."

Flynt chuckles.

Snaek vanishes as his skin quickly blends him into the background.

Snaek appears against the background as his skin turns back to green.

Snaek snaps his fingers.

Wren blinks.

Xiija exclaims, "3 Hour time limit has been reached!"

Snaek shakes his head from side to side.

Wren asks Snaek, "Your scales malfunctioning?"

Snaek says, "Had a thought and lost it."

Trystan laughs.

The wind suddenly picks up as Saphira slowly disingrates into a thousand particles of sand that get swept away.

Trystan says, "Awww."

A swirling sand storm blows in out of nowhere. As the sand dissipates Saphira stands before you.

Snaek asks Trystan, "I'm with you on the immersion, but we're now going to move on past your difficulties with doors and go with the same answer we've been giving, cool?"

Saphira takes a drink from an ice cold beer.

Flynt says, "Nice."

Trystan says to Snaek, "Of course."

Xiija takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Geel opens a large bronze-buckled forest green leather rucksack.

Xiija removes a tiki-carved parrot-feathered scorched teak tribal shield.
Xiija holds a bottle of warm beer.

Xiija throws a bottle of warm beer at Trystan.

Geel gets a deadly battling gavial-emblazoned teak traveling humidor from a billowy collared khaki great coat.

Geel opens a deadly battling gavial-emblazoned teak traveling humidor.

Xiija holds a tiki-carved parrot-feathered scorched teak tribal shield.

Trystan smirks at Xiija.

Saphira takes a drink from an ice cold beer.

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Re: 09/30/15 Coffee With Creators Part 3

Post by Austere » Thu Oct 01, 2015 3:04 am

Snaek says, "Someone aske earlier, arcanists and diviners will go in same time as dragons and wyverns."

Geel gets a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar from a deadly battling gavial-emblazoned teak traveling humidor.

Snaek says, "Well, as dragons."

Xiija applauds Snaek.

Geel gives a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar to Saphira.

Geel closes a deadly battling gavial-emblazoned teak traveling humidor.

Saphira beams at Geel.

Geel says to Saphira, "Pairs OK with the beer."

Geel puts a deadly battling gavial-emblazoned teak traveling humidor in a billowy collared khaki great coat.

Snaek says, "They draw their magic from dragons, and since there are no dragons, there's been no arcanists or diviners."

Saphira lights up a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Saphira swoons.

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Snaek asks Geel, "What's the leaf found only on Tetherias?"

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Saphira nods her head up and down.

Saphira removes a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Geel says, "That one."

Saphira puts out a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Geel points at Saphira.

Geel gets a deadly battling gavial-emblazoned teak traveling humidor from a billowy collared khaki great coat.

Saphira says to Snaek, "Special blend."

Geel opens a deadly battling gavial-emblazoned teak traveling humidor.

Geel says, "Sorry not it is this other one."

Austere says to Snaek, "The leaf has to fall off the tree naturally..."

Geel gets a sun grown Ten'zar oscura leaf-wrapped perfecto cigar from a deadly battling gavial-emblazoned teak traveling humidor.

Geel taps a sun grown Ten'zar oscura leaf-wrapped perfecto cigar.

Snaek grins.

Geel says, "Maybe its both of them."

Geel says, "I havent been there in a long time."

Xiija says, "Some affectionado."

Xiija scoffs.

Xiija glances at Geel.

Snaek says, "Those are the kinds of things we observe during your RP and make notes of for when we are defining the religions and the islands."

Geel puts a sun grown Ten'zar oscura leaf-wrapped perfecto cigar in a deadly battling gavial-emblazoned teak traveling humidor.

Geel closes a deadly battling gavial-emblazoned teak traveling humidor.

Snaek says, "You may not realize it, but everyone makes an impact on the history of the game that way."

Geel puts a deadly battling gavial-emblazoned teak traveling humidor in a billowy collared khaki great coat.

Austere says, "We take notes for things that will come a year or more from now."

Xiija smiles.

Snaek nods his head up and down.

Snaek says, "It all fits in somewhere."

Xiija asks, "Like Verdani being immune to poison, and terrible bowmen?"

Xiija ducks.

Snaek says, "And when we go public, we will make sure all of you that helped us get there are rewarded for sticking with us."

Rochiriel says to Xiija, "I was able to get drunk once."

Xiija stares.

Saphira says to Snaek, "Except for Trystan he gets a door."

Saphira cackles.

Snaek snickers.

Xiija applauds Snaek.

Geel says to Saphira, "Give him a bra to carry his stuff in."

Xiija says to Snaek, "I'll take a purple bandana and a shrunken head plz."

Snaek comforts Trystan.

Garaven says to Xiija, "Only verdani priests and mages are bad with a bow."

Xiija chuckles at Geel.

