04/06/16 Religion Q&A: Pyresians

Information on previously held discussions between staff and players covering anything from Race and Religion to future updates to the game.
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04/06/16 Religion Q&A: Pyresians

Post by Austere » Wed Apr 27, 2016 6:32 pm

Snaek asks, "Welcome welcome. We're all here to talk fire, right?"

Grok rubs a smooth bloodstone flame necklace.

Paris Hilton says, "That's hot."

Gaki raises an eyebrow.

Grok snickers.

Snaek says, "We're doing these Q & As on each religion as we approach our launch and Pyrous won the lottery this month."

Austere says, "Pyrous is on fire."

Grok glances around for the Empyricon.

Snaek says to Grok, "He already thinks he knows everything."

Austere asks Grok, "Megatron?"

Snaek says, "We are logging this though for those that aren't here."

Austere says to Snaek, "He taught us."

Pyratherndar says to Grok, "He didnt know if he was going to be able to make it."

Snaek exclaims, "So, Pyrous. Death and destruction. Burn everything. Chaos!"

Doxx gags.

Snaek asks, "Right?"

Gleek exclaims, "Yes!"

Kreve says, "At least 1 side."

Coraleth says to Snaek, "Nope. Shouldn't be. Never."

Gleek snickers.

Coraleth coughs.

Gaki shrugs.

Pyratherndar says, "Not even close."

Doxx exclaims, "HUZZAH!"

Visyn announces:

##.... ##:. ##:'##:: ##.... ##:'##.... ##: ##:::: ##:'##... ##:
##:::: ##::. ####::: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##: ##:::..::
########::::. ##:::: ########:: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##:. ######::
##.....:::::: ##:::: ##.. ##::: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##::..... ##:
##::::::::::: ##:::: ##::. ##:: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##:'##::: ##:
##::::::::::: ##:::: ##:::. ##:. #######::. #######::. ######::

Kreve chuckles.

Snaek chuckles.

Tharansis arrives from the south.

Gleek asks Visyn, "Need a hobby?"

Gleek cackles.

Pyratherndar says, "Ssooooo much more."

Pyratherndar says to Visyn, "Thats cool."

Snaek says to Visyn, "You brought a sign to a rally. I like it."

Grok grunts how the hell you get it colored?

Visyn says to Pyratherndar, "Ah, thanks. I do try."

Kreve exclaims to Tharansis, "Both argali in one room!"

Gleek grins at Visyn.

Kreve chuckles at Tharansis.

Tharansis chuckles at Kreve.

Snaek says, "Pyrous is about a little more than just burning stuff, but it's an easy trap to fall in."

Tharansis sits down.

Snaek says, "Burn them all. It's fun RP."

Gleek snaps his fingers.

Eabo says, "Cleaning, rebirth."

Snaek says, "Like the other religions though we are trying to paint a bigger picture of two sides to each religion."

Snaek says to Eabo, "Exactly."

Snaek says, "With destruction there is rebirth, and that would be the opposing side of this coin."

Snaek says, "We have never really supplied you with a lot of info to go on for Pyrous."

Snaek says, "Tonight's goal is to change that. A lot of it we pull from the interesting things we see our players suggest, and then we merge it with the history we've established."

Snaek says, "Since this is a Q&A, we'll start with a few questions and see where that leads us."

A wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin takes a drink from a cup of coffee.

Snaek says, "Assuming you all brought some questions."

Visyn raises his hand.

Snaek points at Visyn.

Visyn asks Snaek, "What are the major philosophical difference between Kaleith and Pyrous?"

Tharansis says, "Kalesians go with the flow, man."

Visyn says to Snaek, "Specifically, why are we continuously at odds with each other."

Coraleth nods to Tharansis.

Aubri leaves west.

Kreve listens.

Tharansis listens to Snaek.

Kreve chuckles.

Pyratherndar says, "I think Snaek is having cobb web issues."

Snaek says to Visyn, "Surprisingly they aren't that different in their approach to the world. They both have a strong desire to serve their God through their actions and are passionate about doing so. The biggest difference is going to be in a way a Pyresian views an opportunity. A kalesian has the patient to wait out a plan and see it to the end, where as a Pyresian will act almost impulsively if the moment is right."

Tharansis says, "Long reply."

Snaek says, "I think it was a deep question."

Pyratherndar says, "Or not."

Snaek says, "You are all pyresians."

Austere chucklea.

Eabo grins.

Snaek says to Visyn, "Why they are continuously in conflict with one another is as basic as the way the two elements react around one another."

Kreve asks Snaek, "Is there past conflicts between the two gods?"

Austere says, "Can't have them both at the same time, fire and water."

Pyratherndar says, "Fire doesn't always put out water."

Tharansis says to Austere, "Steam."

Austere says to Tharansis, "That's air and water in my book."

Austere points at a page is his book on Creatoring.

Snaek says, "Fire can change the state of water, and this happens in the followers of Kaleith too. They are viewed as a calm lot, but something about fire brings out the worst in them."

Tharansis says, "If our temples ver get together, we can make an engine."

Coraleth says, "Philosophically, there are some similarities between the rebirth side of Pyreous and the renewal side of Kalesith. Thoguh they go about it in fundamentally different ways, the end goal is the same."

Snaek nods to Coraleth.

Visyn says to Snaek, "If we were to put this in elemental terms, water can also be destructive but does it through time. Water cleanses away that which is not pure, being selective in its destruction. Fire will remove everything in its path in an effort to destroy and bring new life."

Visyn asks Snaek, "Is that a fair analogy?"

Tharansis says, "Kaleith will wait things out, Pyrous want to make things happen."

Snaek says to Visyn, "It is. That applies to their approach to life."

Snaek says, "Then if you add in Itzal and Astraeva, who were the highest ranking members of Pyrous and Kaleith, you have a renewed hatred for one another that saw them on opposite sides at a time when the world was shattered."

Snaek says, "They are also both male Gods."

Tharansis says to Kreve, "See? it is all your god's fault for the shattering."

Kreve chuckles.

Visyn asks, "Wouldn't Pyrous followers be more resentful to those of Itzal then due to his betrayal?"

Visyn asks, "Or is betrayal an inaccurate way of putting it?"

Coraleth says, "When I think of Kaleith followers and Astraeva, the word respect comes to mind, but that's not the word I'd think a Pyresian would have for Itzal."

Tharansis points at Coraleth.

Visyn nods to Coraleth.

