06/19/16 Player Q&A - Combat

Information on previously held discussions between staff and players covering anything from Race and Religion to future updates to the game.
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06/19/16 Player Q&A - Combat

Post by Austere » Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:57 am

(Part 1/2)

Snaek says, "I made an announcement that we'd be starting at 10:30 tonight, but plans cleared up sooner than expected."

Eabo grins.

Xiija claps.

Kaiah arrives from the west.

Xiija salutes to Kaiah.

Eabo says to Kaiah, "Hi."

Kaiah says, "Man, thought I'd be early cause we were starting late."

Snaek says, "Until 10:30 it's open season on creators."

Xiija chuckles.

Eabo asks Kaiah, "Did you find my egg?"

Kaiah says, "Nice."

Kaiah cracks her knuckles.

Kaiah asks Eabo, "What egg?"

Eabo furrows his brow.

Eabo says, "Nevermind then."

Kaiah furrows her brow.

Kaiah asks Eabo, "Do I need to go find an egg?"

Eabo says, "Nope."

Kaiah ponders.

Trystan asks, "Does type of armor affect spells and prayers?"

Xiija says, "Dragondscale."

Xiija ducks.

An overweight spider-man says, "You already asked that."

Snaek says to Trystan, "Not currently."

Lueghee glances up for oversized birds.

Trystan asks Snaek, "What do I get if I prove that wrong?"

Xiija asks, "Pony?"

Snaek says to Trystan, "Go for it."

Snaek says to Trystan, "You'd be the first to make that claim."

Trystan says to Snaek, "I like numbers."

Trystan shrugs.

Xiija asks Austere, "Will plague ever be fixed?"

Snaek asks Trystan, "Do you like sharing numbers?"

Xiija hums.

Snaek says to Xiija, "There's nothing wrong with plague and everything wrong with resisting."

Xiija asks Snaek, "It shows a hit, and does ... nothing?"

Xiija shrugs.

Kaiah says, "They took their vitamin C that day."

Xiija asks, "Mebbe change it to a miss msg?"

Snaek says to Xiija, "Again, it's about resisting."

Xiija says, "M'kay."

Eabo asks, "How is calledshot coming along? still tweeking?"

Trystan says to Xiija, "We're stuck with looking for the cringe."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says to Eabo, "It'll have larger dividends when combat is adjusted, as it is with many skills out there that don't increase in reward."

Xiija asks, "Is it possible to get RP items made for special events still?"

Eabo nods sneak.

Austere says to Eabo, "He is a mostly harmless garden Snaek."

Snaek says to Xiija, "Any request that has been made in character to a merchant is usually met."

Lueghee says, "Any plans yet to increase the duration of Sea Slime's effects? Last time I checked it was still at 7 seconds."

Xiija says, "Ty."

Eabo grins.

Eabo murmurs "bbq sylph wings"

Austere says to Eabo, "Done."

Kaiah grins.

Xiija grits her teeth on Eabo.

Blink asks, "How is it determined when you learn a spell now?"

Lueghee chuckles.

Snaek says to Lueghee, "Sea slime was suppose to be a one time punch that never delivered. We're still considering other options for it."

Xiija furls her wings swiftly, gliding down to land with a hop.

Xiija flitters her multicolored wings into order before folding them closed...

Lueghee says to Snaek, "OK. Thanks."

Xiija chews on Eabo.

Lueghee grins.

Eabo says to Xiija, "Lower."

Xiija gasps.

Snaek says to Blink, "Good question."

Saphira cracks her knuckles at lueghee.

Lueghee jumps back from Saphira.

Snaek says, "The way you unlock spells has not changed. We've just taken into account your feedback and narrowed down which spells you need to focus on to unlock new spells."

Saphira says to Lueghee, "I offered to do the one time punch myself but was denied."

Saphira cackles.

Lueghee snickers.

Pyratherndar says, "That would have been nice to know."

Snaek says, "I am all for branching out spells, but when I see people taking every chance to practice portal in places they know it doesn't work, I learned the grind wasn't worth all that."

Trystan asks, "Portal revoke portal is better?"

Snaek says, "You shouldn't be forced to sit in a corner and work spells like that. So we've shifted that to spells you are already training."

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek says, "It's still going to happen because the grind is just commonplace in games like this."

Xiija asks, "So is it a combat update?.. or will spells etc go in with it?"

Blink says, "I just worked portal while being an outlaw. It's the best way."

Blink grins.

Kaiah says, "Some character types require the grind, too."

Snaek grins at Blink.

Pyratherndar says, "'I want you to know that I just figured that portal thing out today."

Snaek says, "Every ability is worth advancing in its own right."

Eabo says, "I still think some grind will smooth out or diminish with a larger playerbase to group and interact with."

Blink says, "Some are better than others though."

Snaek says, "But to gain new spells, we narrowed this down to your stamina spell, your armor spells, and your attack spells."

Blink nods.

Kaiah says to Eabo, "Possibly. Combative character personalities will still probably need it in some form, unless they like appearing as the guy who's all talk."

Eabo says to Kaiah, "Agreed."

Trystan asks, "Since we still have ten minutes. Is Divine Blessing supposed to close wounds as well as heal?"

Snaek nods.

Blink asks Snaek, "What's the chances to learn based on though?"

Snaek says to Blink, "Your level, same as it has always been."

Blink asks Snaek, "Sorry if I'm being slow, but I don't quite get it. We used to say learn slow spell at lightning 25 or something. Now what would something like that be based on?"

Snaek says, "To clarify, your level in the spell that unlocks those new abilities."

Saphira says to Blink, "It isn't a percent chance like you are thinking."

Snaek says to Blink, "That hasn't changed. Slow is an attack spell, so you unlock it from attack spells."

Blink asks, "So is it based on the total spell levels in that category? Such as all your defense?"

Snaek shakes his head from side to side.

Lueghee ponders.

Eabo says to Blink, "No change in how to unlock a spell. the change is a shuffle of the tree."

Kaiah says, "Sounds like you still learn spells the way you used to."

Snaek says to Blink, "In your example slow was unlocked at level 25 of any attack spell."

Saphira says to Blink, "No its set to a certain level. You get to that level you unlock the spell."

Blink says, "Ohhhh."

Blink says, "Okay thanks that clears that up."

Coraleth asks Snaek, "When you say attack spells, you mean that if I have 25 water blast, I could unlock slow?"

Snaek says, "That's still the case."

Snaek nods to Coraleth.

Coraleth says, "Kay."

Snaek says, "If that's the level for it."

Kristauf reveals himself from his hidden position.
Kristauf laughs.

Eabo exclaims to Blink, "Yooz waz confused!"

Kristauf says, "Snuck past her."

Lueghee says to Blink, "If you have two attack spells and the next one unlocks at level 25, then if you level either of your current attack spells to level 25 you unlock the new spell."

Pyratherndar says, "Its not just so ya know."

Lueghee asks Snaek, "Correct?"

Snaek says, "They were reshuffled as part of this update."

Kristauf says to Snaek, "Got in without a visitor pass."

Kristauf flexes.

Xiija says, "Vorpal balde."

Xiija glances at Kristauf.

Kaiah says to Kristauf, "Sounds like you're stuck here, now."

Austere says to Kristauf, "Good luck getting back out."

Austere nods its head up and down to Kaiah.

Snaek says to Kristauf, "That's how alf and spider-man became permanent citizens of this area."

Kristauf exclaims to Austere, "I couldnt get past her one way or another!"

Kristauf says, "So I snuck past."

Saphira says to Kristauf, "Instant death."

Kristauf peers at Saphira.

Trystan says, "Brilliant."

Saphira taps a spiked electrum whip.

Xiija says, "The badge scanner needs new software."

Xiija glances at Austere.

Kristauf says to Saphira, "You would have a whip."

Trystan says, "Of course she does."

Snaek says to Blink, "The same is now true for defensive spells."

Snaek says, "You can unlock the new armor spell from either shield or wall."

Blink asks Snaek, "So let us say you are trying to get a spell that unlocks at level 50. Do you have to raise a spell that is fifty or higher? Or can you just have one 50 or higher in that category and raise a lower level one to get the level 50?"

Blink says, "I get that they have to be in the same category."

Snaek says to Blink, "You would have to raise a skill to 50 or higher within that category."

Blink says, "Okay thanks. That helps. I wanted to know so I didn't do some uneccessary work."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Pyratherndar says, "A skill, not a combo of skills that equals 50."

Snaek nods.

Blink says, "It's time to go zapping it looks like."

Blink says, "Poor gophers."

Trystan says to Xiija, "I should hit level 50 in about 2 years."

Snaek says, "The categories are simply a way of grouping like spells."

Xiija chuckles at Trystan.

Snaek says, "They don't collectively count toward anything."

Xiija says to Trystan, "Lvl 50 in any skill should give you a stat raise."

Xiija coughs.

Pyratherndar says, "I was wondering how someone got three spells all at once."

Snaek says, "But as a mage it should be more clear that defense unlocks defense, offense unlocks offense, and your stamina spell unlocks everything else."

Trystan asks Xiija, "Stat what?"

Austere says to Xiija, "Gives you 49 chances."

Pyratherndar says, "I thought she was going to explode."

Xiija smirks at Austere.

Kaiah says, "I can say that each of those 49 chances have a big chance of giving you nothing."

Kaiah grumbles.

Blink grins.

Xiija nods to Kaiah.

Trystan applauds Kaiah.

Eabo grins.

Xiija says to Kaiah, "Amen sister."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "It's true, you have a bigger chance of getting nothing than something."

Eabo asks, "Is the cup 99 percent empty or 1 percent full?"

Kaiah says to Eabo, "99% Empty if you're a realist."

Xiija chews on Eabo.

Kaiah snickers.

Snaek says, "It's close enough to 10:30."

Blink says, "It's pretty weird. I thought I was cursed because it was like over a year. Then I got a couple. Now it's been a long time and I think I'm cursed again."

Eabo says, "I'm a pesimist today, tomorrow I will be an optimist."

Trystan points at Saphira.

Trystan says, "Cursed."

Snaek chuckles at Eabo.

Snaek says to Eabo, "Tomorrow's the day."

Xiija rubs a weathered teak shamanic voodoo fetish.