Snaek says to Xiija, "I think we can do better than that."

Trystan says, "I just want my boulder back."

Xiija says, "Its all I want... that and a WIS raise."

Xiija cackles.

Flynt glances at a moss-covered granite boulder.

Trystan comforts a moss-covered granite boulder.

Snaek says, "We're going to have a follow up with all the current and past players in 6 months to talk more about preparations for the big day."

Trystan says, "First time she's been out since I got her."

Saphira says, "No really our world is typo free thanks to Trystans grammar and spelling crusade."

Xiija grins at Trystan.

Snaek says, "And there we will discuss how to reward our loyal players."

Xiija applauds Trystan.

Trystan says, "Except for the skies."

Flynt says to Saphira, "I'll be the judge of that."

Flynt chuckles.

Saphira says, "Literally hundreds of typo reports have come from him over the past few months."

Snaek says to Trystan, "If you get the ground right, the skies will follow."

Saphira says to Xiija, "Thats where you come in."

Xiija grunts.

Xiija glances at Flynt.

Trystan howls at Xiija.

Xiija glances cec.

Austere says, "What kills me in the huge amount of typos I've fixed prior to Trystan looking for them."

Xiija squints with her white eye ...

Trystan says to Xiija, "I asked for wings, they said no."

Flynt asks Saphira, "Has anyone been reporting typo and grammar issues about the website?"

Xiija chuckles.

Trystan comforts Austere.

Saphira says to Xiija, "Fly around with trystan on your back."

Xiija glances at Trystan.

Xiija shivers.

Trystan says to Flynt, "That's like pulling teeth."

Snaek says to Flynt, "Some do, but you're welcome to do so as well. we sort them into a separate group."

Saphira says to Flynt, "Yes but I don't have the power to fix those yet."

Xiija grins at Glitter.

Saphira glances at Snaek.

Flynt says to Trystan, "No it's not. Not if you actually read it."

Saphira cackles.

Snaek says, "They get grouped and done at once."

Trystan says to Flynt, "Getting it changed."

Flynt nods to Saphira.

Flynt says, "Ahhh."

Trystan says, "I had to twist someone's arm to fix one that I hated."

Snaek says, "But we do save the typo reports for that."

Flynt says, "Ok."

Trystan says to Flynt, "Send them in."

Saphira says, "Certain typos have to be fixed in the code or on the website itself."

Flynt nods his head up and down.

Saphira says, "The ones that can be fixed in game usually are within a week or so depending on the work load."

Snaek says, "Honestly, the website has been an afterthought for so long because so much of its needed info has been missing or imcomplete. We've only just in the last year come to realize we were rounding out everything needed for it."

Xiija smiles.

Snaek says, "The biggest thing being lore and religious guidelines."

Saphira says to Flynt, "By all means if you find typos send them in."

Snaek says, "And a user guide, which is coming along."

Flynt says, "I will."

Flynt says, "Maybe with some comments. some of the stuff on their sounds too limiting, restricting RP."

Snaek says to Flynt, "Some of it is, some of it was too loose."

Flynt says, "There, even."

Trystan chuckles.

Austere says to Flynt, "Your opinion matters too."

Snaek says to Austere, "Good one."

Flynt grins.

Rochiriel stands up.

Snaek says, "I'll stick around for questions, but there's the future laid out for you."

Snaek says, "Realistic goals and dates. A new concept."

Xiija beams.

Kaiya says to Snaek, "I have a non-game related question."

Snaek says to Kaiya, "Charming and handsome."

Austere says to Trystan, "You've list typo reports for some things that were already reported and cleared. Enough opinions make a difference."

Snaek asks, "Next question?"

Kaiya squints at Snaek.

Kaiya says, "That didn't answer my question."

Kaiya hmphs.

Eroan says, "What's the proper channel for suggesting, ah, aesthetic changes to spells and prayers? I've developed Opinions."

Flynt grins.

Trystan grins at Eroan.

Snaek listens to Kaiya.

Trystan says, "Idea command."

Snaek says to Eroan, "Idea command is good, or email them directly to [email protected]."

Eroan says, "Oooh."

Trystan says, "But it's not like assist, you actually have to include your idea after you type idea."

Kaiya says to Snaek, "I want to know if you're loving Seattle/Washington. Or if you hate it."

Xiija chuckles gently.

Kaiya glares at Trystan.

Austere says to Trystan, "You need to include a message with assists as well."

Trystan teases Kaiya playfully.

Austere says, "Oh, right."

Kaiya says to Austere, "He was .... right."

Austere beholds.

Snaek says, "And so everyone knows, when you email in a suggestion, it is saved to our player suggestion database. Just because you dont see it go in right away doesn't mean we aren't using it. Sometimes ideas go into queue to be used when other related tasks come up."

