Clarification needed on skill use tokens

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Rochiriel Azahar
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Clarification needed on skill use tokens

Post by Rochiriel Azahar » Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:25 am

I have recently participated in the OOC games which is a first for my character other than the one time when I was a newbie. I thought they were a lot of fun and was happy that I decided to give it a chance. I am a bit confused on how the tokens work though. It would be helpful to have some clarification on how these tokens are used and when. Here are the questions I have as a new OOC game player.

1) Are they only allowed to be used for skills? What about spells and prayers for mages and priests? I can only assume this was stated so that you cannot used them towards trades uses. I would think that only being allowed to use them for skills and not prayers or spells would cast a distinct disadvantage to mages and priests.

2) If I understand what I have read in the forums correctly they can only be used when that amount of uses are remaining on a particular skill. It seems as though this would be a nearly impossible condition to be met considering the times and dates of redemption are not previously planned or posted. An example: If I get my close combat 500 uses from leveling I cannot use that skill again until the token is redeemed or I would have to get it back down to 500 uses on the next level right?

3) The last question I have depends on the answer for question 1. If the token is only allowed to be redeemed when it would level your skill would you be able to use a remainder for another skill? Example I have a 1000 use token and I have 800 uses left to level my close combat and 200 to level my wound mending. Could I use the token on both skills? Or would it need to be used on only one skill?

Again I may have missed this information somewhere in the forums so please excuse me if the information is posted elsewhere.

Thank You in advance,

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Re: Clarification needed on skill use tokens

Post by Snaek » Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:46 am

Tokens can be used for any ability. "Skills" is kind of a blanket term that covers it all. Trade skills included.

Only Austere and I can redeem tokens. Going forward we'll schedule times to redeem them, but I wanted folks to accumulate some first instead of redeeming only a few hundred uses here and there.

You can redeem multiple tokens toward the same skill. If there's enough left over after advancing a skill to advance another, you can do that too. Otherwise the extra uses are lost.

In my opinion, most folks would not use tokens for a skill like close combat. People redeem them on more difficult abilities. I would also save tokens to redeem instead of cashing in every chance. It makes your decisions easier when you have more to work with.

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