Tharansis says to Coraleth, "Xcept of course for the whole ATC issue."

Snaek says to Visyn, "Very much so. As a whole Pyresians are harsh on any kind of deception. Itzal would be a close second to Kaleith."

Coraleth says to Tharansis, "Blasted greed ruins everything."

Tharansis sighs and nods.

Snaek says, "Pyrous and Itzal find themselves on the same side of issues a lot however."

Snaek says, "They are both into power. Pyresians do it for Pyrous, Itzalites do it for themselves."

Eabo says, "Oh what a tangled web..."

Eabo grins.

Gleek raises an eyebrow.

Austere asks Snaek, "Is it more that Pyresians are taught to be disciplined against deception rather than taught to hate it?"

Tharansis asks, "Pyresians? Disciplined?"

Gleek says, "Nothin wrong with a little deceptions...."

Tharansis chuckles.

Gleek fidgets.

Austere says, "Against being deceptive themselves."

Snaek says to Austere, "That's a fair point. Despite their impulsive nature, they are a militant society that has a calculated approach to everything."

Gaki scoffs.

Austere says to Tharansis, "Not disciplined in a good way."

Grok asks, "So temple Pyrous would not work with either of those two temples for it's own purposes?"

Coraleth says to Austere, "Direct, perhaps."

Snaek says to Grok, "With Itzal they would, and have."

Tharansis says, "Most alliances are rooted in some level of deception."

Snaek says, "With kaleith it would have to be an ultra rare occasion."

Gaki says, "You mistake impatiencce for passion..."

Austere says to Gaki, "Another good point."

Suddenly, an ice cold beer appears into a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin's possession.

Austere says, "Perhaps a Pyresian would be deceptive for Pyrous's sake, but that isn't really honoring Him."

Snaek says, "When Pyrous made a play at taking over Pearl in the early 300's, it was suspected that they were working with Itzalites to get into the city."

Kreve asks Snaek, "So a follower of pyrous would work with an itzal if he thought it would benefit pyrous somehow?"

Snaek nods to Kreve.

Snaek says, "But I would never expect there to be any trust there."

Snaek says, "Itzal didn't just betray Pyrous. He betrayed the element of Fire. Manipulated it into something else."

Snaek says, "That doesn't sit well with purists."

Gleek says, "Or to further him or herself in Temple Pyrous, since we are also contentious internally, according to the website."

Gaki says, "Dakrness is deception. Pyrous does not fear the darkness. There is always states of darkness in the process of rebirth."

Gaki says, "Coals sit idle waiting for the perrfect moment."

Tharansis asks, "What about goblins then? they went from all pyrous to all itzal except for a few. How would those few be viewed, and vice versa?"

Gleek grins.

Austere says to Tharansis, "The select few goblins are tolerated."

Gleek asks Austere, "By whom?"

Austere says to Gleek, "Other Pyresians."

Snaek says to Gleek, "There is constant conflict within, yes. More so than most religions. There are those that want to destroy in the name of Pyrous and don't care what comes next, and there's those who are calculating a way to rebuild from the ashes something that will honor Pyrous."

Gleek grins.

Visyn asks, "A conflict between chaos and order within the temple?"

Snaek asks Visyn, "Wild right?"

Gleek says to Austere, "I was under the impression it is Itzalites that barely tolerate Goblins who follow Pyrous."

Snaek says, "It's not all sunsets and marshmallows in Pyrousville."

Gleek says to Austere, "More particulary Itzalite Goblins."

Gleek says, "Particularly."

Kreve asks, "So we might see conflicts between the 2 views?"

Gleek fidgets some more.

Eabo says, "I think it would be more itzalite goblins that would have issue iwth pyrous goblins to certain degrees."

Snaek says, "The goblins stood with Itzal after they were promised a great gift. All but one clan of goblins that remained loyal to Pyrous."

Tharansis says, "I would think both sides would view the other as traitorous."

Snaek says, "Those goblins that stayed with Pyrous are not tolerated by other goblins. They are considered traitors."

Austere nods to Tharansis.

Snaek says, "Pyresian goblins would say the same of course."

Eabo nods his head up and down.

Austere says, "Traders and traitors."

Grok asks, "Is three bridges affiliated with either side?"

Tharansis says, "And the pyresian argali are just confused."

Tharansis comforts Kreve.

Gleek says, "Two common careers for Goblins."

Gleek chuckles.

Kreve smirks.

Snaek says, "Three Bridges is largely aligned with Itzal. It has a long history as a goblin village that dates back before the Shattering so it would have housed all types of elemental goblins."

Grok nods.

Snaek says, "But after the Shattering, and really during the reign of Queen Sanzabella, it became heavily populated by all types of Itzalites."

Snaek says, "The current placement of the Pyrous temple is to keep an eye on the Itzalites."

Eabo says, "Luv that name."

Eabo snickers.

Pyratherndar asks, "Those who were not necessairly grown up in the seting of magic and knowledge of the Gods and Goddesses, they would have a hard time understanding why someone can dislike someone just because of their belief?"

Austere says, "It's tough to say whom has the clout in Three Bridges, goblins or Itzalites as a whole."

Snaek says, "Dividing the tower and 3B."

Pyratherndar says, "Sorry."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "Yes and no. Ignorance breeds dislike as much as anything."

Snaek exclaims, "You're different. I don't like it!"

Coraleth says to Snaek, "Whoa man, just chill."

Pyratherndar says, "To me your different and till you give me a reason to not like you, your ok."

Snaek snickers.

Snaek says, "To bring it full circle, your dislike of Kaleith is not so much taught as it is instinctive. They feel the same toward Pyresians."

Austere nods to Snaek.

Coraleth says, "Pfft. I don't dislike Pyresiasns. I just feel apprensive aroudn them. Could be all the death threats."

Tharansis says to Snaek, "We give offerings to their priests when they aren't looking."

Snaek chuckles at Coraleth.

Snaek says to Coraleth, "That's a good way to describe it though. They bring out a feeling in you others would not."

Snaek says, "Not to the same degree at least."

Coraleth says to himself, "Used to be apprehensive about everyone."

Coraleth snickers.

Snaek says, "On the flip side of all of this, they work really well with Aerthane and Tetherias."

Tharansis asks, "And astraeva?"

Snaek says, "It's not the Astraevans they have issue with, or even the religion outside of those that associate them with Kaleith."

Snaek says, "Since the Shattering though Pyresians have wanted Pearl."