Snaek says to Kaiya, "Oh great question. Loving it. I am finding so much inspiration for the game when I go hiking."

Kaiya beams at Snaek.

Snaek says, "I went to Aerthane just the other day."

Kaiya says to Snaek, "I was born and raised here."

Trystan says, "And the Silvers are running."

Xiija grins.

Snaek says to Kaiya, "One of the few it seems."

Kaiya exclaims, "So lemme know if you want ideas of neat places to go!"

Trystan says to Snaek, "Go west."

Austere says, "I get pictures when he happens upon SI in the real world."

Snaek says to Trystan, "I dunno if I can go any further west."

Xiija chuckles.

Austere says, "Sign up for twitter to see some."

Geel says to Snaek, "Just stop when your feet get wet."

Snaek says, "Yesteray I actually realized my limit on a 16 mile day hike. I'm hurting today."

Xiija winces.

Trystan grins.

Snaek says, "But I saw a great lake for Kaleith."

Snaek says, "We draw inspiration for the game from everywhere, but when it comes to making new areas, it's hard to beat the scenery around Washington."

Xiija says, "Sounds like a good room desc."

Garaven stands up.

Xiija says, "The tree covered hills around the lake in the fog reflect a sphinx flying above."

Xiija glances up.

Snaek says to Xiija, "Some of these places I go to I read these amazing room descriptions on plackards along the trail. I need to find these people and hire them."

Kaiya says, "It's perfect imagery for the scorched plains."

Snaek says to Kaiya, "Agreed."

Xiija grins at Snaek.

Trystan grins at Snaek.

Some rumbling can be heard from the walls as the OOCCC crew begins renovations.

Garaven says, "Been fun, but gotta work in the morn. Night all."

Snaek salutes to Garaven.

Kaiya waves to Garaven.

Flynt raises an eyebrow.

Trystan waves.

Garaven waves.

Flynt stands up.

Rochiriel waves.

Xiija waves to Garaven.

Garaven leaves west.
Rochiriel leaves west.

Trystan says, "You can actually see rolling fields of purple."

Flynt says, "Thank you for the coffee and info."

Flynt says, "Night all."

Flynt grins.

Xiija says, "Nyte flynt."

Flynt leaves west.

Seren says, "Thanks for all the info."

Seren says, "NIght all."

Xiija smiles at Seren.

Seren waves.

Xiija says, "Nyte Seren."

Seren leaves west.

Trystan says, "So to the speculating issue."

Trystan asks, "I know where to go to chop wood, find fish, find anything in the wilds. Why is it difficult here?"

Xiija begins surveying the area in search of usable resources.

Flynt arrives from the west.

Xiija asks, "You cna speculate indoors?"

Xiija continues speculating.

Xiija is done speculating.

Flynt exclaims, "Sorry. Just a quick note. Voting has been reset. Dont forget to VOTE!"

Kaiya says to Trystan, "Because a lot of the places you find those things, you can find other things as well. So if you speculate and find grubs, when looking for a tree to chop, you have no idea if there is one in that room."

Snaek says to Trystan, "Because that's too easy."

Xiija cackles at Flynt.

Flynt waves.

Snaek grins at Flynt.

Flynt leaves west.

Trystan says to Snaek, "Okay."

Kaiya says, "Or if you go to the beach to find sand and all you can find are clams."

Trystan says, "I'm not sure how it makes sense, but it's not really an issue I have to deal with."

Xiija beams.

Xiija says, "Shattered isles # 4 on topmudsites ryte now."

Snaek says, "I get your point, but it's a matter of balance. If you can always find exactly what you want, there's no challenge to it."

Trystan says, "The challenge is getting to where the thing you want is at."

Kaiya says to Snaek, "I totally get that. And maybe it's more of a room reset issue than a speculate issue."

Eroan leaves south.

Trystan asks, "Once there, not so hard?"

Saphira says, "Number 1 now."

Snaek says, "As far as rooms go, they can ony have one resource at a time until it cycles to the next."

Xiija howls at Saphira.

Kaiya says, "But I'm not joking, I've dug for hours and hours and only found a handful of sand before."

Kaiya says, "It is beyond frustrating and a complete waste of time."

Xiija says to Saphira, "Got a pic of it hehe."

Snaek says, "Well each resource does have its own percentage of being found, so if there's a more common one listed for that room, it is likely to come up more often than something rarer."

Trystan says, "I'll send a pic of the sign with the giant fish on top, reminded me of Rum Village."

Kaiya says, "Sand at a beach shouldn't be rare."

Saphira says to Kaiya, "Speculate and go somewhere else if its not sand."

Snaek grins at Trystan.

Kaiya says to Saphira, "I did. For hours."