Kaiah says, "I think everyone who isn't Garaven is cursed."

Blink says, "Just find a swamp troll and you're covered."

Trystan says, "And Flynt."

Trystan pouts.

Xiija nods to Trystan.

Kaiah says, "I think that jerk took all the stat raises."

Snaek says, "Alright, let's dig into combat. I know you all have questions."

Trystan leans on Saphira and shuts his mouth.

Snaek asks, "To start, is everyone clear on the difference between your character level and your skill levels?"

Blink nods.

Trystan shakes his head from side to side.

Pyratherndar says, "No."

Blink says, "I am now after harassing you in posts."

Xiija says, "You are a level 5 follower of Aerthane."

Eabo asks, "Two seperate things yes?"

Snaek says to Trystan, "You are Trystan. A level 5 priest with individual levels in several abilities."

Trystan nods.

Xiija asks, "How do you balance between classes with many skills, and classes with only few?"

Snaek says to Xiija, "We spend the next 10 years doing it."

Xiija snickers.

Eabo grins.

Snaek says, "That's a good question. Some classes simply have more to choose from than others. Some have more difficult skills. It's not something we are attacking on that end. The balance comes from how each class functions at those levels."

Snaek says, "Our max level is 50."

Xiija ponders that.

Pyratherndar says, "How do you level."

Snaek says, "You can be a level 50 priest and still have a lot to gain to be as good as a level 50 warrior (in theory)."

Kaiah says to Pyratherndar, "I think it's based on your individual levels. Raise general skills to raise character level, that kind of thing."

Bocon asks, "Do 5 level 20 skills count the same as one level 100 skill pertaining to your character level?"

Austere says to Kaiah, "Any skill."

Xiija nods to Bocon.

Bocon says, "That makes me sad."

Kaiah says to Austere, "I did say 'that kind of thing'."

Kaiah grumbles at Austere.

Snaek says to Bocon, "With your character level, yes. But that is a good example of a player who is maxed, but has weak skills compared to another who focused on that one skill instead."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "Great question. Let me explain how you level."

Blink says to Bocon, "We don't know how important level is yet. Someone with high attack levels for damage and high dr may be better."

Snaek says, "Each character level requires a certain amount of 'uses' just like your individual skills. Each time you level an ability, you gain a use toward your level character level. This is true for all skills, even trade skills."

Bocon says to Blink, "Yeah, but spell hits are based off of your character level from what we were told before? So someone with 5 level 20 skills can hit me, even though I'm vastly superior in my main skill."

Austere climbs while swimming.

Blink says to Bocon, "Partially based I think. I think your attack matters still."

Bocon says to Blink, "Guess we'll find out."

Bocon chuckles.

Austere says, "No, you don't get the character level uses for having level 100 swimming."

Blink grins.

Snaek says, "Unfortunately not."

Eabo asks, "So... gain 1 skill level and get 1 char. level use?"

Snaek says to Bocon, "Someone attacking you with a level 20 spell will do less damage and succeed far less than someone with a level 100 spell."

Trystan asks, "Will this current level 5 be adjusted individually, or is this the actual starting point for all of us?"

Snaek says to Eabo, "That's the core of it."

Bocon asks, "Oh?"

Snaek says to Trystan, "I will come back to that in a moment if you don't mind."

Trystan nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "In addition to raising your abilities, quests will also advance your character level progress."

Snaek says, "Quests aren't a big part of our world right now. We've only loosely experimented with different styles but we've got a full lineup prepared for launch that should be fun for all types."

Kristauf says, "I am a level 1,000,000 mage.. I turn you into dust because you are a level 2 druid."

Kristauf asks, "Quick.. whats that from?"

Kristauf peers.

Snaek says, "A quest can be anything from learning how to fish down at the academy docks, to killing the elusive ban'ghal tiger in the forest of Ban'Ghard."

Bocon says, "Ninjas of blood."

Kristauf gives Bocon a high five.

Xiija asks, "Will quests be auto NPC kind, or staff run?"

Bocon snickers.

Snaek says, "Npcs."

Xiija nods.

Bocon says, "Your body explodes into a fine bloody mist."

Xiija asks, "Will they be lvl based?"

Blink asks, "Is it possible scenarios could give uses?"

Blink asks, "Like when we saw the dragon?"

Snaek says to Xiija, "Some, but most aren't."

Xiija nods.

Trystan asks Blink, "The hero's of stirling forest?"

Xiija asks, "Groups can do them together?"

Xiija raises an eyebrow at Snaek.

Blink says to Trystan, "Shhhhh, that's a secret."

Snaek says to Blink, "We are considering ways to have RP be a way to advance your character level as well, but it requires its own balancing to be fair."

Blink says to Trystan, "That was very ninja."

Trystan grins at Blink.

Trystan says to Blink, "The super secret skill line."

Snaek says to Xiija, "Most."

Xiija nods.

Xiija asks Trystan, "Like the super secret luck stat?"

Xiija ducks.

Snaek says to Xiija, "Although in some cases only the person on the quest will be able to encounter the event."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Trystan rubs Saphira.

Trystan says to Xiija, "Got mine."

Kristauf laughs.

Xiija grins at Trystan.

Bocon laughs.

Saphira snarls at Trystan.

Snaek says, "Now, once you are ready to advance your character level, you do not do so automatically like with skills."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Xiija rubs Austere.

Xiija glances at er hand.

Xiija prays to Aerthane to cure a disease, but her request goes unanswered.

Trystan laughs.

Snaek says, "You will instead visit someone within your temple that decides if you are ready."

Snaek says, "And in some cases, sends you on a quest to prove you are ready."

Blink asks Snaek, "There's a message that tells you when I take it?"

Xiija asks, "Do deaths add skill uses to player lvls?, ior affect qwuests?"

Austere exclaims to Xiija, "Where is your goddess now?!"

Xiija chuckles at Austere.

Xiija prays to thGoddess Saphira!

Snaek says to Blink, "When we roll this out, your temple instructor will inform you if you are ready or not. The goal is to work this into your score command but we aren't sure on the best approach for that yet."

Saphira kills Xiija.

Blink nods.

Trystan says to Xiija, "Go ask the Prelate if you're ready, I'm sure he'll say yes."

Xiija pouts.

Austere says to Xiija, "We all pray to the sphinx."

Xiija chuckles at Trystan.

Xiija nods to Austere.

Saphira pets Xiija.

Xiija asks Snaek, "Do deaths add skill uses to player lvls?, ior affect quests?"

Blink says, "Oh great. You're about to level and Saphira appears to ask you a riddle."

Bocon asks, "Will the temple heads get special quests?"

Xiija chuckles .

Xiija asks Bocon, "Bring me... a shrubery?"

Eabo snickers.

Saphira says to Bocon, "Yeah keep yo peeps in check."

Snaek says to Bocon, "Your quest is to become high priest. You've already succeeded."

Bocon says to Xiija, "Yes, a shrubbery."

Kaiah says to Saphira, "Before you ask it. The answer is 'man'."

Bocon says to Saphira, "That's not my peeps."

Trystan exclaims to Bocon, "Congratulations!"

Bocon snickers.

Bocon exclaims to Trystan, "You too!"

Trystan says, "I actually know the answer."

Lueghee says to Bocon, "In Temple Pyrous the congregational question would be to kill the Empyrion for power."

Snaek says to Xiija, "Deaths aren't currently planned to factor in, but there's always potential to do so."

Lueghee chuckles.

Trystan leans into Saphira to whisper.

Bocon says to Lueghee, "Yeah, try not to kill me yet."

Xiija nods.

Lueghee grins.

Eabo says to Lueghee, "Patience."

Xiija says to Snaek, "Ty."

Eabo grins at Lueghee.

Bocon says, "We know poisons poop on everyone right now, so it shouldn't be hard."

Snaek asks, "Does everyone understand how you advance your character level?"

Trystan nods.

Trystan asks, "And the whole point of a unified level is?"

Lueghee asks Bocon, "You missed the great poison nerfing not long ago?"

Xiija asks Snaek, "All but how many main skills affect it?"

Snaek says, "I really don't want to make it just another number you check to see if you're ready."

Snaek says to Xiija, "All skills affect it the same."

Bocon exclaims to Lueghee, "I heard it's still pretty great!"

Xiija asks, "Ah, no more 3 for main, 2 for basic, 1 for tades?"

Lueghee chuckles.

Snaek says to Xiija, "I think that only existed in the head of the players."

Xiija chuckles.

Blink asks, "And at level 50 you go to your religion's heaven?"

Eabo asks Blink, "The moon?"

Xiija says, "I have 12 spells and 9 skills, so many more than a barb."

Snaek says, "At 50 you win a date with your God or Goddess."

Blink grins.

Saphira says, "At level 50 Xiija gets to be a goblin."

Kaiah says, "You become a demi-god."

Xiija smirks at Saphira.

Kaiah says, "Or demi-goblin, I guess."

Saphira points at Kaiah.

Xiija murmurs to Saphira in Goblin: 'z hakhz bekr'.

Trystan says, "Necromancer here I ome."

Blink asks Xiija, "Only 12?"

Xiija grunts at Blink.

Snaek grins at Trystan.

Xiija grins.

Snaek says, "Alright, I'd like to circle back to a question Trystan asked, because this is important."

Eabo listens.

Xiija stiffens.

Xiija says, "That command has so much potential."

Xiija winces.

Snaek says, "Some of you have been playing this game for years now, and your skill levels are enough to bump you really high up in character level."

Kaiah says to Xiija, "Don't think you can target people with it."

Xiija chuckles at Kaiah.

Xiija stiffens kai.

Xiija snaps her fingers.

Kaiah exclaims to Xiija, "HAH!"

Snaek says to Xiija, "Because we know how your mind works."

Saphira laughs.

Xiija cackles.

Xiija murmurs to herself.

Snaek says to Xiija, "And unfortunately have to factor that into coding things."

Saphira says to Xiija, "We xiija proofed it."

Xiija says to Snaek, "Alpha helper."

Eabo snaps his fingers.

Xiija beams.

Snaek says to Xiija, "If you can be optimistic about that, then your stat raise glass should be 1% full."

Xiija shoos Snaek.

Snaek grins.

Bocon laughs.