Snaek says, "And Astraevans aren't exactly cool with that."

Tharansis says, "Not religious so much as a turf war then."

Snaek nods to Tharansis.

Snaek says, "It's really all about the location of Pearl to them."

Snaek says, "Politically the two get along quite well, which is kind of a surprise considering Pyrous has tried to seize Pearl on multiple occasions."

Snaek says, "Pyresians make great politicians."

Snaek nods his head up and down.

Tharansis says, "Trade needs can do that."

Snaek says, "Shifting gears a bit to something we haven't discussed before."

Pyratherndar says, "That may be true but try and save the city and you end up in the stocks with the head chopper looming over you."

Pyratherndar winces.

Gleek grins at Pyratherndar.

Austere says to Pyratherndar, "So true."

Gleek says to Pyratherndar, "Quit trying to save, start trying to conquer."

Coraleth says to Pyratherndar, "Let it burn."

Coraleth nods to Pyratherndar.

Snaek laughs.

Gleek chuckles.

Snaek says, "Great answers."

Chierr asks, "Would pyresians defend pearl against an enemy or wait to see who won?"

Gleek says, "Excellent question."

Tharansis says, "Depends on if it affects their own bid for power."

Snaek says to Chierr, "That is a good question. If they saw an opportunity to move in they would likely take it."

Tharansis says, "I can see them defending against a kalesian navy."

Chierr nods.

Snaek says, "If Kaleith is the attacker...well that's kind of playing out at sea already."

Austere flails its arms at Snaek.

Visyn asks, "Then Pyrous followers don't necessarily disagree with the way that Pearl is being run, they just want to be the ones that run it?"

Austere exclaims to Snaek, "Dial it back!"

Gleek asks Chierr, "Maybe, but what better scenario than to wait until Kaliethians do all the dirty work then take it from them?"

Chierr says, "That's what I was thinking."

Chierr grins.

Tharansis says to Gleek, "Risky gamble."

Gleek says to Tharansis, "Could be."

Gleek grins.

Snaek says to Gleek, "A pyresian might see that angle, but not wait for it to play out."

Snaek stares at Austere.

Visyn says to Gleek, "More like make their move while both sides are weakened."

Snaek says, "They've done that before."

Tharansis nods to Visyn.

Austere gulps.

Snaek says, "Pearl was at war with Kaleith and while the two fleets were fighting off the coast of Kaleith, Pyrous made their move."

Coraleth says, "Alas, it backfired. But at least there was fire."

Tharansis chuckles.

Snaek says, "Some blame the itzalites."

Gleek laughs.

Eabo says, "Its... always the itzalites."

Coraleth exclaims to Eabo, "It's the shadows. You can enver be certain if it was or wasn't you guys!"

Snaek says, "History says it's rumored, but somebody was working on the inside to let the pyresians know when to attac."

Austere says, "I blame Scape the Itzalite argali specifically."

Snaek says, "Someone would perhaps didn't mind Astraeva losing its hold on the city."

Tharansis rolls his eyes at Austere.

Snaek chortles at Austere.

Visyn laughs at Austere.

Grok grunts a sound like a chuckle at Austere.

Tharansis says, "Ba-a-a-a-ad joke."

Grok grits his teeth.

Gleek ponders.

Snaek asks, "More questions on how Pyrous interacts with others?"

Austere says, "Can ram it into anyone's head enough, argali are not goats."

Kreve asks, "Do they have any true allys?"

Kreve says, "Or do they just kind of use other religions."

Austere says, "I feel sheepish for my earlier pun."

Gleek says to Kreve, "Just the one behind the cobbler shop."

Gleek snickers.

Coraleth asks Austere, "So I shouldn't count on our argali when we go to fight trolls then?"

Snaek says to Kreve, "Tetherias is probably their closest true ally. They rarely have disputes with Aerthane, but then Aerthane wants to be everyone's friend."

Tharansis says to Austere, "Per the website: Argali resemble a goat on two legs."

Snaek says, "But with Tetherias they have a history of working together. They each have a large population of vukasin, dwarves, and gavials."

Austere says to Tharansis, "We're working on it."

Coraleth says to Austere, "Don't shave my goatmen. It will make me sad."

Kreve says to Snaek, "So now does that alliance go for both sides of pyrous."

Austere says to Coraleth, "No worries, that would be a lamb idea."

Visyn grins.

Snaek says to Kreve, "Some history going around over the last year is that of the city of Pyetra. A city built between the two lands to keep the balance between fire and earth. Before it was built Pyrous was at odds with Tetherias too, over land, go figure."

Snaek says to Kreve, "The two sides have enough in common to remain allies. Yes."

Kreve nods.

Snaek says, "Both have southern mountains home to dwarves and each provides an important metal to the world."

Snaek says, "Both have desert regions where gavials and vukasin live."

Snaek says, "Speaking of metals, the majority of the world's copper comes from Pyrous."

Snaek says, "And it is also where orichalcum was first discovered."

Coraleth peers at some sunstone embedded orichalcum scale mail.

Snaek says, "Orichalcum is a popular metal amongst the Pyresians."

Grok gets a two-handed scalloped orichalcum katana from an academy-issue canvas backpack.

Coraleth says, "No wonder they all want to kill me. It's because I'm so fabulous."

Tharansis asks, "Does pyrous have a king, emperor, president? Are all the islands monarchies?"

Grok puts a two-handed scalloped orichalcum katana in an academy-issue canvas backpack.

Austere says, "A Kalesian's Kryptonite."

Snaek says to Tharansis, "Pyrous does have a King. I honestly can't remember what they are called. I'll have to look it up."

Snaek says, "Aerthane has a council."

Snaek says, "Kaleith has a senate."

Snaek says, "Tetherias has Verdani."

Snaek snickers.

Visyn chuckles.

Tharansis chuckles.

Coraleth says to Snaek, "Is it a puppet king? I seem to rmember the end of the pyresian attack on Pearl resulted in the disbanding of Pyresous' goverment."

Austere says to Coraleth, "It's all politics there."

Snaek says to Coraleth, "Good memory. It's been a little over a 100 years since that though. They've re-established their own government."

Coraleth says to Austere, "Ain't it always."

Coraleth nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "Their trade is still controlled by the ATC though."

Coraleth says, "Makes sense."

Austere says to Coraleth, "Whatever was disbanded has reformed in another form or another."