Kaiya says, "And still barely got any sand."

Kaiya says, "This was in the Academy."

Trystan says to Snaek, "You can see it! It's at the Des Moines Marina."

Kaiya says, "And I've done the same with trees when wood chopping."

Snaek says, "Yeah? Noted."

Trystan asks Snaek, "You into wood carving, as in sculptures?"

Snaek says to Kaiya, "It's really a matter of a dice roll. If there's a lot of options for that room, odds are you wont consistently see what you might expect to commonly find. We try to add a good variety to each room so that it isn't obvious what you'll find there."

Trystan says, "I saw a huge stump turned into dolphins."

Geel asks Trystan, "Is there water in Iowa?"

Snaek says, "We will however sometimes add in a specific resource based on the room description, like a patch of strawberries or an apple tree."

Trystan says, "The other Des Moines."

Kaiya says to Snaek, "Eh. I just think something needs to be tweaked so someone isn't wasting hours of playing time accomplishing nothing."

Kaiya asks Trystan, "Are you from the NW?"

Trystan nods to Kaiya.

Kaiya asks, "Nice! Where?"

Trystan says to Kaiya, "We're all neighbors."

Xiija touches cant forage lavendar in a room with lavendar in the desc...

Kaiya says, "I'm in Lakewood, currently. The armpit of Tacoma."

Geel says, "That explains a lot, bunch of tweaked out caffine freaks."

Trystan says to Geel, "Meth capital too."

Kaiya says, "I actually hate coffee. And I hate Starbucks because of what their douchebag owner did to the Sonics."

Kaiya says, "Bastard."

Trystan chuckles.

Kaiya hmphs.

Snaek says to Kaiya, "We'll take a look, but we see players with huge bundles of every resource, even at the lowest possible levels of gathering. I dont think anyone is hurting for resources, but I understand your frustration. We aren't going to make anywhere in the game too easy to find the exact resource."

Snaek says, "We'll see if the more commonly found stuff can generate more often."

Xiija smiles.

Kaiya says to Snaek, "Completely get not making it too easy. Thanks for at least considering it."

Snaek says to Kaiya, "I've found a lot of people dont like starbucks here."

Kaiya asks Snaek, "Which is surprising, right?"

Geel says, "I think that is universal."

Eabo stands up.

Snaek nods his head up and down.

Eabo stretches.

Xiija waves .

Xiija grins at Eabo.

Trystan says, "One on every corner though."

Kaiya says, "But we love our Seahawks."

Kaiya beams.

Eabo says, "Thanks folks. See you."

Eabo waves.

Trystan waves.

Snaek asks, "So we're all going to prep our friends for the big day?"

Xiija says to Eabo, "Nyte."

Eabo leaves south.

Xiija says to Snaek, "And our alts."

Trystan asks, "Can we wait till after you meet your first deadline?"

Xiija winks.

Xiija chuckles at Trystan.

Snaek says, "We're aiming for a perfect storm of players coming in. Putting it all on the line."

Xiija asks, "Any word on the missing players?"

Snaek shrugs.

Kaiya says, "Okay, Survivor time."

Kaiya waves.

Trystan wrinkles his nose.

Trystan waves.

Xiija grins at Kaiya.

Kaiya departs from the world.

Snaek says, "I love you all and appreciate you giving our little dream a shot, but if I am being honest I only care about the future of the game. I hope you're there with me and I hope those old ones return, but if they don't that's their choice."

Xiija glances aaround for Valse.

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "There's a lot of people who are on the sidelines waiting for combat changes."

Saphira says to Snaek, "As long as I have a snickers I'm good."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "I think we will finally be able to please them."

Snaek says, "And that will give us the numbers for OOC games."

Snaek says, "And the rest of us can RP and make fun of them."

Xiija cackles.

Trystan says, "Still rather do those IC."

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek says, "We're RP dominant currently and that's not enough unfortunately."

Trystan asks, "Meaning?"

Snaek says, "We need a balance of both."

Xiija says, "Its good to BS as players."

Trystan asks, "RP dominant means what?"

Xiija flinches at Trystan.

Snaek says, "The combat changes will take care of that."

Trystan says, "Ah."

Trystan says, "I just thought we were the sicker ones."

Xiija chuckles delicately , brushing back her long kinky dreadlocked silvery hair.

Snaek says, "We are a RP game first and foremost."

Trystan says, "I like the mechanics side of things."

Xiija murmurs to Glitter in Sylvan.

Snaek says, "But that alone does not power a game. There's plenty of RP only games with a population like ours, never expanding."

Snaek says, "You need a healthy balace of RP and mechanics and we haven't had that."

Xiija nods.

Trystan says, "I still see seperating the academy as counter productive with that."

A giant dragon flies through and poops on Trystan's head.