Snaek says, "As I was saying, some of you have put a lot of work into your character. Enough to be maxed in our new system."

Snaek says, "Not many, but a handful will qualify."

Bocon exclaims to Xiija, "Grats!"

Xiija glances at Kaiah.

Xiija grins at Bocon.

Bocon snickers.

Kaiah says to Xiija, "What? I have a lot of time on my hands these days."

Kaiah fidgets.

Xiija smirks.

Trystan listens to Snaek.

Snaek says, "For those of you that are, we're working on the best possible way to let you experience the system as intended."

Snaek says, "We have to manually convert your levels, which is no small task."

Xiija gets ready for the nerf bat.

Snaek says, "There is a chance you may miss out on some of the earlier level quests."

Snaek says, "You would still get the reward, but not the experience, which is the greater reward of course."

Xiija asks, "Will ose quests award items at all?"

Xiija says, "*Those."

Austere asks Xiija, "Don't some already do?"

Snaek says, "Whatever your level turns out to be, you will get the rewards up to that point."

Xiija grunts at Austere.

Eabo says to Xiija, "You get a stick for fishing."

Eabo grins at Xiija.

Bocon laughs.

Xiija chuckles.

Kristauf ponders.

Kristauf says, "Ah there it is."

Kristauf gets a bottle of warm beer from an oblong tin trough.

Kristauf says, "Piss warm."

Kristauf takes a drink from a glass bottle of blue elixir.

Austere says, "Knife for skinning these days."

Kristauf takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Snaek says, "It's not ideal and not for certain yet, but I want to prepare you for that possibility."

Snaek says, "In order to save the work you've done, that's what might take place."

Eabo says to Austere, "Its a really poor knife though... compared to the training dagger."

Eabo ducks.

Austere exclaims, "Spoilers!"

Trystan asks, "And the main need or feature for a unified level is?"

Austere snaps its fingers.

Bocon asks, "GoT spoilers?"

Xiija asks Trystan, "To let a lvl 50 crafter whoop on bocon?"

Snaek says to Bocon, "I will kill you."

Bocon laughs.

Saphira says to Trystan, "So you know how awesome you are."

Blink says, "Oh god, fucking GOT spoilers. I got hit by more than one stupid website writer."

Requiem says, "Hell thats it? you miss a quest or two? I thought the nerf bat was really coming out....."

Trystan exclaims to Saphira, "That's what I have you for!"

Bocon says to Coraleth, "Can already kill me once he gets slow."

Xiija chuckles at Requiem.

Snaek says to Requiem, "There's nothing that will prevent us from taking care of our players."

Xiija winces at Bocon.

Trystan says to Bocon, "One stun and you're toast."

Coraleth says to Bocon, "Shhh."

Bocon says to Trystan, "Double damage is no joke man."

Snaek says, "We're willing to jump through a lot of hoops to make sure you don't lose the progress you've already made."

Xiija says to Trystan, "Untill we get SHEEP prayer."

Trystan says to Bocon, "I was being serious."

Xiija winks.

Eabo says to Snaek, "That is greatly appreciated."

Bocon asks Trystan, "Wanna help me welcome in our new mage overlords?"

Kaiah says to Xiija, "You don't get the sheep spell, it's mind control."

Kaiah says to Xiija, "Noob."

Coraleth says, "It really isn't. It feelds like I have this huge albatross on me. Pyra can kill me too, and I can't reply in kind. Fortunately, Pyra doesn't want to~."

Snaek says, "We wouldn't be at this point without your help."

Coraleth hugs Pyratherndar.

Xiija grunts at Kaiah.

Bocon laughs.

Blink says to Bocon, "Just think. We used to have haste."

Bocon says to Blink, "Yeah, I remember."

Blink says, "It was gone before anyone got it though."

Blink chuckles.

Trystan says to Xiija, "And we used to enthrall."

Bocon asks Blink, "Yeah, can you imagine slow and haste?"

Snaek says, "I'm sure haste will make a return one day."

Xiija nods her head up and down to Trystan.

Snaek says, "When it doesn't give you an edge for training."

Blink says, "Just wait until we pull out our time stop spell."

Eabo laughs.

Bocon says, "6 Second prayers vs double damage 2 secon DD's."

Trystan says, "I'd just like to see counters available to things like haste or slow."

Bocon snickers.

Pyratherndar says, "No I do not want to, I chose not to kill people IG unless the really make me mad."

Bocon says to Trystan, "The counter is to run away."

Xiija chuckles at Pyratherndar.

Trystan grins at Bocon.

Eabo asks Trystan, "Dis-spell?"

Xiija says to Eabo, "Not on mages."

Trystan says to Eabo, "Only works against your own class."

Bocon says to Eabo, "We used to be able to actually."

Blink asks Snaek, "Oh that reminds me. What category is dispel magic in?"

Snaek says to Blink, "Other."

Xiija asks, "Utility?"

Trystan says, "I really like these combat chats."

Blink nods.

Blink says, "Kinda guessed that, but it was the one spell I could think of somewhat ambiguous."

Coraleth says, "Hope dispel comes early, otherwise training shield would be even more horrible. lawl."

Snaek says, "But, it still unlocks from your Shield spell as it is needed as soon as you get your first pulsing spell."

Pyratherndar says to Coraleth, "It comes fairly early."

Coraleth cheers for Pyratherndar.

Snaek says, "So back to a question about the importance of this new character level."

Xiija listens.

Snaek says, "It has a far reaching impact on everything we do."

Snaek says, "Combat is just the largest part of that."

Snaek says, "With this level we will also be able to extend the duration of abilities."

Blink whistles.

Xiija raises an eyebrow.

Snaek says, "So that telepathy spell can last longer as you advance your character level."

Xiija ponders a 1 minute plague.

Blink says, "I recall asking for spell levels to increase duration. I was shot down."

Snaek says to Blink, "Turns out it was all in the wording."

Requiem chuckles.

Pyratherndar says to Blink, "Well now your being lifted up."

Pyratherndar grins.

Sparks of light surge with energy between Blink's hands as luminous wings unfurl across his back.
Blink launches into the air with a crackling downward thrust of his elemental wings.

Xiija chuckles.

Blink hovers.

Saphira exclaims, "I'm outta her folks!"

Eabo says, "Where is that pin/clip shot when I need it."

Eabo snaps his fingers.

Xiija waves to Saphira.

Bocon waves to Saphira.

Blink says, "Oh yeah I can fly to the moon now."

Eabo waves to Saphira.

Saphira says, "Night."

Trystan waves to Saphira.

Trystan says to Saphira, "Stay cool."

Eabo says to Saphira, "Thanks for being here."

Lueghee waves to Saphira.

Pyratherndar says to Saphira, "Good night."

Kaiah asks Snaek, "Is that abilities across the board? Or more like utility?"

Lueghee grins.

Snaek says, "You know, every knew player comes in and suggests the same ideas like they are the very first to have it. There's a lot of things we want to do and are in agreement on, but they don't always fit at that time or with the game mechanics."

Blink says to Saphira, "Good night."

Snaek says, "New."

Blink says to Saphira, "Meow."

Saphira waves.

Trystan says to Snaek, "We just like taking credit, it's what we do."

The wind suddenly picks up as Saphira slowly disingrates into a thousand particles of sand that get swept away.

Snaek says to Kaiah, "It's not something that we can apply evenly to all abilities."

Snaek says, "Not every ability needs a longer duration."

Kaiah nods to Snaek.

Xiija curses softly.

Eabo asks, "Some may be a stronger arrow flight? or greater track distance?"

Xiija exclaims to Eabo, "Dream on!"

Xiija chuckles.

Eabo grins at Xiija.

Snaek says to Eabo, "Probably not in those two examples."

Snaek comforts Eabo.

Eabo shrugs and nods.

Kaiah asks Snaek, "Here's a question for the melee types. What kind of changes can be expected for melee? How will character level affect weapon damage, or defense against different damage types?"

Snaek says to Eabo, "But there are plans for more shots."

Blink's elemental wings explode in a shower of sparks.

Kristauf cheers for Snaek.

Kristauf says, "Lilu Dallas... Multishot."

Xiija chuckles.

Blink says to Eabo, "Someday you'll shoot from other rooms I'm sure."

Austere says, "Multipass."

Xiija says, "Anythyng but a root-shot."

Xiija winces.

Snaek says, "Character level is going to finally give us something to scale melee damage with. We've been unable to achieve this with AR and DR alone, and not everyone has the same skills so we haven't been able to use that either."

Bocon asks Xiija, "Maybe high level plague will turn int how it used to be?"

Xiija grins at Bocon.

Xiija says to Bocon, "I miss contaigon."

Xiija pouts.

Bocon chuckles.

Bocon nods.

Bocon says, "That was so fun that day."

Xiija grins.

Snaek says, "Mobs and npcs are getting the same levels that you are with this update. This will finally allow a skilled warrior to see variances in their damage output based on their level against the level of their opponent."

Kaiah nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "That opens up critical success and failures for us as well."

Xiija asks, "Based on char lvl, or skill lvl?"

Bocon says, "Oh man, critical double damage, double damage."

Eabo says to himself, "Fumbles and and puts an arrow through his foot... again."

Snaek says, "Character level is the link, but your stats factor in as well."

Bocon asks Coraleth, "Maybe you can one shot me?"

Snaek snickers at Eabo.

Kristauf says, "I loathe that you can not open a sentence with your own name."

Kristauf mutters.

Snaek says to Kristauf, "I do as well."

Coraleth says to Bocon, "You know I'd never try. Unless you try to murder me~."

Xiija asks, "So a lvl 20 blacksmith with lvl 5 cc can kill a lvvl 20 mob?"

Kaiah asks Snaek, "How will these changes affect current hunting areas? Are places like the outpost and watchtower going to end up being lower level, especially as the other isles open up? Or will each isle have their own separate low and high level hunting areas to open them up to characters of varying ability?"

Blink says, "Oh, use the old Dragon magazine criticals. You can cut off arms and stuff."

Austere says to Kristauf, "Austere would tell you otherwise."

Bocon says to Coraleth, "Yeah, probably won't happen."

Bocon chuckles.

Coraleth chuckles.

Kristauf peers at Austere.

Snaek says to Xiija, "Their AR and success rates at level 5 close combat would negate any gains they've made in character level."