Coraleth says to Austere, "They burned it all down again! I should have known."

Snaek says, "Pyrous is also the only place in the world where you can find pyragyrite."

Snaek says, "Go figure."

Visyn chuckles.

Coraleth peers at Pyratherndar.

Coraleth says to Snaek, "And here I thought that came from Pyra dancing."

Snaek says, "Those that live outside of Pyrous usually go with ruby, bloodstone, or garnet for their jewelry."

Snaek asks, "Next question?"

Grok raises his hand.

Snaek nods to Grok.

Grok asks, "You mentioned a militant society.. are they the most militant peoples around?"

Snaek says to Grok, "As a whole I'd say yes. Astraeva would be a close second, but that's more because of Pearl than because of astravaen society."

Grok nods.

Snaek says, "I think most pyresians would tell you that they are their own worst enemy. The military training is designed to keep their passionate impulses at bay."

Grok nods.

Snaek says, "All it really does is train a bunch of crazies for war."

Snaek says, "That last part is not official."

Coraleth snickers.

Snaek says, "They've actually got a decent sized navy too."

Austere says, "They're adept at displacing water."

Snaek says, "Which is strange given fire vs water, but it is the way of the world."

Austere points up at its statement.

Coraleth says to Snaek, "In their defense, burning boats are pretty."

Snaek grins at Austere.

Gleek asks, "Fireball throwing catapults from aboard shop. What's not to love?"

Gleek says, "Ship."

Gleek grumbles.

Austere says to Gleek, "Kalesians."

Gleek says to Austere, "Thus the catapults."

Gleek nods his head up and down.

Coraleth says to Austere, "Lies, we're so lovable~."

Snaek says, "The isle itself is lacking in history compared to the other isles. That is something we will be releasing in June and July during the Pyrous months as part of a buildup to their yearly celebration."

Tharansis nods to Coraleth.

Pyratherndar says, "Flaming arrows work nicely also."

Gleek says to Pyratherndar, "Firecracker vs. stick of dynamite."

Gleek grins.

Gleek grins.

Pyratherndar says, "My firecracker can go anywhere."

Coraleth says, "Bam."

Grok asks, "No graveyards for them.. all cremations?"

Austere says to Grok, "Good question."

Snaek says to Grok, "Mausoleums at best just to serve as a marker. Yes all cremated."

Austere says to Grok, "Plenty of memorials include ashes."

Grok nods.

Snaek says, "Good question though. A pyresian lost at sea must be a hell of a thing."

Gleek shudders.

Grok nods to Gleek.

Snaek says, "Never fully sent off to Pyrous."

Coraleth says to Snaek, "We'll take ca eof him, don't you worry."

Coraleth whistles innocent.

Gleek says to Snaek, "Captive soul of Kalieth."

Snaek nods to Gleek.

Snaek says, "The gods keep score."

Gleek nods.

Grok says, "So to a Pyrousian, most peoples hell... would be heaven."

Austere says to Grok, "Maybe to a devalin."

Grok glances at Visyn.

Snaek says, "Not so much a Gargoyle."

Austere says, "Gavials would hate it."

Grok grunts a sound like a chuckle.

Austere asks, "Or was it gargoyles?"

Austere raises an eyebrow at Snaek.

Snaek says, "Gargoyles."

Pyratherndar says, "We have more then one gargoyle."

Snaek says, "They think the fire shortens their life."

Gleek asks, "They do?"

Pyratherndar nods.

Pyratherndar says, "Two that I know of for certain."

Gleek asks, "Typically no Pyresian Gargoyles then?"

Snaek says to Gleek, "Far from common."

Gleek nods.

Snaek says, "Goblins would still complain about the heat I imagine."

Kreve leaves west.

Gleek says, "Not as much as a Bolineau would."

Snaek says, "Bolinaus cannot follow Pyrous."

Gleek says, "Exactly."

Coraleth says, "It's the fur."

Snaek grins.

Snaek says, "There aren't many sylves of pyrous either."

Snaek says, "Though not as uncommon as a gargoyle or goblin."

Austere says, "We got a picture of one once."

Austere beams.

Snaek says, "Oh that's right."

Austere says, "They do exist."

Eabo chuckles.

Pyratherndar says, "Belanna is a slyph of pyrous."

Snaek nods to Pyratherndar.

Tharansis says, "One was the emissary for a while."

Coraleth nods.

Snaek says to Tharansis, "Barely."

Tharansis chuckles.

Pyratherndar says, "We got a great one now that is what matters."

Tharansis asks, "Where?"

Tharansis glances around.

Pyratherndar points at Visyn.

Coraleth gasps at Visyn.

Snaek says, "Oh, emissary."

Visyn asks Pyratherndar, "You want me to say her name?"

Visyn tilts his head to the side.

Tharansis chuckles.

Pyratherndar says to Visyn, "No I'm saying that your a great Emissary."

Snaek says, "I can tell you that from a staff perspective we've really enjoyed watching the religion develop."

Austere nods its head up and down.

Snaek says, "Pyrous has become a force in this world."

Tharansis says, "The dark side."

Coraleth says, "There's no shortage of 'em~."

Doxx exclaims, "HUZZAH!"

Grok says, "We need a general, and more saluting."

Grok salutes to Visyn.

Grok salutes to Pyratherndar.

Grok salutes to Gleek.

Grok smirks.

Austere says, "Its tough figuring out how you're all going to play these religions before we can see you do it. Now it's just gravy."

Austere says, "Hot gravy."

Tharansis says to Coraleth, "Wow man, these guys need to chillax."

Snaek says, "We've updated the website tonight with the information we've been sharing on the religion of Pyrous. Be sure to check it out after you leave."

Coraleth says to Austere, "Oh sure, let us do the heavy lifting."

Coraleth nods to Tharansis.

Snaek says, "I do have three things I'd like your help with naming, if you're interested in helping out a bit more."

Pyratherndar nods her head up and down.

Austere says to Coraleth, "It's one thing to give you a guideline, it's another to discover one players have created."

Coraleth says, "I dub thee Picklebutter."

Snaek says, "I dont need names tonight, but I'd ask that you either email them in or use the assist command with your suggestions. Otherwise I'll lose them."

A wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man made of giant eel skin says, "Ain't that the truth."

Coraleth nods to Austere.

Gleek snickers.

Pyratherndar laughs.

Visyn asks Snaek, "Can you give us some personality characteristics of the kings?"