Xiija cackles.

Trystan rolls his eyes.

Saphira says, "See RP."

Snaek says to Trystan, "The academy needed to be smaller."

Snaek says, "The area that split off was the most logical choice."

Xiija asks Snaek, "Will Dolorous be fleshed out too?"

Snaek says, "And it made better sense than moving it to somewhere else in the game and pretending like it wasn't once part of the academy."

Snaek nods to Xiija.

Xiija nods.

Snaek says to Xiija, "It will get another hunting area and an updated farm."

Xiija says, "Nice."

Austere says to Trystan, "We aren't pretending it wasn't attached."

Snaek says, "It's pretty useless, I know."

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek says, "The move was more for downsizing the academy than anything, but we made the most out of it."

Snaek says, "You know, aside from ruining that one event."

Xiija cackles.

Trystan asks Snaek, "You said once that you wanted a PC to have a certain experience at the academy. While I've been here to long to know what the current experience is, what feedback if any have you gotten from the new players?"

Snaek says to Trystan, "A lot of it comes down to lack of info."

Xiija nods.

Trystan says, "I thought about it from my point of view and the feeling was isolation."

Xiija says, "More mobs in town there talkin helps."

Snaek nods to Xiija.

Trystan says, "I hope that's not the same for new players."

Xiija grins.

Snaek says to Trystan, "I imagine it currently is."

Trystan says, "I think making the connection easier might help, along with cheaper gray sludge."

Trystan says, "And available at the academy."

Xiija grins.

Snaek says, "The academy is a training area, so it's design is meant to allow you to learn without being overwhelmed. There's a lot left to do there but we have our plans for updating the info and how it is gained."

Saphira says, "To bridge that gap we try to get our instructors out to help out the newbies where we can IC'ly."

Xiija nods.

Xiija says, "And PC's have to help by goin over there."

Trystan says, "I'd like to see it as a place where the truly new player, as well as the PC, can be folded into the current events."

Wren says, "I've been hanging around the Academy a lot these days, and have met some new people! It does help to lurk."

Xiija says, "Smi wre."

Xiija smiles at Wren.

Austere says to Trystan, "My wife has been on a tirade of us making sure a person whom has never played a mud can get right into it from scratch."

Trystan says, "We want to interact with them, and I think they want to interact with us."

Xiija grins at Austere.

Snaek says, "In the feedback we've received and the experiences we get from our interactions with new players, most do not enjoy being thrown into the mix at a young age. They don't know the lay of the land, the commands, or the lore. They aren't prepared for world events and usually quit when we try to involve them."

Trystan says, "I like to start slow with the basic commands, but I get your point."

Snaek says, "The focus of the academy is contuining to shift to becoming a learning experience."

Saphira says to Trystan, "Most start off not knowing how they want to shape their character's personality, backround, etc."

Snaek says to Trystan, "There's a lot to do there, but we want them to know that they are in a safe place and there's a world out there waiting for them once they are comfortable."

Austere says to Trystan, "The key is doing it all in an IC fashion."

Saphira says to Trystan, "Some try several characters before they choose one they like mechanically."

Trystan says, "Agreed. I keep my first meetings basic and help them learn how to talk right."

Xiija howls do I talk.

Xiija cackles.

Trystan grins at Xiija.

Snaek says, "A lot of them lock up when you talk to them."

Snaek says, "It's a thin line."

Trystan asks Austere, "Have I disappointed you that much?"

Snaek says, "We get a report when a new character is created."

Austere says, "From start to finish, the character generator is IC. The NPCs used have been shaped by that process."

Snaek says, "Whoever is online at the time will monitor that player and if need be, take an actor in to gently greet them."

Trystan nods.

Saphira says, "Thats our cue to look out for them."

Trystan leans on Saphira.

Trystan says, "I'm sure they're in good hands."

Snaek says, "We are toying with the idea of creating player-actors that also receive this information, along with some other unobtrusive information that allows them to assist."

Trystan says, "Oh, we don't need that, just make it easier to get to them."

Trystan says, "The half hour it takes to find them and they're logged off."

Snaek says, "We're not shortening the ferry or removing the teleport ward on the academy."

Xiija grins.

Trystan says, "We'll see."

Saphira asks Trystan, "You can't find them if your inside can you?"

Trystan raises an eyebrow at Saphira.

Snaek says to Trystan, "You aren't the first nor will you be the last to suggest it, but we're firm on this."

Snaek says, "There is no we'll see."

Xiija gets a dead horse from a grimy worn leather satchel.
Xiija beats her dead horse!

Xiija cackles.

Trystan says to Snaek, "So am I, good thing we're in it together."

Snaek says, "There's other ways to go about it, or there's a wall to keep hitting."