Snaek says, "That level 20 mob would hit them, a lot."

Bocon says, "Oh good."

Coraleth asks Snaek, "So level does affect to-hit as well as damage?"

Snaek says to Kaiah, "The other isles will have their own hunting."

Kristauf snaps his fingers.

Xiija says to Snaek, "Ty."

Trystan asks, "What is an example of a level 20 mob, just out of curiousity?"

Kristauf sits down on some paisley-patterned long cotton couches.

Snaek says to Coraleth, "That still comes from your skill level."

Coraleth says, "Okay, then level helps scale damage and to-hit is largely the same as it has been."

Bocon says, "I was scared it would be hard to work shield after the update."

Kaiah nods to Snaek.

Xiija asks Trystan, "Crypt skels?"

Snaek asks, "Did we lose Pahzrael for the night?"

Snaek snaps his fingers.

Blink says, "Shadow elementals are hard to see."

Snaek says, "The hunting areas will have to be adjusted to scale the same way you are used to."

Snaek says, "We plan to keep them in the same order of difficulty."

Trystan asks, "There's an order of difficulty?"

Snaek says, "Barely."

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek asks, "But if you took out turning, maybe?"

Xiija winces.

Blink says to Trystan, "You kinda of notice if you are a weapon user. Like vamps are about level 40."

Trystan says to Blink, "Greaters."

Eabo says, "Big difference when using weapon in the areas."

Kaiah says to Blink, "If you have a shield."

Bocon says, "I should be able to damage undead with healing spells."

Bocon pouts.

Xiija grins.

Snaek says, "There's zero chance we have them scaled correctly, so you are likely to have a week or two of smashing everything's face in."

Blink says, "Sweet."

Xiija smirks.

Eabo says, "Its the honeymoon."

Eabo grins.

Xiija asks Bocon, "You bring em back to life, them kill em?"

Kaiah smirks at Eabo.

Bocon says to Xiija, "Good question."

Bocon asks, "Are we gonna see rezz spells in the spells update?"

Trystan grins at Bocon.

Snaek asks, "Prayers?"

Bocon says, "Yeah, same thing."

Snaek says, "Here they arent."

Bocon says, "I can tell."

Xiija says, "The body disappears too fast."

Xiija grunts.

Trystan says to Xiija, "We have to work with the spirit."

Xiija smirks.

Bocon exclaims, "That's the spirit!"

Trystan says to Xiija, "Seriously."

Snaek says to Bocon, "It's still on out list to have one, but it's not on the list of projects to complete before we launch."

Xiija says to Trystan, "Good lucvk finding the realm of death."

Bocon says to Snaek, "Kk."

Eabo ponders.

Blink says to Xiija, "Just look for me. I'm often there."

Snaek says, "We've been working on a way to see spirits, but that's as far as that has developed."

Xiija asks Snaek, "Will you make the 12 week opening?.. how soom will it all go in?"

Bocon asks, "Are new prayers gonna come out with new spells during the magic update?"

Eabo asks Xiija, "Soul reapers that die to do their work?"

Xiija chuckles at Eabo.

Blink says to Snaek, "Yeah that's a great idea. You may want to look at the Wraith roleplaying game for ideas."

Xiija sends a Voidwalker to find Eabo's spirit..

Bocon chuckles.

Kristauf says, "No blueberries."

Kaiah asks Snaek, "Will armors be looked at as well, with the character level changes? With damage numbers being boosted, will physical armor and spell or prayer armor be looked at as well?"

Xiija grunts at Kristauf.

Blink says to Xiija, "You'll have to talk to me through Whoopie Goldberg."

Eabo says to Xiija, "Eabo is a shadow walker."

Xiija chuckles at Blink.

Eabo grins at Xiija.

Xiija grins at Eabo.

Kaiah says to Kristauf, "You say blueberries and I try looking for a left-hand radar showing blue dots for me to cuss out for being incompetent."

Kristauf asks Snaek, "The biggest question.. will armor restrictions come in.. and tact dancing.. so us bow users can actually attack at a safe range and not just a flavor text of a melee attack?"

Kristauf bats his eyes at Snaek.

Kristauf grins at Kaiah.

Snaek says to Xiija, "We're in crunch mode now. We are optimistic we'll make the deadline but that's not a question I can 100% answer until August."

Xiija smiles.

Xiija says to Austere, "2017."

Xiija ducks.

Snaek says to Bocon, "We don't have many prayers in the pipeline currently, but I can't rule it out."

Bocon says, "Ah."

Snaek says to Kaiah, "It's entirely possible we will have to adjust weapon and armor ratings, along with npc armor."

Bocon nods.

Kaiah nods.

Bocon says to Blink, "I welcome you, my new overlord."

Trystan says to Blink, "Little buddy."

Snaek says to Kristauf, "Tact dancing as you call it is not going in before we launch."

Snaek says, "As I've always said, and continue to have to say, one has to come before the other."

Xiija says to Blink, "Get used to thoraxium."

Bocon nods.

Xiija winces.

Snaek says, "We can't even start to consider expanding on combat strategies until combat itself is in working order."

Kristauf nods to Snaek.

Bocon says to Xiija, "At laest they get armor spells now."

Xiija chuckles.

Bocon says to Xiija, "We're the ones who are gonna hurt."

Bocon chuckles.

Snaek says, "We are looking at adding armor restrictions for the launch."

Xiija asks Bocon, "I've upped my CC.... up your?"

Xiija coughs.

Snaek says, "There's no promise it will make it in, but it's being considered."

Blink asks, "The new armor spell. Does it add to worn armor?"

Trystan asks, "I've missed the last couple of OOC games, who's OP at the moment?"

Xiija points at Coraleth.

Snaek says to Blink, "It reduces the final damage total by a percentage."

Bocon asks Trystan, "Mages still?"

Blink nods.

Trystan says to Bocon, "We had our fifteen minutes, I'm almost happy."

Kaiah says to Snaek, "So if armor restrictions make it in, I imagine mage and priest effectiveness will have to be looked at as well to counter tissue-paper durability."

Xiija flails her arms at Kaiah.

Bocon says to Trystan, "We had ours when people didn't use green pots."

Bocon chuckles.

Blink says to Trystan, "Bocon is really. We have to overwhelm him."

Trystan nods to Blink.

Snaek says to Kaiah, "Mages for sure."

Kaiah says to Xiija, "What? This is in your favor, now."

Xiija grins.

Bocon says to Blink, "You can actually kill me."

Blink says, "Mages are pretty powerful in teams."

Bocon says, "Though it would take a lot of time."

Blink says, "Well I fought Bocon a looooooooong time and could not kill him one on one."

Kaiah nods to Snaek.

Trystan says to Blink, "He doesn't know about your soft spot."

Pyratherndar says, "The keys word there is in TEAMS."

Bocon says, "Yeah."

Bocon says, "Damn greens."

Blink says, "But mage teams are terrifying."

Xiija says to Bocon, "Same for poison."

Bocon says, "Yeah."

Snaek says, "I dont think anyone should be able to kill a skilled priest one on one."

Trystan says, "Thank you."

Bocon says, "Honestly, I think we're more like shaman atm."

Xiija chuckles.

Blink says, "But healing damage appears higher than spell damage right now."

Snaek says, "Not without getting the jump, using poisons, or some other factor."

Trystan applauds Snaek.

Trystan rolls his eyes at Snaek.

Kaiah says, "No, I agree, and combat should be team oriented. Until melee is fixed, they're still flailing around with pool noodles."

Snaek says to Trystan, "As in cheating."

Xiija asks, "Back stabby shadow strike ghoul touch?"

Bocon asks, "Sneak why do greens cure god magic?"

Xiija says to Bocon, "Everythyng has a counter?.. except slow."

Xiija winces.

Snaek says to Bocon, "Because you misunderstand god magic. Just like a mage summons their element, you are channeling your god to do thing. In this case, to inflict someone with a disease. Diseases can be cured. Fires can be put out."

Trystan asks, "Slow's can be countered by a mage, right?"

Xiija raises an eyebrow.

Eabo says, "Because it manifested physically and thus can be countered physically."

Snaek nods to Eabo.

Blink says, "Well we can dispel them."

Xiija says to Trystan, "Non priests can counter plague."

Blink says, "Sylphs are pretty good against slows."

Trystan says to Xiija, "Everything a priest does can be countered or duplicated."

Trystan says, "Except turning."

Xiija says, "Npc onnly."

Blink says, "One night I failed ten slows in a row on two different sylphs. Resists."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says to Bocon, "While I don't think anyone should be able to kill a priest 1v1, I don't think they should be killing anyone by themselves either."

Trystan says to Snaek, "And there the rub comes in."

Snaek grins at Trystan.

Requiem smirks.

Xiija rubs herself.

Kaiah says, "Priests are support classes, they shouldn't be going toe to toe with any professional combatant."

Kaiah says, "Unless it's undead, then the rules are different."

Snaek chuckles.

Bocon says, "I'd agree with that if we had counters to untility spells to back that statement up."

Bocon says, "Utility."

Snaek says to Bocon, "Healing counters damage. That's what you got."

Trystan says, "I say all classes should have an equal chance at killing each other."

Kaiah says to Trystan, "Not all classes are combat classes."

Bocon says, "Sneak Well see after this update."

Trystan says, "Combat is a choice."

Bocon chuckles.

Kaiah says, "Thieves are not combat oriented. Neither are priests."

Austere asks Blink, "Episode III: Revenge of the Sylph?"

Snaek says to Bocon, "I think there will be more in store for priests to continue to defend themselves with."

Xiija chuckles at Austere.

Kaiah says, "There's a difference between surviving an encounter, and trashing someone."

Eabo says, "Nor scouts hardly... kinda."

Kristauf says, "Mages should never be in full platemail... for the love of everything sacred."

Kaiah comforts Eabo.

Kaiah says to Eabo, "I'm still rooting for you."

Eabo grins at Kaiah.

Blink says to Kristauf, "Just feathers."

Blink pets a lightning-etched multi-colored arcsilver lorica plumata.

Kaiah says, "I think Requiem is the thief exception cause of racial bonuses."

Pyratherndar says to Snaek, "Is mage magic shield and wall working together with the armor we wear."