Snaek says, "Pyrous Isle has a volcano that is taller than any other mountain on the isle. It's located at the center of the isle at the northern end of the range. We've never been happy with the names we've come up with for it."

Tharansis says, "King Bob of Pyrous is a jerk."

Snaek says, "Was a jerk."

Snaek draws a line across his neck.

Coraleth says, "He cooked all the nydine."

Austere says to Coraleth, "Ewe."

Tharansis asks, "Well, who doesn't like a good fish fry?"

Snaek chortles.

Coraleth says to Austere, "We do taste good with picklebutter. Not as dangerous as mossy butter."

Visyn says, "Bob is a bit too generic. I like Larry, Moe and Curly. Shemp tried to be king but he just wasn't as good as the others."

Gleek asks Snaek, "You said three things? What else do you request help naming?"

Snaek says, "In addition to the volcano there is a caldera lake located south of it."

Austere says to Tharansis, "Ewe."

Snaek says, "These might have similar names but it isn't required."

Gleek nods.

Coraleth says, "Lake Irony."

Coraleth nods sagely.

Austere chuckles at Coraleth.

Austere says to Snaek, "Obsidianeth."

Snaek says, "And lastly the desert. Before the shattering it was part of the same desert found in Tetherias, the Shan'zar desert. We've carried over the name because it is a gavial name, but we think it might be better if it changed after the Shattering."

Gleek ponders.

Snaek says, "Given the pyresians thirst for land, I think they'd make it their own."

Pyratherndar nods her head up and down.

Gleek grins.

Austere says, "Burn'zar."

Coraleth says, "I don't know what the name of the place is, but the title is, Land of Succors."

Eabo groans.

Snaek says, "Send as many suggestions as you like. Bonus points if you submit any history to go with it."

Snaek says, "Winners become a part of SI history."

Snaek says, "Losers get cremated."

Coraleth says, "You had me at cremated."

Chierr says, "In the volcano I assume."

Snaek says, "Of course."

Pyratherndar says, "Do we have an official metal, tree, gem for Pyrous."

Austere exclaims to Chierr, "Spoilers!"

Tharansis says, "Dandelion ridge."

Chierr chuckles.

Tharansis nods firmly.

Coraleth asks, "I think the gem was pyragyrite?"

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "We covered most of that, but yes copper and orichalcum are your metals."

Coraleth says, "He also mentioend ruby, bloodstone, and garnets as favored."

Grok says, "Lake WanahokkaLugi."

Chierr asks, "Obsidian?"

Snaek says, "Pyragyrite, ruby, bloodstone, and garnet are your gems."

Snaek says, "Obsidian is plentiful on the isle and commonly used."

Austere says to Chierr, "Obsidian is plentiful there."

Snaek says, "As is mahogany."

Pyratherndar says, "Wood."

Austere high fives Snaek.

Coraleth says, "Preemptive~."

Chierr says, "Volcanic glass."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "Anything burned."

Pyratherndar says, "Well that is what I would think but I am trying to be creative here."

Snaek says, "Oh! sigils."

Snaek says, "The red dragon is the most common, which is no different than the other religions."

Snaek says, "Having your own dragon is a game changer for life."

Coraleth likes dragons.

Pyratherndar likes dragons too.

Grok says, "Dragons are just winged gavial."

Grok smirks.

Snaek says, "But two other popular representations of prominent houses are the phoenix and the cerberus."

Coraleth dislikes Grok. Kill it with fire. I mean water. No, we're OOC, kill it with fire.

Pyratherndar grins at Coraleth.

Pyratherndar says, "Gosh I wouldn't have ever guessed the phoenix."

Snaek grins at Pyratherndar.

Snaek says, "It's a pretty easy one to fall into."

Coraleth says, "And here I thoguht the Burning Man would be an important symbol. Most be a holiday then."

Coraleth snickers.

Snaek says to Coraleth, "Burning Elf."

Grok grins.

Pyratherndar says, "I just have an enitre theam going on here."

Pyratherndar laughs.

Austere exclaims to Coraleth, "Spoilers!"

Snaek says to Austere, "You're on top of the leaks tonight."

Coraleth says, "It's all my fault. Dark Kalethians."

Coraleth says, "Darn*."

Kody arrives from the west.

Kody sits down.

Snaek waves to Kody.

Kody smiles at Snaek and nods.

Gleek glances around.

Snaek asks, "Any other questions?"

Kody raises his hand.

Snaek nods to Kody.

Kody asks Snaek, "Can you start over from the beginning?"

Kody grins.

Snaek laughs.

Gleek chuckles.

Coraleth flals over.

Austere exclaims to Kody, "Welcome!"

Coraleth lies down.

Kody laughs.

Eabo says, "Dogpile him."

Grok removes a mangled copper mining pick.

Grok stands up.

Kody says, "Just kidding. I'll read the log."

Coraleth sits up.

Grok snaps his fingers.

Kody pets Grok.

Grok sits down.

Kody tilts his head to Pahzrael.

Kody wrinkles his nose.

Snaek says, "A little bit of history we shared in the game recently about vukasins of Pyrous."

Snaek says, "Before the Shattering, this was all a big valley. The Archai Valley. It easily stretched from Aerthane to Pyrous."

Snaek says, "Vukasin tribes, specifically of Pyrous, would migrate with the seasons from north to south."

Kody nods.

Snaek says, "It became a yearly pilgrimage that others would join in on for parts of the journey, mostly Tetherians. Most of them vukasin."

Pyratherndar smiles.

Pyratherndar says, "To those of you who know about asking the curiator a question, this is what I asked."

Bocon arrives from the west.

Bocon sits down.

Snaek says, "The numbers fell off after the Shattering, but it played a big role the bond the two religions share."

Austere says to Bocon, "We stalled for you."

Austere says to Bocon, "We think they bought it all."

Austere gazes around nervously.

Snaek flips a page to the real information on Pyrous.

Coraleth snaps his fingers.

Bocon chuckles.

Coraleth asks Snaek, "You mean Pyresous doesn't secretly wear dresses crafted of flame and vacation on Kaleith?"

Bocon asks Austere, "Who's Pyrous and what does he do?"

Pyratherndar says, "Sneak I have all of the already if that would be helpful."

Snaek says to Coraleth, "Well, that's the second time that has come up tonight actually."

Snaek asks Coraleth, "So maybe?"

Austere galumps off.

Coraleth snickers.

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "That's alright. That was for you."