Saphira says to Trystan, "Hang out in the academy all the time and you won't have to worry about it."

Xiija grins.

Trystan says, "I'm expected at work tomorrow, so I better take off."

Xiija salutes to Trystan.

Trystan waves.

Snaek says to Trystan, "Thanks for coming."

Trystan exclaims, "Oh!"

Xiija says to Trystan, "Nyte."

Trystan asks Snaek, "How does the traffic compare?"

Saphira waves.

Trystan waves to Saphira.

Wren waves.

Xiija stands up.

Xiija launches into the air with a powerful downward thrust of her wings.

Xiija waves to Wren.

Xiija fans her multicolored wings swiftly, hovering...

Trystan slaps Wren.

Snaek says to Trystan, "Atlanta to Seattle is the same, but outside the city it's worse here."

Saphira lights up a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Snaek says, "But I put it all on the drivers."

Trystan grins.

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Trystan says, "Any curve in the road and it slows down."

Trystan says, "Okay, I'm out."

Trystan waves.

Trystan slaps Wren again.

Xiija grins.

Trystan leaves west.

Snaek gapes.

Geel stands up.

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Xiija exclaims, "Thanks so much for the meeting!"

Saphira leans on Geel.

Saphira exclaims to Geel, "I like it!"

Xiija says, "And the info."

Snaek says to Geel, "There's a chance when we first put in the combat changes that you will one shot kill everyone."

Xiija cackles at Geel.

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Austere exclaims, "Shit, if you all leave now we'll have to work!"

Snaek shrieks.

Xiija snickers at Austere.

Geel says to Snaek, "I can hardly wait."

Xiija says to Austere, "Go fix a door or somethyng."

Xiija laughs.

Snaek says to Geel, "I am glad I can tell you these things and believe them to be true finally."

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Snaek says, "Not just distant hopes and dreams."

Geel says, "Luckily I am god natured."

Geel says, "Good."

Xiija glances at Geel.

Snaek says to Geel, "Either works."

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Xiija exclaims, "God Lizzard complex!"

Xiija points.

Austere says to Geel, "Thank you for making gavials badass."

Snaek nods his head up and down.

Geel says to Xiija, "You have no idea."

Snaek says, "Don't we know it."

Xiija cackles.

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Snaek says to Geel, "Thank you for all the notes we've taken by observing you talk about your home on Tetherias."

Xiija exclaims, "Oo speaking of .. I need a Gavial egg!"

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Geel says to Snaek, "Well I dont remember any of it so it will be brand new to me too."

Xiija cackles.

Geel grins.

Snaek chuckles.

Austere says to Wren, "Good work with being an awesome Itzalite."

Geel says, "I do a lot of that when I am tripping."

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Xiija chuckles at Geel.

Geel says, "I dont actually have a job but I do need to get wet so adios."

Xiija waves to Geel.

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Wren blinks at Austere.

Wren asks Austere, "Thanks, I think?"

Austere says to Wren, "Just sayin'."

Wren laughs.

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Austere says to Wren, "Totally. You accept others' perceptions of your religion and work it into your RP."

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Austere says, "It's solid."

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Geel kisses Saphira on the cheek.

Saphira blushes.

Xiija stares.

Geel says to Saphira, "I will try not break any of your sh*t."

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Xiija grins at Snaek.

Saphira laughs.

Saphira exclaims to Geel, "Thanks!"

Geel says to Saphira, "But I yam what I yam."

Geel shrugs.

Geel waves.

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Snaek asks Xiija, "Do you enjoy leveling your skills, or play more for RP and hunting?"

Xiija waves to Geel.

Geel leaves south.

Xiija asks, "Both?"

Snaek nods.

Saphira puffs on a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Snaek says, "Just curious. Some people go off into a corner and level the day away with only one goal in mind."

Xiija says, "Hunts give both."

Saphira removes a mild Ra'ven maduro leaf-wrapped robusto cigar.

Xiija says, "But if no onee on,... I pt."

Snaek nods.

Snaek asks, "What would you do if you already had great skill levels?"

The light in the area dims momentarily as Valse emerges from a nearby shadow.

Xiija asks Snaek, "Look for others to help?"

Valse shrieks at Xiija.

Valse gets spooked by something and quickly retreats into the dark, vanishing from sight!

Xiija salutes val.

Xiija grunts.

Snaek says, "Shadows."

Xiija cackles.

Wren blinks slowly.

Snaek asks, "Any other questions?"

Wren says to Snaek, "Best I can do is offer to hunt with newbies or show them around, while I'm bumming about in the academy."

Xiija says, "Im kinda sorry I missed the beta here."

Xiija nods to Wren.

Wren says, "Since most of my skills are kinda up there."

Xiija cackles at Wren.

Wren says, "Up in the great beyond."