Kaiah leans on Requiem.

Trystan says to Blink, "It's cursed, be careful."

Requiem says to Kaiah, "I knew I liked you for a reason."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "Shield and wall only raise your DR."

Xiija asks Pyratherndar, "You can have Both spells on at one tyme?"

Snaek shakes his head from side to side.

Kaiah says to Requiem, "I'm charming and amiable when I need to be."

Pyratherndar says to Xiija, "Np."

Eabo shakes his head from side to side to Xiija.

Xiija says, "Good."

Blink asks Snaek, "That reminds me. Does the new armor get better at protecting by level?"

Blink says, "Armor spell that is."

Pyratherndar says to Xiija, "Sorry that was supposte to be a nope."

Snaek says to Blink, "Not currently. It is a set percentage."

Blink nods.

Snaek says to Blink, "We are hoping to change that with the addition of character levels."

Requiem says to Kaiah, "Heck if I could actually steal stuff, screw trying to kill someone."

Eabo grins.

Bocon says to Requiem, "You stole my heart."

Bocon bats his eyes.

Kaiah says to Requiem, "Well, I can never dedicate my time to a thief, so props to you for all you do."

Kaiah pats Requiem.

Requiem says to Bocon, "I just threw up."

Kaiah snickers.

Bocon chortles.

Pyratherndar scoots away from Requiem.

Blink gets a bottle of warm beer from an oblong tin trough.

Blink gives a bottle of warm beer to Requiem.

Requiem grins.

Requiem takes a drink from a bottle of warm beer.

Pyratherndar says, "Oh now thats not even fair."

Pyratherndar giggles.

Kaiah says to Snaek, "I think I'm all out of questions. Thanks for answering mine."

Snaek beams at Kaiah.

Xiija says to Kaiah, "You didnt ask about naturals."

Xiija flails her arms.

Trystan asks Snaek, "We know that wisdom is tied to holy strike, what stat is tied to turning?"

Kaiah says to Xiija, "Why should I ask about naturals? I'm not the only one here."

Bocon asks, "Wis?"

Snaek says to Trystan, "Also wisdom."

Bocon says, "Yeah."

Xiija chews on Kaiah.

Bocon says, "Got em."

Kaiah says, "I don't even have a character with a natural. And no one can claw."

Trystan asks Snaek, "And because I just can't help it... why is it listed under skills?"

Trystan grins at Snaek.

Xiija grins at Trystan.

Snaek says, "Naturals will see improvements to damage as well. They were recently completed in that they calculate your AR/DR and function with the kill command. This will be the last step for them."

Trystan says to Xiija, "At least I waited till the end."

Kristauf exclaims to Snaek, "Dragon killer!"

Kristauf points at the spear Snaek has.

Xiija chuckles at Trystan.

Pyratherndar says to Kristauf, "I think that is a head bonker."

Snaek asks Trystan, "Why is turning listed under skills?"

Trystan says to Snaek, "I was teasing."

Snaek says, "Oh, good."

Trystan says to Snaek, "I could care less where you list anything."

Snaek says, "I was about to fire up the rant about these things not being in character information."

Trystan grins at Snaek.

Xiija says, "You call out to Aerthane to turn a dirt-covered skeleton, but your request goes unanswered."

Xiija asks, "Not a prayer?"

Trystan says, "I'm still betting it's tied to intelligence."

Xiija ponders.

Snaek says, "You don't use 'PRAY TURN'."

Snaek shrugs.

Snaek asks, "Next question?"

Austere pats Snaek on the back.

Xiija chuckles.

Trystan grins at Xiija.

Xiija asks Snaek, "Erm.. when is it goin in?"

Blink asks Snaek, "What's going on with storms?"

Trystan asks, "Who locked the door?"

Xiija grins.

Xiija smiles.

Xiija raises an eyebrow at Pyratherndar.

Austere says to Trystan, "No need to bring up doors."

Xiija chuckles at Austere.

Trystan says, "Just wandering if anyone was brave enough."

Trystan grins at Austere.

Snaek says to Xiija, "We will begin manually updating players at the beginning of next month."

Bocon says, "Doors."

Bocon chuckles.

Xiija rubs an interlocking blacksteel and platinum lightning bolt ring.

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Eabo says, "Two weeks."

Eabo smiles.

Pyratherndar says, "Oh I'm sure he is awair of the date."

Pyratherndar grins.

Kristauf prays turn at Snaek, The Giant Spaghetti Monster answers. Snaek eats the Spaghetti.

Snaek says, "I wanted to have it rolled out at the start of June, but as always we've hit a few snags along the way."

Trystan says to Xiija, "Just don't think out leveling Trystan changes anything."

Snaek says to Kristauf, "I could go for some spaghetti."

Kristauf says to Snaek, "Me too... meeee too."

Xiija rubs an interlocking blacksteel and platinum lightning bolt ring.
Xiija gestures at Blink
A lightning storm strikes Blink!

Xiija nods to Trystan.

Blink says to Xiija, "Well done, Prelate."

Trystan grins at Xiija.

Xiija chuckles.

Eabo laughs.

Pyratherndar laughs.

Trystan hands over all the headaches to Xiija.

Austere says, "The Empire Strikes Blink."

Eabo asks, "Padawan?"

Eabo glances at Austere.

Kristauf says to Snaek, "I could also go for this night to be over.. people should never be allowed to touch IP tables on their servers.. ever.. just ever."

Xiija chuckles at Austere.

Austere asks Eabo, "What you gonna do about it, combat?"

Snaek says to Kristauf, "I do that."

Austere :wins.

Kristauf says to Snaek, "You obviously don't break your shit though."

Eabo asks Austere, "Huh?"

Snaek says to Kristauf, "Right. We'll go with that."

Kristauf claps.

Kristauf mutters.

Trystan says to Snaek, "They're cute when they'er new."

Snaek says, "I never break anything."

Pyratherndar mumbles.

Kristauf says to Snaek, "I have a 15 TB VPS now.. Provisioned it tonight."

Kristauf laughs.

Kaiah says, "Well, since I got no more questions, I'm gonna go head out. Thanks, staff, for holding this Q&A."

Xiija waves to Kaiah.

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Re: 06/19/16 Player Q&A - Combat

Post by Austere » Tue Jun 21, 2016 4:00 am

(Part 2/2)

Snaek says to Blink, "Storms should be functional after these changes."

Blink says to Kaiah, "Good night."

Kristauf says to Snaek, "I guess one question."

Blink says to Snaek, "Sweet."

Snaek waves to Kaiah.

Kristauf asks Snaek, "Whats your ETA now for when this bad boy goes live, questing and leveling and all?"

Requiem mutters.

Eabo says to Kaiah, "Take care."

Blink says, "So long furry creatures."

Kristauf waves to Kaiah.

Kaiah says to Eabo, "Later, man."

Kristauf hugs Kaiah.

Requiem leaves west.

Snaek says to Kristauf, "September 17th."

Kaiah flails her arms at Kristauf.

Kristauf cackles.

Pyratherndar says to Kaiah, "Good night."

Xiija says, "2017."

Blink summons a thunderous bolt of lightning that strikes the ground beneath him.

Kristauf exclaims to Snaek, "I thought combat was supposed to be today!"

Kristauf laughs.

Kaiah leaves west.

Kristauf says, "Or June rather."

Kristauf says, "Or something."

Kristauf says, "Or am I just delirious."

Snaek says to Kristauf, "Yeah but you asked about all the things."

Austere says, "9/17 Or 9/17, either one."

Xiija nods to Austere.

Kristauf says to Snaek, "Fine.. you're worse than O'dimm from the Witcher."

Kristauf says to Snaek, "When is the combat update tentativley going in."

Xiija glances at Kristauf.

Xiija asks Austere, "A noob hope?"

Xiija winces.

Snaek says to Kristauf, "It's technically already started."

Kristauf peers at Snaek.

Blink says, "It has begun."

Kristauf yells, "MORTAL KOMBATTTTT."

Blink howls.

Snaek says, "It's being released in 3-4 parts so we don't break the game all at once."

Austere says to Xiija, "There you go."

Kristauf asks Snaek, "Ok so when will it be finalized?"

Kristauf mutters.

Trystan says, "9/17."

Eabo raises an eyebrow at Kristauf.

Trystan says, "Or 9/17."

Kristauf says, "9/17/2020."

Snaek says, "I hope to have you all updated for use right after the 4th of July holiday break."

Kristauf cheers.

Kristauf exclaims, "There we go!"

Snaek says, "And then we will spend July breaking stuff and making it better."

Xiija hums at herself.

Blink asks, "Is it happening while we are asleep, or are we going in for a tune up?"

Kristauf says, "My birthday is in July.. I will spend many a night drinking beer and breaking thangs."

Snaek says to Blink, "Bit of both."

Trystan says, "I can't tell you what I'll be doing."

Snaek says, "The quest portion of the character level advancement will be one of the last things we add in, in preparation for the hopeful new players we will be attracting with our launch."

Kristauf asks, "Are you planning on ramping up marketing on the net for the launch?"

Snaek says, "Existing players will be converted to their appropriate character level and set loose on the world."

Kristauf says, "Or are we just using Mudconnector etc? to attract new blood."

Eabo says, "Fresh mea.. uh characters to interact with."

Snaek says to Kristauf, "We have cards we've purposely held back to wait for the appropriate moment to declare ourselves ready for the world."

Kristauf nods to Snaek.

Eabo asks Snaek, "Shadow/light mages afterwards?"

Snaek nods to Eabo.

Xiija grins.

Blink says, "Elmere is already an Arcanist."

Xiija says to Eabo, "Ask him about the secret stuff."

Pyratherndar says, "Dragon/wyvern."

Snaek says, "That story line will unfold, albeit as a faster pace, like the dragons and wyverns have."

Eabo says to Xiija, "You do it, I fell out of enough trees already thank youi."

Trystan says, "And Zykiel the other."

Xiija nods to Eabo.

Xiija asks Snaek, "When do they other racials go in?.. Boli tail-swipe, Syl charm, and Gobbie poison spit?"

Bocon says, "The reddit/MUD does a monthly MUD review and promotion."

Snaek says to Xiija, "No plans for any of those."

Xiija pouts.

Xiija weeps softly.