Snaek says, "When Kody walked in I was reminded."

Snaek says, "It goes back to the large number of vukasin in both religions. These are the type of bonds that make their alliance more than just using one another."

Snaek says, "Same with the dwarves."

Snaek asks, "So, useful stuff? Change anyone's life forever?"

Coraleth says to Snaek, "I think I'm still going to recieve death threats."

Coraleth peers at Bocon.

Snaek nods to Coraleth.

Visyn says to Coraleth, "I hope so."

Gleek chuckles.

Coraleth cries to Visyn.

Bocon says, "Yeah, every day."

Pyratherndar says, "It did change mine."

Visyn says to Coraleth, "Hopefully less threats and more deaths."

Bocon laughs.

Coraleth asks Visyn, "You were the nice one! What did you do to him while I was gone?"

Coraleth blames Snaek.

Tharansis chuckles.

Gleek says, "Too bad burnt items don't leave ash anymore. No more burning stuff on the Kaliethian bridge and leaving the evidence behind."

Austere blames conclave.

Gleek snickers.

Kody says to Snaek, "That last bit does help since I kind of decided I was a plains Vukasin in my origin but never had a real plains to come from."

Austere says, "Pyresian emissaries don't last long."

Snaek says to Kody, "In New Archai that would be the valley itself, extending to the Bison plains."

Kody nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "Prior to the Shattering this went to the silverwood forests and to the shan'zar desert."

Snaek says, "As well as to the cliff's of Aerthane."

Kody says to Snaek, "Very informative. I await seeing the log/notes for the rest of the information session."

Kody smiles.

Snaek says, "Sounds like that's about it for questioning then."

Gleek says, "I have a non-pyrous question if you don't mind."

Gleek smiles.

Visyn says, "I do have another question if I may."

Snaek nods to Visyn.

Gleek gestures at Visyn.

Snaek says to Gleek, "We'll get to it."

Coraleth says, "I do have a question that's not pyrous-speicifc, but I can wait."

Visyn nods.

Gleek grins.

Visyn says to Coraleth, "Please go ahead while I figure out how to word my question."

Coraleth says, "Kay."

Gleek chuckles.

Snaek listens to Gleek.

Gleek grins at Snaek.

Gleek says, "Alright."

Coraleth listens to Gleek.

Gleek asks, "Do all staff PC's get their mail via the board system?"

Gleek asks, "Emails and/or pm's?"

Snaek says, "Probably not as well as they should."

Pyratherndar says to Kody, "I have some other info on our race's history if your interested sometimes."

Gleek asks, "What is the official method we should be communicating with them in an IC fashion?"

Snaek says, "If they have a forum account they do, but ones sent to the ATC, KM, or Conclave Scribes dont always get viewed by the person you are looking for."

Snaek ponders.

Snaek asks Austere, "Do we have one set up for Ivan?"

Pyratherndar says, "If you do it doesn't work."

Eabo says, "He has a forum account."

Snaek says, "Maybe he can't read and he's RPing with you all."

Eabo grins.

Coraleth says, "Le gasp."

Austere says to Snaek, "Yes."

Visyn chuckles.

Gleek chuckles.

Gleek says, "Nope."

Snaek says, "We'll work on it."

Gleek says, "He reads just fine in front of my PCs."

Gleek grins.

Kody nods to Pyratherndar.

Snaek says, "If you try that and it doesn't work, a general post asking for them is a good attempt also."

Visyn asks Gleek, "Or is he just roleplaying that he can read?"

Gleek says, "I'd be curious how everyone else is communicating with him and getting responses."

Kody says to Snaek, "To be fair, mine went entirely ignored for a month and a half."

Gleek says to Pyratherndar, "Except maybe you."

Snaek says, "Housing is the most time consuming actor job though. It's likely he got it and hasn't gotten around to you yet."

Gleek says to Snaek, "Nope. He says he didn't get it or lost it."

Coraleth says to Visyn, "So meta. An illiterate playing a text game that plays a character that pretends he can read but can't."

Gleek says to Snaek, "I just want to make sure he is getting it."

Snaek says to Gleek, "Send another when you have a chance."

Pyratherndar says to Gleek, "He didn't receive mine either and I waited for almost 2 months before I got incontact with him."

Gleek says to Snaek, "Done already, and requested confirmation."

Snaek says, "For awhile they were getting sent to the ATC scribe and Ivan never saw those."

Snaek says, "I'll look into it further. Sometimes we can set them up to forward to our staff emails for better coverage."

Gleek says, "I dont mind waiting. I just dont want my job sliding down the list because he isn't getting what I am sending him."

Snaek asks Gleek, "Did you file the proper permits with conclave?"

Grok says to Gleek, "2017."

Gleek chuckles.

Austere says, "He's great with bookkeeping, so I would not be concerned."

Snaek says, "Ivan is a lot better than Ernest."

Gleek says to Snaek, "I tink that would be Ivan's job."

Gleek nods his head up and down.

Snaek says, "I can tell you from experience a lot of times we just focus on the next one in line and don't look ahead beyond that."

Grok asks, "Did Ernests list carry over to ivan?"

Snaek says to Grok, "It should have. We use the same ledger for accounts."

Gleek says to Snaek, "But there is a line to that list."

Grok nods.

Gleek smiles.

Snaek says, "I think Bocon ordered a house with Ernest a decade ago and Ivan just finished it."

Grok applauds Bocon.

Gleek says, "Nothing worse than picking up a job half way through."

Gleek grins.

Snaek says, "Agreed."

Snaek asks Visyn, "Ready for your question?"

Visyn asks, "I suppose this question could apply to all religions but, specifically to pyrous, are mages held in higher regard than those without the gift of magic?"

Coraleth says, "Housing gets me mugged."

Coraleth nods sagely.

Grok shows a bundle of cobalt to Bocon.

Bocon chuckles.

Bocon nods to Grok.

Gleek filches a bundle of cobalt from Grok.

Snaek says to Visyn, "They definitely used to be, before the dragons left the world and took their magical presence with them."

Gleek shows a bundle of cobalt to Grok.

Grok leans on Gleek.

Gleek chuckles.

Snaek says to Visyn, "Probably not so much in the last 200 years."

Visyn nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "With Pyrous specifically, I'd say no unless it is during a time of war."

Snaek says, "Then everyone looks to whoever can control fire the best."

Grok murmurs.

Visyn says, "Thank you."