Xiija says to Wren, "You will one shot too then."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Snaek says, "You both do the most for game by being yourselves. You are great RPers and you enjoy group hunts. Interacting with others is all we could ever ask for."

Xiija smiles.

Wren exclaims to Xiija, "Doubt it, I'm not a gavial!"

Xiija chuckles impishly, rubbing her nose...

A short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien asks, "What am I? chopped liver?"

Xiija says to Wren, "Bring your pastry-eatin butt to bandit hunts."

Xiija cackles at a short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien.

Wren asks, "Is there any way to create more of a draw to the Academy for older/advanced players, to increase the chance of running into new people?"

Wren furrows her brow at Xiija.

Xiija says to Wren, "Make minig easy there."

Wren says to Xiija, "But my butt is so heavy."

Xiija cackles at Wren.

Snaek says to Wren, "That's a good question."

Xiija says to Snaek, "Sell blacksteel there."

Xiija cackles.

Wren snickers.

Snaek says, "That's the kind of outside the box thinking we need instead of slamming our heads against the same wall over and over."

Wren says, "Maybe some peddles could be held there. Not a bad idea."

Wren nods her head up and down to Snaek.

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "Maybe more quest redemption can take place there too."

Xiija says, "Ooo nice."

Xiija says, "I still dont know how to do a quest."

Xiija grunts.

Austere says, "Right, quests aren't in yet."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says to Xiija, "It's not obvious right now. That's the problem."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Snaek waves his hands around Xiija.

Xiija waves back.

Xiija cackles.

Snaek says, "They aren't your traditional quests, but you've done portions of the hunter quest line."

Austere says, "There won't be any peddles there, that is for Pearl."

Xiija asks, "Shuoldnt it show when I type 'quest' ?"

Snaek says, "You learned skinning, you maybe killed some squirrels and turned in their tails."

Wren says, "Would merchants be penalized in the IC world for holding peddles or orders in the Academy? I'm thinking the 'lesser' ones like clothing and jewelry. Things newbies can more easily afford."

Austere says to Xiija, "It does not."

Wren furrows her brow at Austere.

Xiija nods to Austere.

Xiija says to Austere, "It should."

Xiija grunts.

Snaek says to Xiija, "We dont use that. We created our own quest lines."

Xiija says to Snaek, "Still, info on what im doin/have done would be nice."

Snaek says to Wren, "Peddles are flawed in general."

Snaek says, "Rarely does everyone get a fair shot."

Xiija says, "We need more no-bid peddles."

The air above Saphira begins to ripple.
Suddenly, a black cotton bandana slowly fades into existence.

Saphira gets a black cotton bandana.

Saphira waves her hands around a black cotton bandana.

Snaek says, "And custom orders just saturate the market."

Xiija nods.

Wren says to Snaek, "True, though most are willing to give newer people a chance, and if held on the Academy can be more easily accessible to them."

Snaek says, "We're still tossing around ideas on how to improve things there. Peddles are one of those things we carried over from that other game without stopping to consider why."

Wren asks Snaek, "Because people like STUFF?"

Xiija says, "They custom stuff helps RP."

Wren burrows in all of her clothes and weapons.

Xiija rubs a blackened leather shaman's wyvern-head death mask.

Snaek says, "We all like stuff, but people dont enjoy watching the rich get all the stuff."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Wren says, "Point."

Snaek says, "And yes most are responsible, but that's not always the case."

Xiija exclaims to Snaek, "The VOICE will report it!"

Xiija cackles.

Wren says, "Maybe there can be student-discounted orders or something."

Snaek says, "It's easy to say I RP as a jerk so therefore it's okay for me to be one to everybody."

Wren exclaims, "Student discounts ARE a thing!"

Xiija nods.

Xiija grins at Wren.

Saphira drops a purple cotton bandana.

Saphira catalogs a purple cotton bandana.

Saphira gets a purple cotton bandana.

Xiija gasps.

Xiija grovels to Saphira.

Saphira gives a purple cotton bandana to Xiija.

Xiija howls.

Snaek says, "We're going to try some different approaches and see what works best."

Xiija removes a ragged eagle feather and goat fur headdress.

Xiija puts on a purple cotton bandana.

Xiija beams.

Wren nods to Snaek.

Xiija puts a ragged eagle feather and goat fur headdress in a grimy worn leather satchel.

Saphira says, "I liked the token peddle best."

Snaek says, "The one peddle Zykiel did where you buy coins to bid with was interesting but needs more work."

Saphira nods her head up and down.

Xiija exclaims to Saphira, "Tytyty!"

Snaek says, "It was at least a level playing field."

Saphira whistles at Xiija.

Xiija adjusts a purple cotton bandana.

Snaek says, "Required a brain."

Xiija grins at Snaek.