Snaek says to Bocon, "We have that saved as one of our cards to play from when you suggested it in the past. We just didn't feel ready at the time."

Blink shudders reddit.

Snaek says, "I will never feel ready, but this is it. We have to make our push if we want to see Shattered Isles become something more."

Xiija asks, "Goin to DCON again?"

Kristauf says, "Outta here, bbs if this meeting is still going on."

Eabo says, "Build it and they will come."

Snaek says, "I am sadly considering foregoing it this year to focus on the game."

Kristauf says, "Just got a 10 min drive home."

Kristauf salutes.

Kristauf departs from the world.

Xiija says to Snaek, "Take a laptop heh."

Snaek says to Xiija, "I take one every year."

Snaek says, "It never opens."

Xiija winces.

Austere says to Xiija, "We try."

Xiija asks, "Too nmmany babes?"

Austere says, "It is impossible."

Xiija snickers.

Blink says, "Too many cat girl aliens."

Snaek says, "We talked about the game, once."

Xiija nods to Blink.

Eabo grins at Blink.

Xiija chuckles at Snaek.

Snaek says, "In all seriousness, we do attend panels during the day and look for different perspectives that might help us here."

Snaek says, "But that never translates into working on the game at Dcon."

Trystan chuckles.

Austere says, "Yeah, we definitely work during DCON."

Xiija smirks at Austere.

Snaek glances around.

Austere says, "It's true, it just doesn't require us to log in. When we do, we're like fish out of water."

Snaek asks, "Did we lose the thief?"

Bocon nods.

Austere says, "No one ever caught him."

Snaek says, "I meant to tell him earlier that the pilfering gains will increase with character level."

Xiija says, "Nice."

Eabo says, "Oh nice."

Blink says, "Uhoh. Look out Menfanous."

Xiija cackles.

Xiija gets a chintzy tin lockpick from a wyvern-painted leather junk sack.

Snaek says, "Well, they potentially can. The target's level will matter as well now."

Xiija glances at a chintzy tin lockpick.

Xiija glances at Snaek.

Xiija puts a chintzy tin lockpick in a wyvern-painted leather junk sack.

Snaek says to Xiija, "We just have one hurdle left with picking locks."

Xiija beams.

Blink asks, "But they can't get in our bank accounts at high level right?"

Blink shudders.

Snaek says, "I wish they broke like some of you are familiar with."

Eabo asks, "Your gopher corpses are safe?"

Austere says to Blink, "Visyn can."

Xiija chuckles at Austere.

Xiija curses the Pyrousian Empire.

Blink says to Eabo, "Oh man the game banned gopher corpse collections. It was a sad day."

Eabo grins at Blink.

Snaek says to Blink, "As a former thief, I can tell you I've tried to eliminate some loopholes I used to take advantage of."

Blink says, "Well I can tell you the door trick is still being used."

Xiija chuckles.

Blink says, "It happened to me."

Pyratherndar says, "What door trick."

Xiija says to Blink, "Its not a trick, itsd a skill."

Blink says, "I'm not going to give out their secrets, even though it's kinda cheap."

Blink chuckles.

Snaek asks Blink, "Will you share it with Austere?"

Blink says, "Sure."

Xiija smirks.

Xiija says, "Can't be countered :P."

Snaek says, "He's been working on doors. We run into rare instances where their last saved position will override what we initially set up."

Xiija gazes at Trystan.

Bocon snickers.

Trystan tilts his head to Xiija.

Trystan says to Xiija, "Not it."

Snaek asks, "Someone asked about dragons and wyverns?"

Xiija says to Trystan, "They said the D word."

Pyratherndar says, "I did."

Trystan says, "And for those of you that aren't aware of this, the IC ingame courier system is accessed by using the command EMAIL. Great for those non-mages to send a message to their friends."

Snaek asks, "Can I give you all any answers without you taking it into the IC world?"

Snaek says, "Not everyone here is good at that."

Blink says to Trystan, "Yeah sorry I never use it. I'm just so used to using the ezboard."

Snaek says to Trystan, "Along those lines, we did lower the level in which telepathy is unlocked for mages."

Trystan says to Blink, "It's more for in the moment from my point of view."

Pyratherndar says, "Ya I know."

Pyratherndar says, "Sorry wrong place."

Trystan says to Snaek, "Yah, I find that very helpful."

Blink says to Trystan, "Yeah but it relies on us not being lazy or forgetful."

Blink grins.

Xiija says to Snaek, "Jus the basics?.. like .. playable?....RP street cred needed , when?.. etc."

Trystan pokes Blink.

Blink says to Trystan, "The other works well too because I'm already checking posts."

Pyratherndar asks, "When will dragons and wyverns be able to be made?"

Pyratherndar says, "Oh maybe that is what Xiija is asking."

Pyratherndar says, "With alot less words and more........"

Snaek says, "Well, as you all should be aware, dragons and wyverns have been our core story line as the game as progressed. It's been painfully slow at times, but all leading up to the public release of both races being playable by the common folk such as yourself."

Xiija whistles.

Blink says, "And the new Sphinx race."

Xiija smirks.

Snaek says, "There will be no RP requirement or application to play one."

Xiija asks, "But no language bumps for elves and such?"

Snaek says, "But we will be making it clear that we consider these to be complex races that aren't for first timers."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "Along with goblins."

Snaek says, "We consider them to be equally complex."

Blink says, "Sweet. I can form a kill mob of newbie dragons."

Xiija murmurs in Goblin: 'z wowz bekkotgz lakz hakz bekrotgoonokl'.

Trystan asks Snaek, "You'll let me borrow that spear, right?"

Eabo tilts his head to Xiija.

Snaek says to Xiija, "That's largely the reason why we are pulling the mention of racial languages."

Xiija nods.

Chierr says, "Thanks for the update on things."

Chierr waves.

Chierr leaves south.

Xiija waves.

Snaek says, "Until they are functioning properly, which granted it's been pushed down the list a bit, we are going to remove any reference to different languages."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "We like them. You want them, but the world is functioning without them. We'll address that after the launch."

Xiija murmurs to Snaek in Sylvan: ' ¥éâ Æííðð ¥é ííí ÆííðÆí ¥éâá íí'.

Xiija raises an eyebrow.

Xiija cackles.

Snaek says to Xiija, "I'd rather you didn't. You just send newer players confusing messages on what's available and what's not."

Xiija says, "Ah ok."

Xiija pouts.

Trystan mumbles a slyvan curse under his breath.

Xiija nods.

Snaek says to Xiija, "If you can keep it to a dialect then that's fine, but speaking an actual language is beyond where we are at this point."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "There is a learning curve to understanding a goblin. I get that."

Pyratherndar says, "Na just turn some of the zzzz to sssss."

Snaek grins.

Pyratherndar shrugs.

Snaek says, "So anyway, back to dragons and wyverns."

Snaek asks, "Unless those aren't important?"

Pyratherndar listens intently.

Xiija asks, "Skinnable?"

Pyratherndar exclaims, "Back to the dragons and wyverns............?!?!?!??!"

Snaek chuckles.

Snaek says, "There are no plans to have npc dragons or wyverns beyond their unveiling."

Xiija asks, "So that is why merchants are buyin up wyvernskin?"

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek says to Xiija, "I cannot confirm nor deny that."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Snaek says, "But if you get your hands on a material, anything is possible."

Xiija grins.

Xiija glances rit.

Trystan asks, "Since their godless, how will their deaths be handled?"

Austere says to Xiija, "All you need to know is that gnomes are evil."

Eroan leaves south.

Xiija grunts at Austere.

Snaek says to Trystan, "Neither are godless so much as at the mercy of all gods."

Xiija says to Austere, "And a fairytail."

Snaek says, "Their spirit disconnects from their body same as yours, and is reconnected by the Gods as a whole."

Pyratherndar says, "Wow talk about being stretched think."

Pyratherndar says, "Thin."

Snaek says, "Dragons lost their immortality as a result of the Shattering, so they are dependent on the Gods to regain their magic and other abilities."

Xiija draws a wickedly sharp blood-grooved etched steel ritual dagger from a scrimshawed aged troll bone wristwrap blade bracer.

Snaek says, "As they grow they narrow it down to one god."

Xiija asks Snaek, "Magick naturals, or melee?"

Pyratherndar says, "Is that dependant on the mage the unify with."

Snaek says, "Wyverns came into existence because of dragons, so they are treated by the Gods in the same was a juvenile dragon is."

Snaek says, "Anyone who rolls a new dragon will start out as a juvenile dragon."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "You have no religion, no scales, and no magic."

Blink asks, "Do you wear armor at that point?"

Snaek shakes his head from side to side.

Snaek says, "A dragon is a dragon from birth. They do not undergo any kind of transformation from humanoid to dragon."

Xiija asks, "Comaprable to gavial in size?.. both races?"

Snaek says, "They start out with a small amount of body armor and as they grow it increases."

Austere says, "Geelvial? Nothing compares to that."

Xiija chuckles at Austere.

Snaek grins.

Snaek says, "Similar size, yes."

Trystan asks, "Some plan to lift the ban on killing dragons?"

Xiija asks, "And growth tied to char lvl?"

Xiija grins at Trystan.

Snaek says, "Originally the plan was to start you as a hatchling so you could experience your first growth cycle, but I think people want to get into being a bigger dragon sooner."

Blink asks, "Ban? Do you mean the Pearl law?"

Snaek says to Trystan, "That's entirely up to the IC world."

Trystan says to Blink, "Yup."

Blink says to Trystan, "You'll have to find a good lawyer....that doesn't like dragons."

Trystan says, "I say we kill the small ones before they're recognizable."

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek grins.

Snaek says, "Wyverns experience a similar growth, but do not require the aid of a God to do so."

Snaek says, "Primarily it is their mind that grows."

Xiija asks, "Telepahths?"

Coraleth says, "Free your mind."

Pyratherndar says, "Yep."

Snaek nods to Xiija.

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "Only the eldest of wyverns can read thoughts."

Snaek says, "Which I shouldn't have said."

Xiija winces.

Eabo glares at Snaek.

Pyratherndar says, "I missed that."

Eabo grins.

Pyratherndar asks, "What did you say?"