Coraleth says, "To piggyback off that question..."

Pyratherndar gets a cup of coffee from a chrome serving tray.

Snaek listens.

Coraleth asks Snaek, "I have this aura of Kaleith on me. I'm assuming that it's where this innate sense of unease towards Pyrous would come from if I wasn't a nydine and was, say, a human instead. Would this be correct thus far?"

Austere says to Coraleth, "Yes."

Coraleth asks, "Does this aura descend from worship, from my lord's blessing, or both?"

Austere says to Coraleth, "Whether an elf race or not, you're predisposed to having a feeling."

Coraleth says to Austere, "I'm hooked on it, too."

Austere says, "I don't know if there is a standard there."

Snaek snickers at Coraleth.

Coraleth nods to Austere.

Snaek says, "I would say it is more of your lord's blessing."

Snaek says, "It is what guides your spirit back to your body. Without it you are a lost soul."

Coraleth says, "It was something I wanted to clarify, since one of the stories I was told while sepharding at the academy was of a person leaving the land of pyrous to follow water."

Snaek says to Coraleth, "It's not completely unheard of. If there were a strong enough reason I suspect those feelings might subside as your aura fades."

Kody glances.

Coraleth asks, "Last question on that note: What are my odds of seeing Pyragryite? By which I mean, if/when the other islands open, am I going to be hunted down and murdered when I, inevitably, go mining there?"

Coraleth snickers.

Snaek says to Coraleth, "Yes."

Coraleth cries to Snaek.

Coraleth says, "All these death threats."

Snaek says to Coraleth, "Not just by the players, but by the inhabitants of the isle as well."

Snaek says to Coraleth, "They will recognize you as water and treat you like the templars do in opposing temples."

Coraleth nods.

Austere frowns at Coraleth.

Austere says to Coraleth, "So true."

Bocon shows a wide pyrargyrite-inlaid brushed blacksteel ring to Coraleth.

Snaek says, "It's a rare gem but you'll see it spring up before the isle is open."

Coraleth gives the thumbs-up sign to Bocon!

Snaek says, "You just wont mine for it before then."

Bocon says, "Special orders basically."

Snaek nods.

Eabo raises his hand to Snaek.

Snaek says, "Pick some up at Burning Elf."

Coraleth says, "Right. Not something I care about personally, just interested as to how dangerous the other isles are to those not of their following."

Snaek nods to Eabo.

Grok shows a bundle of pyaragyrite to Gleek.

Eabo asks, "So when an itzalite visits any other island... they will be hunted?"

Snaek mutters at Grok.

Snaek says to Eabo, "No, not any isle."

Snaek says to Eabo, "That really only applies to your opposites. Now on Pyrous you might get some sneers."

Snaek says, "Most of Pyrous anyway."

Austere says to Eabo, "Good luck on New Archai Isle, goblin."

Pyratherndar grins.

Eabo grins.

Coraleth says, "I imagine that an isle feels towards you follows the general rules of how they feel towards your religion. So you'd have better luck elsewhere. But I'm just doomed on Pyrous."

Coraleth is doomed everywhere anyway.

Bocon says, "Just train up and kill them."

Snaek says to Coraleth, "Aerthane welcomes you."

Gleek says to Coraleth, "Now you're getting the idea."

Gleek chuckles.

Coraleth says to Bocon, "But, but... my mining pick."

Bocon says, "No excuses."

Snaek says, "Burn them all."

Snaek says, "We've come full circle."

Eabo says to Austere, "On NAI its arrest first and ask after exicution."

Bocon says, "I'll be on yours, murdering your friends and family."

Eabo grins.

Coraleth exclaims, "So mean!"

Coraleth says, "I'm going to put up buckets of water over all the doors bocon ever walks through now."

Gleek says to Coraleth, "It's just a feeling."

Coraleth nods sagely.

Snaek grins at Gleek.

Bocon chuckles.

Gleek fidgets.

Austere says to Snaek, "Bucketmaking, new skill."

Coraleth says, "Since I'm a jeweler, I have plausible deniablity."

Coraleth nods nod.

Snaek says, "For those of you that came in late, the Pyrous religious section of the website has been updated with a lot of the information shared tonight."

Bocon says, "Nice."

Kody smiles at Snaek.

Kody says to Snaek, "Thank you."

Bocon asks, "What's a Pyrous?"

Snaek says, "The ultimate quest."

Grok says to Bocon, "Apparently we are nilitant."

Coraleth asks, "Is it bigger than a bread box?"

Snaek chuckles.

Grok asks, "All done?"

Austere says to Grok, "Nullitant."

Grok salutes to Austere.

Pyratherndar says to Bocon, "Are you able to cut gems."

Bocon says, "New words."

Snaek says, "I believe we are all done."

Bocon says to Pyratherndar, "Yeah."

Grok exclaims, "We are #5 on TopMudSites... keep voting !"

Snaek says, "That's insane."

Bocon says to Pyratherndar, "Not as far as Cora, but yeah."

Gleek grins.

Grok grins.

Eabo gives a silent cheer.

Snaek shakes his fist.

Pyratherndar exclaims, "Yay top 5!!!!!!!"

Bocon exclaims, "Top 5 calls for a custom armor peddle!"

Gleek howls at Bocon.

Coraleth snickers.

Kody cheers loudly.

Grok grunts a sound like a chuckle at Bocon.

Grok applauds Bocon.

Snaek asks Bocon, "How about next month?"

Snaek asks Bocon, "Maybe the 15th?"

Bocon says to Snaek, "Deal."

Eabo asks, "Like thoraxium?"

Austere says to Bocon, "Heard."

Gleek exclaims, "Everyone get your hunting armor on. time to make some coin!"

Grok pokes Eabo.

Austere nods to Snaek.

Bocon laughs.

Pyratherndar says, "I never take mine off."

Pyratherndar says, "Ever."

Coraleth says, "Glad I started clicking the button then. I apparently am wearing pyresian armor. Because I am aquaman."

Bocon says, "15Th is good."

Coraleth says, "Need to fix that."

Gleek says to Pyratherndar, "Such a lonely life."

Gleek comforts Pyratherndar.

Snaek says to Coraleth, "You need to get your hands on some coldsteel."

Grok asks Coraleth, "Sell it?"

Pyratherndar says, "I'm never lonely I have my Lord with me always."

Coraleth says to Snaek, "But it's so chilly."

Bocon asks Snaek, "Level 30 smelting was it?"