Austere says, "I still don't understand it."

Snaek chuckles.

Snaek says, "Exactly."

Snaek comforts Austere.

Snaek knocks the stuffing out of Austere.

Snaek says, "We'll see. all I know is peddles are fun and we can have them sometimes, but we need better alternatives."

Saphira asks, "Thing is some players spend a lot of time earning and saving money for peddles. Should someone who comes in fresh that week have the same chance at getting an item from a peddle?"

Xiija asks, "Peddle 10 things, $D 1000 each, everyone gets a number, and if your number is called, you get the current item, then people can sell/trade with each other after?"

Xiija grunts.

Saphira says, "I'm outtie folks."

Saphira waves.

Xiija waves to Saphira.

Xiija blows on Saphira.

Saphira says to Xiija, "Don't make me regret it."

Xiija cackles.

Saphira cackles.

Xiija hums impishly.

Snaek says, "Good talk."

The wind suddenly picks up as Saphira slowly disingrates into a thousand particles of sand that get swept away.

Xiija exclaims, "Thanks for all you all do!"

Snaek says to Xiija, "Likewise."

Xiija grins.

Austere asks, "Saphira, do you sleep next to pyramids now?"

Snaek chortles.

Xiija chuckles.

Xiija says to Glitter, "Is PTing flying ryte now.."

Xiija glances.

Glitter shakes her head from side to side.

Xiija grins.

Snaek snickers.

Snaek says, "Will get the log up tomorrow."

Xiija says, "Kk kewl ::hugs::."

Snaek says, "Thanks for liking our posts."

Xiija exclaims, "See you all soon!"

Xiija winks.

Snaek says, "We're slowly growing there."

Glitter flies west.

Xiija says, "Goodgood."

Xiija exclaims, "FB ftw!"

Xiija says, "I'll log my gaming alt & like on her too."

Snaek says, "One day I need to find someone to manage it better than we currently do."

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek says, "Can't be Austere. He lives in a time before social media."

Xiija cackles.

Austere says, "I can make our mixtape."

Xiija beams.

Snaek says to Austere, "We'll sell it at dcon."

Xiija chuckles.

Xiija says, "Do a viddy for SI."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "We're pushing the game hard at dcon this year."

Xiija says, "Goodgood."

Xiija smiles.

Snaek says, "Our final promotional event before we go live."

Snaek says, "Last stop on the tour."

Xiija asks, "Hire babes to promote it too?"

Xiija cackles.

Xiija points at Wren.

Snaek says, "You're both hired."

Xiija snickers.

A short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien snorts.

Wren chortles.

Xiija gasps at a short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien.

Xiija inflicts an festering plague at a short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien.

Xiija snaps her fingers.

Wren says, "I'll paste that lewd drawing of Wren all over the internet with a link to SI."

A short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien exclaims, "Hah!"

Xiija grins at Wren.

Xiija grunts at a short vukasin dressed as Alf the alien.

Xiija says, "I could make a tiny in secondlife and do a pic."

Xiija ponders.

An overweight spider-man shoots alf in the face with a can of silly string.

Xiija chuckles at an overweight spider-man.

Wren yawns.

Snaek says, "Well ladies and beholders, That's it for me."

Xiija follows Snaek.

Wren says, "Yeah I'm beat."

Xiija hums innocently.

Austere says, "Me as well."

Snaek squints at Xiija.

Xiija gulps.

Snaek vanishes as his skin quickly blends him into the background.

Wren says, "Thanks for having one of these. I always enjoy them."

Snaek appears against the background as his skin turns back to green.

Wren says to Snaek, "Get those scales checked."

Austere asks, "Xiij where did he take you?"

Snaek says, "Dragon's summit."

Austere says, "Nice."

Wren laughs.

Wren says, "Night fellas."

Wren salutes.

Snaek salutes to Wren.

Austere says to Wren, "G'night."

Wren leaves south.

Xiija cackles.

Snaek says to Xiija, "I forgot you probably have a badge."

Xiija snaps her fingers.

Xiija pokes a registered badge.

Snaek says, "Security."

Snaek shrugs.

Xiija says, "Kk I take the boat."

Xiija snickers.

Xiija waves.

Xiija exclaims, "See yas!"

Snaek waves.

Xiija flitters her wings.

Xiija flies west.

Austere says, "I bet it would be fine if she left a room."

Austere says, "It's in the script to remove it should they get out by other means."

Austere says, "Though it would say the guard guy or gal takes it from you."

Snaek says, "I need a long drop into a lake for people that follow me."

Austere says, "Badge guy or gal."

Snaek says, "Gal or guy."

Austere says, "They don't follow me, I'm not as cuddly."

Snaek vanishes as his skin quickly blends him into the background.

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