Blink says, "Oh well you may have spoilered them, but I kinda knew that in character from experience."

Snaek says, "I've already forgotten."

Xiija contacts Austere : 'Snaek's gone and done it again!'.

Pyratherndar says to Blink, "Ya they are in our heads enought kinda added up."

Snaek says, "They can't talk, so everything they do comes from the mind."

Blink says, "I'll just go post it all so the world knows. Like I did with old Wyvern info."

Blink says, "Then get hung."

Xiija says, "And they haz no hands."

Snaek says, "Neither race has hands."

Xiija winces.

Snaek says, "Which has presented some interesting challenges."

Xiija asks, "How do they fap?"

Xiija ducks.

Snaek says to Xiija, "They rub up against Sylves."

Xiija shrieks.

Trystan says, "Saw that coming."

Xiija says, "A horny bondmate."

Xiija ponders that.

Snaek says to Xiija, "We are distancing ourselves from any kind of bond you may be familiar with."

Blink says, "This dragon mage thing better be pg rated."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "It certainly can happen, but dragons are not bound to one person. They are using them in most cases."

Xiija asks, "Tail weapons?"

Coraleth says to Blink, "Awww."

Coraleth snaps his fingers.

Snaek says to Blink, "I think only one person would risk that."

Blink says, "This is a little too close to furries for me."

Xiija chuckles at Blink.

Coraleth snickers.

Xiija wiggles her furry ears at Blink.

Blink says, "Yikes."

Trystan says, "I'm wondering which one in the room is going to do enuff mayhem to change the law against killing dragons."

Snaek says, "A dragon reluctantly has to rely on a mage to assist them in regaining their former glory."

Snaek says, "Can a bond come from that? Absolutely."

Snaek says, "Does it have to, definitely not."

Xiija asks Snaek, "All RP?"

Snaek asks Xiija, "?"

Xiija asks, "The mage part. or isit a quest thyng?"

Snaek says, "All RP."

Xiija nods.

Blink says, "We go through boxing movie montages with them."

Xiija says to Blink, "Get ready for dragond students."

Snaek says, "Dragons and wyverns both have a natural bite attack to start."

Snaek says, "Both can fly to start."

Eabo asks Snaek, "Will they be able to handle a backpack etc?"

Xiija grunts.

Pyratherndar asks, "How would they be able to put stuff in them with no hands?"

Coraleth says to Eabo, "Scalepack."

Coraleth nods sagely.

Xiija asks, "Devour and spit out?"

Snaek says, "They will have very limited wearable slots available. We're likely to give them some sort of container slot though just to have a fair shake at dealing with thieves."

Xiija asks, "No trades for then then?"

Trystan says, "Third and fourth stomachs."

Xiija grins at Trystan.

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "Both can scavenge their kills for loot, which restores small amounts of stamina and health."

Pyratherndar says to Snaek, "Nice."

Lueghee asks Trystan, "Are suggesting they're going to shit gold?"

Snaek says, "There's some suspension of realism that is expected. A dragon can buy and sell things in a shop for example."

Xiija chuckles at Lueghee.

Trystan says, "If it can fit through the d..."

Snaek says, "In both cases they dont have to buy weapons or armor however, so their needs are different to begin with."

Xiija asks, "The wyng-claws can do trades?"

Snaek says, "They can't do trades."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "Except maybe foraging."

Pyratherndar says, "Food and lots of it."

Xiija asks Snaek, "Their growth all rp too?.. or tied to lvl?"

Eabo says, "No sitting around with a dragon carving stone figurines."

Xiija chuckles at Eabo.

Blink says, "Seren will have lots of cooking customers."

Snaek says to Xiija, "Their growth is purely based on what we observe. There is no level or time played requirement."

Xiija nods.

Snaek says, "The Gods have the final say."

Xiija says, "Gotcha."

Bocon asks Xiija, "Huh? I'm playing overwatch?"

Xiija says to Bocon, "Your dragond cant blacksmith."

Xiija snaps her fingers.

Bocon says to Xiija, "I'd never want to work trades on another character, so that's fine, lol."

Xiija chuckles.

Lueghee grins.

Bocon says, "I'd make a Wyvern anyways, just to kill the mage overlords."

Xiija grins.

Eabo grins.

Trystan glances at Blink.

Pyratherndar says, "Me either, pyra is it with trades."

Blink pecks Bocon.

Bocon chuckles.

Trystan says to Bocon, "Okay, you're starting to convince me."

Bocon asks Trystan, "Yeah, it's tempting right?"

Bocon says, "Why get 1 shotted when I can be the one eating mage faces."

Trystan says, "No trade skills for either class."

Xiija grins.

Bocon nods.

Xiija asks, "Quicker chatacter lvl leveling then?"

Xiija ponders.

Trystan says, "I thought that was half the draw to this place."

Snaek says, "Those kinds of restrictions are why we must preface these races as requiring some knowledge about the game before you dive in."

Xiija says to Snaek, "The opening will see noobs in a city of wyvern."

Xiija chuckles.

Trystan says, "All hovering over Blink."

Bocon laughs.
Austere says, "Death and carnage prevalent."

Eabo asks, "It seems so far we know that wyvern have a single drive of feeding... what about dragons? do they have a driving force that has not been mentioned?"

Snaek says, "We're prepared for that."

Lueghee chuckles.

Snaek says to Eabo, "For dragons it is all about regaining their status before the Shattering. Being mortal is bad enough, but they have to suck up to the gods to rediscover their magical powers and notable appearance."

Coraleth says, "Kinda sad that dragons/wyvern won't have any trades other than foraging. I wasn't expecting smithing, but something perhaps. Maybe later."

Eabo nods to Snaek.

Snaek says to Coraleth, "There's certainly a possibility of adding trades that are specific to them."

Coraleth nods to Snaek.

Xiija says to Coraleth, "Like Trystan said, they eat coal and sh*t diamonds."

Lueghee says, "Scale buffing and shining."

Bocon says to Coraleth, "You can make stuff out of mage faces that you eat off, like skin art."

Coraleth says to Xiija, "Lunar reference, check."

Xiija chuckles at Bocon.

Xiija grins at Coraleth.

Blink says to Snaek, "Yeah dragons could maybe use their horns to craft something."

Bocon says, "Horn sand art."

Snaek says, "We're very excited about dragons, obviously. Some of you shared that excitement with us recently when we were testing rolling new dragons."

Trystan says, "Hold a paintbrush in their mouth."

Pyratherndar blushes.

Xiija chuckles.

Lueghee raises an eyebrow.

Snaek grins at Pyratherndar.

Pyratherndar says, "Wasn't me,..nope not at all."

Pyratherndar grins.

Snaek says, "The good news is we made it all the way through creation. We are further along than we thought going into that testing."

Snaek says, "The bad news is we were exposed on the who list for a brief moment."

Eabo grins.

Pyratherndar says, "Brief moment."

Pyratherndar says, "That wasn't brif."

Snaek asks, "Which we all now know the Who List is not a tool your character would have knowledge of, right?"

Xiija rumbles to Austere.

Blink says, "No big deal. We already got the thieves appearing with weird names on there."

Pyratherndar says, "Yes yes yes."

Lueghee nods his head up and down.

Pyratherndar exclaims, "DRAGON!!!"

Trystan asks Snaek, "How else am I supposed to sense spirits?"

Xiija rubs a weathered teak shamanic voodoo fetish.

Blink says to Trystan, "Clap your hands."

Xiija rolls her eyes back into her head.

Xiija stares blindly straight ahead with the whites of her eyes fluttering....

You feel a chill run down your spine!

Xiija gestures at Trystan arcanely with her left hand....

Xiija blinks her eyes back to normal.

Austere says to Xiija, "Creepy."

Xiija squints at Trystan.

Trystan asks Austere, "First time?"

Xiija beams at Austere.

Pyratherndar says, "Oh nice air conditioning."

Eabo grins at Pyratherndar.

Coraleth says, "My character may have no idea you're rolling dragons, but I do. And I likes it."

Snaek grins at Coraleth.

Snaek says, "I am hoping to give you all a crack at them in August."

Snaek says, "I'd like to roll them out before we launch."

Eabo nods.

Xiija asks, "The dragond page... they communal?... we have a drgond flight kinda posse?"

Snaek asks Xiija, "What's with Dragond?"

Snaek says, "I gotta know."

Xiija says to Snaek, "Dialect."

Xiija flails her arms.

Xiija says, "Like nyte bryte."

Pyratherndar says, "I hope to roll one before the launch too."

Lueghee says to Snaek, "You got dragond."

Xiija shrugs.

Lueghee snickers.

Pyratherndar says, "That way people who are new to the game wont know the difference."

Snaek grins at Lueghee.

Snaek says to Xiija, "I think history speaks to that already. When the last gold died they all fled, regardless of religion."

Xiija nods thoughtfully.

Xiija says, "So now they stick together in fear."

Xiija nods.

Eabo asks, "A dragon fear?"

Xiija chuckles.

Eabo gasps at Xiija.

Xiija shoos Eabo.

Eabo ponders.

Blink says to Xiija, "Until I make the lightning posse."

Xiija grins at Blink.

Eabo says, "I can see dragons cooking their own popcorn."

Xiija chuckles at Eabo.

Pyratherndar grins at Eabo.

Snaek says, "I do plan to advance a couple of dragons to the sub-adult age so there's some variety, but I haven't decided how best to do that yet."

Snaek says, "I'm not sleeping with any of you in exchange for that, so let's get that out of the way early."

Xiija exclaims, "OOC tokens!"

Xiija cackles.

Lueghee cackles.

Snaek says, "It'll be solely based on who we think can further the community the best."

Xiija snaps her fingers.

Xiija sighs at herself.

Eabo says, "Its up to the gods."

Eabo nods firmly.

Lueghee says, "This is obviously my main character at this point. Not likely to switch now."

Bocon says to Xiija, "Obviously."

Xiija chuckles at Bocon.

Snaek says to Xiija, "You are quite capable of being that person when you aren't seeking ways around the system."

Lueghee chuckles.

Xiija chuckles at Snaek.

Xiija says, "Hey I'm alpha testin here."

Xiija flails her arms.

Xiija beams.

Blink says to Xiija, "Uh we're in beta."

Xiija says to Blink, "Says you."