Snaek says, "Yes to whoever asked about thoraxium."

Bocon says, "I forgot."

Kody asks, "Err.. is taking a PTO for a peddle frowned upon?"

Snaek says, "40."

Gleek chuckles at Kody.

Coraleth says, "Actually, I like it anyway. Given how much time Cora spends with fire, he respects them, even if many of them hate him for it."

Bocon says, "Damn, that's hardcore smelting."

Gleek nods to Bocon.

Snaek says to Coraleth, "That's the heart of the game right there."

Pyratherndar says to Coraleth, "I'm the same way with water."

Snaek says, "There's no denying the elements. They all have a use."

Gleek asks Bocon, "What are you, about 8 levels away?"

Coraleth says to Snaek, "Heart of the cards too."

Coraleth nods sagely.

Bocon says to Gleek, "I'm not the smelter really. I'll has steel once they do the token stuff."

Bocon glances at Snaek.

Gleek raises an eyebrow at Bocon.

Snaek glances at Austere.

Grok says to Bocon, "2017."

Bocon chuckles.

Coraleth says, "I need to get to work on my smeltign again at some point. Since losing jewelcraft, there hasn't been much ugre."

Snaek says, "Maybe at the next games."

Bocon says, "Okay."

Snaek says, "We've been working on the arena since the last ones."

Bocon says to Coraleth, "Yeah, I stopped until armorsmithing comes out."

Snaek says, "No more mending back to life after dying."

Grok grins at Snaek.

Pyratherndar says to Snaek, "Is that when the token turning in will start."

Snaek says, "I can tell you that we are close to unlocking tailoring and brewing."

Gleek says, "Sweet."

Grok applauds.

Gleek hiccups.

Eabo asks Snaek, "Hint on the path to tailoring?"

Bocon says, "Skinning probably."

Gleek says to Eabo, "Foraging."

Gleek cackles.

Snaek peels some skin from his stomach.

Gleek says, "Ouch."

Pyratherndar says, "He is a lizard they do that."

Eabo says, "Okey."

Grok grunts a sound like a chuckle.

Coraleth says, "Oh, since we are on the topic, would we be able to create containers that slow food decay, if we were so inclined? It has to do with the pottery ideas I have."

Gleek asks Snaek, "What poison is Snaek skin an ingredient to?"

Bocon says to Coraleth, "Blacksmithing makes them now."

Bocon says to Coraleth, "Iceboxes."

Snaek nods to Bocon.

Coraleth says to Bocon, "Really? blasted."

Bocon nods.

Austere says to Gleek, "Blending."

Grok says to Gleek, "Boomslang."

Coraleth says, "Well, at leat I know it can be done, so it's a good option anyway."

Gleek ponders.

Gleek asks, "Blending?"

Snaek says, "Saphira suggested yesterday that I be turned into a poison."

Gleek nods.

Snaek furrows his brow.

Gleek chuckles.

Austere says to Snaek, "Staff are tough on you."

Snaek says, "I am the rock."

Grok sniffs and tastes Snaek, but recives no insight.

Gleek grins.

Snaek raises an eyebrow.

Coraleth says, "Pottery is something so ubiquitous with human life, it's been surprisingly hard to find simple info on what pottery was specifically used for at any given time. So many sites telling me how to make it, though."

Snaek says, "Remember, assist or email your suggestions for the volcano, caldera lake, and desert on Pyrous."

Gleek nods his head up and down.

Gadfly leaps from the shadows to stab Eabo in the back!
Gadfly attacks Eabo with a short jade-handled steel kris.
The attack misses.

Gadfly cackles.

Gadfly leaves south.

Snaek says to Coraleth, "I am inclined to keep pottery."

Gleek glances.

Coraleth says to Snaek, "It just needs some rebranding as 'the cool craft'~."

Pyratherndar says to Austere, "Did you need any help about what we talked about last night."

Grok asks Coraleth, "Ceramics?"

Snaek says, "There's not enough clay ashtrays in the world."

Austere says to Pyratherndar, "No, thank you. It's on our bug list."

Bocon laughs.

Coraleth says to Grok, "It would be really interesting to have a ceramics skill akin to the smelting skill for blacksmithy. Since things like poreclians are basically that."

Grok nods.

Grok says, "Need a kiln."

Grok nods.

Pyratherndar says to Austere, "I just wanted to make sure, I know its on the bug list just not as descriptive as I was."

Coraleth says, "Well, a fire. To the tavern~."

Pyratherndar smiles.

Pyratherndar stands up.

Snaek says, "I think we can achieve that within the pottery skill. We're trying to avoid spreading them out even further."

Eabo says, "There is a kiln."

Coraleth asks, "Spreading them out?"

Pyratherndar nods.

Coraleth says, "Oh, oyu mean more skills. Gotcha."

Snaek nods to Coraleth.

Snaek says, "There's a kiln in the mountains."

Coraleth says, "It'd be easier to fill a list without it."

Gleek exclaims to Snaek, "SHhhhhhhhh!"

Snaek flails his arms at Gleek.

Gleek grins.

Gleek says to Snaek, "My semi-secret kiln in the mountains."

Gleek chuckles.

Austere says to Snaek, "Spoilers."

Pyratherndar says, "Thank you both for the wonderful information and everyones thoughts and take on things."

Pyratherndar says, "If you would excuse me I have a goal to reach this evening."

Snaek says, "The mountains are pretty big."

Snaek mutters.

Gleek grins.

Pyratherndar bow respectfully to all in the room.

Gleek says, "Yes. It's up on the way to the Gnome Village."

Grok salutes to Pyratherndar.

Gleek nods his head up and down.

Pyratherndar leaves west.

Coraleth says, "Volcano: Mount Big Fire. Though I'd personally go with Glug."

Coraleth whistles innocently.

Chierr says, "Yes thank you for all the information."

Chierr waves.

Snaek grins at Gleek.

Chierr leaves south.

Snaek says, "Thank you all for coming."

Grok stands up.

Snaek says, "Go burn stuff."

Grok salutes to Snaek.

Coraleth says, "Thanks for hosting. Was fun."

Grok salutes to Austere.

Snaek ponders.

Austere says, "Except wands."

Austere says, "Don't burn those."

Gleek says to Coraleth, "Kalethians are dunked in the caldera lake before being tossed in the volcano as a sacrifice to Pyrous."

Gleek says to Snaek, "Thanks to you both for this event."

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