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek says to Xiija, "So long as it comes to an end when we launch. We want good examples for the players we are trying to win over."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Trystan glances at Xiija.

Snaek says to Xiija, "I'm only using you as an example here."

Xiija asks, "It helped find holes tho, ryte?"

Xiija shuffles her feet.

Snaek says to Xiija, "I can spin everything to sound useful to the game."

Trystan says to Xiija, "Oh, you're in good company."

Xiija grins.

Lueghee says to Xiija, "You're just a bad influence."

Lueghee teases Xiija.

Snaek says, "And it is."

Xiija nods her head up and down to Lueghee.

Pyratherndar says, "I'm not that good at computer talk so."

Trystan says to Xiija, "I can recite the CoC by now."

Xiija chuckles at Trystan.

Xiija asks Snaek, "I can still cause chaos IG tho, ryte?"

Snaek says to Xiija, "Of course."

Xiija beams.

Xiija peers at Bocon.

Eabo asks Xiija, "Would you be you if you didn't?"

Xiija chuckles at Eabo.

Pyratherndar says to Eabo, "Heck no."

Snaek says to Xiija, "You've given a lot to the game. I wouldn't change that. You just get ahead of us and it causes others to ask questions we aren't ready for yet."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Xiija says, "Sorry."

Xiija blushes.

Pyratherndar says to Xiija, "I think that means tone it down a little."

Xiija exclaims to Pyratherndar, "Says you!"

Xiija snickers.

Snaek says to Xiija, "The character is fine as is."

Pyratherndar grins.

Xiija smiles.

Xiija says, "Now imagine her as a dragond."

Xiija cackles at Snaek.

Snaek says to Xiija, "You've helped us distance sylves from another race we definitely didn't want to see them turn into."

Eabo laughs and agree.

Xiija chuckles softly in Secian.

Pyratherndar says, "Yep that one."

Coraleth says, "Been there."

Coraleth snickers.

Pyratherndar says, "Been there done that."

Pyratherndar says, "Next."

Snaek says, "It's good that our sylves are more mischievous. I wouldn't change that for anything."

Xiija nods.

Xiija says, "So refreshing too."

Lueghee says, "No bugs freaking out over sugar."

Trystan says to Xiija, "So skip the dragon."

Xiija pouts at Trystan.

Pyratherndar says to Snaek, "Oh jease dont give her more fuel."

Snaek chuckles.

Snaek says, "I think that about covers everything we currently have going on."

Pyratherndar nods.

Snaek says, "Last bit of news we are working on currently is the game materials."

Blink asks, "Oh yeah what about cloth for tailoring?"

Snaek says, "I am working with Saphira to finalize the list of materials available. We are removing some lesser used ones and adding some new ones."

Xiija exclaims to Snaek, "Silkroot!"

Lueghee ponders.

Xiija ducks.

Snaek says to Blink, "There's a stall set up near the Pearl Bank that will sell nicer fabrics soon."

Blink says, "Nice."

Lueghee says to Xiija, "No. you have to harvest and raise worms for silk."

Lueghee chuckles.

Xiija grins at Lueghee.

Snaek says, "Cotton and Hemp can be foraged. Wool, Fur, snakeskin, and Hide can be skinned."

Xiija says to Lueghee, "I got spidersilk stockings."

Eabo says, "The new wood prices look real good... more even and all I think."

Snaek nods to Eabo.

Snaek says to Eabo, "We are doing that with each category."

Eabo says, "Cool."

Snaek says, "Once we have finalized the list, we will make it available to the players via the website."

Pyratherndar says to Snaek, "And he has done his home work too."

Snaek says, "Along with descriptions on where best to find them."

Pyratherndar says, "The game web sit or the forum."

Snaek says, "The website, although we'll probably post the list to the forums too."

Pyratherndar nods.

Snaek says, "But the descriptions and locations will go into the main website."

Snaek says, "Locations won't be entirely specific. You might see something like Ebony say it is found mostly in the southern forests of New Archai."

Snaek says, "That kind of hint."

Eabo nods his head up and down.

Austere says to Snaek, "That's a wrap."

Snaek babbles.

Xiija asks, "Can you tell us about the new skills, drying and wood finishing?"

Xiija flails her arms at Austere.

Snaek nods to Austere.

Blink says, "Silverwood will get you murdered by a certain sect of fanatics."

Xiija says, "Or Gnome vill - Bison Plains - City of Valar."

Austere says to Snaek, "Let's do it again."

Austere says to Snaek, "Take 2 and rolling."

Snaek says, "Dyeing and wood finishing are tools for recoloring specific materials."

Xiija asks Snaek, "A trade?.. or merchant thyng?"

Eabo says to Xiija, "Merch."

Xiija says, "Ty."

Snaek says, "There's a learning curve to each, which is partly why it's being left to merchants only."

Xiija nods.

Xiija asks, "New areas after the opening?"

Snaek says, "We may one day open it up at higher levels, but for now we're happy to make this a reward to PC merchants."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Snaek says, "The bison plains are nearly completion now."

Xiija nods.

Blink says, "Ah my home."

Xiija chuckles at Blink.

Snaek says, "All of New Archai will be open at launch."

Xiija says, "Goodgood."

Lueghee asks, "Really?"

Pyratherndar says, "Its the way to get to mine."

Lueghee says, "Sweet."

Snaek says, "There's some spots on the isle we are holding back to entice our new players with the excitement of discovering these new places, but they will all be done in time."

Snaek says, "These are mainly smaller dens located off the main areas."

Blink asks, "Any big undead coming?"

Xiija exclaims to Blink, "Spoiler!"

Xiija flails her arms.

Snaek says to Blink, "There's one big undead place left on the isle."

Lueghee says to Blink, "Rampaging Bison skeletons."

Snaek says, "Er, two."

Snaek says to Austere, "Thanks."

Blink says, "Yeah I saw it on the map."

Austere chuckles.

Eabo says, "Hordes of newbee zombies."

Xiija grins.

Snaek says, "The ruins of Valar will be the very last area we open and is tied to the ongoing world events."

Austere says, "An evil sylph nest in the Crooked Sisters."

Xiija grunts at Austere.

Lueghee says to Xiija, "They found your relatives."

Snaek says, "But we've got some very cool things in development that tie into pre-shattered Valar that I think you will love."

Xiija chuckles at Lueghee.

Lueghee grins.

Austere says to Xiija, "Evil sylves exist, you know."

Xiija grins at Austere.

Pyratherndar says, "Well thank you both for holding this Q&A, I learned alot but I have a goal to meet before I let Pyra sleep."

Snaek says to Pyratherndar, "Priorities."

Xiija waves to Pyratherndar.

Blink grins.

Pyratherndar says, "You bet."

Snaek says, "I hope spells are easier to follow for you all."

Lueghee says, "Easy for me."

Lueghee nods his head up and down.

Eabo grins at Lueghee.

Snaek says, "I'm sorry some of you had to grind out as many levels as you did, but you did so for the future."

Xiija asks Trystan, "Did we get new prayers?"

Pyratherndar says, "This isn't her spells its her teeth."

Pyratherndar says, "But stil."

Trystan grins.

Xiija chews on Pyratherndar.

Pyratherndar chews on Xiija.

Xiija flails her arms.

Lueghee grins.

Snaek says to Xiija, "There hasn't been any new prayers of late, but fixing bleeding and all that entails was a big task for priests."

Eabo says, "That could hurt."

Pyratherndar says to Xiija, "Mine hurt."

Xiija nods to Snaek.

Pyratherndar waves to everyone.

Pyratherndar leaves west.

Snaek says, "Hopefully it's easier to recognize now."

Eabo says, "Never chew on a sylph with metal body piercings."

Snaek says to Xiija, "In a way you got Mending Aura as a new prayer."

Xiija calls out to Aerthane to give Bocon the Herpes!
Bocon getss a crip-lip!

Xiija nods.

Blink says, "Too late."

Xiija asks, "Sn we will never use it?"

Xiija chuckles.

Snaek asks Xiija, "You don't use it now?"

Xiija glances at Trystan.

Xiija glances at Bocon.

Xiija shrugs.

Trystan says, "Bleeding."

Xiija says, "Oh, I was thinkin divine blessing."

Xiija chuckles.

Trystan says to Xiija, "That's something I want to look at closer ingame."

Xiija nods.

Xiija follows Trystan.

Xiija flitters her wings softly.

Xiija fans her wings rapidly...

Xiija launches into the air with a powerful downward thrust of her wings.

Xiija hovers a bit lower...

Snaek says, "Tyrstan be sure and let us know something more than 'I like numbers' if you discover anything."

Trystan nods to Snaek.

Snaek babbles.

Bocon chuckles.

Trystan asks, "You didn't hear the whisper?"

Lueghee grins.

Snaek says, "Ok I should pull the plug. My Snaek-bot is starting to fail."

Snaek says to Trystan, "I did, but you still had more work."

Trystan says to Snaek, "I'll put it in as an idea."

Snaek nods.

Snaek says, "Thank you."

Trystan waves to Snaek.

Xiija salutes.

Snaek says, "Thank you all for staying this late."

Lueghee says, "Love the info."

Snaek says, "I'm off to watch a couple of bastards fight."

Xiija exclaims, "Thask for the meeting!"

Trystan says to Snaek, "Thanks for putting in all the time."

Eabo says, "We appreciate the info."

Lueghee says, "Thank you."

Austere waves an eyestalk.

Xiija howls at Austere.

Lueghee waves.

Austere follows Snaek.

Blink says, "Thanks for the info."

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Re: 06/19/16 Player Q&A - Combat

Post by Creon » Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:53 am

Not sure this is the right place for this, but I was unable to attend the meeting and had two questions. One are any new skills going to be available from CC, additionally with the new damage adjustments are there any plans to adjust armor. For the extreme expense of higher end armor a point or two difference doesnt make it really worth it. Particularly with the high repair bills for armor.


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Re: 06/19/16 Player Q&A - Combat

Post by Snaek » Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:25 pm

There are not any new skills planned for Close Combat at this time, but there are more warrior and barbarian skills slated for launch. That work won't conclude until after combat is up and running. We've already been looking at armor adjustments but we'll need to see how damage plays out first to get a better understanding of what changes will be needed.

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